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Female Ejaculation

Copyright © September 2017 by CiaoSteve

CiaoSteve reserves the right to be identified as the author of this work.

This story cannot be published, as a whole or in part, without the express agreement of the author other than the use of brief extracts as part of a story review.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

Author’s Notes


: All sexually active characters in this series are over 18


: This is a story and intended as such. It is not intended to be a realistic depiction of relationships and first time sex.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Does being blonde make me a bimbo?

Does a love of sex make me a nympho?

Does putting it around make me a whore?

Does putting myself first make me selfish?

Does taking my opportunities make me devious?

Do all of these together make me a scheming, manipulating bitch?

I never used to be like this. In fact, before university, I was the shy girl next door. The girl who always dressed properly, who never said or did anything out of turn and, most of all, the girl whose shoulder you would turn to when you needed to cry . . . little miss reliable. They say though that university is as much about finding yourself as it is about the studies themselves. And boy did I find out about myself. I would never have seen it cumming, excuse the pun, but the girl who entered university was a mere shadow of the one who left.

My name’s Julie and this is the story of how the girl next door grew up and took on the world.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Roll back a few years and here I was, a few months from my eighteenth birthday picking up exam results. I’d lived my whole life for this one day, dedicating myself to study ahead of the normal activities that girls of my age went for. The day had come at last and here I stood, brown envelope in hand. At my side was Bella. We’d been friends for years having grown up together in the same neighbourhood.

You could say though that we were chalk and cheese in more ways than one.

APPEARANCE : I was tall and slim with wavy shoulder-length blonde hair and the only real curves being around the hips and up top. Yes, for more or less a beanpole I did have a rather attractive pair of full breasts. Bella though was shorter and curvier, dark hair cascading down beyond her shoulders and melons rather than breasts.

STYLE : I would always dress in a rather conservative fashion. My body was mine and not intended to be a piece of eye candy. Bella on the other hand lived by the adage that if you’ve got it then flaunt it. She dressed to impress and, whilst still maintaining a level of decency, left little to the imagination.

ATTITUDE : For me it was all about study. What was it my parents always said . . . “you won’t go anywhere without a good education.” And so it was, I dedicated my youth to this day. Bella though lived life for today as you never know what comes tomorrow. For me it was libraries and books. For her it was parties and boys.

What is it they say about opposites attracting? Well, here was proof. We shared little in common yet had been best friends forever for many years. We’d even applied to the same university, needless to say for different courses, as this was no reason to break the friendship. All we needed now were the correct grades inside our little brown envelopes.

I went first, holding my breath as I tore the top open. I glanced inside. A, A, B. It was enough. Julie was heading for university, a course in Business to look forward to. I didn’t celebrate though, just in case Bella hadn’t made it. I looked on as she slowly tore open her own enveloped. There was a nervous tension as I watched her peer inside, a tension broken only by a beaming smile as she read the results. A, C, C. OK, not as high as my own but equally enough for her course in Film and Creative Media. I smiled back and we hugged closely, overjoyed with the fact that we had at least another three years together.

The summer came and went. Bella had turned eighteen by the time we packed up and set off on life’s next journey. I on the other hand still had a couple of months to wait before reaching that milestone myself. A milestone which would turn out to be the start of the rest of my life.

We settled into university life. It was quite different to what we were accustomed to but we were soon getting used to it. We were staying on campus in accommodation designed for two persons and, as luck would have it, we had been allocated the same flat to share. For university digs it was rather upmarket with its own en suite shower room as well as the two beds and a study area.

Finally my big day came. It was a Saturday. My parents came up for the day and we celebrated no differently to anyone else. A meal, unwrapping of presents Manavgat escort and the like. The only strange thing though was that I hadn’t seen Bella at all that day. She had made some excuse about leaving space for family but deep down I had been a little disappointed. Had she really decided not to bother with my birthday? Why was she being so secretive?

Day over and parents departed, I returned alone back to the flat. The lights were off and the room rather dark. I fondled for the switch and turned on the lights. What a surprise. On the desk was a cake, bottle of champagne on ice and a couple of glasses. Smiling back though was Bella, dressed only in her nightshirt.

“Happy Birthday Darling Jules,” she said before moving over and giving me a big hug.

Bella reached behind, stretching her arms out and managing to push the door shut.

“Why don’t you get changed into something more relaxing and then we can share a little pop before it gets warm.”

I did just that, dropping my outdoor clothes and replacing them with a nightshirt of my own. It was a real girlies night in. Cake, pop and friendship. And what’s more, it was real pop . . . none of this cheap champagne style crap. We sat on either side of one of the beds and had a couple of glasses each. I was just feeling a little tipsy when Bella suddenly jumped up.

“Ooops, I nearly forgot. This is for you. Happy Birthday again!”

Bella handed me a card and a neatly wrapped rectangular box. I opened the card quickly, read the message and placed it on the side. Then came the box. I practically ripped the paper off, eager to see what was inside. It was a plain, nondescript brown cardboard box, the lid stuck down with sticky tape. Carefully I used my nails to slice through the tape and opened the lid. I stared at the contents. There were three long objects, one straight and thin, another also straight but fatter and the third quite bulbous. I looked quizzically at Bella, who simply burst out laughing.

“So my darling Jules. Now you’ve come of age, I thought we’d better make a woman out of you.”

Bella shuffled over and put an arm around my shoulders. I was still a little gobsmacked by the lewdness of her present, but then that was Bella for you. She fished out the long thin rod from the box, waving it in the air and smiling.

“Come on, why don’t you give it a go? Trust me, you’ll love it.”

I didn’t even have time to react before Bella took the rest of the box from me and put it on the side. Quickly she pushed me back onto the bed and leaned over the top. Two things happened almost at once.

First of all Bella kissed me. Not a quick peck on the cheek but a much more gentle lingering kiss as her lips caressed mine. I relaxed at the silky feeling of her lips on mine. Although it was wrong, it did feel good. Concentrating on the kiss I almost missed the second thing. There in the background was a slight humming, maybe buzzing noise. I wasn’t sure of the source until suddenly the cold tip of the rod was placed over my right nipple, sending its vibrations through the fabric of my top.

“Ughhh” I gasped at the sudden feeling, my sound muffled by Bella’s lips. I tried to pull away by Bella was having none of it. She continued her twin assault. Her lips on mine and the tip of the vibrator on my nipple. Slowly she started to probe with her tongue, pushing my lips gently apart. I had no option but to go with the flow and gradually dropped my inhibitions, accepting the invader into my mouth. Our tongues snaked around each other enjoying the feelings as they combined then moved apart one more, a jolt of electricity springing to life each time the tips touched.

Finally Bella pulled away. She smiled once more then whispered in my ear.

“Why don’t you slip this off?”

Bella gestured at my nightshirt before easing up the hem.

“There’s just the two of us and this little toy. Let’s enjoy the rest of the evening together.”

I wasn’t even resisting, allowing my friend to ease my nightshirt up and over my shoulders revealing a pair of white panties and a pair of pert breasts, one nipple now rock hard where it had already been teased by the vibrator. Bella turned her attention to the other nipple, intent on making them both equally hard. It didn’t take long before the wand waved its magic. The feeling of vibrations passing through my sensitive nubs and flowing deep into my chest was exquisite. All I could do was moan.

“Mmmmmmm” quietly filled the room, mixed in with the background hum of the vibrator.

Bella withdrew the toy and went back to kissing. This time though concentrating on those rock hard nubs. In turn she took each one deep into her mouth, squeezed down with her lips and sucked hard as she pulled off again. Each time just a little longer and a little harder. I thought I was going to cum there and then but Bella again had other ideas.

I jumped as the vibration returned, this time not over my nipples but positioned gently above the crotch of my panties. Manavgat escort bayan Nobody had ever touched me there before. In an instant my body experienced feelings I could hardly describe, as the vibrations hit my most private area. All I could do was lay back, eyes closed and enjoy. With the vibrator still weaving its magic I felt a hand gently easing my legs apart. I didn’t need asking twice, now simply intent on enjoying the experience. Legs a few inches apart, a damp patch was clearly visible on my panties. Keeping the vibrator in place Bella knelt up at the side.

“Look at you, seems you really are enjoying yourself. Why don’t you take these off as well before they get too wet?”

Bella looped a finger over one side of the elastic waist and pulled down. The panties came half way down my hip revealing just the merest hint of light brown bush. She repeated at the other side with the same effect before, placing the vibrator down on the bed, pulling both sides together. I closed my legs together and lifted my bottom to allow the panties free passage down my legs. Here I was, dressed only in my birthday suit (quite apt on my eighteenth) enjoying the attentions of my best friend forever. It was so wrong yet so right at the same time.

Quickly Bella followed suit and undressed herself.

I lay still, staring. What a view, my best friend forever now totally naked. My gaze kept flicking from those melons of breasts to her clean shaven pussy and back again. Other than the odd glimpse in the showers it was the first time I’d ever seen somebody nude and close up. Was it the wine? Was it the effects of the previous onslaught with the vibrator? I really didn’t know but even more so I needed Bella.

I needn’t be disappointed. Bella climbed over and knelt across my lower torso, a knee either side on the bed, her pussy lips clearly visible between her splayed legs. There was nothing I could do though as Bella had wedged my hands inside her knees. She was in control now and she knew it!

“So, what are we going to do with little birthday girl now?”

Bella smiled down from on top, a seductive sexy smile. She licked her lips in anticipation before picking up the vibrator again.

“Shall we have a little fun?”

I was just about to reply when Bella leant forward and planted her lips across mine. It was fantastic. Not just the silkiness of her lips against mine but also the feeling of her body, well actually those breasts, squashed up against mine. So soft and warm. If she just stayed there for the rest of the night I would have been happy. But, of course, Bella still had other ideas. I heard the telltale buzz of the vibrator and closed my eyes in anticipation. Bella sat back up and applied the tip to my nipples once more, bringing them from softening mounds back to hard rocks in an instant.

I half moaned and half giggled with the feeling as my nipples became more and more sensitised under the onslaught. There was nothing I could do but lay back and enjoy the tiny waves flowing through my breasts and into my chest. Nothing but enjoy, nothing but, nothing . . . .

“Ahhhh” I screeched as Bella withdrew the toy and pinched each nipple hard.

Then the cycle started once more. Vibrations once more flowing through my upper body, joined by a warmth down below. And just as I am starting to feel close, the sharp pain returned as my nipples were pinched, twisted or even nibbled. Pleasure then pain, pleasure then pain, inching me closer and closer but never quite there.

Finally Bella stopped and I felt her reach behind. A long finger poked its way in between my closed thighs, pressing upwards in search of its hot target. I squirmed as the finger hit my already puffy pussy lips. Another new feeling of somebody else’s fingers on my most private area. There was pressure on my lips as the finger eased them apart and felt around inside, involuntarily flicking across my clit as it went. I was just getting used to the feeling when the finger was removed again.

“Well, well, well. Aren’t you the excited one. You’re all wet down there and I bet you taste divine. Go on, why don’t you tell me!”

Bella placed her finger on my lips and slowly pressed them apart. I wasn’t sure and hesitated at first. A tweak on a still hard nipple sorted that one out. As I went to scream the finger eased into my mouth. With no other option I licked at the sweet juices. She was right, I did taste divine.

Bella smiled once more, removed her finger from my mouth and leant up close. I could feel her soft breath against my ear as she whispered gently.

“Oh my little birthday girl, one last treat before the night’s out.”

I felt her lips nibbling at the side of my neck.

“I think you’re gonna enjoy this.”

With that Bella knelt up and gently slid down my body all the way until she was positioned at the end of my feet. She ran her fingers gently up my legs, concentrating on the soft inside flesh. Up and down, the tips teasing faint lines sending shivers Escort manavgat down my limbs. Gently Bella applied more and more pressure, encouraging my legs to part. They duly did, revealing my plump pussy lips already glistening with love juices. A hand on each thigh and Bella spread my legs as far apart as they would go. She sat back and stared appreciatively at my tender pussy.

“Close your eyes my dear, lie back and enjoy,” she whispered seductively.

I did as told, waiting for the tell tale tingling of the vibrator working it’s magic once more. What a surprise though. Instead of a cold tingling there was a warm moist lapping sensation as Bella licked at my pussy with her tongue.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned.

Using the tip of her tongue to great effect Bella traced small circles across my swollen lips, gently easing them apart and dipping inside for a taste of those sweet love juices. I was already on edge, the warmth and silkiness of that tongue working its wonders on my inner lips. She withdrew and I felt fingers gently pulling my lips apart. The vibrator came in to play one more, positioned gently over the top of my hardened clit.


I moaned ever more as the vibrations sent shockwaves straight down the million or so nerve endings. I was so close to cumming when she stopped once more, letting me back away a little from the edge. I felt a finger teasing at the entrance to my love canal, rimming round the edge of the hole before dipping just inside. I gasped at the short-lived feeling before the finger was removed. It went back to rimming once more then probed a little deeper inside. A third time and a little deeper once more. I bit my teeth at the pressure inside but Bella didn’t go any further.

“Jules, am I right, are you still sweet and innocent?”


“You’ve never done it before have you? You’re still a virgin.”

I nodded slowly, a little embarrassed.

Bella dipped her finger back inside just far enough that it nestled against my hymen. Slowly she wiggled it around as I got used to the feeling. I was wet already so it didn’t feel too uncomfortable. The more she continued the more the fire in my loins grew once more.

“So what do you think, shall we make a woman of you?”

I hesitated. Deep inside the answer was yes, I wanted it and wanted it with Bella. In my mind though I was scared. Would it hurt? Would it be as good as I had hoped? Would I be disappointed?

Bella withdrew her finger, smeared juices around the tip of the vibrator and positioned this at the entrance to my love canal. It was only a little wider than my thumb but several inches longer. I shivered at the sensation of those tiny waves spreading out from inside. There was a little pressure as the tip slid deeper inside until it nestled against my virginal flesh. There it stayed for a minute or two, sending it’s tiny pleasure waves through my body. The smouldering embers inside were growing and I knew then that this was right. I needed to be taken and then to cum hard.

There was a nervousness in my voice as I finally replied.

“Please Bella. I want it. I want you to make me a woman, but be gentle with me.”

I screwed my eyes tight and waited. Waited for the sharp pangs of pain as my cherry was popped. It didn’t happen though. Instead the tip of the vibrator gently nudged in and out of my love canal. Each time just a fraction more pressure then withdrawing once more.

“Ahhhhh, mmmmmmm, ughhhhhhh.”

I was moaning at the onslaught, my pussy now on fire as orgasm approached. In and out, building the pressure each time. In, out, in, out, in . . .


I gasped as with the last stroke she took me by surprise and pushed the tip deep inside. There was a small tearing sensation and a sharp twang of pain but in an instant it was over. The vibrator nestled deep into my cunt sending it’s waves of pleasure out in all directions. Bella wiggled the rod around gently and I could feel my pussy walls starting to clench down on the invader inside. Wiggling became thrusting as she eased the rod in and out. My body was a mix with pain and pleasure as orgasm took over. I shook on the bed as wave after wave of pleasure hit, the pain now a distant memory.

Bella withdrew the vibrator from deep inside, and lying next to me, snuggled up closely. Body to body, the feeling of warmth passed between us. Finally I started to nod off in her arms.

It had been a surprise birthday present. Something out of the ordinary, viewed with contempt and little potential. It was a present though which had more than fulfilled any expectations. As I dozed I dreamt. I thought I could hear Bella’s sweet voice whispering once more.

“So my darling Jules, this is just the start. I’m going to teach you everything you need to know. You’ve just unwrapped your greatest assets so now to show you how to make the most of them. They are your ticket to success and happiness. For now though, sleep my young friend as tomorrow is another day.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I would soon find out that this night was just the first step in my transformation as I discarded my girl next door persona. It wouldn’t happen overnight and there would be ups and downs along the journey but it was a journey I was destined to make.

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