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Magic Wand

It was a long business trip, I just returned home after five days in N.Y. It was July 3rd Thursday afternoon it was a very hot Southern California day; I arrived home at 3:00 the traffic home was very bad. I live alone, turned the AC on, off with my suite & into the shower. I live in a nice area of Southern California because of the area all of homeowners have security cameras.

After 5 days away from home I turned on the tape to see if there was any issues on my property. July 1st, to my surprise I saw two girls around 20 years old climb over my fence to use the pool, nothing special the typical swimming in the pool & relaxing. July 2nd, the two girls returned, this time it started the same but off with the bikinis WOW nice tits, shaved pussy & long legs. They played in the water for an hour or so and then they layed in the sun, nude of course. Then one of the girls starting putting suntan oil on her friend, she started on her friends back & spent a lot of time on her ass. She rolled over & her tits were spread with oil. Then down her stomach & a lot of oil rubbed into her pussy. I could see on her face she was really enjoying the rub down. The oil was rubbed between her pussy lips & I could see two fingers pushed inside of her. After about 10 minutes I could see on the girls face an orgasm was on its way. This finger fucking went on for about 30 minutes, orgasm after orgasm.

Now it was time to change position & the other girl worked the oil all over her friend’s body (later I found out their names, Amber & Ashley). Amber finger fucking Ashley’s pussy for a good 30 minutes and then she rolled over & started shoving her fingers in her friend’s ass. She reached in her bag & pulled out a large vibrator & really gave Ashley’s pussy a deep fucking. Ashley had spread her legs wide open so Amber could get it in her real deep. I could see on Ashley’s face that the orgasms were on its way, Ashley grabbed a hold of the lounge she was laying on and then her pussy started squirting. I have never seen a women come so much. Amber put her mouth on Ashley’s pussy & sucked all of her come as fast as it was squirting out. They both layed naked & out of breath for about 45 minutes, then a quick dip in the pool & off they went.

July 3rd what a surprise they returned again, off with the bikinis & into the pool. This time they were braver & walked around the yard naked just enjoying the sun. Amber layed on the lounge while Ashley started working oil on her pussy. The vibrator came out of the bag & Ashley gave Amber the same good fucking she got the day before.

By this time I had a rock hard cock needing some relief. I looked out my glass door & then girls were at it. Ashley eating Amber’s Etimesgut Escort pussy, Ashley head was deep into Ambers pussy & her ass sticking up in the air. I opened up the glass door quietly & snuck up on them. I positioned myself behind Ashley, grabbed her hips & one quick shove I had bared my 8” cock in her pussy. The both started to yell, but I had them both pinned down, Ashley’s head was pushed into Amber’s pussy & I had my cock buried into Ashley’s pussy. It didn’t take me long to deposit my seed deep into Ashley’s wet pussy.

When I had finished shooting my load. The girls started yelling rape, but my neighbor hood is quite & no one was home. I told them it was not rape & they had jumped into my yard illegally. I told them I had them on tape & would show the police the tape. They begged me not to call the police or their families, I soon found out the ages 18 & 19 years old. They said they would do anything so know one would find out. I said there is bound to be away for us to work this out.

I told them both to call home & tell there families they were going to spend the 4th of July weekend at a friends house.

After the phone calls, I laid down the rules. 1st they will be naked 24 hours a day (I toke all of their clothes & locked them up for safe keeping). 2nd they will do any type of sexual act I decided on. They complained a little, so we agreed no slave type B.S. 3rd I will treat them as quests, they will not wait on me & I will not wait on them. 4th If I have friends over them will remain naked. 5th None of my friends will not mistreat them in anyway, or will I. 5th they can only leave to go home after sun down on July 6th. 6th no phone calls or contacting any of there friends or family. We all agreed & thought it was fair.

Later that day we all went swimming once again. I told the girls I wanted them to make love to each other while I watched girl or girl is very exciting for me. They laid a blanket down in the grass by the pool, Ashley & Amber starting kissing each other first on the mouth then Ashley worked her way down & started sucking on Amber’s nipples. It wasn’t long before Amber was breathing hard. Ashley started to rub Amber’s pussy, they both were still standing up. I could see one then two then three fingers slid into Amber’s pussy. I could see her pussy juices starting to drip & her legs started to shake. Amber could no longer stand up & they both sank to the ground. Ashley continued the finger fucking as Amber spread her legs wide open.

Now I saw four fingers being pushed in her pussy faster & faster Ashley pushed in Amber pussy. Then to my surprise Amber grabbed Ashley’s hand pulled is hard into her pussy & all of a sudden Etimesgut Escort Bayan Amber had her whole hand in Ashley’s pussy. Faster & faster Amber shoved her fist in Ashley’s pussy. I looked at Ashley’s face & I could see non-stop orgasms. Ashley’s whole body was shaking out of control, her eyes rolled back into her head & Ashley passed out.

After about 10 minutes Ashley was back to life completely out of breath. Now it was Amber’s turn, Ashley went right to work on Amber. First she sucked & bit on Amber’s nipples until they were the size of little finger. Then Ashley didn’t waste any time, she down between Amber’s legs & sucked & bit on her clit. Amber was going wild her head shaking back & forth with excitement. I could see from the look on Amber’s face she was on her to an orgasm. Amber started to squirt her seamen out from her pussy, the more fluid the more Ashley drank it.

Then Ashley tied Amber’s hands above her using a piece of the blanket. Ashley asked me to hold Amber’s leg up & as wide open as I can. I looked down at Amber’s face & she just gave me that please help me look. I grabbed Amber’s leg pulled them up & pushed as hard as I could forcing them wide open. Ashley buried her face deep into her Amber’s pussy & starting sucking every drop of juice from Amber’s pussy. Then within a seconds the next round of orgasms started, as soon as Amber started to squirt Ashley grabbed the vibrator (at least 12 inches long & 4 inches around). With one quick shove buried it all the way into Amber’s well lubed pussy. Ashley worked that vibrator in & out, faster & faster. Amber was yelling faster, faster & harder, harder. I could see the fire of desire on her face as Ashley gave Amber what she was asking for. This went on for about 10 minutes until Ashley bagged her to stop & for me to let go over her legs.

What a show, by now I had a huge hard on, both girls looked at me. They smiled & said that now it was my turn. Amber tied my hands behind my back, pushed me onto the lounge as Ashley tied my legs wide open. Amber slowly lowered her pussy to my waiting mouth and I started licking her pussy. I felt Ashley put some sun tan oil on my cock, rubbed it up & down a few tine to get it nice & lubed. Then Ashley tied my balls up, Ashley stepped over me ands one quick move she had buried my cock deep in her pussy.

The faster she rode me the faster I licked Amber’s pussy. I could now taste Amber’s sweet pussy juice they were flowing down my face. I could feel my balls start to fill up with my seamen & I wanted to cum so bad. But my balls were tied tight & I couldn’t cum. Amber rode my cock first up & down, then back & fourth. My cock was hard as a rock Escort Etimesgut & from what I could tell it had grown to 10 inches. I could fell the back of Amber’s pussy & the head of my cock was rubbing her cervix.

Amber was telling me to fill her pussy with my baby making seed. I told her I couldn’t cum because of the string she tied on my balls. Amber rose off of me & I could now see my cock. It was huge at least 10 inches long & fatter then I have ever seen it. My balls were now a dark blue & the size of baseballs. Amber untied the string & with one quick move she had buried my cock deep into her pussy. I felt the head of my cock rubbing on her cervix and then for a quick moment I thought I felt he cervix open. Before I knew it I was shooting my load deep into her womb. When Amber got off of me, cum was dripping out of her pussy all over my cock & stomach.

Ashley saw this site & was down licking me clean. Sucking every drop from my softening cock, then she licked my balls & stomach clean. Ashley told Amber this wasn’t fair she had a pussy full of cum & said she wanted the same. Ashley started sucking my cock until it came back to life. Amber reached in the bag pulled out the vibrator, oiled it up & to my surprise reached under the lounge I was tied too. Found the opening in the lounge & one quick shove up my ass the vibrator went. Amber told Ashley this will keep me hard for a while.

Ashley grabbed the string & once again my balls were tied up. This time Ashley worked my cock much slower she rode my cock for at least twenty minutes. Every time they saw the look on my face that I wanted to cum, they loosened the string & tied it again. Over & over they did this, my balls were hurting & swelling bigger each time. The girls just laughed at me & continued the same treatment. My balls were about to explode

Ashley got off of me for a minute & laughed at the size of balls. My cock was still rock hard the vibrator up my ass did the trick. My cock was standing up like a flag poll, it looked like my balls were ready to ripe though the skin. Slowly Ashley slid back down on my cock. She started riding me again, saying when they are through with me I will beg them to let me go.

Amber stepped over my face I started to taste her sweet puss juices. She rose off my face, stuck two fingers in her pussy & covered me with her pussy juice squirting it all over my face, hair & chest. Ashley all ready had her orgasm my balls were cover with her juices also. She rose up just a little untied my balls, lowered herself onto my waiting cock. I could feel the head of my cock getting bigger it was now rubbing on Ashley’s cervix I felt that same felling of it opening also. Then Ashley slammed down hard on my cock burring it in as far as it would go. Then my balls got that release it had been waiting for I shoot load after load of seamen deep into her womb.

Look for part two & find out what happens next

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