The Party to Remember (Part 1)

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The Party to Remember (Part 1)This is a short tale of an experience I had at a party about five years ago, one that plays like a fantasy when I recall it now.It was a Friday evening at Shaz’s flat, a two bed council flat on the ground floor of a ten storey block. There were a few of us there; her mates Lucy, Shianne and Stacey along with Stacey’s boyfriend, Steve. We were just drinking, chatting and listening to music in the lounge, no special occasion, just an excuse to let our hair down. As the evening went on, so we got louder and sillier. It was a relaxed atmosphere, almost too relaxed as I didn’t see what was about to happen next.One moment I was standing, the next I was on the floor, pinned down by Stacy by my wrists and Shianne held my ankles. “Hold him there”, said Shaz as she fumbled with my jeans and pulled them down, taking my trainers off at the same time. I was laughing too much to struggle, especially as at that point, my T-shirt was pulled up over my head. My socks were pulled off and yahyalı escort I though that would be it but no. Leaving me in my black jockey shorts wasn’t enough as they were yanked off too!I must have looked a sight, exposed in my nakedness, my limp cock flopping about from a bed of blonde pubic hair. Lucy touched it, making a firm grab with her hand, warm and arousing. I was getting a semi as I was still pinned down. Camera phones came out but it was what Shaz had in her hand that shocked me.“Keep him there”, she said as she moved in with a hair trimmer. She turned it on and came at my pubic hair. My cock was becoming more proud by the second as the trimmer buzzed through the air above my cock. Pubes came off as she worked all around my penis and testicles. I was so turned on by now, my helmet was exposed, swollen so that my foreskin naturally rolled back. She was soon done, no doubt a planned event as she placed the trimmer to one side. I wasn’t completely smooth but now my appearance had significantly changed. My chest was naturally bare anyway so there was no more for Shaz to trim.After a few minutes, I was pulled to my feet. “Look at his boner”! Laughed Steve, pointing at my cock protruding at a right angle from my bare, shaven body. Shav reached round from behind me and grasped me quite firmly and began to toss me off. Her hand moved deftly up and down my shaft; she was experienced I guessed. A hand was firmly on my buttock, her’s I presumed as Lucy got on her knees in front of me and opened her mouth in a teasing manner, her tongue waggling. Shaz thrust me forward and my cock went straight into Lucy’s mouth.She recoiled but it was long enough for me to enjoy the warm wetness of her. She wiped a hand over her lips. “Urgh, pre-cum”, she said screwing her face up!“Go for his G-spot”, said Stacey nodding towards my arse. The next thing I knew, Shaz had a finger inside my anus. She moved it around and upwards inside me. “You like that’? She whispered in my ear. “Yes”, I gasped for I was getting close to climaxing.“He’s massive”, laughed Shianne. “Faster”, shouted Stacey. “Come on, wank him”! And so Shaz pumped me harder, her finger still massaging up in my arsehole as I came over dizzy. I felt a surge well up down below and as much as I tried to hold it, I couldn’t.“Oh my…” I didn’t finish my sentence as my penis erupted in a huge flume of white spray. My cum shot out and hit the coffee table in front of us. Shaz pulled out of me, my juices running down onto her hand.The whole room was cheering at my public orgasm. Steve had filmed the whole thing on his phone. I was a state, bald with my pubes now worked well into the carpet, semen hanging off my bell-end in a large drop. I flopped down onto the floor, grabbed my shorts and wiped myself. Shaz had the tissues for herself then passed me another beer. This was almost a pure CFNM moment, other than Steve’s presence but I felt no shame or embarrassment. They’d all seen me at my most glorifying!We were all laughing at this point, and more was to come (other than me) which I’ll leave for another instalment.

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