Their First Adventure

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The next day at work brought bad news. A last minute business trip to Frankfurt meant their hike would now happen a couple of weeks later than arranged. As it turned out both were consumed by work so really he hadn’t thought that much about her until the days immediately before their hike. He hoped he hadn’t understated the strenuousness of the trail. As he pictured her in his mind’s eye he recalled that she was a little on the small side but yet not petite. Not quite athletic looking, she had said she’d liked hiking, which he found a little hard to believe. He looked forward to encouraging her to go ahead of him on some ascents to gauge her agility and savour her attractiveness without being detected. He recalled how he had touched her arm and longed to explore more of her. But he was pulled back from his fantasy with thoughts of practicalities. Beyond hiking what did they have in common; how should he let her know he liked her and more importantly what if she rejected him. Yet still his growing excitement brushed his doubts to one side.

And now it was Sunday morning. He’d gone into the office the day before to tie up all the week’s loose ends so that he could focus fully on their hike. He’d only been to the trail he’d told her about once before and when he had gone he’d left out later than he’d hoped to meaning that he raced through it in order to finish before nightfall. He knew he hadn’t really paid as much attention to his surroundings as he would have liked to and perhaps today would be no different.

Their journey north was uneventful. They talked about traffic and weather and work which was fine by him as he could switch to auto-pilot as he surreptitiously noted every inch of her. Though seated he was still able to gaze down at her without her being detected. Even better, she took in all of the scenery from her side of the car, her head turned away from him for a good deal of the journey. Politely she had asked if she could put her feet on the dashboard. Her perfect toes were topped with hot pink nails. He wondered whether they’d feel as hot as they looked with his lips wrapped around them. He imagined lightly sucking on them, tonguing and blowing on them; moving upwards between her satiny legs pausing only to anoint the backs of her knees with kisses. She was wearing a totally inappropriate wraparound skirt and a pale vest that accentuated her dark skin and was fitted enough to cling to the curve of her breasts which, he happily observed were what he considered the ideal size for all kinds of enjoyment. The seat belt dipped between them, a place he longed to be. Her hair was piled high atop her head exposing a long slim neck. Again his imagination got the better of him as he peppered it with kisses, flicks and long strokes of his tongue.

Thankfully his erotic reverie and physical arousal were arrested by their arrival at their destination. They sat side-by-side on the tailgate of his car, and booted up. He still couldn’t figure out why she’d worn a skirt. She then proceeded to hold forth on victorian hikers and international women’s day. He was only half listening as illegal bahis he was keen to show her the delights of the region and hopefully she’d reciprocate. The first half an hour was pretty easy going. As he had planned he let her lead. In previous encounters with women he’d gotten very physical, very fast. But this time around he simply enjoyed spending time with her. Watching her, noticing new things about her. He was prepared to wait to see how things would pan out. In fact he wasn’t sure how to proceed. Surprisingly she climbed with ease in the skirt, there was no breeze so it hung limply around her calves. Every now and again an upward lunge would expose a compact calf which rippled as she transferred her weight from rear to front leg. She carried a small day bag so whilst her back was obscured he could just make out her shoulders and the toned muscles around the base of her neck. Her ebony skin entranced him. It looked cool to the touch and he longed to find out. Once again he felt those familiar gentle surges of blood flow and was happy to enjoy the feeling, but even so he decided to go ahead of her to ensure she wouldn’t turn back at any time and notice his erection. Subconsciously he knew she wouldn’t be able to see anything but after an embarrassing classroom episode aged fourteen he lived in fear of people’s gazes falling to his crotch.

Gallantly he’d pause and wait for her at tricky points offering a hand to help her up. At one particularly steep point he pulled her up a little too enthusiastically and he found himself sandwiched between a tree trunk and her taut torso. He was as sure she could feel his arousal against her as he could feel her pert nipples against his chest. It should have been an awkward moment but there was a look about her. Her body said ‘proceed’. He looked around, needing a diversion from the situation he found himself in and he there it was. It was the same forked path he’d encountered the last time. ‘Okay we take the right path and after about 30 minutes we’ll be at the top.’

Fifty minutes later and he was apologising profusely as they had been traversing level terrain since they passed the fork. Although she was eager to reach the summit she’d also been enjoying the journey and was in no hurry for it to come to an end. Her skin glowed with the exertion of keeping up with him. She tucked the sides of her skirt into the waistband of her skirt exposing more of her smooth bright black skin. The air was close and stifling. She wanted to stop but there wasn’t so much as a stump to rest on. A little way on she could make out shafts of light pouring in through the canopy so they agreed to press on and then stop to get their bearings.

The rays of sunshine were beaming down on a little glade which framed a majestic waterfall. They’d strayed off the beaten track but this was a wrong turning that he didn’t mind making. The overgrowth suggested no-one had been there in a long time. The intense heat and the privacy offered by the greenery caused her to forget herself. She shed her day pack and undid the ties of her skirt. ‘Join me?’ She asked over her illegal bahis siteleri shoulder. She spread the skirt on the ground and sat down. Naked from the waist down the removed her boots. Besides her beautifully manicured quim, the last thing he saw before she stepped down into the water was the sight of her peeling off her sodden vest.

She felt liberated from the constricting clothes and the frigid water made her gasp with cold. She could barely conceal her impatience as greedily she drank in the sight of him undressing. He teased her by slowly unlacing his boots and removing his socks. Next came his hat, t-shirt and finally his shorts. Like her he had also gone commando. Once again she gasped but it wasn’t from the cold water. Just before he descended into the pool he paused. She admired him in all his glory standing to attention before her, his cock like a reverse sunbeam pointing toward the heavens. Despite the coolness of the water on her skin there was the unmistakable heat of passion emanating from between her legs. What passed between them at that moment was tacit and consensual. He lifted her, one arm around her back the other beneath her legs and carried her toward the torrent of water above their heads. He wanted to pound deep inside of her whilst the water did the same over their fused bodies.

The falls however weren’t cascading down a solid rockface. In fact they hid a small alcove which they discovered when they emerged, lips locked through the curtain of water. Gently he placed her to lie in it and briefly admired her in repose. Droplets of water stubbornly clung to her stiff nipples. He licked and sucked every inch of her pert breasts until she was no longer wet but merely damp. He wanted to linger over every part of her body but he was drawn to the heat of her dark wet cunt. Now it was his turn to gasp as he knelt face first to worship at her hidden temple. She was his first nubile nubian and he was surprised when he stroked back her dark labia to be confronted by a hot wet pink vagina. He couldn’t contain himself. At length he dined on her beauty lapping and sucking like a thirsty man at an oasis. His senses were overwhelmed. The look, smell, taste and feel of her made his body want her even more. Even the sounds of ecstasy spurred him on in his quest for mutual pleasure. He needed to catch his breath so he plunged his third and fourth fingers deep into her wetness whilst skillfilly manipulating her engorged clit between his forefinger and thumb. Within moments she came, deep and hard against his fingers. He smiled up at her grateful expression. He felt he should give her some time to recover and so lay down beside her but no sooner had he settled next to her he could feel her ass writhing against his groin.

She’d never been able to resist the hardness of a man against her skin. She wanted him to stroke her on the inside too just as he was doing on the outside, his hand gliding along her back, over her bottom and down her thigh. She turned to face him but he held her in place with one hand across her back whilst her lifting her leg with his other. canlı bahis siteleri Immediately he answered her desire by entering her. He had no trouble locating her as her heat was like a homing device for his fullsome, rigid cock. As he breached her threshold she took a sharp intake of breath. She soon relaxed and joined him in a satisfying rhythm that seemed to last for hours. In the half-light he was mesmerised by the contrast of his tanned whiteness against her dusky skin, especially his luminous manhood disappearing into her darkness and re-emerging again and again.

As they assumed multiple positions they were repeatedly splashed by and immersed in the falls. Just as the water was relentless so was their desire to please each other. At times just like the rays of sun beyond the falls and like the water itself he beat down on her from above. She could feel his balls clapping against her and every now and again a rogue, deeper thrust caught her off guard causing her to gasp. And yet at other times, like when they were side-by-side and face-to-face, propped up on an elbow she would gently stroke the length of his shaft, contracting her warmth and her wetness around him. In the dim light he could see her eyes widen and sparkle when he withdrew far enough for his circumcised head to set the nerve endings at the threshold of her pussy alight. Then he’d plunge in again and slowly withdraw until he could tell she was on the brink. In a flash she pushed him away, flipped onto all fours, ass high and head low against the frigid rock. He needed no instruction, no guidance. For one final time he found her and they set off for the same destination at the same pace, their build up perfectly synchronised. Her frenzied panting seemed to call his balls into action. He could feel his sap rising, then he came harder and longer than he had done in an age. She’d taken years off him. Again he was transported back to his teenage years, when he could shoot his jism arcing into the air six, seven feet away. No sooner had the memory appeared then it was gone. And now his mind was blank, in a post-coital daze. His body felt like he had been exorcised. They lay for a while listening to the relentless crash of the falls, waiting to regain control of their faculties.

A short while later she led him back through the curtain of water and out of the pool. Now he knew what the wraparound skirt was for. They lay on it whilst the heat of the sun dried and warmed them. Amazingly her dark nipples were still erect, he’d thought they would have dilated with the heat and was excited to think that she seemed like she might be in a permanent state of arousal. Up for anything perhaps. Absentmindedly she fondled and flicked at them whilst they discussed where their next adventure might be. In his mind he wanted it to be just like that day. Hot and private. He knew there absolutely had to be a next time. For all the world at that moment he wanted to kneel between her legs and work his cock until his pearly white cum was sprayed over her dark skin and even darker nipples. He longed to see it land on her full lips and disappear down her pink throat. However, she had left him totally spent. He couldn’t even get to his knees let alone come. So all he could do lay with her in his arms and plan the next instalment of what he knew was going to be a long unforgettable summer.

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