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Tribute to “Ready4Me”I had a 4 hour layover as usual, which would normally be when I read and sleep, hating life. But the whole flight across the country all I could do was think about this insane idea I’d given into. Meeting this hot guy I met on Hamster for real. We’d talked on the phone a few times. His voice told me a lot. His intelligence, how he articulated things.. I am good at reading people, and he definitely liked to be in control. Had the confidence and general nature of someone who not only likes being in control but is very methodical in how to manipulate a mind to make the body want more than it can take. Same person who without much provocation, had me rushing to the shuttle I took to the hotel. As I arrived at the lobby I hoped he wouldn’t be there yet as i had been wet for several hours between thinking about him, and cumming under my blanket in my coach seat on the jet. Everybody was asleep except one older gentleman who was reading, or pretending to once my heat turned up and it was clear to him what was going on beneath the thin blanket between my legs. I didn’t care. Let him get hot. Maybe he’ll give it to his wife good when he gets home because of he. She can thank me later.I got my key and pulled my suitcase to my door, opening it with a key card. fortunately the room was empty but freezing. I was a little stressed for time, not pressed, stressed, wanting to get a shower asap so I would be clean and baby smooth for him when he arrived, so I undressed quickly and hopped in the hot shower without taking time to crank the heat. After washing up, washing my hair with little time to dry it, or re-apply my make up so i would look the way I wanted, I got out of the wonderful shower, stepped into the freezing air to hit the mini bar for something to relax me. Drenched, naked, I bent over, reaching for a small bottle of OJ and a small bottle of Vodka I tried to dismiss my snobby taste for finer liquors than even this very nice hotel provided. It will do, I thought. Just need to relax my body and loosen up my mind. I quickly anadolu yakası escort poured all of both into a tall glass and took it back to the shower with me. MMM nothing like a hot shower and a cold drink. I sat on the bench letting the water fall between my legs, resting my head back, thinking about all the hot things we’d said to each other over the months. If he’s really the way he says he is, I mean.. how could he not be? It’s either your nature or it’s not, you can’t make up the things he said if it’s not a part of who you are. Though I would have liked to spend a whole week end in this hotel room with him, a few hours would have to do. On my return perhaps we would make other arrangements. The layover is always the same long 4 hours but I would be in no hurry to return home. I forced the thought of scrambling to do my hair and make-up, knowing there would be no time. It wasn’t about image at this point anyway, right? We’d both seen enough pics of each other to know. Having finished half the strong screwdriver, a fitting name i thought, as i couldn’t help but grin, I was setting it down on the shelf as I could see a vague outline of him standing there with only a matted glass shower door between us. He opened it calmly, staring at me with a smile. I said nothing. Legs spread, my nipples hard from all the scenarios rushing through my mind, drenched from the now steamy hot shower. I just sat there waiting for his move.He stepped away from my sight for what seemed like minutes, then reappeared completely nude and beautiful, just like his pictures. His cock was hard and standing flush with his stomach, with a slight curve to it. I assumed he was going to join me, but instead he reached for my hand. I offered it to him and gruffly he pulled me to my feet, leaving the drink on the shelf and the water running.. leading me to one of the two large beds.Whispering how glad he was to finally see me, brushing the wet hair out of my eyes, touching my body ever so gently, I listened as slight sounds escaped pendik escort me when he would say something that sent a rush through my body. I was getting wet again, only this time, it was beyond physical attraction, it was a craving. I wanted it all and I wanted it all at once. My mind spun unable to organize my thoughts, as he layed on his side with his head propped up with one arm, in complete control of me. His fingers brushed against my stomach very deliberately, as my body revealed my passion for his expert touch. He could see my response was exactly what he wanted, in order to work with me the way he planned. He continued to speak softly to me about all the things he was going to do with me, to me… and all the things I was going to do for him. I layed there freezing, wet, nipples erect, goose bumps all over but not about to change a thing. There was something erotic about being as cold as I was for some reason. Perhaps the reason was he was clearly aware of how cold I was, and had decided to leave me that way. Before long, he stood up, walked to the foot of our bed and pulled me to the edge. On his knees, he began to lick me like a cat. long thick hungry strokes of his tongue from my ass to my clit over and over. I felt so good inside, mind and body, forcing the image of the man in the jet pretending not to be aware of me in the dimly lit frenzy I had worked myself into earlier. As he licked, my mind began to slow, until I became only aware of the sensation he was giving me. His breath, how he blew on my tender exposed flesh to re-ignite the chills, then began to lick either side of my clit quickly and firmly as it became progressively more inflamed. He took his time, which only made me relax into his talent more. I could then feel his tongue and gently his teeth on my ass licking sucking biting perfectly as i squeezed my breasts tightly moaning in pure pleasure and desire for more. Lifting myself to reach him more easily, he became more aroused and proceded to eat me like an a****l. This drove me crazy tuzla escort as my legs began to squeeze his head, i took one hand and pressed hard on my clit with two fingers just to stop the rush. What he was doing to my ass, was why I now consider it my new “G Spot” for sure. Nobody had ever given me so much pleasure for so long before in one specific area. No concern for me to cum, just feasting on me for his own delight. This released me. My mind was his. He moved his body forward now, almost on top of me, while he kept my legs open for him to enter his beautiful cock inside me. Oh my God I needed this so bad it was impossible to put into words. His flesh within my own. Where it belonged. I know words came out of me though my memory of them is too vague. He filled me up in every way moving himself in and out, pressing himself against me hard with every thrust, holding it there, working it around, releasing, then hitting me hard again, as I lifted myself with every thrust, moving my hips in sync with his grinding movements. Moments later his mouth was on my pussy again. licking, pulling the lips with his teeth gently, squeezing my swollen clittoris between his lips, clamping on and sucking while batting it with his tongue at the same time with two fingers working the upper wall just beneath my pubic bone hard and fast. His breath became quickened with mine which made me crazy, then at once I could feel my whole body tremble and quake from the inside out, a rush of fluids shot through me like … like mercury when smashed into a thousand pieces. You could see and feel my stomach going into contraction after contraction as I moaned so loud I’m sure anyone on the other side of our walls could hear. He stayed there, breathing on me, fingers still inside feeling the contractions start to subside as I caught my breath. Within maybe a few minutes, he licked his sexy fingers for me to see, then began to lick and suck the juices that were flowing out of me. Though still rock hard, he seemed satisfied with himself, rising to his feet with ease staring down at me with that same great smile, reaching for my hand. I sat up at his suggestion, then rising to my feet. He leaned down, his lips meeting mine, as we fell into a passionate kiss. leading me back to the running shower… He turned up the heater on his way…To be continued

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