The Taming of Andrea

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Anyone meeting Andrea Birch for the first time would soon realise that there was something not quite right, for she had none of the social graces that one would associate with a young girl. She said what she had to say, and usually nothing more or nothing less. Most kids of her age would find her uncommunicative, unfriendly and not much fun to be around, and therefore shun her at every opportunity. On the other hand, Andrea seemed to accept her treatment without resentment or prejudice, and got on with her life in the way she chose. I guess I was one of the few friends she had, not that you could ever call it a friendship in the true meaning of the word.

I lived two blocks away from Andrea in a small town, its name not even worth a mention. Being of the same age, we went to the same schools and were sometimes in the same class – which means we kind of grew up together. But outside of school, we never socialised or anything like that. Unlike others, I was perhaps a little more sympathetic to Andrea’s problems than others. One of my younger cousins was autistic and aspergers, and having been around him for many years, I could identify the associated behaviours. I had no doubt that Andrea carried a few minor asperger traits, the unsocial behaviour to name one. Overlooking that one difficulty, no one could ever doubt Andrea’s intelligence, for she had an incredible memory and a wonderful logical manner of working things out that most of us couldn’t fathom or match. She was also a talented athlete, but only in solo sports like running and swimming, for she would never be a team player. Her tall lean figure filled out in her adolescent years, and she sure looked good in gym shorts or a bathing suit, but only if one was brave enough to look. And as a young male teenager with raging hormones, I confess to more than a few careful glances.

I guess because Andrea knew me better than anyone else, and the fact that I always treated her with a little dignity and respect, I got away with a bit more than others. Andrea wasn’t a girl to trifle with, her scathing looks and sharp tongue kept most at bay. She stood her ground and never backed down from anyone if her cause was just. I can remember an incident in the second year of college when corporal punishment was available to teachers to keep the boys in line. Old Mr Morris was the most feared teacher at the school when it came to wielding the cane, as he had the ability to turn the most staunch boy into a blithering mess after a well delivered six of the best. The scars of such thrashings would last a painful week on ones backside. One of our classmates, Gavin Harris to be exact, had been cruelly tormented for a few days by other boys. It was most unfortunate that it was in Mr Morris’s class that Gavin exploded after a little subtle encouragement. Mr Morris waited patiently for young Gavin to wind down, then retrieved his cane from under his desk and asked him to step outside into the corridor.

We all knew that a travesty of justice was about to take place, but it was only Andrea who had the fortitude to stand up and challenge it. We could see the anger in Mr Morris’s face at her interference, but each step that he took towards Andrea; she took one towards him until they stood eyeball to eyeball in the centre of the classroom. And there she delivered her version of the facts with the accuracy and conviction of a defence lawyer. To our surprise Mr Morris listened, considered Andrea’s argument, and then placed his cane back under the desk. Andrea then turned and gazed scornfully around the room at all of us cowards, and we all looked down at the floor in shame. Later that afternoon, Mr Morris rounded up those tormenters of Gavin and gave them their just desserts; you can be assured that I was glad I wasn’t one of them. Andrea earned a lot of kudos that day, but it didn’t necessarily make her any more friends.

Over the last two years of college, classes were given more than a few group assignments to complete. Andrea was always drawn to me, as no one really wanted to work with her. To me, this was always a little short sighted of my classmates, Andrea would put hours of hard work into them, and more often that not my contribution was minimal. We had this sort of arrangement; she would do most of the work, so long as I did all the class presentations. Having the gift of the gab, I found this little arrangement no hardship. I should add that our assignments were always amongst the top marks, and Andrea would always let me take the credit for them. Looking back, I reckon the teachers weren’t that naive and had us well pegged.

Most times, Andrea would come over to my home to work. The few times I went to hers, she always seemed on edge, and I doubt hers was a happy lot at home. On the other hand, my mum and dad were good people, and both my older sister Jane and my friends were always made welcome, and usually well fed by the time they left. For some reason, my mum especially got on well with Andrea, like there was some bond of understanding between them. Jane on the other hand was a little unsure of Andrea, and usually made herself scarce on her arrival. But at my home, Andrea’s behaviour was always impeccable, and I made aksaray escort sure that I didn’t upset her. Our time together Andrea was always business like, there was none of the usual banter and chat like my real friends, even though we were in the privacy of my bedroom. We started work on her arrival, and she went home when we were finished, the only interruption was from my mum delivering hot chocolate and fresh baking of some sort. I guess that Andrea was quite a private person, and the more people knew about her, the less she liked it.

Forgive me if I have given the impression that Andrea was unattractive, because this was not so. She had a fine thick wavy mane of fair hair that looked good loose, or in a pony tail. Her skin was blemish free apart from a few freckles around her nose. Her big eyes were an incredible green, and would blaze with fire when angered. Her large lips were just right for kissing, and her teeth provided a perfect smile. She never wore makeup, and jewellery was limited to a wrist watch and small earrings. Her dress sense was simple, colourful tops, tight jeans and flat shoes. A girl like this would usually be chased all over town by the boys, but in Andrea’s case, none were so bold; me included. I freely admit to many a schoolboy fantasy about Andrea, but that’s all it could ever be.

After the final year of school, I left home and headed for university to study electrical engineering. From a young age I’ve tinkered with electrical and electronic gizmos, and it was therefore a career dear to my heart. Right from the start I had a fine time at university; the most memorable was losing my virginity in the first week to a girl far worldly than I. Intimate encounters then became a recreational activity of some interest, for there seemed plenty of young ladies who wished to explore their sexuality in their newfound freedom. Amongst the joviality of numerous sex and booze binges, I even learnt a few things; I was bright and interested enough to accomplish good grades. After the end of each year, I would go home to family and friends to spend Christmas, and for well earned rest.

On my arrival at home after the second year, I was informed that there was to be my old schools fiftieth reunion. At first I was blasé about the whole thing, but my bossy elder sister who was between boyfriend wanted to go, and take me with her. Eventually I was convinced, but not without a fight. Two years away from home had taught me to be independent and make my own decisions. Besides, a few days notice didn’t exactly give me much time to make a success of myself, if you get my drift. On the night, it didn’t take long for my misgivings to disappear, and it was good to catch up with old school mates. Because of the huge range of ages, we were given coloured badges to indicate which decade we attended. Our year congregated close to the bar, which was most convenient.

I was surprised to see Andrea walk in, for she had more reasons than me not to turn up. I had to grin; all the other girls were dressed up to the nines in slinky dresses and smart attire. Andrea turned up in a purple top, black jeans and flat shoes, and still managed to look better than most. I gave her a wave, and a little smile appeared as she made her way to our group. I think the two years since school added maturity to all of us, and Andrea was welcomed warmly by all. Eventually, she sidled up to me and gave me a smile of sorts.

“Nice of you to dress up.” I bravely suggested.

Her smile disappeared as she looked me up and down, the fact I was wearing jeans and a casual shirt wasn’t exactly lost on her.

“Mind you, you’d look good in anything.” I added hoping to redeem myself.

Her eyes lingered on me for a few seconds before heading to the bar for a drink, to my surprise she returned to my side, “So you’re home for Christmas?”

“Nah, home for good.” I jested. “Got thrown out for being too bright.”

My attempt at humour was met with a look of contempt, obviously Andrea hadn’t changed that much.

“It’s good to see you again. To be honest; I didn’t expect you to come tonight.”

“Wasn’t going too, but my mum told me that I should show my face. I’ll have this drink and take my leave.”

I slipped a hand behind her and a finger through the empty belt loop of her jeans, “Maybe you should stay for awhile.”


“Cause you’re the best looking girl here, and I might want to talk to you.”

“If you don’t take your hand off my butt, I’ll break all your fingers.” she suggested quietly.

“Only if you promise to stay, for a while anyway.”


I removed my finger and Andrea stayed exactly where she was. It was interesting looking at our group. Some of the guys were displaying the first signs of hair loss and beer bellies; some of the girls were looking frumpy beyond their years, more than one was married and one pregnant. Others looked real good, just like Andrea. While she didn’t contribute much, she listened politely and provided the odd begrudging smile. Some of our old teachers mingled asking what we were up to in the big wide world. When it came to her turn, Andrea suggested that she working in topkapı escort her family business, but looking at a few different things for the following year. Later in the night, old Mr Morris turned up and chatted amicably for some time, and he seemed different from the old grumpy and fierce teacher I remembered him to be. He took the time to speak to most of us, and he eventually got to Andrea.

“Ah, the young lady who put me in my place, and quite rightly so too.” he commented with a beaming smile. “It’s not often that a pupil teaches her teacher something, but you certainly did that. If I didn’t commend you then, I do now.”

But Andrea remained silent and glared at him, and a few long seconds later, he turned and walked away without another word.

“That was a bit harsh.” I said.

Andrea turned her unsympathetic eyes towards me, “He was a bullying bastard, and I reckon he enjoyed all those thrashings he dished out. I’ll never forgive him, and nor should any of us. Anyway, its time I should go.”

My hand slipped again through the belt loop of her jeans, “Nope, I haven’t finished with you yet.”

“You’re pushing your luck.” she suggested.

I shrugged my shoulders, “You’ve been pushing yours for years, now it’s my turn.”

“You’ve certainly got mouthy and brave since you’ve been away.”

“Yep, but it’s nice to be around you again, for all your faults.”

She grinned, “And what would they be?”

“Too many to list.”

“Well, let’s go somewhere else then, I’m sick of all these people.”

We ended up sitting outside on a low brick garden wall near the main entrance. We chatted about this and that, and what we’d been up to since our school days. Andrea inquired about life at university, and I gave her the low down on what it was like, especially the social activities.

“And the girls?” she asked.

“Plenty of girls, but no one serious.”

“I’m jealous.” Andrea suggested after dwelling on my confession for a few seconds,

“Why are you jealous?” I asked.

“Because I always liked you.”

“I never knew that.” I replied. “I just thought you hated me a little less than all the others.”

She didn’t reply, and we sat silently in the dark warm air for awhile sipping from our half filled glasses.

“I’ve never been good expressing my feelings.” she confessed swinging her legs out in front of her. “You were the only one that had any time for me.”

“I always liked you, but you kind of scared me too. I was always waiting for you to bite my head off.”

“I never did though.”

“No, you didn’t.”

“So, what about the girls at varsity?”

“What about them?”

“Do you sleep with them?”

I laughed at her directness, “Only when they let me.”

“I’m still a twenty year old virgin.” she offered after a few seconds of contemplation. “Although a reluctant one.”

“That’s your fault. There isn’t a guy in town who’d turn you down.”

“I haven’t exactly had them pounding at my door.”

“Well, you don’t know how attractive and desirable you are. If you didn’t scare them all off, you could take your pick.”

“There’s only one guy in town I’m interested in, and he’s sitting right here beside me.” she said.

I turned to Andrea and found her looking across at me; she smiled and took my hand in hers.

“Tonight, I want to lose my virginity, and I want you to be the one to take it.” She laughed at my dumbfounded look, “I really, really want to do this, so just say yes. I’ve got my mum’s car; we can go and find somewhere nice and quiet.”

“We can go to my place if you like. Jane’s here, my parents are out and won’t be back to real late.”

Andrea finished her drink in one gulp and placed the empty glass on the ground beside the wall.

“Lets go.” she said.

After giving my sister Jane a sly wink and telling that I was heading off, I wandered outside again and into the car park where Andrea was waiting for me. We were both too nervous to talk about we were about to do, and we made small talk on the drive back to my place.

Once out of the car, we held hands and I led her upstairs and into my bedroom which had been tidied by my mum since I left earlier that night. After closing the door, I dimmed the light to get a more seductive atmosphere. By the time I’d turned, Andrea had removed her shoes, and was in the process of removing her top. Her jeans were undone and sliding down her thighs, and then kicked off. Her hands reached behind her back with the intention of removing her bra.

I suddenly realised that to Andrea, this was going to be a mechanical physical act devoid of any emotion or passion. I didn’t want that, I wanted it to be special and tender, a seduction of kisses and caresses before the actual act. I moved quickly and gently took her into my arms, my hands sliding around her slim waist. I nuzzled her neck taking in her sweet perfume before sliding my lips over hers. Our first kiss was tongue-less and awkward, and it dawned on me that Andrea had never kissed a boy before.

“Open your mouth a little.” I whispered.

My tongue slipped through her lips and toughed sarıyer escort hers; and then danced delicately together. My hands wander over her body, tracing her curvaceous figure, her slim waist sliding outwards over her wide thighs. A sigh escaped her lips, and for the first time I detected a little arousal. I lowered my face into her cleavage, my tongue tracing the outline of the lacy material. I reached behind her, and displaying some precision, unclipped her bra in an instant. The garment slid slowly forward past her tan lines exposing her full breasts and pert nipples. I flicked a tongue over both nipples, and she again sighed as I sucked one into my mouth and suckled upon it, then the other. For some time I licked, sucked and caressed her breasts before lowering my hands to her thighs. I traced the outward curves and then moved upwards to that special little place, and she jumped as my fingers slipped between her warm thighs. Then she shifted one foot slightly giving me more room to explore that lovely little place. I slowly eased her panties down her thighs until they fell to the floor, and then I stepped back to look.

Our eyes met first, and I found it difficult to look downwards. Her body was a myriad of luscious curves, full and shapely and exquisite to gaze upon. Her breasts remained upright, her dark nipples pointing straight back towards me. I lowered my gaze to her thighs; and to where a wide triangle of thick dark curls so thick that what lay beneath could not be seen.

“Strip me.” I asked, for this should not be a one sided affair.

Andrea stepped to me, her fingers reaching for my shirt buttons. I kissed her gently on the lips as they were undone and my shirt pushed back over my shoulders. Her hand dropped to my jeans, my belt released and my zipper lowered. Her hands went to the sides, and the jeans were lowered, and then my briefs also.

“Right off.” I asked.

She knelt before me, my cock heavy in stiffness waved before her face while her hands removed my shoes, jeans and briefs. She quickly stood as if to avoid the danger of my erection, but I took her hand and guided it to my shaft. Her grip was light, but then I felt her hand tighten slightly as if to test its resilience, and then slide forward over the head. I kissed her again, my tongue was met halfway, and there we stayed as I explored her breasts. When Andrea’s hand dropped from my shaft, I eased her close and my cock slipped nicely between her thighs. We spent some minutes gently kissing and caressing, my cock sliding slowly back and forth between her warm thighs. Andrea closed her legs slightly trapping my shaft between her lips, and the wetness of her arousal quickly became apparent.

I guided Andrea to the bed and we fell into each others arms. After a long kiss, I ran my tongue gently down her neck towards her breasts. She lay submissively still as each nipple was tenderly licked and suckled, and then I continued my journey downwards. Her legs were slightly raised, and parted enough for my hand to slide through her thick curls to the virgin lips beyond. She moaned loudly as my fingers gently explored her lips, her clitoris hard and proud to the touch, below her opening tight around my finger. I moved downwards and rolled between her thighs, then tickled her navel with my tongue. Her triangle of curls hugged my face as my tongue slipped downwards, then her hands reached for my face.

“No, please don’t do that.” she whimpered. “Not there, please no.”

But her resolve disappeared instantly as my tongue flicked over her clitoris and down into her deep valley. A hint of soap and natural musky scent greeted me as I buried my face in her pussy, and I gently lapped and suckled upon her. Andrea began to squirm under me, her legs spread wide and her pleasure obvious. I pulled away slightly to catch my breath, and allowed my fingers to carry on their good work. And now I had time to take in the view. Through the flattened matt of dark curls I could see her full glistening lips. Her pussy was perfectly shaped, clitoris large and erect, and her inner lips tidy and pretty in their pinkness. Her opening was elongated and looked enticingly delicate, but I knew that it wouldn’t stay like that for long if I had my way. I lowered my face again into her steaming wetness, then inserted a finger gently inside her and curled it upwards towards the G spot. There was no resistance when I raised her legs high and back against her chest. Her pussy was now at its most vulnerable, and mine for the taking.

Although I was just in my twenties, I was most accomplished in this act. The young lady who had stolen my virginity had a great love of having her pussy licked. While perched spread legged on her favourite padded chair, she taught me the fine art of pussy licking, the gentle teasing before settling into a pre orgasmic rhythm. My reward would be a fine sucking of cock, and my sperm swallowed and then suckled until I lay limp. Over many weeks until we split, this lady allowed me to hone my skills and turned me into a fine lover. Since then, I’ve pleasured more than a few pussies, and have always been commended for my abilities. But before me right at this moment lay a woman of no experience, and I wanted to do my best. No matter what happened in the future, I wanted her to remember me and the pleasure I gave her. I too was nervous, for I’d never had the pleasure of a virgin before this day. And of course, I wanted it to be special.

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