Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 09

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Trapped and Trained Sissy Ch. 09Trapped and Trained Ch. 09I was groggy from having passed out for so long. It took me a little while to blink away the fogginess in my eyes as I watched my Master walking into the room with a cloth bag in his hands. I craned my neck to my left and made out the time to be just past noon, so I’d been asleep for just over seven hours and now had just under seven hours before I was to be rented out for the night to some perverted high bidder who had won the auction for my services for the night.My Master sat on the edge of the bed and pulled a medical looking jar from the bag as well as a syringe. I began to squirm but he just smiled as he rubbed an alcohol saturated cotton swab on my left thigh. “No worries” he said, “you won’t want to be awake for this next part, trust me.”He drew out a healthy dose of whatever the medicine was into the syringe and then plunged it into my thigh. I squealed in pain and I could have sworn I felt the liquid burning through my veins. He quickly stood up and released my arms from the cuffs at the headboard, then pulled me to a sitting position. My arms burned as the blood rushed back through them. I was beginning to feel a bit dizzy as my Master picked me up to a standing position. He swung my arms over his neck and began to pick me up when I blacked out for good – the last thing I had felt being a stream of cum pouring out of my pussy and running down my inner thigh. Then it all went black.When I came back around I noticed that I was sitting on the couch in the living room. The clock on the wall in front of me read that it was nearly 6:30. I had been out of it for over six hours – what could he possibly have done that would have taken six hours?! My limbs felt very weak still which I attributed to whatever d**g he injected into me wearing off. I was incredibly confused as I looked down at what I was wearing – it was a black women’s pea coat that went down to just above my knees as I sat, so it probably went just past the knee if I were standing. I tried unbuttoning it only to find that, instead of buttons, there were red padlocks fastening it together. Apparently my outfit was to be a surprise to me. I definitely felt some discomfort underneath the coat, so my worries of being nude underneath were put to rest. This time, at least, I thought to myself.I could see to my left that I had some kind of a blond wig on. I could see the bangs just coming down over my eyebrows and it seemed long enough to go down to my shoulder blades from what I could tell as I shook my head back and forth to try and knock it off. That was never successful, but I always figured it was worth a try. The fake nails from the party had been removed, but in their place were bright red nails also with white tips. Peaking out from under the pea coat I could tell that I was wearing black stockings. On the front and back of the stockings I could see a thin red lace string that was woven from the bottom to what I could only assume was the top as it disappeared under the coat. My feet were once again locked inside of some high heels – this time they were red platforms with a black stiletto heel… it was hard to tell from sitting there but I guessed they were somewhere between 5 to 6 inches. Sadly I wasn’t even too worried about walking in them… I knew I would be a bit wobbly, but I was becoming quite adept at walking in these uncomfortable shoes.I shifted a bit on the couch as I was looking at what I could see of my outfit and noticed that my butt and lower back were both extremely sore. My lips also felt a bit different but it was hard to pinpoint exactly what the feeling was… they almost felt larger somehow, but at the same time they were somewhat numb. Before I could dwell on that for too long, my Master came into the room, apparently to check on me. He first walked to the window, probably checking to see if my company for the night was early, then walked in front of me.”Ok Candi, I’ll have to make this quick since it took you a bit longer to come out of that daze than I had anticipated. As you can see, I took the liberty of dressing you and getting you all dolled up for your big night out. Don’t worry, I was a complete gentleman the entire time.”The smirk on his face told me otherwise, not to mention the fact that his pants were unzipped.”Now, you’ll probably notice a little tingling going on in your lips and mouth. I injected you with something that is a bit similar to collagen – it won’t last nearly as long as the four to six months that collagen lasts, but it gives the same results. Hell, I’m getting hard just looking at those big luscious lips of yours. I went with a red that would match the rest of your outfit for your lips, figured that would make them real inviting for whoever sees you while you’re out.”So that would explain the feeling in my lips – what an asshole! How could he inject me with something? Up to this point everything he’d done has been reversible, but he seemed to be getting a bit more adventurous. Then I heard the rest and discovered that he was becoming much more adventurous.”You’ll also feel some discomfort in your lower back and your pussy area. I’ll go ahead and tell you – you now have a very sexy tramp stamp on your lower back, just between those dimples that men love to see back there. I won’t spoil the surprise of what it is, but I can tell you that men are going to love it while they ride you from behind.”A tramp stamp? He gave me a fucking tattoo?! I’ve said he’s gone too far dozens of times over all of this, but this was beyond anything I had ever imagined. Never in my life had I wanted a tattoo, but now I was given one against my will and I was sure that it was something I wouldn’t exactly pick out for myself. My eyes must have been saucers, but he continued as if he had done nothing wrong.”As for your pussy, well, that’s one that I’m very excited about. You see, I made a couple small incisions on each side of your pussy, very close to the opening. Don’t worry, I cleaned it up and put some paste over it, so there’s no risk for any infections and nobody will even notice them. But, the exciting part is that I also put an electronic ring around your clit. Yes, I had to take it out of its confines to wash it, but don’t worry, I tucked it back in and gave you that nice pussy that I know you love to look at between your legs. But your real pussy is where all the fun is at. You see, in those incisions I put two tiny sensors. Now, when I flip the switch on this little remote here, those sensors will start sending signals to the ring around your little clitty. Every time they send a signal, it will send an electronic pulse through your clit… which I can only assume is very uncomfortable. As time goes on, if the sensors aren’t reset, they will begin sending more frequent and much, much more powerful signals to the ring. Oh, and if you attempt to remove the sensors or if you get too far away from the remote, which Kevin will have, then the ring will cut off circulation to your clit. As you can imagine – over a long period of time, that would be very bad.”I was still dazed about the news of my tramp stamp, but I did manage to catch the last half of what he was telling me and I was both amazed and furious at his creativity. He could be putting all of this creativity to use doing something good, but instead he was letting his perversions control him and, in turn, they were controlling me. This explained the discomfort I was feeling around my ass… pussy… at least, and was hopefully the last surprise I’d receive tonight.”Now, this is very important Candi. The only way to reset the sensors is to push them apart for a decent amount of time. When they reset, you’ll receive two sudden bursts to the ring, then you’ll know they have reset. You can imagine what you’ll have to do to push them apart – it’s nothing you’d be able to do yourself, especially with those long nails you have, so you’ll just have to find someone else that is willing to help you out in that area. Oh, and nobody except for you and I knows of this little wrinkle in tonight’s plans – so to everyone else you’ll just be a cock craving whore like everyone already knows you are!”With that he flipped the switch on the remote and I jumped as I felt two quick bursts at the base of my imprisoned penis. I sat on the couch for what felt like a few minutes before I again felt a surge of electricity course through the ring and gain my undivided attention. It was painful, but it was quite bearable – I was confident that I wouldn’t ever be in the position where I would be begging for someone to shove their cock up my pussy to relieve me of my predicament, so I wasn’t too worried about this development. I was, however, still seething mad about the tramp stamp and would immediately be looking into laser treatment on that once I was finished here and had sued this man for all he’s worth.Just as another jolt was going through the ring around my cock, I heard a car horn honk in the driveway. My Master walked to the window and then turned to me.”Alright Candi – show time! Remember, you’re to do anything Kevin says as well as anyone that he gives that right to.”He stood me up and walked me to the door. Just before shoving me outside he handed me a small red clutch and told me to hand it to Kevin once I was in the car. Then he pushed me out the door and slammed it behind me. Hearing it lock I turned and saw an Escalade parked in the driveway. The windows were tinted and the headlights were shining directly on me, so I couldn’t see inside to see what I was about to get myself into, but I knew that there was nothing that could be in there that would be a relief to me aside from a police officer and a change of clothes.I walked to the passenger side door and attempted to open it only to find it locked. türbanlı siirt escort I tried the backdoor of the passenger side and the door swung open. The middle seats had been removed, leaving a big open space between the driver seats and the bench seat in the back. Two well built men were sitting on either side of the bench with a very small opening between them which I could only assume was my seat. Something pink was in the middle of them, but it was too dark for me to see what it was – perhaps a present for me. I looked to the front and saw Kevin eying me up and down as I stepped into the SUV. In the passenger seat sat the woman I hated the most in the world… Brittany. She had put me through hell the previous night and now I was going to have to deal with this bitch again? This night was already off to a horrible start.I climbed into the Escalade and handed the red clutch to Kevin. He removed a ring of keys and stuffed them into his pocket, then threw it back at me and told me to hang onto it for the rest of the night as it had my makeup and some other items in it. Brittany chuckled and told me to take a seat in the back between Dave and James, who both has mischievous smiles on their faces as I made my way to the bench in the back. My jaw dropped when I finally saw what the pink item between them was.The seat had been customized – there was a metal slab under the cushion and, where I was to sit, there was a hole cut out of the cushion. Through the hole they had pushed a long, ribbed, pink dildo, standing about six inches out of the seat and I’d assume that I’d take another inch or two as I sat down and the cushion sunk. I looked back to Brittany and faked a confused look… I knew exactly what was expected of me… and she just told me to take a seat.I pulled the bottom of the pea coat up and saw the bottom of my red dress. It was extremely tight and felt like it was made of a combination of nylon and spandex. I couldn’t see the entire dress, but I did see that the middle of the front was a mesh material where you could easily see through it and make out my belly button, which I saw had a silver chain dangling from it. Brittany chimed in from the front.”Damn Candi, I can see your thong through that dress! That must be one of those ‘window dresses’ that I’ve heard about. They’re really slutty – you’d never catch ME in one! Fits you just right though, slut.”She was right – I arched my back to look behind me and saw that the mesh material ran a strip right up my back, showing my black and red lace thong splitting my cheeks. It was also on the sides so that you could see the bows of the thong as well as the bows on my matching bra. I couldn’t pull the coat up enough to see the rest of the dress, but that was enough to make me sick to my stomach. Brittany again implored me to sit down as we were running late just as another bolt of electricity coursed through my cock ring.I reached under the dress and pulled down my thong over my stockings, just past my knees. Thankfully the dildo was well lubed as I centered my pussy over it and started to slide down. Dave, the man to my left, grew impatient and pushed my shoulders down roughly, forcing the pink cock up inside of me. I felt the warm leather against my ass cheeks and knew that I had the entire dildo in me now. As my Master had promised, I felt two short bursts come through the cock ring as the sensors must have reset. I suppose that was good news, though it was hard to look at that as a silver lining in my current predicament.I swear Kevin took the bumpiest route possible to wherever we were going. He went through every neighborhood that had speed bumps and hit them going twice as fast as the limit suggested, causing me to routinely bounce up and down on the pink dildo as Brittany cackled uncontrollably in the front seat, watching me in the mirror. I was sitting so close to Dave and James that I had nowhere to put my hands so they would periodically land on one of their thighs as I was thrown around on the speed bumps and the turns before I slid back down on the dildo and back to my original position with my hands in my lap. Somewhere along the way, they both had unzipped their pants and pulled out their cocks. Coming to a stop light, Kevin slammed hard on the brakes, making me put my hands on both of their thighs as I lunged forward and then slammed back. They both grabbed my hands and moved them to their cocks, forcing me to wrap my fingers around them. Brittany turned around and snapped a picture to capture the moment, then told me to get to work.For the next few miles I was forced to slowly jack them both off. If I began going too fast and they neared an orgasm they would slow me down for some reason. Finally we pulled into a parking lot of what I had always just thought was an old warehouse when Brittany unbuckled herself and came to the backseat. She took my hand from Dave’s now throbbing cock and took it into her mouth. James removed my hand from his cock and then roughly grabbed the back of my neck, forcing me to bend over and take his cock in my mouth with the dildo still inside of me. As Brittany was sucking off Dave she worked her hand up my coat and dress and repeatedly pinched and pulled on my nipples, forcing me to squeal and beg for her to stop into James’ cock. Finally I heard Dave groan and guessed that he was shooting his load into Brittany’s mouth, which must have pushed James over the edge as he did the same. All seven inches of his cock began to twitch as he pushed my head down onto his cock with all of his might, then he shot a creamy load down my throat which I expertly swallowed without spilling a drop. Brittany grabbed the back of my head and pulled me up, immediately shoving her tongue inside of mine and exchanging the mouth full of cum she had residing in there to mine before breaking it off and watching me swallow it down. Brittany walked back up to the front seat and winked at Kevin, who rolled down his window and swiped some kind of a key card against a sensor. A garage door started to open and we drove down a ramp just inside the warehouse. It felt like we went down this winding ramp for a mile before we finally came to another door, which Kevin again swiped a keycard against, opening the door in front of us. The lot we drove into was extremely dark except for some pink rope lighting that went along the walls, creating a kind of path for you to follow. Kevin slid into a parking spot between a Porsche and a BMW, then shut off the engine. Wherever we were, it was time for the show to start apparently. James and Dave stood up first and made their way out of the car as I braced myself and slid up off of the dildo to get out of my seat. I paused as I pulled my thong back up into place, then pulled my dress and pea coat back down to conceal myself as much as possible.As I got out of the SUV, Brittany was waiting and immediately interlocked her arm with mine and we started to walk in the direction of another door, and, yet again, Kevin flashed a keycard to enter. Wherever we were, you couldn’t just wander into it mistakenly – you had to know exactly where you wanted to be. Inside of that door was a dark corridor with another door at the end, with a large black man waiting outside of it with a clipboard. Brittany walked us up to him, flashed him a wink and a smile and strode through the door. I felt the bouncer eying me up and down as I walked past him and was glad that Brittany hadn’t offered my services to him as I could only imagine that his cock would be a mirror to that of Jerome’s, which surely would have split me in half the night before had he won an auction to fuck my pussy instead of my mouth. Just as that thought was coursing through my mind I experienced yet another jolt through my clitty ring, a reminder that I was going to have to have something else shoved inside of me before too long. I was determined to fight it though.Through that last door was something I hadn’t expected – when it opened we were now in a massive club. Lights were flashing all over the place, the music was thumping so loud that I could feel my fake breasts vibrating and people were just everywhere wearing unbelievably revealing clothing. Almost on cue, Brittany turned to Kevin and retrieved the keys he had removed from my clutch earlier. She quickly unlocked the locks on my pea coat and ripped it off, leaving me standing there in my window dress. I could now see that the top was extremely low cut, showing off massive cleavage between my breasts leading up to spaghetti straps over my shoulders. Brittany put her hand on my back and I could feel that she was pressing against bare skin, meaning that it was cut so low in the back that the small of my back was at least exposed – and I already knew that there was a mesh window in the back showing off my thong. Out of the bottom of the dress I could see red garter straps sneaking out and snapping into my stockings. Brittany gave me a push to hint for me to walk and off we went through the masses of people dancing, chatting and I swore I saw a few people having sex but there was too much going on to focus on any one group.As we went through the club I saw that in each corner there were massive stages with equally massive big screen TV monitors hanging over them showing what was going on, then another stage right in the middle where, currently, there was nothing happening, which I found a bit odd. But we maneuvered out way through the crowd and to a booth along the side of one of the walls. Kevin slid into one side of the booth while James and Dave slid in the other, leaving no room for me, not even in between them. Brittany grabbed me by the arm and led me back through the club to the other side where I saw what appeared to be a series türbanlı siirt escort bayan of stalls, similar to horse stalls in a barn, but without the hay and horrible odor. Also, the stall doors were made of glass so there was certainly no hiding inside of them – anyone walking by could see everything.”Here, Candi. The boys and I are going to have a nice dinner, so this club has an area where we can ‘park’ our slaves. Here, this stall will do just fine.”She pulled me towards one of the stalls. Looking to my left I saw a larger woman hogtied inside of the stall next to me with a gag in her mouth. She looked at me with pleading eyes but knew that there was nothing that I could do for her. Brittany snapped a collar around me that was attached to the wall, then placed cuffs on my wrists and ankles. She pointed to my ankles and, knowing I had no real options, I bent over and reached for them as she placed padlocks through the rings on each of the cuffs, locking my wrists to my ankles and leaving me bent over. She then went to the corner of the stall where I saw many items were handing off of the wall and grabbed a spreader bar. She placed that between my ankles and spread it out until I was straining against my bonds. She stood up and admired her work for a moment, then went back to the items hanging in the stall. She did something to the back of the stall, then began to pull on the leash that was attached to my collar. I noticed that it was slowly retracting into the wall so I had to slowly waddle backwards with it. Finally I began to understand what was going on. Brittany had taken a dildo with a suction cup on the end of it and attached it to the back wall and she was now backing me into it. Just as I started to feel it press against the back of my dress she stopped the leash retraction and raised up the back of my dress. She must have noticed my tattoo as I felt her pause and admire it, then begin to laugh out loud for a few moments. Once she regained her composure she pulled my thong to the side and held it there as she again started the leash retraction. My pussy was still lubed up from the dildo on the ride over to the club so it slid in fairly easily. Eventually I felt the coldness of the glass on the back wall and knew that I was now completely on the dildo and stuck in this position until someone released me. Once again I felt the two bursts through my ring, letting me know that the sensors had reset. Brittany retracted the leash just a bit more, forcing me to pick my head up and stare out into the club. She then walked just in front of me and, before leaving, picked up the bottom of her tight black dress and backed her ass up into my face. She held it there for at least a minute before I started squealing into her cheeks, then, just like that, she walked off into the club and disappeared into the crowd, leaving me there alone to deal with whoever wandered into my stall.Looking out into the club I could see hundreds of people grinding to the music that was still blasting through the room. Periodically people would walk by my stall and peer in, but thankfully none of them stopped in. Occasionally they would stop and either laugh at my predicament or I think a few admired Brittany’s work in how I was “parked” in my stall. Perhaps there was some policy against coming into someone else’s stall, I thought to myself. That would be a godsend given my situation at the moment. Those hopes were dashed as I looked to my left. The larger woman that was hogtied was in a bit of a panic as I saw a group of men enter her stall. At first they were just playing with her nipples and spanking her ass, but finally their cocks came out. They untied her and began to double team her, one cock shoved in her pussy and another in her mouth as she was picked up into a doggy style position. I heard what I thought were cries for mercy coming from her, but eventually I realized that she was actually begging for more. She turned to the man behind her and begged him to fuck her harder, faster, deeper while she hungrily turned back to the man in front of her and took him back inside of her mouth. She actually was enjoying this!As I was trying to wrap my head around what was going on in that stall, suddenly I felt eyes on me from just outside of mine. I turned back to the front of my stall and saw a man and a woman actually walking inside. They came around to the back of me where I couldn’t see them and I felt the man push me back off the wall a bit as I felt the dildo slide out of me a couple inches before he let go. When he let go the tension from the leash forced me back onto the dildo roughly and I let out a groan. The woman snickered.”Well, Joey – will this one do? Looks like her name is Candi. I agreed that you could get a blowjob from one of the bitches in the stalls and you’ve shot down almost all of them, so who will it be?”I immediately wondered how she knew that they were calling me Candi, but assumed that maybe she knew Brittany or one of my captors. Joey moved around to the front of me and shoved a finger into my mouth.”Oh yea” he said, “she’ll do just fine. Look at those lips – they were made for suckin cock. Thanks baby, this is the best birthday present you could’ve given me.”I watched as he unzipped his pants and pulled out a fairly average cock – certainly not like some of the monsters I had taken the night before. He pushed it up to my lips but I pursed them and kept them closed. The woman he came in with did not seem pleased as she reached under me and began to squeeze tightly on my nipples. I opened my mouth to scream but instead was met with Joey’s cock being shoved into my mouth. The woman giggled as Joey began to settle into a rhythm and he grabbed the back of my head. He must have been extremely horny already because before a minute had passed he was already groaning and picking up his pace. Wanting to get this over with I began sucking harder and working my tongue around the head of his cock. He couldn’t take that for more than a few thrusts and exploded inside of my mouth. He caught me off guard and I choked a bit on the cum, allowing some to leak out of my mouth and dribble down my chin. The woman came over and licked it off of my chin then spit in inside of my mouth, ensuring that not a drop went to waste. And, just as quickly as they had come in, they were off and I was alone in the stall again, albeit with an awful taste in my mouth and throbbing nipples.As I was catching my breath and regaining my composure, I saw Kevin appear through the crowd. He was walking with someone that had an earpiece in and was carrying a clipboard. They stopped just outside of my stall, but the music was so loud that I couldn’t hear a thing they were saying. Kevin did keep pointing towards me as he was talking, so I was sure it involved me in some way, but the person he was talking to kept nodding his head and agreeing with whatever it was that Kevin was saying. As they finished their conversation the man with Kevin appeared very excited when they shook hands and he hurried off towards the front of the club. Kevin then turned his attention towards me and made his way into my stall.To my surprise he didn’t pull his cock out, but instead released me from all of my bonds. He pulled me off of the dildo, pulled my thong back between my cheeks (though his hands did wander a bit at that point) and then pulled my dress back down over my ass. He removed the collar and ordered me to walk back to the booth where the others were while he took care of some business with the club owner. Still a bit confused, but happy to be out of the stall, I started making my way back to the booth.I thought I was walking towards where the booth had been, but there were so many people and I had to make so many turns to avoid some of them that I must have gotten turned around. When I finally made it to where I thought the booth would be, it turned out I was over by a series of doors. A man and a woman brushed past me and made their way into one and, as they opened it, I noticed that they looked to be some kind of bedrooms. I turned around and again went through the crowd, but once again must have gotten turned around because the next wall I made it to again didn’t have the booths, but instead there was a long row of sex machines. I saw a man obviously dressed in drag (but not nearly as convincing as I) cuffed to one that was similar to the machine I was originally trained on, where he was held down on a sawhorse with dildos simultaneously penetrating his ass and his mouth. This one did not ejaculate though… even in his predicament, I wanted to go and tell him just how lucky he was that this particular machine didn’t have that feature. This time I stared at the wall I knew I need to walk towards the entire time and finally made it back to the booth. Through all of this time, the sensors near my pussy had really started speeding up the jolts and they were becoming quite a bit more uncomfortable. The latest one I received right before I made it to the booth made me stop walking for a moment from the pain it caused, but I was still adamant about not giving in and dealing with the pain rather than the embarrassment of asking someone to fuck me. Perhaps I could just find a dildo laying around somewhere and slip into one of those bedrooms I had stumbled upon to reset them – that would by the ticket, I thought.Kevin was still not back by the time I made it to the booth, but Brittany seemed very upset that it had taken me so long to get back.”Where the fuck were you? You smell like cum – I bet you were off being a little slut, weren’t you? Don’t lie, Candi, I can smell you from over here. Now come on, I feel like dancing!”She jumped up from the booth and pulled me by the hand out into the türbanlı escort siirt dance floor. We walked to what felt like the middle of the crowd and then she finally stopped. She backed up into me and began grinding her small, tight ass into my crotch. I stood there like a statue for a moment before she grabbed my hands and placed them on her hips, then she reached back again and grabbed the sides of my ass, hinting for me to grind with her. I began getting into it a bit and, for a moment, felt like I was back in my male form again, dancing with a hot woman in a club, smelling the mixture of her perfume and sweat as she grinded back into me, yearning to feel the erection forming in my pants.I was quickly brought out of my daydream as I noticed that we were attracting quite a bit of attention from those around us. Two hot women dancing so provocatively with one another will do that, I suppose. Before long another woman came in front of Brittany and started dancing face to face with her, and they soon began kissing and fondling one another. Brittany’s hands left me and wandered onto this mystery woman’s breasts and ass as they began exchanging saliva. I attempted to keep dancing with them to avoid being left alone, but at one point they created just enough separation between themselves and my body and the wolves attacked. Before I could close the distance there was a man in between us, attempting to dance up on me. I tried backing away from him and making my way back to the booth, but as soon as I took a step backwards there was another man behind me, rubbing a semi-hard cock up against me. I tried to smile and tell them “No thank you”, but the music was too loud and the dance with Brittany had done too much to arouse them, so there was no debating. The man’s hands behind me began wandering all over my body before finally resting on my breasts. The man in front of me grabbed my arms and placed them on his ass, holding them there as they danced and I struggled. The man behind me allowed his hands to move down to my ass and I felt the bottom of my dress sliding up over my hips. The crowd cheered as they saw this happening and saw where it was going. He again pulled me back into him and he had apparently pulled his pants down as I felt his cock now straining against his boxer briefs. He slid it between my ass cheeks and periodically poked it against my pussy. Finally the song ended and the man in front of me released my hands, which I quickly used to pull my dress back down and stormed off into the crowd, not knowing where I was going, but just wanting to get away from all of this.Being so disoriented on where I was walking to, I found myself once again in front of the rooms to the bedrooms. I opened one of the unoccupied rooms and walked inside, hoping that there would be a stash of dildos somewhere so that I could reset these sensors as it was becoming extremely painful and they were now coming nearly every 30 seconds. I couldn’t believe it, but I was actually disappointed to find that there were no dildos in the room for me to fuck myself with. Who was I turning into?I quickly made my way back out of the room but, just as I closed the door behind me, another surge came through the ring that was so painful that it brought me to my knees. I stayed down for a second and composed myself, but just as I stood, an equally painful surge pulsed through, again putting me to my knees. They were now coming so fast together that I could hardly recover in time for the next, and I knew soon that it would just be a constant jolt that would debilitate me. Little did I know that my wait wouldn’t last much longer. As I stood up to recover from the second jolt and began to brace for the next one, a group of four men closed in around me. Two of them grabbed my arms while the others headed into the bedroom, closely followed by the two men now carrying me inside.Immediately I could smell a heavy dose of alcohol on them, and I could also see significant bulges sticking out in each of their crotches. The two men carrying me put me down on the ground and forced me to my knees. As they got out of the way, one of the men already had his cock out and was stroking it to its full 8 inches, then he put it to my lips. Not wanting things to get violent as I knew they were already drunk, I took it in my mouth and went to work. The other three men just watched and then, as the one in my mouth shot his load down my throat, the next one came up, again only wanting a blowjob. I finished all four of them off and by this point the ring on my clit was zapping me every ten seconds. One of the men was sitting in a chair, recovering from my oral expertise. Two more were on the bed, also recovering and the man that I had just finished had walked off to the bathroom. The man in the chair finally spoke.”Shit that was good – we knew you’d be a hell of a cocksucker watching you out there on the dance floor with that other bitch. Come on fellas, let’s get back to the party!”They all stood and started heading for the door, but the jolts were becoming so painful that I finally resigned myself to what I had to do. I signaled for them to wait, then stood up and walked to the bed. I turned to face the bed, then pulled down my thong and pulled up my dress. The bed came to my waist, so I bent myself over on it and exposed myself to them. Finally I turned around, channeled my sexiest voice, and proposed that the party continue in the room.”Leaving so soon? You guys just got me all worked up – I’m going to need one of you to come over here and finish me off. I’m on my period right now, but if one of you would be so kind as to shove your pipe into my backdoor, I could really use it.”Shove your pipe into my backdoor? Did I really just say those words? While dressed up like some fucking bimbo, bent over on a bed with cum still dripping down my throat and drying on my face? Where did those words even come from? Who was I?The man who had been first up was already hard again, so he came behind me and dropped his pants one more time. He grabbed my hips and positioned his cock right at my opening, then started to ease it into me. The sensors were still zapping me repeatedly – this needed to hurry up.”Mmmmm, yea, just like that baby. Now let’s get to it.” I said, hoping to speed him up and get this over with. He took the bait and increased the strength of his grip on my hips, then started going to work on my pussy, finally tripping the sensors and causing them to reset. I was relieved and was trying to think of a way to get out of this before he shot his load inside of me, but he was too far gone to stop now and was really starting to assault my pussy. He was really getting into it and then I noticed what he was saying and became extremely confused yet again.”Oh yea Candi, you can really take that fuckin cock, can’t you ya little slut? You want it harder? I bet you fuckin do, slut!”Now how did he know my name was Candi, just like that couple did earlier? Surely they didn’t all know Brittany and Kevin, did they? They said that they had just seen me dancing out there, so it didn’t seem likely. Finally I felt a warmth fill up my ass and knew that he had finished inside of me, then he pulled out and I felt the cum slowly dripping out of me and collecting on the floor beneath me. He used my thong to wipe off his cock and then headed for the door once again. Just before he left, he turned.”That’s some sexy ink you got back there, bitch. Good to know some of you sluts really embrace it. I’ll be seeing you around, Candi.”With that he shut the door. He called me Candi again. Finally I remembered the tattoo. There was a mirror on the dresser in the room, so I sat myself up on the dresser and craned my neck around to take a look at what the tattoo was.”You’ve got to be shitting me” I said aloud as I finally saw the image permanently inked into my skin. It was my name… well, not MY name, but this new name I was given, Candi, written in very elegant writing. However, at the end, the ‘i’ wasn’t really an ‘i’, it instead was an erect penis and the dot of the ‘i’ was a white splash of cum. Underneath my name there was a small outline of a heart with that same penis tattooed inside of it, basically saying that I loved cock or I loved cum or something along those lines. Whatever it meant, it wasn’t good and it wasn’t true. Even though I had just asked to be fucked by a man packing an eight inch cock…I pulled my now damp thong back up between my ass cheeks and pulled my dress down once again, then stumbled towards the door. I opened it up and immediately saw Brittany outside clapping as I exited. I was confused about what she was clapping about when I looked up above the doors. I hadn’t noticed it before, but there were actually TV monitors outside the rooms with a live feed into the room, so anyone outside could get a first hand view of what was going on inside them. The monitor above the room I had just exited was now replaying the portion where I voluntarily bent over the bed and stopped the man from leaving, convincing him to come back into the room and ‘finish me off.’ And Brittany saw the entire thing.”Damn, Candi! You really ARE a slut! This whole time I was still kinda convinced that you were forced into all of this, and I was actually starting to feel bad, but now I know the REAL you! I was going to cancel this next piece, but now that I know you’re truly a slut I’d feel bad NOT sending you up there!”Up there? What did she mean ‘up there’? I tried to stop her and explain why I had to have that man fuck me, but it was no use, she was pulling me back through the crowd again. Finally we arrived at the steps to the main stage and, to my horror, the bouncer at the gate for the stage allowed us through. We walked under the stage where they had dressing rooms and a staircase leading up to the stage itself. Brittany pulled me into the main dressing room and closed the door. She pulled out an outfit and threw it at me, causing my jaw to drop as I laid it out in front of me. She wanted me to wear THIS? I looked at her and she was smiling ear to ear.”Now it’s time for the REAL show to start, Candi! Hope you’re ready!”

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