The secretary, the boss and the wife

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The secretary, the boss and the wifeThe boss, the secretary, and the wife. Part 1.The pub was buzzing, we sat at a table in a corner, not too far from the log burner, but not so close that we were roasted by it either. We had to raise our voices to make ourselves heard, as we chatted. “Are you still seeing what’s his name?” I asked.“Off and on, you know, it’s a bit difficult,” Simone said.“You mean with his wife?” I replied, cuttingly.I didn’t really approve, but it wasn’t any of my business. If she wanted to play with fire, then that was her problem, not mine.“Yes Angie, his wife, but as I am not looking for, well you know, I just want a bit of fun, and a good fuck, no strings.”I knew what she meant, and would like a little of that myself, but not if he was married.“You still not seeing anyone?” She asked.“No, mores’ the pity, mines got fucking cobwebs.” I laughed. I mean if you couldn’t laugh!I squeezed my way through the crowd to the bar, and quickly got the attention of the barman, fluttering eyelashes can do that, that and a perky pair of tits.“I wished he’d noticed me that quickly,” a male voice said.I turned and looked, and my heart did that double beat thing, at the same time my stomach had a case of the butterflies. He was gorge, as in proper gorge!He said something else, but my brain had stopped working and my throat had dried up. I smiled up at him, and tried to look at least a little intelligent.“I said can I get you this one?” Gorge said.“Oh no, really, I am with my friend, she’s just over there,” I said pointing.“You mean the redhead, who is, if I am not mistaken, just leaving?” Gorge said.I looked, just as she gave me a wave, and a smile that said everything.We took our drinks to the table, so recently vacated by my ever so thoughtful friend.“Hi,” Gorge said, “I’m Mike.” He held his hand out.I quickly ran into the bathroom, checked my lippy, thanked God I’d shaved my legs and had my bikini line done only a couple of days ago. Quickly had a wee, and made with the wet wipes. You guys really haven’t a clue! I smoothed my skirt back into place, cursing that I was wearing opaque tights, well it was cold out, and it would look weird if I took them off now, like what message would that send, “she’s well up for it!” Well I am. Or and this is so much worse, “she’s taken her tights off, maybe she had an accident, or something.” Better to leave them on, well at least for now, well what would you have done, if you were me?He held me, then we kissed, and my legs went all wobbly, his tongue in my mouth, so gently, some guys could really learn something from him. I responded, my hands feeling the muscles in his back, then lower, and his very tight bum. I think you can tell a lot about a guy from his bum, yes I know guys like girls bums, but let me tell you its not all one way traffic. I again cursed myself for wearing opaque‘s, why of all nights. I mean if I’d have thought there was a chance that I might, just might get laid on a night out with my bestie, but I didn’t! Was I going to get laid, on a first night, not even a first date, was I that easy? Well not always, look it depends, and on rather a lot of things, firstly of course on him, how much do I fancy him, that’s a bit obvious I know, must be a non-smoker, the fucking taste, yuk, does he make me laugh? Now that is a biggie, his conversation is another, of course it is, I want to be fucked, but I don’t want to be bored in the process, does anyone?He pushed me back onto the sofa, or did I pull him, not sure. Not sure it matters anyway, my skirt was around my waist, and those bloody tights were down below my bum, and with them my knickers. His fingers were cool, not cold, but cool, as he explored my…..well you all know what he explored, and me, I would have liked to have a good feel of him, but I was lying on top of him now, and he was holding me pretty tight, not that I was going anywhere, no way.At last I managed to free what I had been missing, and it didn’t disappoint. Look I know you were all told by your Mums, that size doesn’t matter. Sorry to disappoint, it does, it really does matter, no I don’t want one of those twelve inch ones that apparently every black guy in America has got, like really! But I don’t want a cocktail sausage either, seven or eight is good, but nothing thin, I like a bit of girth, you do know what girth is, don’t you? He had it inside me now, fuck I’d really missed this, how long had it been, no lets not go there, too long, and he knew what he was doing, and, oh fuck and, yes that‘s ……………I didn’t come, if that’s what you think, I don’t, not the first time, maybe its because I’ve got all this other shit going on in my head. I know you guys think you’re the ones under pressure to perform, but let me tell you us girls do as well, we get all waxed, smooth and soft, plus we don‘t want to appear to be total sluts, even if we are, it’s a balance, and its fucking difficult. I’m no porn star, and no I’m not that gorgeous looking girl in the magazine, who has of course been photo shopped half to death. I’m not bad, 5’9” tall, blonde, shoulder length hair, curvy, but not fat, I look after myself, swim, and the gym, when I can be bothered, 36c bust, and 36 hips, my waist, well that varies depending on the time of the month of course, now that’s something guys don’t have to put up with, but that’s not this week. Anyway, he was a thoughtful lover, good with his fingers, very good, and that’s important, you can tell a lot about a lover by his finger work, although he didn’t go down on me, and I fucking love that, but hey maybe he doesn’t do that, not the first time, and not with some slut who fucks him an hour after they met. Not that I am a slut, although maybe he thinks I am. Fuck, do you think he does, I mean do you?The alarm wakes me, I hit the snooze button, buying an extra precious nine minutes, that I will have to earn back. Then fucking thing goes off again, this time it hit’s the floor, and I get up. I’m alone in my bed, lover boy left just after half one, or was it two, we kissed, and I tried to get him to stay, I love an early morning fuck, and every guy I’ve ever slept with has had a raging hard on in the morning, what a waste. I shower, and wash away any remaining traces of our love making. Love who am I k**ding. Love? Lust maybe, but love, give me a break. I brush and dry my hair, quickly applied concealer under my eyes, where would we be without that, and some foundation, that will have to do, I’m late remember, a little lippy. I rummage and find a pair of knickers, white with lace edges, from Marks, nice, perhaps your wife or girlfriend, if you have one, has a pair just like them. My white bra, fuck. I’ve only two suitable for work. It needs to have plain cups. I grab the one I wore on Friday from the laundry basket, no will know, except of course me. White silk blouse, actually its real silk, not new, I brought it at a charity shop, a fiver, and a bargain. The tailored suit, another charity find, Jaeger, it was a sixteen, but worth the money to have it altered to a twelve, and of course cleaned. Now I’m going to disappoint you, I’m wearing tights. Real women wear tights, especially to work, its ok they’re ten denier, and nude, if this was a porn film I’d wear canlı bahis stockings, promise. Three inch heels, but I’ll slip out of them in the office, into a pair of flats, but today, at least this morning, I need to look good, and feel good. My new boss starts today, and I’ve yet to met him. Quick spray of perfume, and I grab my bag, and coat, and I’m gone.Tracey is already in as I arrive, well she would be, always trying to take the upper ground, but deep down, she’s got a heart of gold, I think, and then again, hope never to have to find out. “Tea or coffee?” She calls, as I hang my coat up, it would start raining today, of all days, I throw my brolly in the corner, then turn, and smile my painted on smile.“Coffee please.” Like she knows I always drink coffee in the morning, how the fuck else do I get through it.“Thanks Trace,” I say.“You’re welcome, Angie, the new guy is due in at nine thirty, he’s meeting the CEO, then all the managers, so you should have a quiet morning,” she says.What she means is, I’ll have plenty of time to help her clear her desk, which is always at least three days behind.“I like that suit of yours, though I could never wear the skirt quite so short, is it the one from the charity shop?”Fucking bitch, she should have a saucer of milk!“Yes Tracey, and yes it is a bit short, but then I’ve the legs for it.”Which of course I have, nice legs, nice bum, unlike her, the lump.I walk into his office, my new boss, I am his PA, and I am good at my job, despite my life being a mess and less than perfect. He turns and my heart sinks, like oh fuck, this really can’t be happening. Its Gorge, I mean Mike. Yes that’s right, last nights…….well you already know. I blush, I know I’m blushing the deepest of reds, I can feel it travelling up my body and neck, to my face. I’m tempted to turn and run to the ladies, but my feet won’t fucking work.“Its you!” He says, all sort of accusingly, like I wasn’t the only one in my bed last night, and whilst, yes we both had, had a few drinks, neither of us can plead intoxication. If only.“Good morning, Mr Radford, I’m Angela, your PA, please call me Angie, everyone does, here is a list of all the current ……..I go all professional, and Miss efficient, which I am, then I say, “if you’d prefer another PA, I can arrange that, if you wish.”“No, Angie, look, we need to talk, but I’ve…….Of course he had, meetings, and intro’s, then poor man, HR hell.I suddenly had a vision of him, last night, above me, my legs wrapped around his waist, his cock inside me, his face red, red with exertion, as he came inside me, God that had felt good, I love the feel of a guy as he comes inside me, non of that fucking porn film shit, who the fuck wants a guy to come on their belly or tits……….“So tomorrow, is that OK?” He asks.“Certainly Sir, I’ll put it in the diary.”“Angie……”He starts to say something, but I’ve already turned and am heading out of the office, heading to the ladies. I slam the cubicle door shut behind me, slump down on the seat, my head in my hands.“Fuck, fuck, fuck!!!! FUCK!”The coffee shop is tucked just out of the way, off the main High Street, but close to the office, ideal for lunch, if and when I need to step out. Today I really need to step out. I’ve fucked my Boss, not only that……….fuck. I am deep in thought, when she asks, “Mind if I sit here?”I look up, she’s standing, waiting for an answer. “No not really, I need some thinking time.” But I don’t say that, I say “Yes, of course, let me move my bag.”“Thanks ever so,” she says. She sits, she’s pretty, actually rather more than pretty, and exotic, Middle Eastern perhaps, tall, and oh so elegant, even just sitting the way she sits. “Do you live around here?” She asks.“Not far, and I work just around the corner,” I say willing her to be quiet, please just shut up.“Only I’ve just moved here………..I suddenly realised the time, made my excuses, and headed for the office, having swapped numbers with Jasmine, and promised to meet up at the weekend. The office was a hive of activity, but of Mike there was no sign.“Meeting the directors,” Tracey helpfully informed me.I’d just sorted my dinner out, when Simone knocked on my door, I was surprised she hadn’t rang me during the day, nosey cow, but well she was my bff, you know what that is don’t you? You don’t? Well we all have one, well most of us. Best friend forever.“Bloody hell its cold out there, got any wine?” She asked, as she kissed my cheek, and then threw her coat on the chair, and putting her handbag on the floor.“In the fridge, you eaten?”“Yes ta, don’t mind me, you want a glass?”“Its my fucking wine, course I do.”She poured two glasses, then came and sat with me on the sofa.“Well?”“Well what,” I said, through a mouthful of pasta.“Oh for fucks sake, well did you, or didn’t you?” She said, picking a piece of pasta from my plate.My mouth was full, but my look must have given the game away.“You did, you dirty little slut, picked up in a bar, and you let him fuck you, where, not in his car in the car park, please tell me you didn’t.”“Certainly not, as if, I do have standards, if you must know, right about where you are sitting now!” I said giggling. “I hope you cleared the mess up!”I took a last mouthful of my pasta, and sipped the wine.“So?”“He was gorgeous, his name is Mike by the way, good body, well toned, very nice bum.”She sat back in the sofa, and put her arm through mine.“Did he make your toes curl up?”“Mmm, and then some, great finger action, very good in fact, and he can last, not one of those fucking idiots who come as soon as they get inside you.” I said.“You came then?”“Come on, you know I never come the first time with a guy, I’m not like you.”“No you’re fucking weird, so you seeing him again?”“Ah, now there’s the thing, turns out, and you won’t believe this,” I said sipping my wine, “he’s my new boss…”“Get fucking away, what really?”“Really, talk about awkward, he was trying to be all, well… was fucking embarrassing.”Simone is now all giggles, but hugging me close, like she always does. I know what you’re going to ask, no we haven’t. We’ve slept together, more than a few times, we’re close, but we’ve never had sex. I know she has done it with a girl, and I know I have, yes I’ll tell you about it, but not just now. “So what are you going to do?” Simone asks.“I really don’t know, but I think I’ll just ask for a move to another office, there is an opening on the third floor, one of the girls there is pregnant, so it should be easy.”“You going to fuck him again?”“That girlfriend is a good question, I hope so, and then, no, bad idea, keep work and play separate, but fuck he is so dishy. Shall I open another bottle, you’re staying?”“Yeah why not, but set the alarm now, why we can both see straight.”I woke up. Simone had her arm over my chest, one of her legs, over mine, her fanny on my leg, her breath caressing my neck. We’d slept together before, and she always ended up like this, but I didn’t mind, I like the feel of her warm body close to mine, its comforting somehow. Then the alarm went off. It was on her side, because as you know I’m a “put the snooze alarm on” sort of person, and she’s not. Her arms and legs went everywhere, as she leapt to turn the bloody thing off. Then she was out of bahis siteleri bed, and into the en-suite. Now that sounds fancy, its not, one bedroom flat, bathroom off the bedroom. I watched as her bare bum disappeared into the loo. A nice bum, you’d like it, well I do.I join her, she’s in the shower, as I sit myself on the loo, and pee, then clean my teeth. As she finishes, so I take her place under the hot shower. When I emerge into the bedroom, still drying myself. “Can I borrow a pair of knickers?” She asks.“Sure, you know where, oh, and not my best ones,” I say.By that I mean a pair of cotton ones, not my sexy lace ones, or God forbid my silk ones that are part of a lingerie set, and not those time of the month ones, which are in a different drawer.“As if, thanks.”She goes to my knicker draw, and pulls out a pair of low rise shorts, they’re nice, a bit of lace edging, and a sheer bum. She’s about to say something, when I switched the hairdryer on. When I turn back, she’s dressed, and I’m not. She reaches around me, and pitches my nipple, then kisses me, then she’s gone, leaving me, if I’m honest, and I am being, a little breathless. But I must hurry, mustn’t be late.I hurried across the car park, he was there, waiting. Waiting for me, I turned the collar of my coat up against the chill morning air. “Angie!” He called.I thought about ignoring him, but lets be honest, how could I? He spoke, I listened.“I’ll think about it,” I replied. And I would.The weekend arrived, at last. It had seemed like the week would never end. The wine bar was down near the harbour, and the wind was straight off the sea. Fucking freezing. She was there when I arrived, my new friend Jasmine. We sat chatting, and soon it seemed we had been friends for ages, and not just a few days. Now I guess you’re not interested in what we were chatting about, right? Alright then I’ll give you a break. She lived on the cliff, not too far from the harbour, but by the time we had walked there we were both rain soaked through. We stripped off, her suggestion, then we wrapped ourselves in some really soft, and thick bath robes, but I’ll tell you a bit more about her, shall I? You’re sure?She is tall, and slim, and has that middle eastern skin colour, turns out her grandparents had emigrated here from Persia as it was, just before the revolution, anyway, she has smallish tits, about 34b, with really dark pointy nipples, nice flat stomach, and no body hair, so a smooth cunt. Do you mind if I call it a cunt? Pussy, it ain’t going to go meow, is it. I’d normally call it a fanny, but I know that confuses the fuck out of Yanks who seem to think that’s a bum, so lets stick to cunt. Anyway, lovely legs, and gorgeous dark, almost black eyes. We curl up together on the sofa, with a glass of scotch, Glenmorangie, and well lush that is, but I’m a little squiffy, so it might not have been. She suddenly stops talking, and you know I’m not even sure what she was talking about, I was looking into her eyes, and they’re like these dark pools that I could defiantly swim in, and I knew I wanted to swim, anyway she just leans over, and kisses me on the lips, a proper lingering kiss. Fuck, I nearly dropped my glass, but I managed to keep hold of it, and kissed her back. Then I felt her tongue, as it caressed my lips, then darted into my mouth. Wow! She really knew what she was doing, because at the same time, she took my glass from me, just as well as I would have just dropped it. She pushed me back, my robe was open, her hands inside it, she squeezed my breast, then her mouth was around my nipple, my all of a sudden hard nipple. I was in seventh heaven, when she suddenly bites it, and she bit it hard, like fucking ouch! She looks up at me, through her eyelashes, which I notice are long, almost like false ones. She smiles.“Shall we go through to the bedroom?”Now I am just about capable of speech, and mange to say something, though fuck knows what, but she got the message.The bed is a monster, and the bedroom all green’s, and bordering on decadent, but so her. She pushes the robe off my shoulders, it drops to the floor, then she looks at my naked body, smiles, and runs her hands down my sides. Fuck I am nearly wetting myself, it is so sensual, nothing rushed, and just so you know, she really knows what she is doing. Her hand is between my legs, she smiles again. She’s smiling because she now knows, knows that I am wet, and let me tell you, I am fucking dripping, I am so turned on by this whole thing. Then I’m on the bed, and she’s going down on me, and you know how much I really like that. I feel her part me, a finger penetrates me, at the same time her tongue is on my clit. “Mmm, oh yes, oh God!” I say, more to myself, but turns out it was like out loud.She has three fingers in me now, finger fucking me, her tongue though never stops its magic on my clit, and she’s also go my clit hood pulled right back, and she is really going for it. I fart, yes, I really did, fucking embarrassing or what, but she doesn’t stop, and right now I am coming, and how.“Oh fuck, oh Jesus fucking Christ, yes, yes, oh fucking yessssssssssssssssss!” I scream, even I know I’m screaming, but she doesn’t slow, she keeps at it, and I am on the wave of another orgasm, except, its not one, it’s a wave of several, I’ve no idea how many , but I’m riding them, and hey it turns out I’m multi – orgasmic, me!I am panting, exhausted almost, as she lets me calm down, I catch my breath.“Now its my turn Angie, and you’d better be good!” She says, smiling, “make me come.”My body is covered in sweat, but I suddenly shiver, I don’t know why I shivered, perhaps excitement, but then that’s forgotten, as my tongue gets to explore her body. I kiss her lips, tasting myself on them, and I already know what I taste like. Look of course I know what I taste like, work it out for yourself, or do I have to explain everything? Her dark nipples, they are really sensitive, and as I sucked and nibbled them I thought she might come, but then she pushed me away, and down. I ran my tongue down her body, she tasted exotic, and I was anxious to pleasure her, but I took my time, little kisses, all the way. Her cunt, now I could see it close up was an open flower, her inner labia was darker than the outer lips, then for the first time I saw her clit was pierced, well the hood was, which had the effect of lifting her clit up, and the clit hood was very small, almost not there, so her little bud was so exposed, and just waiting, waiting for me. She groaned as I took it into my mouth, and gently sucked on it, as I used my tongue at the same time. I felt her hand on the back of my head, pulling me into her. I slipped two fingers into her, fuck she was wet, but tight, tighter than me, I curled my fingers up, searching, and finding her G-spot. I heard her groan, and that groan gave me as much pleasure as she’d given me, making her come turned me on, and then some, possibly as much as coming myself.She pushed me away, as her orgasm ebbed, but she wasn’t done with me. Her long slender body stretched over me, as her mouth returned to my oh so wet cunt, above me, hers, looking so inviting. She lowered herself onto my up turned face, as we pleasure each other, in the classic sixty bahis şirketleri nine. I felt disappointed as her tongue left my clit, as she ground herself down onto my face, my tongue. So wet. She moved her position slightly, so her sphincter was where she wanted it. I hesitated, hesitated but knowing I wouldn’t disappoint her, and anyway, I wanted to. I wanted to put my tongue everywhere, and taste everything, and pleasure her in everyway I could. I rimmed her anus, then probed, as she trembled above me.I sat at my dressing table, putting my face on. Foundation, a little concealer under my eyes, blusher, mascara, eye shadow, the works. My hair had been done earlier in the day. Tonight I was meeting Mike, you remember him, Gorge, my boss. He’d been busy all week, and although I was his PA we’d managed to largely avoid each other, tonight we were having diner. I’d know him a week, a week in which I’d been fucked by him, and had met the sultry Jasmine, and had fucked her. I smiled at myself in the mirror, it seemed as if the draught was over, and wondered if Mike would fuck me tonight. Knew he would, because I wanted him to, I’d even put clean sheets on the bed and spent an hour doing the housework, and in a one bedroom flat that’s a long time. I had always taken a pride in my appearance, took time over it, kept myself in trim, even when and if that meant I was hungry half of the time, and as I thought that my stomach rumbled. Men, they never think about that, or the time we women spend making ourselves “up” for them, but some of us do it for ourselves, but tonight, its for him, why? Because tonight I want him, I want to feel his cock inside me again, I want to feel him come deep inside me, but there’s another reason, of course there is. I want him to make me come with that big cock of his, because this will be our second fuck, and I can come after the first fuck, never the first though. I dressed, sexy black lingerie, lots of lace, and lots of silk, see through silk, my nipples just visible through the lace, as was my oh so smooth cunt, and my bum covered, but very visible. I looked good I thought as I checked myself out in the mirror. I had thought hold ups, but decided on suspenders, and found the matching belt, and then added a pair black eight denier stockings, with lace tops, the lace almost matching my knickers, full knickers, which were cut so as to emphasis my figure, and no VPL. Men love stockings, I know you do, and I like to wear them, but only on special occasions, and this was special, at least I hoped it would be. My little black cocktail dress, was another charity shop find, and was a gorgeous Betty Jackson, which had still had the labels attached to it. Lucky me!!The wine was good, the food was good. He made me laugh, and I’ve already told you that, that is important to me. We talked, agreed to keep it professional at work, and away from the office, take things one step at a time.“One step at a time? Aren’t you going to fuck me tonight?” I asked, trying to be at least a little coy, and not like some cheap slut.He smiled then, and he had a lovely smile, his teeth white. He looked even more gorge tonight, jacket, and white shirt, and just a hint of aftershave, not overpowering, but subtle. I liked him even more, but wanted him in me, fuck I wanted him so bad, I ached for it.He didn’t reply, but poured me another glass of wine, and asked the waiter for the dessert menu. Bastard, he was playing games with me.My pretty knickers were on the floor, as was my bra, along with that expensive dress, but they had done their job, they were never going to be folded-up and put neatly away, well were they. I’d kept my suspender belt and stockings on, and my shoes, just like some slut on the porn sites both you and me look at. You like us girls undressed like that don’t you? Thought so! His cock was in my mouth, my tongue twirling around the bulbous head, and I do like that, it always feels so smooth, and so fucking naughty, but I wanted it in me, so I took as much of it into my mouth as I could. Look I can suck cock, and I hope I’m good at it, but lets not k** ourselves here, there is no way I can get eight inches into my mouth without choking, and like I said, this isn’t a porn film where I’ll deep throat, choke, nearly vomit, as the filming stops, and I’m ready to repeat the whole thing again. Look I’d do that if I was being paid, but I’m not, I’m getting a gorgeous cock nice and hard, and the guy excited, myself too, so he can fuck my brains out. So why don’t you remember a little of that when you fuck your girlfriend, or your neighbours wife, and girls, goes for you too, for fuck sake, enjoy!His cock was at last where it belonged, he’d even gone down on me, and you know I love that, almost made me come, but I’d stopped him, I wanted to come with his cock inside me, I like that, and anyway, he wasn’t as good with his tongue as Jasmine had been, not that he was bad, he wasn’t, he was so very good, just not as good. I suddenly thought of her, and shuddered, a little orgasm, just a little one, not the biggie I was anticipating. He was slowly fucking me, I spread my long, stocking encased legs, as he pushed himself into me, deeper, and then a little deeper still. I was nearly there, just a little, fuck that was good.“Fuck yes, oh fuck yes, yes…harder, fuck me harder….mmmmm, yes, oh, oh…..yes, I’m commmmmmmmmming!” I screamed, not that I knew I was screaming, not then, but the bitch next door told me the following day. The jealous fucking cow! So I woke her k**s up.We fucked again, I sucked his cock hard again, saw my lipstick on the shaft, and went a little deeper, making a second mark, I tasted myself on that cock, my cock, I thought, as I felt it throb into life in my mouth. Our second fuck was slow, teasingly so, and I loved it, absolutely loved it, as he took me on that journey that we all love.Afterwards, we lay side by side, getting our breath back, I must have dozed, then slept, because when I woke I was laying in the “wet spot” and he had gone. Fuck! I wanted him to stay all night, and yet again he’d gone in the middle of the night. I moved to the other side of the bed, and slept. Jasmine kissed me, right there in the coffee shop, the one where we had first met, how long was it, a month? No five weeks, the best five weeks of my life, I had a great new boss, who was also a fantastic lover, and I had Jasmine, another fantastic lover. My sex draught was well and truly over, and I intended to more than sleep with my friend Simone, and was just waiting for the “right moment.” What do you think? Good idea? Well maybe, but we won’t know yet, we will!In London a woman kissing another woman was no big deal, but we weren’t in London, but no one said anything, and no-one stared, the chatter went on despite our show of affection. She pulled away.“My husband would like you,” she said.I knew she was married, had seen her wedding ring, but she had never spoken about him, and when I had asked, she had changed the subject.“In fact you must come over on Saturday, we’re having a little party, and you are just what the party needs, so you will, yes. Wear something….lets see classy, but sexy, shall we go and choose something?”The house was lit, music played, no, not a four piece, get real, it’s a music system, just a well expensive one. She looked beautiful, elegant of course, with just a hint of the sexual woman I knew she was. “This is my husband Angie, Mike meet Angie.”

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