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Chapter 6

It”s only a couple days later, and the boys and I”d had some nice rest and relaxation, I”d done a little more work on my paid projects, while the boys went and played outside and did what they wanted to do, and we”d also done some fun work in the shop as well. Shelby and I are still mostly teaching the two younger baby boys, and they”re enjoying it a great deal as well.

Over the past couple days I”d received notifications from the shipping centre that we”d received packages, but the tracking information says we”re still waiting for one more shipment, so, I”m holding off on picking it up until it”s all in, and I”d told them that, so they”re okay with it. I can”t wait to go get it all so that we can all enjoy it fully, and that”s in every possible meaning you might come up with, considering some of the things I”ve bought.

It”s finally the day that our two other family members are to come home. They”d officially arrived to town the day before, of course, but due to our super busy schedule, I”d had to put them up in a hotel for the night. I wonder how they enjoyed their accidental room mix up, hopefully lots. Also hopefully neither of them actually slept. The baby boys and I are diapered and dressed and ready for the long drive into the city to pick them up, and so, we head out. Thankfully my car, an SUV actually, can seat seven, so we can all fit. We”re heading out early, because there are a few places that we need to stop at before we go pick up Geoff and Art, including my work, so that I can talk to Ted. Ted knew we were coming this morning some time, because I have the next set of preliminary drawings for him for his friends house. Yes, I could have emailed it to him so that he could print it all out, but I was coming anyway, and I wanna see his face when he opens this one up.

When we arrived and got through all the pleasantries, we went to the board room, where we have a large easel just for viewing plans, and I set it all up for Ted to look at. He spent roughly thirty minutes going over everything, and then looked to me.

“Perfect, absolutely fucking perfect. Nothing at all that I could possibly come up with would I change. How much longer do you have?”

“Thanks, that means a lot to me. Two to three days to do all the final details and ensure that everything”s perfect for Bill.”

“That”s awesome. My friend”s eagerly awaiting this, he can”t wait, and he”s agreed to not even look at anything “til the second he walks in the front door.”

“It was hard for me to do so, not gonna lie, but it was worth it.”

“I bet, but at least you designed it, you already knew pretty near exactly what it was gonna look like anyway, other than a few little things that Zane might do. My friend won”t even have that, he doesn”t even wanna see the plans. Good on him, though, he wanted this, and he wanted you for that reason, so that he”s truly stunned, and I think he”ll easily surpass that, because you sure did.”


“May I keep this and give it to Bill, so that he can start purchasing, yes it”s jumping the gun a little, but the sooner he gets started on that, the better.”

“I don”t see any reason why not. Tell him that I”ll call him if I needta make any changes to anything that might affect him, but that that”s not the final draft either.”

“Would”ve anyway. Since we don”t haveta worry about any sloth like city workers dragging their heels on permits, we can easily get started. With this, he might even send the ground crew up to get started on the prep work as well, I sure as hell would, so that they can get started even that much sooner.”

“I would too, and thanks. I got the email about my next project as well, are the clients good with coming to me, or do I needta come here?”

“No worries. As for them, yes, they”re okay coming to you, they”re closer to you than here anyway, so no problem at all there too.”

“Perfect, just make sure they”re well aware that they must arrange a time, otherwise they”ll be regarded as trespassers, and all trespassers are shot, all survivors are shot again.” I grinned.

“I”ll let them know.” He chuckled, the boys giggled.

“Thanks. Actually, what”s their timeline, you never said?”

“Three to four months.”

“I hope that”s for design only.”

“Yes, their hopeful time for moving is a year. They”ve been made well aware, though, that that might be a tight squeeze, depending on their builder, and what all they want. I know you”re good for probably two months, at most, depending on how many changes they decide to make, but I told them up to four, since you”re technically semi retired now, and I didn”t want any chance of having them try and push you. I”d rather under promise and over deliver.”

“Thanks, much appreciated.”

“So, how”s your new place?”

“Wonderful.” I said, and then we told him about what we”ve just added and some of the features.

“Nice. Too bad you didn”t know about it sooner, it coulda just been built like that.”

“Yeah, but in the same breath, I wouldn”t have asked Bill to do that anyway. Technically speaking, what we did is illegal, we didn”t go through DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans, for those who might not know, they”re a pain in the backside sometimes) and trek through their mountains of shit, and pay them their ungodly fees, so, yeah, I”d never ask someone else to do something that could come back and hurt them. Especially Bill, he”s too good to jerk around like that. If he were a lawyer, then I”d have no problem putting him out on the line for the wolves, but he”s not.”

“Very true as well, and even though he would”ve done it, it”s better to just not put him in that position. I”d liketa arrange a time to come see the place all finished, when would be a good time?”

“Come on out tomorrow or the next day, just call before leaving, so that we know to be presentable.”

“Will do. So, anything else before you head out?”

“Thanks, and no, nothing that comes to mind anyway.”

“Excellent, well, that”s my next appointment waiting for me, so, I probably should go and meet them. You boys have a great day, and I”ll probably come see you tomorrow then.”

“You too.” We all said.

We hit a few stores that are only available here, got what we wanted and needed to get, and then headed to the hotel to get our new family members. When I called, after paying the bill, telling them that we”re in the lobby waiting for them, Geoff said they”d be right down, that they”re all packed and ready to go. It was only a few minutes later that they were. They both look exceptionally happy, so that”s great.

“Hi guys, so good to see you again.” I said, hugging both, and then they hugged the boys too, even though neither had actually met Brady or Toby, they all know of each other now.

“So, care to tell us about the room arrangement?” Geoff asked pointedly.

“I ordered you a two room suite, why, was there something wrong with it?” I asked with all the innocence I could possibly muster.

“Yeah, I know for a fact that you intentionally ordered a single room with a single bed. You”re horrible.” Geoff grinned.

“I”m sure I have no idea what you”re talking about. I trust you stayed up all night?”

“Sadly it”s been way too many years since I was able to stay up all night, but, I think we can safely say we”re both very happy.” Geoff grinned brightly, and Art was basking in it, looking positively serene.


“And let us guess, you weren”t booked for something else yesterday either, were you.”

“Nope.” I smiled brightly.

“You”re horrible. Thanks.” Geoff said happily.

“Thanks as well, and you”re welcome.”

We headed out and hopped in the car, then headed home. It was a nice long drive, all of us talking happily, the boys excitedly telling the other two all about what we”d done over the past week. They are of course suitably impressed. When we made it, though, and they got to take in the true grandeur of the entire place is when it really hit home, that this is in fact home now. We heard them both croak out, “Wow.” As soon as we make it inside, I call out strip, and all six of us strip down to just our nice soggy diapers.

For the next two and a half hours, we led them on the full tour, and when we showed Art his artists studio, he was shocked, and said that he could do so much amazing work in there, I simply said good. We showed them our new power system that we”d just built, and they”re both amazed that we were able to do it, but, like I said, it was a lot of work, but with tractors doing all the really heavy work, it wasn”t too bad. While both liked our shop, both admitted that there”s little chance that they”ll ever go down there, Art said he”d probably cut off a hand, while I know Geoff just doesn”t enjoy it, and that”s perfectly okay too. Then we showed them to their bedrooms, but I very clearly said that if everything just so happens to only get put into one, that that”d be perfectly okay as well. Both have shipped most of their belongings that they wanted to keep, so hopefully they”ll be showing up at the shipping centre soon as well, but for now, they really don”t have a lot.

“So, now, both of you, we have two vehicles that you”re always more than welcome to use, we”ll take you into town and show you around some, and then into Vancouver one of these days and show you there as well, though it”s too big to see too much of.”

“Toronto”s even larger, so no biggie there.” Art said.

“Same with most cities in Florida, though the one I”m from isn”t the largest, it”s probably close to the same as the local city here.” Geoff said.

“That”s good, so at least it won”t intimidate you.” I chuckled.

“Nope. I hate driving, mind you, but I do.” Art said.

“Same.” Geoff and I said together.

“And when I take you two on the tour of everything, I”ll take you in and meet the curator of the art gallery as well Art, I”m sure he”s dying to meet you.”

“Okay, that sounds good, because yeah, he says he can”t wait to meet me. He”s already had me ship all my paintings here, and they might already be here and displayed, I don”t know yet, he never said.”

“Even the one you needta keep for yourself?”

“Yes, and yes, he knows why that one can”t be sold, no matter what.”

“Good. Others desperately needta see it as well, but no, you do needta keep it for yourself for sure.”

“Yeah. He agrees.”

“Good. Now, it appears as if we”re all getting good and soggy, and are needing super soggy baby bum changes, so, I for one am gonna ask my stunningly beautiful baby boyfriend to quadruple baby diaper me, and I assume that I”ll undoubtedly haveta do the same for him. I strongly urge all the rest of you to do so as well.”

“Hell yeah.” Shelby grinned.

“Okay.” The others all say as one.


Shelby and I took a good solid half an hour for our soggy baby bum change, causing each other to cum only twice, slurping up our milky treats every time we cause one, and enjoy it as much as usual. We”re the first to the kitchen, so, now we make even more tea than we normally do, and pass it all out once the others are gathered around.

“So, Lex, I”d liketa borrow the car tomorrow to go into town and buy some art supplies and whatnot, would you mind?” Art asked.

“Of course not, like I said earlier, any time you needta, just grab and go. Everything here is for everyone to use and to enjoy, no worries. I might haveta go into town later in the day, but I”ll need the truck for that, because I have some shipments that are hopefully supposed to arrive tomorrow.”

“Okay, thanks. Hopefully my stuff will arrive tomorrow as well, in which case I”ll get it at the same time.” Art said.

“Because mine hasta cross the border, and they”re not gonna be fast about it, my stuff could take quite a while, but that”s okay.” Geoff said.

“Yeah, I ordered a few things that hadta come across the border, and they”re taking their sweet time as well. Oh well, nothing much that can be done about it, that”s for sure.”

Since the boys and I are pretty fresh, and have really done nothing all day, we want to go and do something, whereas Art and Geoff are still quite worn out from their long night and really not getting very much sleep, and then doing so again this morning by the sounds of it, so they”re just wanting to kick back and relax. They decide to go cuddle up on the couch and enjoy a movie together, so, the boys and I head outside.

“I”d liketa try and get a few logs all slabbed and into the kiln. I”ve read all the instructions for everything, several times now, and I think I have it all memorized, I know what we needta do and how, but I”ve never done it before, so, you boys wanna come get practical experience with me?” I asked as we were heading out, slipping into just our sandals, since we didn”t even leave our socks on.

“Okay.” All three say together.

“Awesome.” I said excitedly.

I asked one of the boys to grab the tractor, put the grapple on the bucket, and go pick out a log at random, while the rest of us get the mill all prepared and ready to go. It takes longer to get the mill prepared than it”d taken Brady to go pick out the largest log that was on the pile, because I had to ensure that the blade and guides are set properly, so that it cuts straight. Again, I know the instructions, I”d memorized the entire book by now, so now it”s just a matter of doing it, and it took a while, but I think I got it.

Brady put the log onto the platform when asked to do so, and then we locked it in place, and got started. I warned the boys to always stay well back from the saw, in case the blade snaps, because if it hits you, you”ll probably wish you die, funny enough, they understood and agreed. The first slab off is just fire wood, so, it was loaded onto the bucket to be taken out later with any other scraps that we can”t use. Then the next slab was decent, so, we set it into the kiln, so that we”re not moving things twice. Each slab only takes roughly five to six minutes to cut, so that”s not too bad at all, and within an hour of loading the first log on, we have it all cut up and in the kiln. The centre pieces were brutally heavy, though, so we had to use the tractor to help load them into the kiln, hence only fifteen pieces, at only five to six minutes per cut, took an hour to actually do. Once that first log was in and ready, I asked Toby to go grab another log, since we may as well fill the kiln if we”re gonna do this, and that first log had only taken about a third of the available space, so, that”s great, we might get three logs in, which would be awesome.

Toby came back with another log, probably the next largest, and we spent another hour getting it all slabbed up and loaded into the kiln as well. Finally Shelby went and grabbed the last log for the day, all of us thinking that that”ll be all we can fit anyway, and we were right. Another hour later, and the kiln is stuffed good and full, so that”s great.

I closed the door, turned it all on, the vacuum pumps started right away, and then the lights for the heating elements all started coming on. It”s a pretty much fully automatic system, though, the heating elements are in blankets that are placed between each layer, so, depending on the moisture content of each layer, the heating elements will increase or decrease as necessary, and then it”ll tell me in one to three days when it”s ready. In fact, the door opens automatically once full drying has been achieved to the moisture content that I program into it.

“Not bad Babies, we have shit loads of good lumber now almost ready.”

“That really didn”t take all that long, and with the tractor doing the bulk of the hard work again, it wasn”t even all that hard to do.” Shelby said.

“Exactly why I have the tractor. To make my life easier, and now all of us get to take advantage of it. It”s getting close to dinner time, so, let”s go make it Babies, and then I think maybe movies for us tonight as well.”

“Okay.” They all said.

When we made it inside, though, we find that Art and Geoff have dinner almost already ready, and they laughed, saying they were going to call us in, in just a few minutes, so, perfect timing. We washed up and then ate as soon as it”s ready. As we did so, we talked.

“So, I was thinking while Art and I were watching a movie, I need something to do all day while the rest of you are working and/or playing. I also think that if we”re so far out here, we should have our own food sources as well, so, how would you feel about me getting us a greenhouse and a barn, and filling both. Not sure if I”ll like it or not, but I haveta have something to do, and it”ll probably be enjoyable and good for me.” Geoff asked.

“Absolutely. Just let me know if you want or need any money to do so, and I”ll happily pitch in some.”

“Nonsense, you”ve already paid way more than enough.” Geoff said with finality.

“I know, but I don”t know how much you have, and I don”t want you leaving yourself with nothing.”

“Money isn”t really gonna do me much good any more, I pay nothing now, it”s like you said, everything about this place, other than food, well, and diapers too I suppose, is pretty much paid for, and there”s gonna be no real monthly expenses. I sold my house for a really good profit, and I didn”t owe anything anyway, so, I”m well set for a long time. This way I feel like I”m contributing to all of us.”

“Fair enough, but, the offer”s open if ever you don”t have enough.”

“Thanks. I”ll go into town with Art in the morning, and we”ll look for everything and get it all taken care of.”

“Sounds good.”

Food and diapers really are going to be our largest expenses from now on, but also the satellite and our cell phones, and then a few things here and there. If Geoff can grow even some of our food, then even better yet. He once told me that he didn”t have any hobbies, and not many friends, so just watched a lot of TV, but that he gets very bored of that, so I think this”ll be good for him as well.

After cleaning up from dinner, we did all go and watch a couple good movies together, it was really nice actually. Then again, bedtime and super soggy baby bum change time was even better, at least for Shelby and I, because while I assume certain things, we never ask what the others get up to. Tonight, as we usually do, we kiss and stroke to a couple baby boygasms, and then we strip and stroke each other very well during our soggy baby bum change. Tonight we came four times again, not sure how I keep doing that, but Shelby just makes me so fucking hot. Tonight was the first time that we slipped our fingers inside each other, and it was Shelby that did so to me first, thus very clearly telling me Erzurum Escort that he”s very much ready and willing to move forward. I”ve just been leaving this up to him really, since he”s still so young, that he needs to move at his own pace. Granted, with that being said, even though I”m older, we”re still really at exactly the same stages anyway, and as such, I really do need to move just as slow.

The next morning, after breakfast and soggy baby bum change time, which was only two baby boygasms for Shelby and me, and then triple diapering each other, the boys and I headed out to the garage to check on the kiln, to see how it”s coming along, whereas Art and Geoff hopped in the car and headed out right away with a wave. I told them to make sure and set the GPS in the car so that they don”t get lost, but that I”d already set home on it, so it”ll bring them back home no matter what.

“Wow, according to this, it only has another ten to eleven hours left, that”s amazing. I can”t wait to pull it all out and see how it went. Hopefully I did it right, and the entire first batch doesn”t end up in the firewood pile.”

“Oh well if it does, at least it”d still get used that way. With as fool proof as it seems to be, though, I doubt you made any mistakes.” Shelby said.

“Thanks Baby. Well, I should probably go get some more work done, so, what are you baby boys gonna get up to while I”m working?”

“Well, if Geoff wants to get a greenhouse, then we”re gonna need a nice large flat area for it, and we”re not gonna wanna put it on soft ground, so, I think we”re gonna grab the tractor, and dig out a nice area for it, and then fill it full of all the nice fine gravel we have.”

“That”s a good idea Baby. As always, be careful. If you”re gonna do that, though, you may as well dig a channel to the power house so that we can run power and water there, and since the pump house is attached to it anyway, it makes it easy on us.”

“Okay, will do. I”ll only get to as close as maybe five to six feet, or a couple metres away, just to be safe, but is it safe to assume that everything would be running straight between it and the house, so, if we”re working off to the side, we shouldn”t have any risk of hitting anything?”

“Go to within a metre, then the last bit we”ll do by hand, just to be safe. I”d like to assume that that”s how they did it, but I wasn”t here to oversee things, remember, so, I don”t rightly know. With that being said, it”d be asinine to do it any other way, and Bill is most certainly not stupid. If something happens, though, we”ll just fix it.” I said, shrugging on the last part.

“Well, I”m still not getting too close, to be safe, because if anyone wrecks anything, I”d rather it be you.” Shelby grinned brightly to me.

“Same.” Toby and Brady said together.

“Chickens.” I laughed.

And then they started making chicken clucking sounds. I just shook my head and turned and left them, laughing as I went. I went and got started again, and worked for only six hours, and I feel that tomorrow will be the last day, so that”s good. Just as I was about to leave the office, Ted called and said that he”s gonna come out soon, and that he should be here in about two and a half hours. I told him we”d see him soon. When I got out to the area where the boys had determined would be the best place for Geoff, I found not one, but two large pads in the making.

“What”s up Babies?”

“Greenhouse and barn. I called Geoff and asked him what size greenhouse he”s getting, so, he told me, and when I asked about a barn, he said he”s getting a prefab metal one, and so I asked what size that is as well. So, yeah, we”re making both for him so that they”re a bit bigger than is needed, as level as is possible, we”re going a full thirty centimetres thick of gravel, and then once we”re done that, we”ll dig the channel and connect the two, and run the two wires and the one pipe, that we”ll split once it”s close to the shop. We figured you”d wanna put breaker panels in each, so that they”re fully independent, and just have the shut offs in the power house, same as you have the house, so, that”s what we”re doing.”

“Great thinking Babies. I like the depth you”re going, it”s at least twice as much as is actually needed, so, that”s perfect. I wonder if we should get a concrete pad poured for the barn though, that”d make it way easier for keeping things clean.”

“You”re right, and we still needed the gravel anyway, so no big deal there anyway.” Toby said.

“Exactly. We can mill up one of the fir logs and make the forms, and I”ll call a concrete company to come and do the pouring and finishing for us. If we start the milling tomorrow morning, we might just get the forms created by the end of tomorrow, so, if someone”s available to do so right away, I”ll arrange it for the next day then. Fuck, if we”re calling them, let”s just do both, same for the greenhouse, it”ll just make it easier to clean.”

“Why though, it”s not like the greenhouse needsta be kept clean like the barn will, and that”s a lot of extra money that I don”t think you really needta spend.” Shelby pointed out.

“Yes, true, but it would be easier too. If none of you think we needta, then we won”t.”

“I say no as well.” Brady said.

“Me too.” Toby said.

“Okay, then just the barn. What can I do Babies?”

“There”s really not much to do at the moment really. We”ve just been rotating as to who gets to do the work on the tractor, so, if you wanna take a turn for a bit, you”re more than welcome to.”

“No no, that”s okay. You baby boys are doing a great job, and this is all you, so, I”m gonna head to the shop and do some stuff in there. Have fun.”

“Okay, you too.”

When I reached the garage, I checked the kiln, and even though it should have had about five hours left, it”s now saying just over three now, so it”s getting there. I do deem it prudent to call a concrete company pretty much right away. I talked to the owner and told him what we”re needing, and what we need them to do. I told him that we”d take care of the forms, since we can, but that he”d have to install the reinforcing steel, and then pour and finish everything. I told him we”ll create the form in such a way that there”ll be a curb all around, other than where the door will be, and that I want the floor to slope down to that, similar to a garage. When I said when I wanted it done by, he said that unfortunately he doesn”t have a crew that day, and the soonest he could have a crew all the way out to us would be in ten days time, but that he has to try and book two concrete trucks for the correct time, which is sometimes questionable. I told him to go ahead and book it, and let me know if there”s going to be any issues. He gave me a fair price for everything, hence my booking it.

With that now being taken care of, I start even more organizing. I have a much bigger shop now, and as such, I want to keep a lot more small parts in stock at all times, so I need good places to store all that stuff. I”d already bought two of the drawer systems I”d always wanted, but could never fit before, they”re really nice, the sort of thing you see in parts stores, and in each one there are anywhere from sixteen to thirty compartments inside, they are only about five centimetres tall, and the trays themselves are forty centimetres wide and deep. I grab my label maker, and start labelling bins as I start filling them with the various boxes of nuts, bolts, washers, screws, and other such hardware, but I”m sorting everything by type and size to keep it very organized. On that same wall, I also had Bill install shelves that I can put dozens of plastic storage bins on, so to store even more above that too, and I”m labelling and filling those boxes as I come across stuff that needs a proper home. That was one of the things I didn”t like about my previous shop, I simply didn”t have enough space to have a neat and organized storage system for all the small stuff, and that always drove me a little crazy to tell you the truth.

It was only a couple hours later, when Brady came and got me.

“What”s up baby?” I asked as he was leading the way.

“Mostly just a question.” He said.

I saw the car in the garage when we entered, “When did Geoff and Art make it home?”

“Not long after you came down to the shop actually.”

“That”s good. Hopefully Art found lots of good art supplies.”

“He did, and Geoff”s in with him, helping him set up his studio.”

“That”s nice.”

So, he led me all the way out to where they”re working, and when I get there, I find that they”re pretty much done. Toby is currently on the tractor.

“So, what we wanna know is, how do we pack all this down, and fully level it now?” Shelby asked, because almost all the gravel is in.

“For the barn pad, it doesn”t haveta be perfectly level, so, don”t worry about that too much. To pack them down, though, saturate them with water, and push the bucket down, lifting up the front tires, and drag backwards. Make sure the bucket”s as close to flat as you can get, so that it compresses it, not pull it up. Once you have that done, then we can start adding more gravel to areas that need more gravel to bring it to level, but even then, it probably doesn”t haveta be very exact. Just as long as there”s no major hills or valleys in it, it”s probably fine.”

“Okay. Do we even have enough hose to get out here. Hell, do we have any hoses?” Toby asked.

“Um, no, come to think of it, I don”t think we do. We”ll haveta rectify that tomorrow, and we”ll get lotsa other gardening supplies while we”re at it, because we have none of that sorta thing at all. In fact, we still needta get a couple chainsaws and all their safety things, and likely more than a few other things too.”

“Oh well, guess that”s a tomorrow job now. We can finish this up pretty quick, and then be done for the day. Oh, did you find a concrete guy?” Shelby asked.

“Yeah, he can have a crew out here in ten days. So, tomorrow morning, we go get more tools and whatnot, then we come home and start compressing all this as best as possible, but that gives us more than enough time to grab a fir log and mill it. In this case, once again, it”d be so much easier if we had a second tractor.”

“Yeah, but probably unnecessary for the most part.” Shelby said.

“I”m starting to think, though, that with six of us, it might not be. Maybe we”ll look and see if they have another one of this same series, so that all the same attachments will work, and I did wanna get a couple others as well.”

“Like what?” They all ask.

“Auger for drilling holes, since we”re gonna needta put in fencing soon here, we”ll also check to see if they have a compacter attachment, which will make it way easier, I wanna get a way narrower bucket for the back hoe, since for digging a trench like we needta do, it doesn”t need to be sixty centimetres wide, it really only needs to be twenty to thirty. Then I figure that we”re probably gonna need a tiller and/or something else for that, since it had always been my plan to do a large garden as well, but it”s much too late to start that this year, but that”s fine. I also wanna get the stump grinder attachment so that if we needta remove trees, we can actually grind down the stumps as well. Then I seem to recall they sell a wood chipper attachment, but we might just get a standalone unit for that, not sure yet, and same with the log splitter attachment, but we might go separate for that too. I also really think we need a trailer, preferably a dumping one, since that would”ve made both this job and the water wheel project way faster in and of itself. Plus we”ll get anything else that we can think of that we need. I”m also really hoping that I got the final shipment in, so that we can pick all that up as well, I”ve got a few really nice surprises for everyone.”

“Like what?” They all asked, more or less the same way.

“Well, if I told you that, it wouldn”t be a surprise, now would it. Be patient.” I grinned.

“Fine.” They said, but I know they”re happy too.

And then, without even thinking of it, Ted pulled in, and we”re all in just diapers and shoes. Oh well, this is my land, and I”m finally comfortable with it. He drove up to where we are, and when he got out, he looked to all of us and chuckled.

“Glad to see you”re all so comfortable. Not a diaper lover myself, but have enjoyed a few over the years, they just love being babied so much. Nice spread you have here though.” He said.

“Honestly, got so caught up in working, that I totally forgot you were coming, otherwise we”d be dressed, but, really, whatever, it”s our house, you already know, and we”re happy. So, come, let”s take the tour.”

“And so you should be comfortable in your own home, and if this is how you are so, then everyone else can just mind their own damn business.”

“Thanks.” I said, and then led Ted on the tour.

As I was leading him, though, I texted Geoff to warn him that we have a guest, but the boys and I are just in our diapers, and he”s okay with it, so, if they”re not comfortable enough to be seen by guests as they are, then they may feel free to go get dressed as well. When we poked our heads into the studio, they were in just diapers as well, and greeted us happily. There were a lot of boxes in there, I had no idea an artists studio needed that many supplies. We spent well over an hour looking at everything, even going up to the water wheel, and Ted is impressed.

“I must say Lex, you really did do yourself proud on this one, outdid yourself really. It truly is stunning and spectacular, and suits you guys all perfectly.”

“Thanks, that means a lot to me.”

“I”m sure it does. Honestly, there was only one person I even thought of offering to do my friends place for him, because he”s so much like you it”s scary, so, I knew you were the only one who could truly wow him.”

“Ah, is he one of the diaper lovers you mentioned?”

“Yes. Wondered if you”d get that one.”

“Awesome. So you do truly know and understand.”

“Absolutely. Well, I should probably be heading out, it”s a long drive back home, but I was meeting a client out here anyway, so I”m writing off the whole trip, including the two to three hours this side trip is taking me.” He grinned brightly.

“Well, I”m an employee, so, you hadta come inspect my home office to ensure I”m doing my work after all.” I laughed.

“Very good point. Well, you have yourself a very good day.”

“And you as well, thanks for stopping by.”

Then he was gone, and I headed over to where the baby boys are still working.

“It”s getting really close to dinner time, so, why don”t I go and get that started, while you baby boys get this finished up and get the tractor put away. Don”t forget to top up the fuel, and let me know how much is in the spare tank, so that we can top that up if we needta as well.” We”d skipped lunch, again, and I”m hungry, so I know the boys must be absolutely famished.

“Okay Baby, be in shortly.”

I went and started dinner, and only about twenty minutes later, the little baby boys came and joined me, but Shelby started making a good sized batch of the apple cinnamon chamomile tea for us all. I asked one of the other two to go get the other two babies, since dinner is going to be ready soon, and so, Brady took off to do so right away. The three of them joined us about ten minutes later.

“They were just about finished, so I stayed to help to make it go faster. I figured we had the few minutes.” Brady said happily when they arrived.

“And you did, that”s why I sent you when I did, so to give them time to finish up what they were doing, and it was nice of you to help them finish up quicker.” I said to him, kissing him on his forehead and patting his cute little baby bum, because, like all three boys, he”s still having a hard time with thinking that everything he does is wrong. All three boys are getting better, but that will always be there, trust me, I know. Not to mention that they all adore the small gestures of love that I show them, like giving them gentle hugs, kisses, soggy baby bum pats, and of course loving words, but then I adore the same from them, because they”re all doing so more and more to me as well, though of course Shelby does all the time, and I do likewise for him.

I then turned to the other two. “And how”s it going?” I asked, because when we poked our heads in, we didn”t stay to talk, since they had work to do, and I was touring with Ted.

“Really good. We went to a ranch and farm supply place first, and asked about the greenhouse and barn kits, so, the guy gave us two catalogues to look at, one for each, and so, we picked out the ones we wanted. I trust the boys told you they called to ask what sizes I”m going with and why?”


“So, yeah, after that, we went and found four different art stores and I think Art very nearly cleaned them all out of certain things. Oh, and from the farm place, I also ordered a shit load of gardening tools and supplies, and both the barn and the greenhouse I went with automatic watering systems, they”re really nice, it was expensive, but really not as bad as I”d feared it was gonna be actually. The greenhouse I even went with a really nice lighting package too that”s automatic, so that when there”s not enough good quality growing light, they”ll turn on, and automatic vents for the same reason of being easy for venting excess heat.”

“That”s great. Let me know what garden tools you have on order, we were gonna buy some tomorrow, and while I”ll probably still get a few more, we won”t need too much of everything.”

He gave me the full list: Two really good wheelbarrows, four good gardening rakes, four good gardening shovels, four full sets of hand garden tools, something like three hundred feet of hose, two hoes, and four different pruning shears.

“Oh, is that all?” I laughed.

“Actually, I feel like I”m missing a couple things, but they”re just gonna deliver it all when they deliver the two large kits. I also asked them to send a crew to come build them for us, since I wasn”t sure we”d be able to, so, they”re arranging it, but that it could be a week or two before they can come, and each structure are two day builds for a good crew he said, so I asked for two crews, if they have them, so that we get it done twice as fast. Everything”s scheduled to be delivered in three days though, so that”s good. I also arranged for two large truck loads of gardeners mix soil; he says it”s high compost top soil, dried chicken, cow, and sheep manure, and finely ground bark mulch mixed, he says it”s the most popular. Oh, and I also ordered a chicken coop, but that”s a small enough kit that I said we”d build that ourselves, figuring that we”d be able to pretty easy, at least I hope Erzurum Escort Bayan so, but considering what you guys did for the water wheel, I thought this would be easy.”

“That”s awesome. We”re gonna be a fully operating ranch soon then, that”s great, and way sooner than I”d expected too.” I said happily.

“You”re sure you don”t mind?”

“Of course not. So, Art, getting everything all set up how you like it?”

“Oh yeah, I bought so much stuff, and that studio is just so amazing, and I”m so happy, I just know I”m gonna do so much amazing drawing and painting in there. And now that I don”t haveta go to work either, I can spend so much more time doing so as well, and I simply can”t thank you enough.” He said, and yes, he has tears in his eyes.

“That”s great Baby, you deserve it.”

“Thanks.” He smiled warmly to us all.

After eating and cleaning up, we all went to kick back and relax in the pool house, since we”re all getting gloriously soggy anyway. We did take the few seconds, once cleaned up, to check out Art”s studio, and he”s right, it does look amazing in there already, even though there are still a few boxes, and not everything”s quite organized yet he said. We then swam for a bit, and now with three adults able to teach the baby boys, they”re doing really well, and we even have them swimming without their life jackets now. We also played some too, and finally we go rest and relax in the hot tub, sauna, and steam room, and then dive into the pool to cool down.

It had been while I was relaxing in the hot tub, that I remembered that I”d forgotten to check the kiln to see if the wood was ready, so, after Shelby and I were nice and thickly diapered, double like we usually do for bed, he and I headed out to the garage, hand in hand, to check it out. Well, the door is open, so that means it thinks the wood”s done, so that”s good. I grabbed the moisture meter, and tested it, and all the pieces I checked were within one to two percent of exactly what I had the kiln set to, so, that”s perfect. I also check all the ends for checking, and I see nothing major, just a few tiny ones that may”ve already been present in the wood before we even put it in, but really will hardly affect anything at all.

“This is so awesome. Now we”re gonna have so much amazing wood to use. Tomorrow we”ll get all this stored, and then mill up another few logs and get them going before we even head out.” I said giddily.

“Awesome. There”s still so much to do before we can really start playing, but I really wanna get back in the shop again soon and start.”

“Me too Baby, me too. We”ve done lotsa work, so, how about tomorrow after going and buying everything that we need, that we spend the rest of the day in the shop just playing.”

“That”d be awesome.” He said happily.

“Yeah, it will be. Then the next day I really needta finish up the plans for Ted”s friend. While I”m in doing that, you boys can do whatever you like, and then we”ll put an hour or two of work in, I figure we really should start getting firewood cut, so that it”s ready for winter, and then we”ll play in the shop once we”re done that. How”s that sound.”

“Sounds perfect to me.”

We all met in the living room and just watched TV together to finish out the night, but, in all reality, we”re all on our computers, so the TV was just on as background noise really. I received the final notice saying that our supplies have arrived, finally, yippee, I so can”t wait, and I can”t wait to see the baby boys in their mega thick, super babyish baby diapers as well. I answered a few more emails, then did some more research, ordered a few more things, and even played cards for a bit before I could barely keep my eyes open any longer. When I stood up and put my hand out for my baby, he took it and joined me in heading to our bedroom. The other two couples did likewise as well, and who shut off the TV and lights, I have no idea, but they were, so that”s all that matters.

The next morning, before breakfast, the boys and I went and got the kiln unloaded, and milled up four more logs and got the kiln started. These logs were smaller, so therefore faster to cut, and far easier for us to manage, so we managed to get them all done in under an hour. We then head in for food, because we”re all hungry, and as soon as we”re finished eating and cleaning up, the baby boys and I went and got diapered and dressed to go out, loaded up the trailer onto the truck, and after verifying that the connections are all good, we headed out. It”s only just barely seven in the morning, but the tractor supply place we”re going to I know opens at eight, so, we should be just a few minutes before opening if I”ve timed it correctly, and I did, because the guy was just opening up the gate as I pulled up, so, I pulled in and we all hopped out.

We went and looked at the tractors, and they do have the exact same model, so I wrote that down. Then we looked at all the attachments that we want and/or need, and wrote them down as well. We did decide to go to the separate wood chipper and log splitter, since we really don”t need a tractor mounted one, we”re well within distance to get power anyway. This place doesn”t carry them, so, we”ll have to stop elsewhere for that, but that”s okay, we have a few stops to make today already anyway. I did decide, though, to get two trailers, both are dumping, since they”re really not that terribly expensive, and I think we can easily make use of two of them anyway. We went to the sales guy who”d offered his assistance, and asked for everything, saying we”d like to take it today, so, we did so, and once more, I did an E-Transfer, since that really is the fastest and easiest way to do a transaction this large. We managed to fit it all on the trailer, so, that”s good, and makes my life way easier.

Once all loaded up, we head out to the place I know carries the rest of the tools we want, and bought their best chipper and went with two splitters, but we also bought four splitting mauls as well, since we can do so too, and of course some hatchets for smaller splitting. I grabbed four chain saws, two larger and two smaller ones, and all the safety gear for all of us. I grabbed extra chains for all, and all the sharpening equipment for them as well. This store also carries stands for setting logs into for bucking down for firewood, they even have rollers on them for moving the logs down, and clamps to hold them in place for safety, so, I bought four of them as well. We also grabbed a few more gardening tools and things that we want and need, and then headed out.

Next stop is the shipping store, and we went and loaded up all our boxes from there, there”s nearly thirty, so, lots. Next we head to the grocery store and spend about an hour in there, getting everything that we all need or want for the next week or so. Our last stop, before heading home, is the fuel station, and the only reason I hadn”t done so first like I usually do, is so that I can fill up the new tractor as well, so to allow our tank to last longer, though I am seriously thinking of having a very large tank delivered and having someone come out and fill it. That would probably cost me way less time and effort in the long run. If I do so, I”ll do a much smaller one for gas at the same time. Finally we”re heading home.

As soon as we make it home, we start offloading everything.

“So, where exactly are we gonna store the new tractor then?” Shelby asked.

“We may as well just store both in the wood storage shed, there”s more than enough room for both in there anyway, and they”re well protected enough. It”s also way larger than it needs to be, so, we might even, eventually, enclose some of it and put on a large door to keep them even better protected. We”ll keep all the accessories stored in there too.”

“Oh, okay, that”s not a bad idea, and really, once all the logs are out of there, we really won”t need it for that anyway, so we”ll have lotsa space for that.”

“Exactly, I”d always intended for it to be multi purpose, and wood storage was actually a smaller reason, but it needed a home to allow it to dry as well.”

“Cool. If we enclose it, how will we do that?”

“Easy, find a good cedar tree, and cut it into siding. It”ll be easy to do on the mill, because we can cut the square blanks, then angle the piece slightly after every cut, which the mill has a feature to do just that, to give us a nice bevelled cedar siding, and since it doesn”t needta be dried, it makes it easy on us. Granted, if we do dry it, we can paint it sooner as well, and it”s not like it takes any real time to dry.”

“That”s great. We should try and get that done before winter, but not a huge deal if it doesn”t get done either. We should just enclose three sides completely, and then create a wall to partition off the tractor area, put a door on that area, and have the rest just stay mostly open. Is that where we”re gonna store the firewood when it”s done as well?”

“That was my plan, yes, and that sounds like as good a plan as any as well.”

“Awesome, thanks.”

“Now, now that everything”s offloaded and put away, I told you that the boxes were for later, and a surprise, so, Toby, go get Geoff and Art please, and meet us in the living room as quick as you can. I guarantee you”re all gonna wanna come open up all these boxes, and soon.” I said, and Toby nodded happily and took off.

As it just so happens, since we”d only double diapered, and have now been wearing these diapers for several hours, we”re all getting close to leaking, so, this is absolutely perfect timing. I fully intend to tell the other baby boys that Shelby and I”ll be quadruple baby diapering in the thickest diapers we have, and since we all have an amazing selection, I feel that we”re all gonna be very different, yet very much the same. I think we”re just gonna store all these diapers in the hall closet by the bedrooms, I”d actually put it there, with all the shelves in it, for that very reason, so now it”s going to get so much glorious use.

As soon as our other three babies make it back, I hand out knives to everyone, and say to be careful not to puncture anything, but let”s open all our gifts, and so, we go at it, and everyone”s just absolutely amazed at all the truly spectacular baby diapers and other assorted baby accessories, and even the sex toys and lubes.

“Wow, this is so beyond fucking amazing.” Shelby groaned.

“Oh yeah.” Everyone said as one.

“Wanna know something funny, though?” Geoff said once all done.

“What?” We all ask.

“I think first or second day after getting here, I placed an order that was a little better than two thousand dollars at at least one of these diaper companies, and it”s all scheduled to be delivered in just a day or two I think the tracking information said yesterday.”

“That”s hilarious, I did the same thing, and my tracking info said the same time too.” Art laughed.

“Wow, we”re so totally gonna be so amazingly and thickly baby diapered from now on. Now, I don”t know, or really, even care about what you babies all choose to do, but I”m taking a good selection to my bedroom, and asking my stunningly beautiful baby boyfriend to quadruple diaper me as good and proper as a good gay baby boy diaper lover deserves. Once we”re all done, and I fully intend to take at least an hour for this amazing super soggy baby bum change, we”ll store all this in the hall closet by all our bedrooms.”

“Oh yeah.” Everyone said as one.

I told Shelby to pick out the butt plug that he wants, and I picked out mine. No, we”ve never truly played like this, yet, but I”d always intended for that time to be when these arrived, and so, I guess that”s today. He picked out one that I thought for sure was gonna be a little on the large side, but then, the other two little gay baby boys also chose larger than I thought they”d be able to take, but they”re both more than happy with what they chose, and I”m absolutely certain that they both know exactly what they”re doing, same as Shelby. He”d told me before that he”s been playing with his baby bum for a long time already, so I have no doubts whatsoever that the toy that he chose for his first, won”t be too large at all. We all also picked out the diapers and doublers that we all want desperately, as well as a pair of waterproof baby pants to go over top of it all, but these are all crystal clear, so as to not mar the beauty of our diapers. Yes, I”d bought other colours, and even designs, but I bought more of the clear ones for this very reason. We all also grabbed vibrating cock rings, they should feel amazing as well.

Couple by couple, as soon as we have all the goodies that we need, we head out and nearly run to our bedrooms with our baby boyfriends.

“Now, are you certain Baby, not only about playing with each others baby bums like we will be, but about the size of the plug that you chose, it”s not exactly small, and you”ve never done this before?” I hadta ask as soon as we make it to our bedroom.

“Oh, absolutely. I”m sure you have some idea how long I”ve wanted this, and most importantly for you to make hot gay baby diaper love to me, but trust me, I”ve been dreaming of this since I was five at the oldest, and I”ve told you I”ve been playing for a long time already, well, it was kindergarten when I started, and by the end of kindergarten I was already up to three fingers. Last year I finally started taking my whole fist, and pretty deep at that.”

“Wow, not even I”ve ever done that.”

“I know. Now, trust me, I could take the largest one you bought, and I will, but considering just how well diapered I”m about to be, that”s gonna last roughly twenty four hours, and I doubt I could wear that big a plug for that long. Now, you lay down first, I wanna make you a very well plugged and padded gay baby boy first, oh, and by the way, I fully intend to suck you “til you can”t feed me any more, and that includes your sweet baby peepee, because I”m certain you haveta go.”

“Damn, I was hoping to take care of you first.”

“I”m sure you were, but I said it first. You get to go first the next time, okay Baby.”

“Okay.” I smiled warmly, and then went and laid on the bed how and where I was told to.

Shelby took a few minutes to take care of the two inner diapers that are soon going to be put onto us, but I doubt it”ll be too soon, including poking all the holes in them and then taping in the doublers. Then he added the other doublers into our outer diapers, so that everything”s ready to go. Once ready, he turned to me, and he can clearly see through my double soggy baby diaper just how happy I am. Fuck, even I can see myself pulsing under all that soggy diaper material, and it looks hot. Shelby releases the tapes on my diaper, and pulls it out, but instead of throwing it aside, he presses it to his face, and sucks as much from it as he possibly can. I”m watching intently, of course, and he too is so hard inside his double soggy diaper that I can see him pulsing inside it as well, and it looks really fucking hot.

With that taken care of, Shelby then grabs my inner diaper, slips it under my upraised baby bum, because I lifted up to allow him to do so of course, and then he grabbed the lube, and put way more on his fingers than he strictly needed, but I know that I”ll use every bit of the same amount when it”s his turn too.

Then he did one of the things that I”ve dreamed of since I was little, and bent down, and started licking me. Yes, every boy dreams of getting his dick sucked, we all want and need it, but finally feeling it after far too long of waiting, and then feeling Shelby suck in all of me that he possibly could, not even a whole minute later, it was damn near too much. I”m reasonably certain that I didn”t even last an entire minute after he started sucking me, when I exploded in the most insane orgasm of my entire life.

I”ve been very impatiently awaiting this time, as soon as I knew that I could come and pick all this up today, I knew we were gonna do this, and as such, I didn”t allow Shelby to make either of us cum this morning, telling him that I wanted to save it for later. Well, later is now, and fuck, I”m pretty sure a hundred orgasms just exploded out of me. Not gonna lie, I totally blacked out for a few moments, or maybe hours, as the intensity of that amazing baby boygasm totally took over my world.

When I came too again, Shelby now has what feels like three fingers buried deep inside me, doing things to me that I”ve never managed to do to myself, and he”s deep throating me absolutely perfectly, I didn”t honestly think he”d be able to yet, but clearly he”s not only a natural, but that he”s also been practising somehow, I”m guessing the same way I did, while eating bananas, but I also used other things too whenever I could. Even swallowed a rather large cucumber and fucked my throat with it when I was around ten or so, but then, I used it in my gay baby bum not long after my throat was satisfied as well. That, however, is nothing compared to how Shelby”s making me feel right this minute.

Then I came again. Then again. Then again. And finally once more. So, Shelby just made me cum five times, and it feels a hell of a lot like he has his entire fist buried deep inside me too. To say I”m in a bit of a daze at the moment would be an injustice. Fuck me, never have I felt so utterly amazing, yet so totally drained in my entire life. Then, before I know it, I”m diapered up, and sighing so deep that I”m reasonably certain I just surpassed the depths of the ocean.

Finally I looked to Shelby, who grinned brightly to me.

“Oh my fucking god, what”d you just do to me?”

“Sucked you dry, fist fucked you full, then plugged, ringed, and diapered you like you deserve, for being the best baby boyfriend around.”

“Five cums, I didn”t even think that was possible.”

“Um, try seven. Of course you were totally dry after your fourth, but that”s okay. I”ve never even seen you that soft before, you almost sucked totally inside once you fell outta my mouth.” He giggled.

“That”s not even possible.”

“Oh yeah, not only was it, but it was utterly amazing. You came so much, and pissed too, and you easily took my entire fist before you even came your third time. That was so fucking hot, and hearing you, it damn near made me cum, and I hadta force myself not to hump my diapered dinky, or I woulda, maybe even a hundred times by now.”

“I feel like a vacuum was just attached and sucked me dry, or maybe is still attached, I feel so drained right now, it”s not even funny. It actually hurts a bit.”

“Good.” He said way too brightly for that statement. “Now, make me feel the same way Baby. I”ve waited my whole life for this too, just like you, but you”ve waited way longer than me, that”s why I wanted you to go first, it”s only fair.”

Well, no matter how drained I felt, that jolted me into action like attaching a pair of Escort Erzurum jumper cables to my balls, and so, I fucking did so.

I release Shelby from his double soggy baby diaper, and when I inspect it, I can see that it”s shiny, so he”s pumped as much precum into it as he possibly can, and when I started sucking it, I can taste his divine flavour mixed in with his piss, and it tastes heavenly. It took me close to ten minutes to suck Shelby”s diaper as dry as I possibly could, and then threw it aside. I slip Shelby”s inner diaper in place first, lube up my fingers, and start licking Shelby how he deserves. The hiss he makes sounds painful, oh boy do I know that feeling now.

It was only a few seconds later, though, that I simply have to feel Shelby buried inside my throat, and so, I suck him in, and I didn”t even get to the count of two when he exploded. What”s funny, is that not only did he explode a shocking amount of cum into my mouth, but piss as well. The sex call that he let out with that, though, was definitely one of both pain and pleasure all at the same time. Though his piss lasted far longer than his cum did, I didn”t swallow any down until I had no choice, but not once did I stop teasing Shelby”s fine dick head with my tongue as I did so.

I started lubing up his hot little baby bum, and when I pressed my first finger into him, it slipped all in, without even the tiniest bit of resistance. So, I slipped a second finger inside, and same thing, zero resistance whatsoever. It was at that time, just as my second finger was also buried inside, that Shelby came once again, so, not even a whole minute from first to second orgasm. He fed me another rather large load of cum, and considering that he still can”t normally give me more than one true load I”m surprised at the volume. Normally his second orgasm he just has a little bubble escape, but this cum was every bit as copious and creamy as his first, if not, maybe more so.

Once more, I start slipping in a third finger as I continue sucking him, and the sounds that Shelby is making now are making me happy beyond belief. Somehow, though I have no idea how, I”m actually getting hard again. Not full hard, mind you, but chubby. That shouldn”t even be at all possible considering what I was just put through, but, Shelby just makes me so fucking hot.

For two more baby boygasms, I suck and three finger fuck Shelby, and it was on his fourth orgasm, that he”s finally dry, impressive. With as loose as he is, I decide to add a fourth finger inside Shelby, and I”ll be damned, he took it damn near as easily as the first three, and so, I continue to suck and finger for another two baby boygasms.

I wasn”t entirely convinced he”d be able to take my slightly larger fist, but with how well he”s already doing, and the fact that he”d done so to me, which tells me how much he wanted me to do so to him, because I”d very clearly told him I”ll do nothing to you that I wouldn”t allow you to do to me, which to me means if he did that to me, that he wants it as well, and so, I slipped all in, and fuck, he took it, and only finally do I meet any resistance at all, and even then, it was minimal.

It was finally after his eighth orgasm, second with my fist inside him, that Shelby finally started going soft. Just before I let go, his bladder gave up just a tiny bit more, and so I happily and greedily sucked it in. When finally I pull off and look, Shelby is totally out of it as well, and his baby dinky is almost gone now too, he”s far softer than I”ve ever seen him before as well. I proceed to lotion, cream, powder, plug, and ring my baby boy, before pulling up and taping onto him his first doubled diaper, and then his second doubled diaper, and I sat there and watched him as he came down from what I just did to him. It was easily ten minutes after I finished diapering him that he finally came to again.

“Fuck me, no wonder you felt the way you did, because I feel the same way too now.” He groaned deeply.

“Oh yeah, and you fucking took my fist, didn”t think you”d be able to.”


“Even more awesome, you actually fed me four cums, never before have you done that, but I still made you cum a total of eight times anyway, and you too were so soft that you”d nearly sucked fully inside.”

“Feels like it. I feel like a heavily wrung out sponge actually.”

“Ditto, though somehow I actually got a bit chubby while taking care of you like you took care of me.”

“Good. Now, I need lots and lots to drink Baby, so, let”s go see if any of the others have managed to make it out yet.”

“Me too Baby, and okay.”

We clasped hands as we got out of bed, and walked hand in hand to the kitchen, to find that Geoff and Art, who both look very well ravished themselves, had made it only two minutes before, and are in the process of making twice as much tea as we usually do for all six of us. Good. Art also told us that they”d each slammed back a few large glasses of water, and suggests that we do the same, and so, we do so happily, because, trust me, we desperately need it, but also want it too, so that we can peepee our mega awesomely thick baby diapers good and properly full.

It was just as they”re pouring the tea, that the youngest baby boyfriends entered the kitchen, they”re both limping every bit as much as Shelby and I are, and look every bit as well ravished as well. It looks really good.

“So, how”s everyone feel now?” I asked after the littlest baby boys had had three glasses of water, and are now sipping their first of four mugs of tea.

“Fucking amazing.” Brady sighed deeply,

“Same.” We all said.

“We fist fucked each other.” Toby said.

“Same.” The rest of us said as well.

“It felt so much better than I ever managed to make myself feel before.” Art said.

“Same.” All of us said, except Geoff, who is the only one of us who”s ever actually experienced sex with someone else.

“Well, let”s go get all our baby supplies stored, and then I promised my baby that we”d go play in the shop for the rest of the day.”

“Okay, but I”m actually getting really hungry, it”s way past lunch, which we never had, and is actually getting pretty close to dinner time now.” Geoff said, and that”s when I finally looked at the clock, we spent damn near two hours in the bedroom. No wonder we all look, feel, and sound the way we all do. Good.

So, we all make an early dinner, eat and clean that up, and then the four of us head down to the shop to start playing. I checked out the kiln on our way past, and it still says twelve hours, so, that”s good. We had also stopped at the wood storage racks, and as we decided what to make, we picked out the pieces of wood that we”d need in order to make it, but finally we”re down in the shop working away happily. We finished off our tea within the first couple hours, and even though we”d all been a little tired and worn out from our afternoon fun and games, we still stayed in the shop having fun until nearly bed time.

We decided to make another full batch of the chamomile tea, and then we all sat back and watched some TV for a bit, enjoying our tea, before heading to bed. Our diapers are now roughly five hours old, and the outer diaper doesn”t even show as being wet yet at all on any of us, shocking considering just how much I know I”ve already peed, lots. Shelby and I just kiss and cuddle for several minutes before passing out in sexually exhausted bliss.

The next morning, our diapers are all gloriously heavy, yet they still don”t even look wet on the outside, so that”s great. We made and ate breakfast, made a large batch of tea and are enjoying that, and then I go and get to work, while the boys go to do whatever they want, while Geoff and Art go do whatever they want. As soon as I was finished working for the day, which finished off the project, so it”d already been emailed to Ted, I made lunch and tea for everyone. I called everyone in to eat and drink, and they all did so.

“So, what were you Baby Boys doing?”

“We got started on the firewood.” Toby said.

“How, you weren”t taught how to use the chainsaws yet, and I certainly never heard them?”

“Easy, all the slabs that we slabbed off were still in the garage, so, we took them down to the shop and used the bandsaw, and the circular saws to take care of it all. It”s all already stored in the shed now as well. That didn”t really take all that long, so, we also toured the property, looking to see if we could find a cedar tree, and if we”re correct, we found a really good one that”s really tall and doesn”t have any branches for a long way, so it”s gonna be really clear on the bottom.” Shelby said.

“Okay. That works. You didn”t haveta do that though.”

“We know.” They all said.

“And what were you two up to?” I asked Geoff and Art.

“I was painting.” Art said.

“I was researching for the animals and plants, trying to figure all that out.” Geoff said.

“Okay. Well, now that lunch is all taken care of, we”re gonna go learn how to use chainsaws and get to cutting fire wood.”

“We”ll join you, we should pitch in and help with that as well.” Art said.

“It”s okay, you don”t haveta.” I said.

“Nonsense, we”ll come too.” Geoff said with finality.

“Okay, fine.” I smiled to them.

We went and got everything prepared, got suited up in our safety gear, got both tractors and both log splitters all ready, put our stands out in such a way that we”re not in each others way, and then I started teaching them all how to use a chainsaw. Once more, I”d paid to take a course to do this, it really isn”t something you just wanna start doing without training, I”ve been assured that”s a very bad thing, gee, I wonder why.

Once everyone”s comfortable doing so, we get started. Two were kept running bringing logs and taking the cut ones to the area to be split, and we all traded off routinely, so as to not get too tired, because none of this is easy work. We spent just a little over two hours doing so, and got three logs each done, and while most of them aren”t large, and the longest is ten meters, that was still a lot of work, but we now have a hell of a pile of split wood to be taken care of. We used the buckets on the tractors to pick up as much as we could, and then drove them into the shed, and started stacking it all. This took a further hour to do, and it”s already starting to look good.

“Well, that was a lot of work.” Geoff groaned once we were done.

“Oh yeah.” We all said.

“Us four will be doing this every day for the next week or so, to get it all done, you two don”t haveta join us if you don”t wanna, but we did get lots more done today than I thought we would with your help.”

“Gonna be some sore tomorrow I”m thinking, but yeah, I”ll help.” Geoff said.

“Same.” Art said.

“Thanks guys. Now, you three, take me to that cedar tree and let”s see about dropping it today.” I said, and then got back into my safety gear and grabbed the largest chainsaw.


When we got there, I realized that not only is it a cedar for sure, but it”s simply massive. The bar on my chainsaw wouldn”t even go half way through it, and I seriously doubt our mill has the capacity to cut it either, so, I had to veto that one. The boys laughed, saying they never even thought about that, so, we went looking for another, and found another that”s about half the size, but will still give us way more than we need, so, perfect.

I get set up to cut, teaching the boys what I”m doing and why, and then instruct them where to stand, but to watch, just in case it decides to go the wrong direction, which can happen. I told them that there”s no shame in running and screaming like girls if it starts coming for them, but, to fucking run the opposite direction, funny enough, they understood why. I get everything ready, and then start up my saw, and get started on cutting, taking care of the notch first, and then doing the back cut next. From the time I started cutting, to the time it drops, was only maybe ten minutes, and it actually went exactly where I wanted it to go, so that was great. I asked two of the boys to get the tractors, making sure to leave the grapple arms attached, so that we can move the logs, and so, Brady and Toby went to do so right away. Shelby had grabbed his safety gear and saw, and while I worked on getting the lengths cut, he took care of delimbing it, since there”s still lots of really good usable wood up at the top, it”ll just be knotty, so no good for siding, but useful for other stuff, such as all the fence posts we”re gonna need soon. By the time the baby boys are back, there”s already two good sized logs for them to take to the garage, so, they do so, though I ask them to just stack them outside for now, so they nod, grab, and take off right away with their loads. We only got six really good sized logs out of it, but at four metres long each, that”s really good, and then we have a massive pile of branches as well that we take. Not only is cedar excellent for starting fires, but the wood chips they create are the best for gardens.

“Not bad Babies, not even two hours and we”re done.”

“Yeah, that”s great. Now let”s go play in the shop some more, I wanna finish the bowl I”m turning.” Shelby said.

“Okay.” I said happily.

We stored all our gear in the garage, and then went down to the shop. It was only a couple hours later I guess when Art came down and told us that dinner”s just about ready, and that we needta come up and get cleaned up. Our quadruple mega thick baby diapers are now over twenty four hours old, and when I looked, I can see moisture pooling in everyone”s plastic panties, so, that”s both amazing and perfect. I also now realized that I desperately needta go to the bathroom and purge fully, and when I asked, all five others said same. We decide to wait “til after dinner, because we”re all more hungry, so, we eat lots, drink more, and enjoy all immensely. I also tell everyone to stay naked after emptying, because not only will we needta let our skin breath some, but we should also cool down our groins, and for that I wanna go swimming, they all agreed.

Shelby and I make it to our bathroom, and I offer him first go, so, I remove his baby pants, then his diaper, and he goes and sits on the toilet. He reaches underneath himself, grasps his plug, and pushes and pulls it out, and as soon as it”s free, the purge is nearly instant. He passes me his plug, and I take it to go clean it, while he finishes emptying out. He was sheet white when he was done though, and I laughed when it was a three flusher to sweep it all away.

We traded places, and I felt just like Shelby did when done, he too taking my plug to clean, and then, naked, and hand in hand, we head out to the pool house. Toby and Brady were already there and in the shower getting cleaned up, and Art and Geoff arrived bare seconds after we did.

“So, how was it.” I grinned.

“It was nearly horrible, but so fucking worth it.” Toby grinned brightly.

“For sure.” We all said, more or less exactly the same thing at the same time again.

We all jumped into the pool and swam and played and relaxed, the boys are still not as comfortable in the deep end, but they”re getting much better, but always ask for someone to be nearby when they are, just in case. I”m no longer really all that worried, to tell the truth, I think they”re doing well enough now that we really shouldn”t have to worry, and the only thing they need now, is simply more confidence, which they”re starting to get. We stayed in the pool for a good solid hour, it was nice. We didn”t exercise, we truly don”t need to, trust me, our firewood workout today was way more intense than any spin class could provide. Finally we hop into the hot tub and sit back and relax, and hardly even talk at all, and I swear half of us are asleep before too long. We hit the sauna and steam room as well, since I”d turned them on as we entered, sweated out as much as we could, and then dove into the pool to cool off. Finally we go have a nice shower to clean up.

When Shelby and I make it to our bedroom, I go to our closet to grab our supplies. I grab us each a different design ultra thick baby diaper, and one of the new mega thick doublers, and go to the bed, where my baby”s already laying in baby diapering position, with his erection pulsing away madly. Gee, if I didn”t know any better, I”d swear he is maybe hoping for something.

Without even any pretense, as soon as I was close enough to do so, I inhaled all of Shelby that I could. He hadn”t been expecting that, we usually play a little, but I wanted to make him make the sound that he just made, and then he exploded. Both cum and piss, cum first, but he was still cumming when he started peeing, and I was in heaven. I kept on going until Shelby was soft after his third orgasm, and then taped him up into his beautiful thick thirsty baby diaper. I was done before he was even down.

“Wow. That was amazing.” He sighed deeply.

“Glad you enjoyed Baby.” I grin brightly to him.

“Enjoyed doesn”t even come close to describing how you make me feel.”

“Good.” I smiled brightly to my baby.

“Trade places with me Baby, I need my treats now as well, and you need your baby diaper.”

And so, I traded places, and though I was nearly soft after my second orgasm, Shelby kept sucking me anyway until I gave him one final one, though how much I could”ve possibly pumped out, I have no idea. My piss hadn”t exploded out of me quite like it had for Shelby, and I was finished cumming after my first, when I let it all go, and he happily and greedily drank it all down, though, like me, he too kept some to savour.

Shelby taped me up into my gloriously thick and babyish diaper, and once I”m ready, he extends his hand to me, and leads me to the kitchen, where Art and Geoff are already in the process of making tea for us all, and by the smell of it, it”s the apple cinnamon chamomile again, good, I could really use it as well. Toby and Brady entered only seconds after we did, and before the other four of us had even started talking. We”re all in our mega thick and baby printed diapers, and we all look really good like this.

“Mmmm, good, tea.” Toby said.

“My thoughts exactly Baby.” I said.

As soon as the tea was ready, we all got our two mugs worth, then headed to the living room to kick back and relax for the evening.

The next few days went by much the same way, we would work for a few hours on cutting, splitting, and stacking all the firewood, so that we”re ready for winter, and then the boys and I would do some milling, which three days were strictly the cedar logs, but now we have easily half as much more siding as we need, and probably two times more fence posts that we need, but that”s perfect. I did decide to dry all the siding, since it really is rather easy for us to do, and it takes almost no time at all really, and every morning when we came out to continue milling, the batch from the day before was done, so, that”s perfect. Then the boys and I would go down to the shop and continue playing.

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