Tony meets Laura part1

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Tony meets Laura part1Any resemblance to real events and/or to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidentalAntonio was a young man in his mid-twenties. Average built, 5’7″, brown eyes, short brown hair and a lightly tanned skin, result of many years spent living in the shores of Catania, a warm, beautiful city in Sicily. He was attending his last year of high school and in the free time he used to work as a waiter in a restaurant. The restaurant was pretty busy, especially during the spring and summer season, lots of tourists used to dine there and Maurizio, the owner and manager of the restaurant, but also Antonio’s family friend from a long time, was pretty happy with him because, unlike the other employees, his English was pretty good and that came always helpful with the tourists. And it came helpful to Antonio because of the good tips that sometimes he received from them. Maurizio even changed his nametag from Antonio to a more English friendly “Tony”, which became his nickname at work. Work used to be a routine, but not that night. That night was different. It was a Saturday night of mid May, the restaurant was pretty busy and Maurizio was a bit nervous and was having hard time to serve some tourists, his English was terrible. He started yelling: “Tony! Tony! Come here Tony, I need your help!” Without even replying Antonio was right there at that table. “Antonio, take their order, make them happy… Just make sure they leave the restaurant happy. I am really busy right now.” And Antonio quietly replied: “Yes, for sure.” As soon as Antonio looked at the customers, he was without words for a bit. A beautiful lady, red hair, blue eyes, pale skin, a wonderful dress that accentuated her c cup breasts and a white bright smile, she could have probably been in her early fourties. Antonio felt a well-known reaction, he was already rock hard and generally it was hard for him to get rid of those erections without taking proper care of them. He managed to cover the bulge in his pants with his notebook. Although he was really nervous and excited, he looked at the couple and said: “Goo-good evening. How can I help you?” And the husband, a bold fat guy, who was talking on his cellphone, looked at his wife and said: “Honey, take the order, I am busy.” “Sure, as usual, you’re always busy.” she replied annoyed and then looked at Antonio smiled and said: “Hi Tony, do you mind first of all if I call you Tony?” “N-nnot at all” Antonio replied. “Good, so tell me, what you would recommend?” and she tried to hide tokat rus escort a laugh, obviously she had noticed the erection. A bit embarrassed, Antonio replied: “I’ll get you the special of the night. We make really good spaghetti with shrimps that…” “Good! And bring some good wine. Two bottles of the best that you have!” she said without letting him complete. “O-ok…” that was all Antonio could manage to reply and he went straight to the kitchen with the order and came back to the table with the wine. “Let me tell you ma’am, this is a really good wine, it comes from a local winery that is…” “Call me Laura! Ma’am makes me feel old”, she interrupted him. The husband was still on the phone and Laura was looking at Antonio’s pants alternating some looks on his eyes as well. Antonio was feeling nervous, but horny. In his mind was thinking about fucking Laura in every single and possible position that he knew and could ever think. He was thinking about burying his face between those beautiful tits, play with her nipples, sucking them hard. Unfortunately Maurizio’s yells woke him up from the dream and he run to the kitchen to get the order for Laura. When he served the couple, Laura smiled at him and thanked him. He was about to leave when Laura called him again: “Tony, please bring more wine” “O-ok… Laura”, Antonio replied. When he came back with the wine, she put her hand inside his pocket with the excuse to give him the tip, but she quickly caressed his cock. He left the table, worried that the idiot husband, although busy with the phone, could catch the scene. The evening proceeded smoothly, but when he came back to Laura’s table, she was alone. “Where is your husband?” Antonio inquired. “He left me alone another Saturday night because of his job. He left me the car and now I have to get to the hotel by myself. I had too much wine and I can’t really drive” she replied. “I wish I could do something for you…” Antonio said. She looked at him and smiled and said: “Yes, you can do something for me. I am going to ask your manager to let you go earlier, so that you can drive me to my hotel room.” “Oh. I am not sure whether he will be ok with that…” Antonio replied a bit worried. “Don’t worry, talk to him” she said and when Antonio went to talk to Maurizio, Maurizio was laughing and murmured to Antonio: “So she wants to hook up with you, eh? Alright, go with her, after all you are always a great help here, but don’t get used to that.” “Thanks Maurizio!” Antonio replied tokat rus escort bayan full of excitement. He changed his clothes and went to the parking lot. Laura was waiting in her car, seating on the passenger seat. Antonio got in the car, started the engine and left the parking lot. “Tony can you guess what colour are my panties?” Antonio was getting super excited and said: “Hmmm I am not sure honestly.” “Ok, I’ll give you a little help” she replied and meanwhile took his right hand, put that on her thigh. Antonio then moved his hand bit closer to her pussy and that’s when he realized what she really wanted to tell him. “You have no panties!” he shouted full of excitement and then she moved his hand back to the steering wheel and she said: “Well, for now you’re only my chauffer, so just drive and I will reward you when we get to my room.” Antonio was super excited, his cock was really hard. “I saw how you were looking at me while at the restaurant. My husband doesn’t give me all these attentions. He is always busy at work, he won’t even get hard. But, you, you were fucking me with your eyes. That made me so wet and I wanted to touch your hard cock” she continued. “When I was serving you, I did think about burying my face in your boobs. God they’re huge, I wanna suck on your tits” Antonio said overexcited and she uncovered her breast as a response. Those puffy nipples draw Antonio’s attention away from the road for few seconds and then she covered them. Finally they got to the hotel room. While on the elevator, Antonio asked her: “Laura, but what about your husband, are you sure that he is not going to be here any soon?” “Oh don’t worry baby”, she replied laughing. As soon as they got into the room, Antonio began kissing her passionately with one hand grabbing that nice tight ass and the other on that beautiful red hair, while pressing his stiff cock against that smoking hot body. “Hmmm Tony, did I tell you that I really love your accent?” Laura murmured to Antonio’s ear. In response Antonio moved his hand away from her ass and started playing with her pussy. It was so wet. They both started taking off their clothes and were completely naked. Laura laid on her bed and Antonio admired that magnificent body, those breasts with those puffy nipples that I dreamed of sucking them and that pink pussy clean shaven. Antonio was stroking his hard cock while looking at that body and then he joined her. Laura smiled and said: “How about if you let me do something rus escort tokat for you?” and Antonio got close to her and she began sucking his cock, working the shaft, cradling the balls, flicking her tongue on the head. She definitely knew what she was doing. Antonio was getting so excited and asked Laura: “How about if YOU let me do something for you?” He kissed her again more passionately, then he moved to her breasts sucking those nipple, flicking them. “Oh yes Tony, yes!!! But now eat me! Eat my pussy! Eat my pussy so well!!!” Antonio moved down, while kissing her body and finally got to that beautiful pink wet pussy. He slide a finger in it while licking around her clit and Laura began moaning and squirming so much. “More Tony… Faster… Faster… Oh please Tony…” And Antonio kept doing that more and meanwhile, with his other hand grabbed her breasts, twisting and pinching her nipples lightly, delighting Laura more and more. That kept going for a bit, then Laura, while moaning in pleasure, said: “Tony, I want to feel the man power. Fuck my tight pussy. Fuck it good!” Antonio smiled at her, while she changed position to a doggy style. Antonio grabbed her hips and he started probing that wet pussy with his hard cock leaking of pre cum. He slowly started thrusting her, gradually increasing the speed and caught by pleasure and excitement he spanked her ass. “Yes Tony, spank it more, spank it harder” Laura said and Tony kept doing that, then while thrusting her, he got close to her, kissing her neck and biting a bit and he could feel her pussy tightening while doing that. “Laura, I would really love you to ride my cock, to have you on top of me!” Tony said. Now Tony was laying on the bed and Laura began kissing him. Then she started rubbing her pussy on his cock, she grabbed his cock and then began sliding on it taking inch by inch inside her wet pussy. Antonio grabbed her tits while she was riding him and she seemed to enjoy that. She started moaning so much, more and louder. “Tell me Tony, is this the best shit that you have ever had? Tell me!” “Of course Laura!!!” Antonio replied full of excitement. She kept riding him and eventually her body got so rigid and she was moaning so loud. Antonio couldn’t resist anymore and he released a huge load of cum inside her pussy. His cock was pumping hot seed inside her. “That was great, that was fantastic, thanks Tony”. “Thanks for the amazing shift tonight, for this great sex!” While he was getting dressed, Laura, still naked, said: “Hey Tony, how about if we exchange our numbers? Perhaps someday we can meet for a drink and have more of this fun.” “Sure” Tony replied. And then he left. He left happy, because he had always had a thing for a hot mature lady and he promised himself that despite being busy with the exam and his job, he will call Laura in the following days.

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