The Sexiest Woman I Ever Met Ch. 07

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We slept in on Sunday most of the day. We just lay in bed and make love whenever we woke up. We ordered room service three times. We would sleep and fuck and order room service, sleep and fuck and room services again. Whoever woke up would start working on the other’s body or call for food. I was fucking great and the sex was magic. Finally around 4PM we both showered and fucked one last time in the bathroom. Then we went to the cocktail party and ran into the couple we met in the hot tub the other night.

His name was Curt and hers was Sylvia. Curt was about 6’ 2” and looked about 50. He had blue eyes and a totally bald headed. He was the only white guy I ever saw with a baldheaded that looked OK. Curt wore a normal blue/black suit was very tanned and looked about 50 years old.

Sylvia was almost 6 foot tall with shoulder length blonde hair that looked natural. She had blue eyes and very, long legs. She well kept if you know what I mean and looked maybe 30 years old. She had the greatest ass I ever saw. It was spectacular, especially in the dress she had on. It was a black cocktail dress, which was tight and showed off her very big tits which D told me, “Well they have certainly been enhanced by surgery.”

I took her, “I’ll take your work for it. Besides most guys don’t care. A great pair of tits is a great pair of tits.” (Right guys?)

The black dress flowed down her body ending about 4 inches above her knees. I think she would have trouble bending over in it. It was that tight and short!

D didn’t look bad either. She had on a low cut top that showed her deep cleavage of the natural breasts. Her shirt was also tight and short. Now D has a great ass too and her skirt certainly showed it off well. I had an old banker type suit. Black pin stripes.

We had a great time and got to know the other two people well. We sat together and drank for about an hour. Then at dinner we sat with them again. There was a dance after the dinner and all four of us stayed. The lights dimmed and the music started. D and I got up and danced to 3 or 4 rock songs. Then we came back to the table. As a slow song started Curt asked D to dance. She looked at me and I told her to god ahead and have a good time. As they stood up and walked to the dance floor I asked Sylvia if she would like to dance too. She smiled and we walked out on the floor. As we danced she told me she had been with Curt for 3 years now. They weren’t married to each other but met when they could. I smiled because that’s what D and I were doing only for a shorter period of time. Sylvia was beautiful. The closer you got the better she looked. D was right she had had surgery and not just on her tits. We danced and I felt her slip her knee between my leg. I pulled her a little closer and she came in willingly. She told me that Curt thinks D is very attractive. He really likes her petit finger. I smiled and told her I did too. She smiled. As the song continued I asked her if she was staying the entire week and she told me yes. She asked if me if I liked her dress? I told her it was beautiful and really showed off her body. Her smiled got bigger. She told me Curt paid to have her breasts enlarged. Then she asked me if I liked them? I smiled and said: “What’s not to like? They look beautiful and since you are so tall they look even better!”

I asked her if having her breasts enlarged took away any sensitivity or pleasure? She told me no, in fact the size increase gave her more sexual stimulation. She smiled and told me, “Curt can’t keep his hands off of them, and since he paid for the improvement, he has the right to them whenever he wants them. Don’t you think?”

I smiled, as I couldn’t take my eyes off of them. She took a finger and lifted my head. I blushed a little. Then she asked me, “Would you like to touch them Bud?”

I smiled up into her face and said, “Oh yes! But I think old Curt wouldn’t like that very much would he?”

She smiled and said, “As a matter of fact old Curt is most likely trying to feel your woman up as he dances with her. He loves to play like this. Then went we get back to the room he’ll attack me and drive me crazy. He’s very large down there, maybe 9 inches.”

She pointed at my cock when she said down there. Then she said, “Go ahead Bud, touch them.”

I looked over to where D was dancing with Curt and sure enough Curt had his hand over D’s smooth young ass and she pressing against him and letting him rub her ass! I didn’t have to be asked twice. I moved my right hand up and cupped her big tit. I could just get my hand over the fullness of it. She moved in a little closer to me and whispered, “They’re now 38D’s. How do you like them?”

I told her, “ Very nice very nice!”

But my cock was telling her as she pushed against it with her thigh. She felt it I was sure. Sylvia smiled into my eyes and said, “Yes! I think you do like them Bud.”

When the song ended we walked back to the table like nothing had happened. We sat and drank and ate and danced mobilbahis güvenilir mi until maybe midnight. Cur and D danced a few more times as well as Sylvia and me. Each time we danced I played with her tits. They were so dam nice and big. She pressed against me and rotated her hips hard on my swollen cock. She was biting my ear and finally during a slow dance, we moved to a rather dark place on the floor and she kissed me. I was stunned a little. I said, “Sylvia! What about Curt?”

She smiled and told me, “Well Curt is really enjoying your date. It seems D likes the feel of his big cock against her. She has already touched it a number of times tonight! In fact as we were sitting she was stroking it under the table Bud”

I was stunned and asked, ” How do you know that?”

Sylvia said, “Because he told me and I saw her right hand in his lap.”

I was stunned again. But as I started to say something, Sylvia reached for my 7 inches and squeezed it saying, “Well she’s not the only one who can hold a cock while she dances. Why Bud! You feel very nice. Mumm you feel very, very nice baby.”

I moaned a little before running my hand over her very round ass. She whispered, “That feels nice too Bud. You know if we had a chance I would love to see this nice hard cock close up.”

I said, “Well I would love to see your body very close up too Sylvia.”

She laughed and said; “Well maybe we will Bud. Maybe we will. If Curt asks you if you want to go back to our room and have a drink, do it. Say yes.”

I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I was certainly enjoying it on the dance floor.

When the danced finally ended, sure enough Curt asked us if we wanted to come back to his suit? He had a suit with plenty of room and booze. D looked at me and said, “Want to Bud? Let go have a drink before we go back to our room.”

I said, “OK! Lead the way Curt.”

We got on the elevator and he pressed the top floor. As we got off He was talking to D and I walked to the room with Sylvia. She held my hand and whispered, “Now if you really want to be with me Bud, let Curt walk D away from us and take her out on the big balcony. Then we can be together. You understand?”

I really wasn’t sure what was going to happen but I told her, “Yes, I understand.”

We had drinks and sat and chatted a while. Curt was sitting next to D and Sylvia was next to me as we chatted. Finally Curt asked D if she would like to see the view from the top floor? She told him yes and they walked to the double doors and outside on the balcony. Sylvia took her hand and held me as I started to get up. I stayed seated. She bent over and kissed me sliding her tongue into my mouth and her hand over my cock. She kept it there feeling it grow as I reached for those big tits. I used both hands now to cup and squeeze her breasts. I was really enjoying myself and from her hands I think she was too.

I felt the zipper on my slacks going down and then her hand was inside pulling out my very swollen cock. She moved her mouth off of my lips and down over the head of my hat hard cock. Sylvia was sucking me off in the living room of their suit as her guy was out on the balcony with D doing god knows what! But I really did know what they were doing. The same thing we were doing. It finally hit me what we were doing! I felt like a dumb ass virgin for not realizing it before. These people were swingers. And since D and I had been so willing to their advances they had decide to bring us back to their place and swing!

As Sylvia sucked on my growing cock I had her dress straps down her arms and one of her very nice tits out. When she sat up I realized her breasts had absolutely no sag. In fact they stood straight out with big long nipples pointing directly at me. I bent my head and sucked as I played with them. They felt hard, harder than real tits. But, like a man I didn’t care they were huge and firm and I sucked them like a baby. She sat back against the couch and stroked my cock as I sucked them.

She moaned and took my hand and started to lead me to the bedroom. Before she could I went to the doors of the balcony and looked out. There was D with her body in one of the chairs and Curt was licking her pussy. She had her hands on his head and she was arching up into him. She must have seen me looking and she smiled at me and used her hands to show me the size of Curt’s cock! She was holding her two fingers out and it looked like there was a foot between them. Could Curt have a foot of cock? And how did she know? Silvia was pulling my hand and I walked into the bedroom with her. Before I could say anything, she had dropped her dress and was wiggling it off her hips. She had nothing on under it. She stood there looking at me with a small patch of blonde hair over her shaved pussy. She had a clit ring and that was all she was wearing. Silvia said, “I want to fuck you. I wanted to fuck you all night Bud.”

I sighed, thinking about D and what was mobilbahis going on. Silvia moved towards me and took my cock in her hand. She pressed her body against me and kissed me. Her tongue slipped into my mouth and I felt her hard tits against my chest. She broke the kiss and asked, “What’s the matter Bud? You don’t want to be with me? Don’t I make you hard? Don’t you want to fuck me?”

I pulled apart and said, “You are fantastic Silvia but I can’t help wondering what D is doing with Curt. I can’t seem to get her out of my head. I’m worried.”

She took me by the hand and we at on the bed. She said, “Curt won’t do anything D doesn’t want him to do to her. But I told Curt wants to fuck her, just like I want to fuck you Bud. Come on lay on the bed and relax. I will please you baby!”

She pushed me back and I didn’t fight it. I knew from the look in D’s face that she was really enjoying herself as Curt ate her cunt. She was telling me by raising her hands and showing me Curt’s cock length, she wanted to try him on.

Silvia knelt next to me and took my soft cock in her hands. She began to suck it and jerk me off. Her lips were warm and soft and she really knew what she was doing. She moved around and now had her pussy next to my shoulder. She sucked my cock head so hard it hurt. I moaned and she popped the head out of her mouth. She kissed down the under side of the shaft and over my balls. She sucked each into her mouth and licked her tongue all around them. Her hands were playing with my cock as her mouth licked my nuts. She lifted them and licked under them and down over my ass hole. I felt a finger going into my ass and her mouth came back up and circled the head gain. She had me moaning and lifting my hips trying to get more of my cock in her mouth. I hissed at her, “Suck it! Suck it! Oh fuck Silvia, suck my cock baby!”

She sucked down the shaft and I felt her face in my cock hair! She had taken all of my cock in her mouth and down her throat. She began to deep throat my cock over and over again holding it down there and fucking it with her mouth until she ran out of air. Then she would pull it out of her throat and take a breath. Then she consumed it again. It was like nothing I have ever experienced before in my life. She kept her finger in my ass and sucked my cock until she felt my hands on her head and my hips lift up of the bed. I moaned once and shot what felt like a huge load of cum down her throat. The last few shots of my remaining cum hit Silvia in the face. God! I had never felt anything like that before in my life. Silvia moved her body over and her bald pussy and that great ass was pointing right at me. She looked behind her and said, “Your turn baby! Eat my pussy!”

I sat up and she looked at me. She smiled and said, “Do you want to see what your little D is doing with Curt, Bud?”

I said, “Yes. An we see them from here?”

She aid, I don’t know but let’s see.”

She sat up and we both moved off the bed. We looked outside on the balcony but they weren’t there. She held her finger to her mouth and said, “Shh! Let’s see if they are in the spare bedroom.”

We quietly opened the door to the bedroom and looked around the corner. When I saw them on the bed my heart stopped!

D was looking up at Curt as she lay on the bed with one leg over his back and the other one spread wide. As Silvia and I stood by the door, we both saw his huge hard-on jumping with excitement s he knelt on the bed in front of D’s wide open legs. The huge purple head was shinning from the pre-cum and I was sure some of D’s spit. She was actually measuring it with her hands! She had both hands wrapped around his shaft and there was at least 4 inches of cock sticking out of her hands. I heard D say, “My got your cock is a foot long Curt!”

He laughed and said, “ NO D it’s only around 9 or 10 inches. Are you ready for me? I promise you I will go easy baby”

I saw her smiled up at him and moved into the doorway. Silvia took my hand and held it. We watched what was going to happen. Curt moved his cock to D’s wet opened and very swollen pussy. As he pulled her left leg up and higher over his shoulder, he told her, :Open your lips for me.”

D used her fingers and spread her cunt lips wide. He smiled down at her and said, “You are beautiful do you know that? You are so small and lovely.”

She pulled her pussy open for him. I heard him say, “D you are so small and beautiful. So lovely.”

She said: “Put it in me Curt but be easy. You are so big. Put your big cock in me I want to see how your big cock feels. Put it in my pussy and fuck me! Fuck me Curt!”

He smiled and said, “NO D! I’m going to make love to you! You’re going to fuck me! I’m going to make you cum over and over again baby! This time with my cock.”

He smiled down at her and said: “I have waited all night to have your body and I know Silvia is fucking your man right now. It is going to be wonderful D! Are you ready for me D? You are going mobilbahis giriş to long my long cock. Are you ready to be fucked like you have never been fucked before baby?”

She moaned and said: “Yes Curt!! Oh yes! Fuck me till I die!”

She moaned as she felt the big purple cock head push against her open pussy. With a little wiggle from her hips and a thrust from his hips, we saw Curt’s huge cock head begin to slide into D’s small body. He pushed again and we saw the full head begin to disappear inside D. once he got his big cock head into her hole he pushed and pushed and pushed into her. She was grunting and moaning but I could tell she was loving how it felt. As he pushed once more, we saw D begin humping on it already. He was only half way in and her head was rolling from to side to side and her hips pumped away fucking herself on the biggest cock I have ever seen. D’s body kept coming up off the bed and she moaned as she pumped against him. Then Curt pulled it out of her. Her eyes flashed opened and she looked up at him with questions in her eyes and on her face. She said, “Why? Why did you pull out?”

Curt didn’t say anything. He rubbed his big cock up and down D’s slit. He rubbed it all over her pussy and inner thighs. He was teasing her!! Teasing her and rubbing the big cock head all around the opening of her pussy. Each time he ran the cock head over her open pussy hole, she lifted trying to get it back into her cunt. He continued teasing until she started to beg for him for it. Silvia told me, “He loves to play and tease!”

I heard D moan, “OH god come on Curt! Put it back in me! Oh fuck!! Come on baby! Don’t tease me, FUCK ME! Dam it fuck me Curt!”

He smiled down at her and slowly reentered her body with that fat cock head. God!! His cock was as long and hard and looked more like a pole than a cock. When she felt it going in again she smiled and said: “Ahhhhhhhh! Yeaaaaa Curt!”

Curt pushed more and more of it into her body. Soon he was about two thirds of the way in, he began to fuck her. As he pumped in and out of D’s sweet young pussy with his big cock, I saw her close her eyes again and heard her say, “OH yes baby! That’s what I want! More Curt! Give me more of your cock.. Mummmmm it so hard and long. Fuck me! Fuck me!! Fuck me hard baby! I want you so bad!!”

Curt had moved his cock all the way into her pussy now and held it deep inside her. He said, “ can you feel it so deep and so hard inside you D? Feel my cock deeper than anyone has ever gone in your body. Can you feel it? I’m in your womb baby! And now I’m going to fuck you wild.”

He began to pump her with the entire long hard shaft. He moved 8 or more inches in and out of her cunt as she lifted each time he pushed into her. She grunted and thrust her body up into him. She loved it! I could tell she was leaking with her juices now and Curt was having no problem pumping into her. He was good too, he pumped and pumped and pumped his long hard cock into my lover’s pussy as Silvia and I watched. It was like a porno movie. He had a huge cock.

Now we heard Curt’s nuts begin slapping against D’s ass as he was going to town fucking her young small wet pussy. She moaned and moaned and sighed and cried out as he pumped into her. He lifted her legs up and placed them over his shoulders as he drove into her pussy again and again.

As Silvia and I watched we saw Curt pushing his entire length in and out of her pussy again and again and again! And D was going wild on it. She was climaxing what looked like continuously as we watched. Finally, Silvia took my hand and lead me back into the bedroom. When we got in the room I walked Silvia to the big chair in the room and told her: “Sit down two can play this game. Open those beautiful long legs baby and let me see your pussy close up.”

She did and I knelt in front of her. She smiled saying, “Is that close enough?”

I said, “ No let me taste it.”

She sighed and said, “Oh yes! Eat my pussy Bud. Eat me baby!”

She bent forward and kissed me as I placed my hands on her inner thighs she opened them wider for me. I looked at that Playboy body and licked my lips. She was without a doubt the best-built piece of ass I ever saw in my life let alone fucked. And I was going to fuck her. But first, I was going to eat that wet pussy. I place my mouth against her cunt and started to lick and suck on it. “Mummmmm Bud, that feels so good baby! Oh yes Bud! Lick me! Mummm lick my swollen pussy baby! Make it feel so good! Mummm! YES! Make it cum bud. Ahhh! Suck me!” she moaned out as I sat between her thighs licking that sweet snatch!

That shaved pussy was shinning with wetness and need. I could see it throbbing just like D’s did when she wanted to be fucked. She had a big pussy but that’s because she had been fucking a 9-inch cock. I pulled her pussy lips open wide and shoved my tongue into her hole. I sucked and licked and vibrated my lips on her cunt and had her going in only minutes! She was humping her cunt on my lips and when I started to fuck her with my tongue she arched and began to fuck herself on it! “Oh god Bud! Oh god yes Lick it baby! Oh fuck! That feels so good! Ahhhhhh! I’m cumming! OH God faster baby! Lick it faster! Yes! Oh fuck like that! YES!!NOW SUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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