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the stupid boy nextdoorIts happening today , its been 2 week since the neighbor ear me hump in the shower , wall pounding sound mixed with my moaning , Mike bbc got up listening ear on the wall not sure what he was listening too, it was incredibly exciting , as he stroke his bbc the wife asleep realising the young white boy next door like getting ass fuckedthe continuous pounding , the moaning getting more constant and loud, Mike listen to his neighbor fucking on his toy in the showeryMike cum a huge load down the sink and went to sleepMost days the same thing kept happening he listen to his neighbor have fun in the showerit was the perfect night, with his wife out he could finally go say hello to his neighbor he had dinner and as usual the boy in his mcdonald uniform came back at 10pmhe waited for the porper timing and once the shower started he moved pick locking the lock wasnt hard at all he still had the skill he undress getting closer to the shower his 9inch bbc was ready for some cute boy pussy he put his hood on his cock ring listening to the fag boy i the sower stil no sound of him being sluttyhe waited cock out for the timing and he ear the sloppy gagging of the boy cracking the door he look and of course the boy was on his knees sucking the nice black cock toy pinned to the wallit was too much, that boy need a black D, he had to do it now the little tiny ass was right there moving as the boy suckedhe got in the room and silently open the shower door got over the boy and he hold his waist real tight moving inside his bbc head agaisnt the white boy cunt”mfffffffffffffff””take it in boy ”pushing him head agaisnt the cock , the gagging loud as he enter the boy cunt made him love this ”bbrrrrrrllllll””you like bbc boy””feel mine in your cunt?”pushing the boy little head down gobbling all off the cock”here gimme your cunt ”he started fuckling him deep the boy making the sexiess sound agaisnt the cock in his mouth , moaning his tiny hole stretch open”you like black cock toy slutty white boy””take mine ,show me how you want bbc boy””ahhhh ahhhhh ahhhh”he pull him up fucking him agaisnt the wall ”whooo are you ahhhh ahhhhhh my goddddd””iam your daddy, call me daddy”slap slap slap”ahhhhh ahhh daddy””good boy , you have a nice cunt””ahhhh fuckkkk””yes boy , you love big cock , bend over like a güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wore ””arch that back like that , show me how you do with your toy”standing agaisnt the wall he lowered and watch the boy hump back and back”you like my cock?””yesssss i do omg i do im a fag omg i such a fag””you fuck that ass all the time dont you slut?””yess i doooo, i doooo, every day , omg fuck meeee””you wanted a real black guy to turn you into a bimbo slut?””yessssss omg yessssss””on your knees we will talk””you want to be a secret bimbo slut for this cock?””yesss””kiss it dont suck , kiss it and tell daddy””do you have panty?””no..””bad bad bimbo you gonna need to shop if you want me back tomorrow””yess daddy yes””you will go to wallmart and buy those 12 packs of string and panty ””you dont deserve to wear man underwear do you understand, look at this cock thats what you faggot need””yess daddy mmmm”Slapface red , my left eyes letting out a tear i look up at him pointing at my face”i said dont suck wore””you kiss me and lick me , no sucking for now””ok daddy”back kissiong daddy ball as he look down ”gonna learn to listen and obey ””only good girl deserve my cock””yes daddy”i listen to this tall strong older black guy , his cock was a monster , i felt like he was a god here to punish me for loving my toy too much”make that mouth into a big circle for me””there this is what you want ””big fucking cock in your mouth fucking you up”i watch him pound me i was push down mouth open doggy and he fuck me up in the mouth”good bimbo love getting mouth made into a cunt”” daddy gonna cum now and tomorrow make sure to be in panty if you want my cock””just a little more , in that sexy mouth , ohh baby , you be a good girl and swallow , oh yes make me cum, make that black cock cum ion your mouth , oh yes wht a slut ahhhhh ahhhhh yesssss yessssss all i your fucking mouth baby ohhhh yesssss , keep it i wore keep the cock in your mouth wore im not done ohhhh i gonna cum again what a good wore ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhhh yessssss drain the black cock drain it baby yessss yessss”i was mesmerize at him cuing so much in my mouth i had my belly full and i wanted more ”look at you, wanna suck me all night dont you?”i nod him in my mouth half hardhe look at his watch ”i cant güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri stay for another 30 min let get out”i never felt like thati walk to my living room and started sucking him smoking a cigarettehe was a king , he was a god, i felt so lucky to have him, whoever he was under that hood mask”you really are a nice slut cant wait to make you all fem and lovely”god i craved it tooi sucked him telling me what kind of panty he like girl to wear and i was sucking him feeling so horny, i wanted to be in panty so badhe cum a 4rd big load calling me his young bitch and i smile my belly full him leavingi went to sleep like a happy new born slut my daddy babies all in my belly , in their new home i thought , so full and happy i had a daddy who give me his babbies like that, i felt so proud in the morning the hunt started and after making it to the mall i went to laSenza and started filling my carti spent a lot of money t get daddy bbc the cashier lady smilling at my 400 purchasei went home and something was wrong i needed to be smoothi look at my phone”maybe there is a place”-shaving saloni entered stupidlyand i endup on the local add”little roses shaving service”i call and was welcome by a charmin voice”yes , well id want to know how much it is””what you need to be done , all your body , just some parts?””i, i want to be smooth , like ….””oh i see like a girl, we do have the Roses perfect sevices , you want to come now ?””i can?””off course you can , we are waiting”i drive to the saloon it was actually not that fari never ever seen a ebony mom so beautifulshe was like a Barbie black doll ”hi sweat hearth””hello””did you take a shower before ?””oh no i didnt i should have ?””its fine mommy will take care of you”she walk me to a room with a leg bath ”here get in ill be back”she was back with a bag getting to the bath ”here like that , you are cute ”she had me bend in the bath and started soaping me up ”very girly body indeed you will be nice all smooth”she soap me up”you have a plug for this cute hole here”she put a finger on it and it went im full of the fruity gell soap ”oh greedy little but opening like that””you need a plug sexy white boy , you cant walk around like that not ready to be fuck by hot daddies””here mommy have you , here in that güvenilir bahis şirketleri cute hole, ho yes so tight , take it boy , let it in . goooood boy””ohhh mommy love that nice cute white butt plugged up like that””here look at how hard you made mommy”i look at her lifting her dress and she had a bbc”isnt my cock nice boy? want to get all shaved and feel this cock in you?”i look not believing it i nod looking at her walk me out i was confused, how could it be? she was a hot girlshe took me to a room with a seat , table likei look at her , she help me down and she had a stool to sit legs spread i could see her bbc dangling dripping”here head down here like that”i was head floating, head tilted from the seat her bbc came toward my head and she started rubbing it all around my face i literally tried to catch hermy body felt something very very hot and it burned i squirm loud , i let out a noise and she went in my mouth”ouufff nice warm mouth , here there is alot to remove”she kept her doing and move bend over me , her bbc was so tasty i drool , her bbc rubbed on my face it burned again”ouchhh mffffff””shhhhhh be a good girl , mommy shaving you ”it was hurting alot , the lazer machine over me burning away all mu dirty hair as this trans girl used my mouth with her hot bbcit took 30 minute i was all smooth but my body ached”your all red and burning go back in the bath”i went back and she ade me feel smooth , calming gell all around i was all smooth”you are sexy like that”she sat on the bad side now naked her nice tits out we cuddle and she made me feel sexy in her hands”wanna fuck on mommy cock?””yes”i bend and she let me do it all the wau to her waist mommy nice bbc all in me”mmmmm baby you have a great ass, who do you shave for?””daddyyyyy ahhhh i ahhhhh i daddyyy””so cute to see you white boi come here to get all smooth for you daddy””is he nice? nice bbc like mommy?””yessss ahhhh””good white boy, its so hot””here i want to watch you suck the cum out””im leaving him the privilege to dumo in your new sexy smooth cunt””your a cute boy , you gonna go home and dress sexy for him dont you?”i nod her bbc pumping my faceshe cum and i swallowed it all , all smooth and drinking cum alreadyshe went out of my mouth”its 250 bitch get me my money now”i paid and leftfeeling used and smoothat midnight my door opened”ohhhh wow you pretty girl””hi daddy””oh baby you are all smooth?””yes daddy ””ohhh and plugged””you deserved daddy bbc so much ””mm, daddy i want yo suck you””yes baby here , come here, good girl , you deserve daddy big cock , yes good girl up and down dress like a wore”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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