The Way It Should Have Been

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Submitted with love and respect

Perhaps it wasn’t this way for your first time. Perhaps it should have been.

They met. It really doesn’t matter where or how or even why. It is only important that they met. He was 23 6’1” sun bleached blonde with startling hazel eyes. He went by the name of Don.

She a brunette 5’5” with an excellent figure. He was divorced and she a virgin of 18. A condition that she was growing more Impatient with every day. Being a virgin not being 18. Her name is Katheryn. Everybody made the mistake of shortening to Kate or Kathy and she hated that. Upon seeing him she decided that this was the one. This was the one that could introduce her to the delights of sex that her friend Rebecca was always talking about. Now how do I go about getting him to ask me for a date? She saw him looking at her breasts so she turned and bent to pick up an imaginary object from the ground so he could gaze at her butt too. She wanted to make sure that he saw the entire package. If it hadn’t been so public she would have pulled up her sweater and shown him her naked breasts. Anything to get him to ask her out!

She needn’t have worried. . He asked if he might call her Kat? She loved that.

About a month later he explained that he would be going to Oregon and thought he would take a route through Yellowstone Park. Had she ever seen the park? No? Would she like to? YES! He said they would be gone about ten days? YES!

He picked her up at her apartment where he met the sultry Rebecca. She had been dreading this. Rebbeca was a man-eater. She had no morals when it came to men. If she wanted one she took him! He paid her no more than polite attention. Even when she bent over to pick her purse off the floor and her micro came up high enough to reveal that she wore no panties. None of her tricks were working on Don!

They had been on the road for hours. They had a hurried lunch and it was now getting on toward evening. Don was not driving fast, not even the speed limit and she sat close to him. He had his arm around her and had worked his hand under her bra. He was playing with her nipple and every once in a while squeezing it between two fingers. He asked her if she minded him playing with his “toy”?

“Of course not. I like it.

”You can have a toy to play with also, you know.”

She took the hint and with trembling hands began to work on his zipper. She had never done this before. She had felt a few of her dates cocks through their clothing, but had never actually touched the flesh of one much less taken it as a toy to play with to her hearts content. She felt the heat rising between her thighs and the beginnings of moisture leaking onto her panties. She was getting frustrated trying to into his briefs. How the hell do they get mecidiyeköy escort it out to pee?

Don reached down to help her out. Suddenly there it was! A real man’s cock and he told her she could use it as her toy!

Don told her they would be stopping soon at a nice motel just outside Greybull, the next town. He said that he always stayed there when he was going this way and they had a really nice restaurant where they could get a nice meal.

After he had registered for them they went to their room then to the restaurant to eat. He kept her talking and laughing throughout the meal and let his hand slide along her leg, going higher and higher. Just as she thought he was finally going to touch her “down there” he asked for the check.

Back in the room he sat down and pulled her onto his lap.

“Kat, you’re a virgin, aren’t you. It was a statement, but she answered the question, in a small voice, “Yes”. “Then tonight will be all for you. You must tell me what you want and I will show you other things. If I show you something you don’t want, then you must tell me. OK?”

“I want to do it all! Everything I’ve read about in those magazines. Everything!”

He chuckled, “I’m not sure we can do all of that in one night, but we’ll start. First I would like you to do something for me, if you will. Stand up and take off all of your clothes and let me just look at you.”

This was way before the advent of the thong, but she had purchased a “G” string on Rebecca’s advice and was wearing that.

He was running his eyes over her body in light brushing motions. Her back, her sides, down on her now all but bare ass. She felt so good!

“Why don’t we start off with a shower. Want to wash my back or something,” he asked? He undressed and took her hand completely ignoring the way she was staring at his cock. She didn’t realize how BIG they were! (He was just average in that department. A fact she wouldn’t ever realize. She would always think of that first one as huge!) He stepped into the shower and asked her to wait while he adjusted the water. The he took her hand again and helped her into the shower/tub combination. He gently kissed her. Then kissed each of her breasts in turn, nibbling on them lightly. Each nibble sent an electric shock through her! Then he handed her the soap. Do what ever you want his eyes seemed to say.

And then she had her hand on his flesh. She was amazed by the softness on the outside and the hardness just beneath the surface. She was totally taken by it. It was ugly and beautiful at the same time. She felt it all over. Then moved to his (what did they call them in those magazines???) balls. He winced when she grabbed them both a little enthusiastically. He explained how they were very tender kağıthane escort and she should always be very gentle!

She washed him all over, worried that she might hurt him again. “Is his cock tender too,” she wondered?

After the shower he asked her to lay on the bed. He walked right up to her and began to rub his cock on her nipple. “You do it,” he said. Kitten reached very gently and took that monster in her hand and began to rub it all over her tit. She was amazed that it moved so easily. His hands began to caress her body. His lips began to kiss her all over! He started with her eyes down her neck to the other side and finally to her lips. His tongue darted and plated with her lips and tongue. He nibbled on her lips then down her neck again. All the while she kept her fist wrapped around his marvelous cock. He kissed and sucked her breasts then played his tongue and mouth game with her nipples. Then he began to move lower licking and kissing and nibbling as he went. His hands playing with her stomach then to her thighs. He avoided her pussy and she wanted to scream in frustration! His mouth was leaving a line of moist tension down her body. She didn’t know what to concentrate on first. His hands or his mouth. Would he really kiss her pussy? “Oh, God, please have him kiss my pussy.” His mouth was at the top of her light triangle of hair. She kept it trimmed. His hands were closer to her pleasure palace. He began to blow light puffs of his hot breath on her lips down there and his hand was playing with her ass cheeks. He petted her ass as she raised her legs to give him better access. His fingers were lightly brushing the spot between her pussy and her ass. She could feel her juices weeping from her. She knew she was moaning. She was rubbing her face and neck with his cock. She was beginning to writhe on the bed. Finally his lips made contact with her virginal lips.

“OH GOD! That feels sooooo good,” she moaned. Then she felt an electric shock travel through her as his tongue inserted itself into her virgin hole. His tongue licked first up one lip then down the other and never touched her distended clit. He began the trip back up right through the center until he was just below her clit. “OH, Please,” she moaned.

He licked her clit lightly. He went fast then slow to gauge her reactions. He took the nubbin between his lips and sucked on it flicking his tongue slowly back and forth. He slowly pushed his finger into her. He began to pump it in and out. But he stayed with her sensitive clit, knowing that her first cum would be fairly quick. He wanted her very wet and her hole of lust opened up for him. He found what seemed to be the best rhythm for her swollen button. And he sucked a little harder on it. When she was close he took his lubricated beşiktaş escort finger out of her and sought he anus. When he found it he gently began to enter that rosebud until he was up to hi second knuckle. Then he started to pump there too. His other hand was pumping in her pussy and trying to hit her hymen. He wanted to nick it with his finger if he could. He succeeded just as she hit her peak.

She was pushing her hips up to meet him. She couldn’t help it; she had no control over her body. She was moaning like a crazy woman. She had never dreamed her body could feel like this. Then she went over the top! She just kept cumming! When she had used her hand to get herself off she thought that was great. It just couldn’t compare with this. Suddenly he took his mouth away! She screamed, “Don’t stop! OH, please don’t stop!”

Then she felt the tip of his magnificent tool at the opening of her tunnel. He slipped it in gently until she felt him stop. Then she felt a searing pain and cried out. He stopped. She began to feel his fullness buried deep inside her, filling her tight hole, filling her very being. The pain subsided. He was kissing and sucking on her breasts and his fingers were toying around the edges of her clit. He was holding himself off her with one arm. He slowly began to move inside her the rest of the way, stretching her and getting to the back of that unused cavity. Slowly out until just the head seemed to be inside her.

She began to push her hips up to get him back inside her. She felt him began to sink into her waiting slick grasping love hole. He was stretching her again. Oh, it felt wondrous. Now he was stroking his love muscle a little faster. Filling her to the brim. She was beginning to feel other thing like his balls against her ass and the feel of his lips on her breasts. His left hand was sliding along the cheeks of her ass and up her sides. And he was moving in and out of her. Her whole body felt alive, as though she could feel the entire universe!

He buried his manhood into her to the hilt. Then he began to pick her up from the bed. She wouldn’t, couldn’t let go. She wrapped her legs around him in a frenzy of wanting him to stay inside her. He stood and turned around to sit, then lay, on the bed and she was on top! She had control! She began to lift of him and stopped. NO! She wanted him IN her. Her hips began to move on him and she found that she was getting more stimulation this way. She began to move faster. And faster. And then she froze. With her head thrown back and her body convulsing, she slammed into her second orgasm. Somewhere deep inside she felt his cock grow and then she felt him burst. He shot stream after stream of his man milk into her and she just kept cumming! She never wanted to stop. But she did. She began a slow decent back to sanity. And collapsed on to him, breathing like she would never get enough air. He held her in his arms and caressed her telling her how beautiful she was and how happy she had made HIM!

She snuggled close and kissed him as they drifted off into sleep.

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