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The things teen girls get up toThe rain poured down in torrents, occasionally aided by the wind reached me, standing under the bus stop awning, of course the sensible thing to do would be to stand further inside, but that would defeat my purpose of standing so exposed to the elements.You see, I am a self confessed ‘Peeping Judy’, if there is such an equivalent to the male version of a ‘Peeping Tom’.I like to watch men having a pee, it’s my fetish, one that as you can only imagine, has gotten me into a lot of tight situations.My bus has gone, because a disembarking passenger went down the stairs into the ‘Gents Toilet’ I had been observing for the previous hour or so.They call the ‘Public conveniences’, and they are, especially this one, with its conveniently missing glass-block tile, affording me to view the men’s tin urinal, and their penises, of course.Of course as a young girl my love of men’s loos, goes back to when I first entered one, as a ten year old, with my grandfathers sandwiches, he had left them on the table and my mission was to deliver them, on my way to school.I boldly marched-in and knocked on his attendant’s door, which was opened by another older man, my grandfather’s friend, who promptly ushered me inside.I sat waiting on my grandfather, while his friend admired my school attire, namely my short skirt, ‘You been here before?’I nodded I had not, to which he seized the opportunity and remarked, ‘Big girls like yourself need to see what men looked like’.As I puzzled over his remark he showed me by suggesting I look out at the man standing at the urinal, I did, much to his delight. ‘You see his big cock’, he asked my excitedly, I just nodded, my attention distracted as I felt his hand stroke my thigh, first starting on my hip and down my dress, and onto my bared flesh, then back up, under my dress and onto my hip, resting momentarily, before descending back down and up again.I refocused on the urinal, as more men went to it and showed me their fascinating organ, and the flow as they released their pent up piss.The feeling between my legs was one that needed to be relieved, it was an instantaneous reaction you just knew should have a pleasurable ending, to stop now, you sensed would be incomplete, so as he pulled my knickers down and pushed his klasbahis güvenilirmi cock in, our raw flesh being pleasured by the sheer friction generated, then lubricated as his semen wetted every fold and inner thigh flesh.When he withdrew, I was left in such a state of excitement, I asked him to put it back in.He stood panting, his cock, now flaccid, was hanging and I reached out to take it, my fingers unable to hold it’s circumference, I was too young to know that once a man had cum, you were on the losing side for another ride.I reluctantly pulled my knickers up, sealing in the excesses of his fluid, which I associated to piss, semen, was a fluid I was unawares to, but it did add excitement to my mind, as I ached down there for some time, after I left and hurried to school.Having a mans hot cock between my legs and rub against my cunt, made me aware of the pleasurable experience, and so began my daily masturbatory sessions, 365 days a year, right up till now, standing in the rain, watching and rubbing, through the conveniently cut-out pockets, leading to my wet flesh and my fingers, eagerly satisfying it. I had been down in this toilet on a number of occasions, masturbating of course, in one of the cubicals. On instinct, on a morning such as this, I could see it was empty, so I walked down and stood against the metal urinal, turned and looked up to my spy-hole in the sky, it was like being at the other side of a spyglass, and it excited me more just being there, and the thought of being discovered added that extra piquancy, so much so I began to masturbate over the urinal.I hears him cough before I heard him descend, so I quickly ducked into the nearest cubical, and closed the door, realizing there was a hole in the paneling, so I continued to watch him release his penis and pee, while I rubbed myself with the utmost joy.After he left I took all my clothes off, savoring the joys of nudity and enhancing my imagination of being caught in such a state, this of course would lead to my having to satisfy many men, such a thought helped a girl cum quicker, as I stood starkers as men pissed.Two cubicals along from this one, months later, my clothes were ripped from my body, and my cunt penetrated and cummed in, the price I paid for klasbahis yeni giriş my debauchery, bent double, my ass in the air, my silence guaranteed, as he bore into me, he came in a few strokes, but I lost my phone with camera, and the photos detailing my history of my perversion. I stood where I normally stood, photographing men as they pissed, they never looked up and that afforded me the opportunity to capture them, I had more than a hundred photos in my camera, each new photo studied and tagged to a date and time, logging me to my hobby.He was just another photo, but as he pissed and I clicked, I had forgot about the flash, normally disabled, but this time not, as I had activated it for some night photos at a family get together.The flash alerted him and he flew from the toilet before I could get away, and he held me, his cock still out, hence his speed, something that took me by surprise.’You fucking dirty little cunt’, and he took my phone from me, and flipped through my history. I held my head low in shame, complaining once he hurt my wrist, ‘Shut it or I will call the police’, was his reply, I remained silent.’Right down there he barked and together we went down the stone steps and into the aforementioned cubical.’Get them off, everything’, was all he said, and I knew what he wanted, and dutifully stripped, turned, and offered my cunt as repentance for my sins, which he duly entered and creamed, and as I said, too quickly for me to enjoy.When he left he took my phone with him, as evidence of my involvement, he had me there, I never breathed a word about ‘Rap*’, I endured it, a small price to pay for my shame.The snow lay crisp and even, like in the carol, except for three sets of footprints, mine, my brothers and my friends.My brother remarked he needed to pee and turned to hide from us, ‘Why are you hiding?’Angelina was no shrinking violet, an athletic girl with an abundance of testosterone, some guys said she probably had a pair of balls between her shapely legs, her mouth and body were on par, great body and a mouth like a docker, when Angelina said ‘Fuck’, she meant it, I loved her approach to sex and all its perversions, she was like me in that sense.I looked at my brothers back and watched Angelina walk up to klasbahis giriş him and offer her hand to hold his cock, ‘Can I write my name in the snow’, she queried, and as he peed I noted the shaking she was doing, she was trying to wank him, but his piss excited me, I remained focused on the golden hot stream, while Angelina concentrated on his cock.’You seen your brother’s cock’, she turned smiling at me, as I looked at the trailing off piss stream, she beckoned me over and I stood looking down at my brothers erection, nestling between her dexterous fingers.I looked into my brothers eyes, he smiled, ‘Hold him’, she asked me, and I took him into my warm grasp, squeezing his cock, now firm and erect, ‘Wank him Mariel’, she was kissing his mouth and her hand found mine around my brothers cock, she covered mine and began wanking him, her mouth entrenched on his, and she slipped of my hand and squeezed his balls, he came in my hand as I watched his sperm ooze from his cock and pour over my fingers, his hot breathing into Angelina’s mouth, telling her he was having his orgasm, they both laughed while I warmed his cum.’Isn’t your sister a good wanker’, she said, and without another word dropped to her knees in the snow and took my brother’s cock in her mouth and started blowing him.At that point in time he ceased being my brother, he was a man with a mans needs and I think Angelina saw that lust in my eyes, she removed her scarf and tied it around my brothers eyes, ‘Wanna fuck me’, was all she said and sunk to her knees again and sucked on him some more, this time my brothers hips were thrusting into her obliging mouth, but Angelina was reaching for me, undoing my denims, and pulling them and my underwear free from my cunt, she turned me and guided my brother into my more than willing cunt, she held me against her and moaned for him to fuck her harder, I remained silent, he must have thought it was her he was fucking, I had to bury my face into her neck and anorak, to stifle my own orgasm, my brothers coming simultaneously, aided by Angelina’s sweet and dirty mouthings.I stood up and pulled my clothing into place and stood off as she dropped her denims and removed her scarf from his eyes.’You enjoy that s*s’, he queried, I did not know if he was aware he had just fucked me or was asking if I enjoyed watching him Angelina, either way I nodded I had, and began walking, leaving them to dress, feeling his semen move with each step I took, a sister duty done, and as I stopped and looked back to both of them, I just knew things were going to get hotter with us.

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