The Real Deal With Teacher

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The Real Deal With TeacherWell dis 1 is about my economics teacher who was nearly 4 years elder to me. It all started when I joined a coaching classes for I was new there making friends and den after sum days I saw her for the 1st time. Her name was nilofer I still remember looking at her for the 1st time wearing jhumkaas so fair and so slim and trim. It was den and there that I told my friend sitting beside me that I will make her mine.She was kinda strict to every one but used 2 ignore me, which later on wards I came 2 know was, cause she used 2 feel shy to interact with me. Well days passed & 1 fine day my friend told me that some one is harassing nilofer miss by messaging and calling her. I saw my golden opportunity and asked my friend to ask her for the number 4 that guy and den give it 2 me so that I can look into the matter. I got the number the next day I called on it and gave the other person the piece of my mind and threatened him not 2 harass her anymore. Nilofer came 2 know about it through my friend that I have done dis, she called me the next day evening and thanked me. V started talking one thing led to another and soon enough V started dating. Then the classmates and other teachers came to know about it but no one interfered as it was our personal matter.And then there it was our 1st date it was baasi eid and V went 2 C Bodyguard starring salman khan I already saw the movie on the day of eid with my cousins, so my intentions were to have complete fun throughout the movie. And there we were the movie started the sits were complete recliners so V went back completely she asked me that U love me na and all that crap I happily obliged and started kissing her V have been together for 1.5 years and DAMN!!! the improvement in her is tremendous I have taught her so many things how to kiss give love bites suck my dick moaning and making noises that turns me on etc, etc. Well the story isn’t about that day though türbanlı escort that day V just cuddled I pressed her boobs by getting my hand inside her bra kissed and made out. The actual story is when I fucked her ass whole.Here it goes V have been together for sum time now used 2 make out at my place her place sum times also went out 2 hangout with classmates and other teachers 2 certain places. But she never let me fucked her that’s when I decided that i will turn her on so much that she will beg me 2 fuck her. So 1 fine day I sent my family out 4 a movie my house was there for me all empty and I had 3-4 hrs I called her up and asked her to show up at my place. I went down and brought a couple of cornettos ice cream. I had sum thing wild in my mind. And den she came V went into my room I switched on my pc and showed her sex comics starring velamma and savita bhabhi.She was amazed and read all of them with deep interest and the images of sucking and fucking made her go bonkers. Thats when I hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck and pinched her nipples and whispered in her ears that today I will do everything 2 her that she has seen in the images.She was nervous and from her looks I sensed that she wont be ready for it, but I had sum tricks up my sleeves. I kissed her and did the thing in her earlobes which I told U in the 1st story that my 2nd gf BAAHAAR aka HEENA taught me. Well that made her go nuts she gripped my hair and started kissing me passionately. I also started licking her neck giving her love bites. And I was being very cruel to her nipples rubbing them off like a mad man and 4 my surprise she was enjoying it. V removed each others clothes I have seen her naked earlier but that’s where she used 2 stop me no fucking was her agenda every time. But I had my own agendas today she was so lean and fair she was like a model her figure was similar to anne hathaway or cameron diaz türbanlı escort bayan U can say or in bollywood like anushka sharma.I made crazy love to her kissed made out licked her boobs and the moment I took my hand towards her pussy she stopped me saying that wouldn’t be proper den I removed the cornetto ice cream from beside the bed. They melted a little as they were there for sum time but I opened one of them and applied all of it on her body. And started licking them, rubbed it all over her nipples and boobs den sucked them and den kissed her lips so that she can get the taste of it too.She was feeling like she was on 7th heaven they were so cold that it turned her ON even more den I took my hand filled with ice cream near her vagina and inserted my finger inside her vagina. She yelled and screamed in pain bit I told her to be patient and she will enjoy it. I started playing with her g spot inside and she started moaning in pleasure den I removed my finger and inserted my thumb she went berserk and pressed her nails deep inside my shoulders. I started playing with her vagina with my thumb in it revolved it clockwise and den anti-clockwise all around she started enjoying it and was kissing me insane. Then I took my mouth near her boobs bite them and started licking her and moved towards downtown and reached her vagina.I removed my finger it was still covered in ice cream and had a little blood on it too that was due to the broken hymen I believe. well I started licking her clitoris and went ahead and sucked her vagina by inserting my tongue deep inside her vagina and she was going wild she was pressing my head inside her completely that’s when I turned upside down and V were in a 69 position I gave her the other ice cream and pointed her towards my dick she took my penis and shoved it right inside the ice cream cone it was very much cold and I felt goosebumps and then she took my dick in escort türbanlı her mouth and started sucking them.As it was the 1st time she was doing it so I was feeling her teethes hurting me a little so I guided her to keep her teethes a little away she was an amateur den but with time she got a pro in it. I also guided her to caress my balls she applied the remaining of the ice creams on my balls and licked and sucked them I was getting immense pleasure by that. And I was returning the favor to her completely by sucking and fucking her vagina by my tongue I felt the momentum arising inside her and replaced my tongue with my fingere and started finger fucking her pretty hard she was moaning like a maniac and cummed all over my mouth.I was very much turned on and wanted to cum pretty badly I picked her up across my body V were kissing simultaneously she crossed her legs behind my back, And I took her into the bathroom she was quite surprised I took her beneath the shower and turned it on the moment the cold water hit our bodies the ice cream washed away and I started licking the water off her body sucked her nipples and meanwhile the water that was coming in my mouth I gulped it all den I made her lay down in doggy style applied soap on my dick and thrusted my dick inside her ass whole she was crying in pain and begged me to remove my dick but I consoled her sum how. Pressed her nipples from back and slowly but steadily kept on fucking her after sum thrusts she too started enjoyingI kept on fucking her in that position for quite a while den I cummed inside her ass whole itself and there V were lying in my bathroom all tired and fucked up as I saw a couple of hours has already passed V cleaned ourselves and she left for her home. V were together for one and a half year till the time I graduated and started working for jet airways reservations. V broke up as she wanted 2 get married quite early but I wasn’t ready 2 marry her so early. V R still in contact she still loves me and for me she is the best booty call. Have fucked her in her ass whole a couple more times once on the terrace of my building and after that once again in my bathroom recently again on baasi eid after V came home after watching yet again salman khan starter KICK.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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