The sexual power of a woman.

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The sexual power of a woman.It happened when I had just turned eighteen years old, and looking to get on the first rung of the property ladder. I had arranged an appointment with my bank manager to see if he would lend me the money so that I could take out a mortgage on a flat that I fancied in town. His name was Mr Brown, an ageing gentleman with old school values. I wore my tightest crop top that I could find in my wardrobe, along with red fishnet stockings and high heels, suspender belt, and a skimpy skirt, which only just covered my bottom, and no knickers to hopefully enhance my prospects of securing the release of money that I needed from him. When I entered his office, he looked me up and down, his facial expression not even showing a glimmer of interest. I can remember thinking to myself at the time that I was going to have my work cut out here getting what I required out of him. We went through canlı bahis all of the boring financial details, and at the end of it all, he refused me a mortgage, as I wasn’t earning enough.Desperate times called for desperate measures. I stood up from his desk and removed my crop top, and then my white lacey bra releasing my now unfettered breasts which swung freely on being freed from their constraints. I thought I detected a very small glimmer of interest from this stern faced old man. “Are you trying to blackmail me into giving you a mortgage young lady?” He enquired. “Well; yes of course” I replied with my best disarming smile I could manage. “That won’t work with me you know” He said. We’ll see about that I thought to myself as I continued to undress in front of him, I kicked my stilettos off across the room and sexily removed my stockings in a sensual way. I thought I detected a slight interest bahis siteleri register on his dead pan face at last. Finally taking off my skirt to reveal my brazilian for him to see. “You have a body to die for” He said as his demeanour softened a bit, “But I still can’t help you with any money for your flat you know, because you don’t met the criteria required.” He said with bulging eyes. “Criteria my ass” I remember thinking to myself at the time, “We’ll soon see about that.” As I walked round to his side of the desk so that he could get a better view of my naked body. I started to undo his flies, yanked his cock out, pulled the foreskin back and went down on him. “What do you think you are doing?” he managed to blurt out as he battled with the sensations I was giving him, and half heartedly trying to push me away. I was having none of it as I licked and sucked the head of it, giving him the best blow bahis şirketleri job that I could. “I really like what you are doing to me he stammered, but It still doesn’t mean that I can give you what you want young lady” I needed to play my last and final card in the deck, and this didn’t work, then there was only one option left open for me to secure what I wanted. So straddling his lap, I impaled myself on his prick, ignoring his protests until he was deep inside me. The expression on his face told me that I was at last breaking down the ice man, and that my chances of getting what I came in for were looking much more promising now. Using my virginal muscles, I started to milk his shaft. His face had by now had turned a reddy pink colour, as beads of perspiration rolled down his cheeks, his composure almost completely gone, I kept at it until he could hold out no longer. He grabbed my ass as his cock exploded inside me. At the same time as this happened, I ground my tits into his face for good measure.Guess what? I got the mortgage after all, now who would have thought it, Oh the power of a woman over the weaker sex!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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