The Storm Ch. 02

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Close Up

I heard the low murmur of voices from the next room as I tried to figure out what to feed us with the power out. I heard some giggles, then a moment later moans filtered into the kitchen. Of course, my curiosity was rising as quickly as a certain body part, so I peeked around the doorway into the living room. Mother and daughter, who had fallen asleep in a 69 position had decided to continue where they had left off last night. Breakfast forgotten, I stepped into the room with my cock leading the way and sat myself down on the couch to watch the show.

Sarah and Shawna had their mouths firmly planted on the other’s pussy. The wet noises coming from the two of them had me harder than a 16 penny nail. Hell, I could probably drive nails with the hard-on I had. Their hips began that instinctual hunching that indicated they were getting close to their final release. Their moans and grunts were reaching a fevered pitch when they simultaneously exploded into each other’s mouths. Pussy juice was flowing over smooth thighs and the thought came to me that the smell of female sex juices might never completely leave the room.

As they finished licking up the remains of the other’s juices and as their breathing returned to normal, I stood and softly applauded them.

They reddened as I said, “I see you managed to rustle up your own breakfast.”

Sarah smiled at Shawna then me and said, “Yes, and one of the best I’ve ever had, too!”

Shawna agreed, “Yes, quite tasty.”

I smiled at them both lying there with wet, shiny faces. “Well, I don’t know what the nutritional value of your meal might be, but it looked awfully good. But I need to let you know that the power is still out as well as the phone; the rain is still coming down in buckets, too. However,” I paused for effect, “I can offer a hot shower that I neglected to offer last night. My hot water heater is Propane.”

“MMmmm, that sounds fabulous,” said Sarah. “I can’t think of anything I’d like more, right now.” Then looking at my hard cock, she paused. “Well, maybe ONE thing!”

I laughed and said, “Follow me, ladies,” as I led them to the bathroom. I had gone all out when I had had the cabin built and made sure that the bathroom was large and spacious. I had a large shower in one corner as well as a large Jacuzzi tub along one wall. I grinned at my two guests and said, “I think we can all get in here with no problem.”

I got the water started and warmed up. We all got into the shower together and enjoyed the warm water cascading over our bodies. I got the bottle of liquid soap and squirted some on each of us. “Let’s suds up!” I laughed as I grabbed Shawna and rubbed our bodies together.

We were creating a nice lather when I heard Sarah say, “I’ll get your back.” With that, she pressed her soapy tits against me and started moving them around my back. I could also feel her trimmed muff scrubbing my buttocks with vigor.

My cock, pressed against Shawna’s belly was getting slick with a combination of soap and pre-cum. I bent my knees a bit and allowed the tip of my cock explore the wet opening of Shawna’s pussy, just letting it slide around a bit. Shawna quickly tired of my teasing, rose on her toes, canlı bahis tipped her hips forward, and in one swift move, thrust my cock deep into her heat. Her head snapped back in ecstasy and I fastened my mouth to the side of her neck.

Sarah, not wanting to be excluded reached around me and grabbed Shawna’s hips as she hunched herself on my backside. “Fuck her hard! Make her cum!” she chanted in my ear.

I was doing just that, slamming into her frothy cunt like a maniac. Shawna was just panting, mouth open, eyes closed. “Oh god, oh god, oh god!” Her pussy started contracting around my cock with each exclamation as she convulsed with multiple orgasms. Finally, she slumped in my arms, my hard cock still in her.

I gently disengaged myself from her and lowered her to the floor of the shower where the spray would gently rinse her clean and revive her. Sarah grabbed my slick cock and said, “My turn now.”

Saying that, she turned, bent over at the waist and placed her hands on the shower wall and said, “I want you in my ass!”

I took some more liquid soap and let it dribble down her ass crack to her exposed rosebud. Grasping the base of my cock with my right hand and gripping her hip with my left, I aimed for the bulls-eye. She was tight – god, she was tight, as I slowly forced myself up her rear passage.

“Oh God! That feels sood,” she moaned. “I haven’t had a cock up my ass since my husband left me 6 years ago”

“It sure feels like it too!” I groaned. Fucking her ass was like pushing my cock into the neck of a wine bottle, she was so tight. But I could feel her begin to loosen up just a bit as I stroked back and forth into her.

“Oh yeah, fuck my ass, Paul,” she hissed. “Stretch out my little asshole with your big cock. Make me cum. Fill me with your hot cum!”

Her talk was getting to me as was her ass. She was milking my cock, drawing the cum up out of my balls. “Keep it up, baby. I’m gonna fill you up. Fuck that ass back on my cock.”

I started slamming my cock into her hard, beyond the point of caring what I was doing to her poor ass. “Yes, yes, yes, yeahhhhhh!” I exploded into her hot, throbbing ass, the cum pouring out of me in a steady stream. It almost felt like I was pissing cum up into her.

“Oh my god! That’s what I needed – oh I needed that cum! Oh god, yes, yes, yessss!” I could feel her asshole spasm in orgasm as she came. Not once had I touched her clit or pussy and I was amazed that this woman had come from anal stimulation alone.

We both slumped to the floor of the shower, the water pouring over us, washing our sweat and our fluids down the drain. I pulled Sarah into an embrace and kissed her deeply. “That was the most incredible thing I’ve ever done,” I said truthfully. “I’ve never cum that hard in my life!”

“And I’ve never cum like that either,” Sarah stated. Her eyes were misty as she gazed at me. “This has been the most incredible time of my life. I can’t believe some of the things I’ve done in the last day.”

“Me either,” piped a voice from the far corner of the shower. Shawna was looking at us with lust glazed eyes. “That was one of the hottest things I’ve ever watched, and I can’t wait to try bahis siteleri that cock in my ass too. And this time, you’ll be getting a virgin ass!”

“Honey, you’ll have to wait a bit before I’m ready for another round, “I said. “Your mother has flat worn me out.” I grinned at her. “It may kill me, but I’m willing to give it the old college try! Now, let’s dry off and see if we can get some real food into us before we pass out from hunger.”

As we headed for the kitchen, I noticed the power had come on during our shower. I checked the phone, and it too was working. “Well, at least we now have all the conveniences of modern life,” I said.

Shawna said, “I do need to call the University and let them know what happened so I don’t lose my registration.”

“And I need to see if I can get that car fixed,” stated Sarah.

“OK. You two make your calls and I’ll get a good break… uh, brunch pulled together.” I hadn’t realized how long we had stayed in the shower.

I scrambled some eggs, fried some bacon, and sliced some fruit for our meal. I divided everything onto 3 plates just as Shawna bounced in. She had recovered her robe from last night as it was still a little cool in the house. She grabbed a plate and began wolfing down her food.

“I can’t believe how hungry you get from sex!” she said around a piece of cantaloupe.

“Did you get everything straightened out with the college?” I asked.

“Yeah, seems like they have a lot of us in the same predicament, but according to them, they’ve got a detour around the washout, so I don’t have much more of an excuse.”

“Well, according to the wrecker service,” Sarah said from the door, “it will be late this afternoon before they can get the car, and they don’t know how long it will take them to fix it.”

“I’ll tell you what,” I said. “I’ve got my Jeep Cherokee in the back here. We’ll take that down to your car, transfer Shawna’s stuff to it, and I’ll get you two to the University. Then I can drive you back here, Sarah, so you can let the wrecker service know what to do with you car. Your clothes from last night should be just about dry by now.”

“You’ve been too kind, Paul. Thank you,” Sarah said.

“It’s been my pleasure. Trust me!” I laughed.

The meal was quickly finished and the dishes put in the sink. We piled into the Cherokee after dressing and made it down to their car. After moving all of Shawna’s stuff to the cargo area (and there was a lot!) I noticed Shawna whispering something to her mother. Sarah looked shocked at first then laughed and nodded.

Sarah walked over to me and put her hand out. “I’m driving. My daughter reminded me she is owed one ass fuck.”

You could have driven the Cherokee through my gaping mouth as my jaw dropped. I looked at Shawna who smiled sweetly at me. “You did promise,” she reminded me.

The three of us climbed in, Sarah behind the wheel, and Shawna and I in the back seat. As she climbed in ahead of me, I couldn’t help but notice that Shawna had left her panties off. Noticing my gaze, she said, “I left them as a souvenir for you.”

My hiking shorts started to tent out as Sarah pulled out onto the highway. Shawna reached bahis şirketleri over and undid the button and zipper and pulled them down my legs. “Let me help you get ready,” she said, lowering her mouth to my hard cock.

When she was satisfied I was hard enough, she straddled my legs facing forward and lowered her dripping pussy onto my cock. “Just to get lubed,” she said over her shoulder.

A couple of bounces up and down on my cock and then she lifted up off of me. She leaned over and reached behind her grasping my cock. Placing it at the entrance to her ass, she started to slowly push it into her.

“Easy,” I said. “Take it slow and easy.”

“Mmmm, feels so big like this,” she moaned. “But it feels sooo good, too!”

She had just managed to get the head of my cock all the way in her when Sarah hit a pothole in the road. Shawna screamed as the full length of my cock was driven up into her ass.

“Are you alright?” Sarah and I both asked at the same time.

Shawna’s fingers were embedded in the seat back as she groaned, “I did want all of it… but not quite that quickly!” She laughed then moaned. “It hurts, but the pain is fading. Just stay still for a moment. And mom? No more bumps!”

We laughed as Shawna squirmed a little on my lap. “Mmmm, starting to feel a lot better now,” she said, beginning to move up and down in slow strokes.

“Oh yes, baby girl, move that ass on my cock!” I could see Sarah’s eyes in the rearview mirror and I could imagine what she was doing while driving with one hand on the wheel.

Shawna’s strokes on my cock got longer and she was adding a little wiggle of her ass when she hit bottom. The entire experience of fucking her ass while traveling down the highway was starting to get to me. I kept glancing at passing cars to see if they were noticing anything, but I guess the smoked glass kept them oblivious.

We were taking the exit to the University when Shawna started speeding up. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” she chanted. My hands grasped her hips slamming her down on my cock. Her ass muscles were squeezing my cock so tight I started to wonder if the cum was going to be able to shoot out.

I needn’t have worried as we saw the first glimpses of the University campus. Shawna’s ass quivered in orgasm as I came with a shout. “Yes! Take my cum. Take it in your ass, baby. Oh yes, that’s so good!”

Her eyes were closed, a smile on her face. I felt her ass give my cock little squeezes as she milked the last drops of cum from my balls.

We felt the car come to a stop and saw we were in front of the Administration Building. About 30 seconds after she put the car in park, we heard Sarah come as she stroked her pussy. “Oh yesssss!” she gasped.

Shawna slid off my lap allowing me to tuck my cock back into my shorts. Giving me a big kiss, she said, “Thank you for everything, Paul. You are my hero and the best lover I have ever had. I hope we can do this again sometime.”

“I hope so too, baby,” I said. “You do know where I live, now.” I gave her ass a light slap then said, “You go get registered and your mom and I will move you stuff into your dorm.”

She hopped out of the car, gave her mother a kiss, and walked up the steps to the Admin building. I couldn’t be sure, but I could swear I saw a liquid trail running down the inside of her thighs. College life would be good… and so was the trip back home.

The End?

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