Trip to San Diego

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Trip to San Diego”I’m not very comfortable with this”. “Relax boo, you wanted to go to the next level, right? Besides,I know you’re curious and intrigued, because I know you”.”But this…It’s too soon”.”Like you told me once, you will never know, if you don’t justjump out into the water and test your comfort level. You’ll justsettle and never know what could have been”.”Oh, you’re using my words against me now. Ha. But this isn’tthe same thing”.”What’s so different? The principle is the same right? Besidesyour nipples are protruding substantially in that thin pink halter top, so you must be somewhat excited”.”It’s cold out here. Of course they’re going to be hard”.”Yeah right. Okay cold”, you said, grabbing them and giving thema hard twist. I could feel my privates stirring at your crazy talk and the way you were becoming increasingly aggressive. In other words,you just weren’t giving a fuck anymore, and that was turning me on.You knocked on the door of the condo and a very large, thuglikeguy full of tattoos and muscles, greeted us with a sinister looking leer. The two of you greeted each other like you were old friends, doing that crazy hand shake that guys do. He then turned his attention to me and give me a kiss on the cheek, taking my hand in his and lead us into the large, air’y living room, adorned with large vaulted ceilings and beautiful view of the beach. Impressive. I was feeling uneasy. I don’t know if it was because I was afraid of the situation, or afraid I was beginning to like the idea. He didn’t hesitate, as he sat down beside me and took my face in his large hands and thrust his tongue at my mouth. I kept my mouth closed, and he looked at me with a bewildered look, saying, “Just relax baby, It’s okay”. I softened against him, and slowly opened my mouth, accepting his tongue. He was kissing me hard. With a hunger. By this time, my protests were weaker and I was only whimpering now, knowing what was to happen. This man would have his way with me and the throbbing and moistness in my pussy betrayed any apprehension, or uncertainty I may have had. I was going to give it to him. Anyway hewanted it. He pulled my halter top off and grabbed the exposed breastroughly. He was squeezing and pawing them hard, finally tweaking the nipple so hard I squealed. He said, “You like that didn’t you? Think how it will feel with my son or daughter sucking those nipples”. A look of shock crossed both our faces, and he said, “You didn’t think I was going to use a rubber did you”?Tearing the remains of the halter from my body, he forced me to my knees, tightly holding my hair. He ordered me to unzip bahis siteleri him and pull it out. I protested, “Wait! This is not…”, I started, but before I could get it out,he slapped me hard across the cheek. He ordered me again, and this time I complied. As I pulled it out, my eyes widened with fear. It’s one thing to talk about this in a fantasy, but the reality frightened me. From the look on your face, I knew the same though was going through your mind. you’re about ten inches and kind of thick, but he was at least f******n, maybe fifteen or sixteen inches long and almost thick as a beer can, and he wasn’t even hard yet. Seeing the look on our faces, he said, “Yeah, bitch, I’m gonna put that in you, everywhere in you. Say, wait a minute. You boy. Stand up and drop your pants”. As you did so, he sneered, “I thought so. From the look on her face, I figured she ain’t never seen one this size before”! he noticed that your dick was hard, and said, “Maybe I will let you fuck her after I am done, but she may not want your puny dick any more”!!He pulled my head towards his limp cock, and I opened my mouth without resistance. As he moved his hips back and forth, he began to get hard.It was even bigger than I thought. “Tell him how much you like it bitch”!”Mmmmm, I like it baby”.”Tell him like you mean it, you fucking slut”, he said, grabbing me by the throat, and slapping my face with his heavy dick. “Mmmphh, gaphh, I love this big ass black nasty dick, baby, fucking my slutty mouth, I said, squeezing it as best I could making it swell even more. “Look how hardhis little faggot ass dick is. You probably want to suck it too….Don’t you?Faggot ass bitch nigga. Watch this son”, he snarled, face fucking me harder, and grinding my little mouth on his pronounced excitement.I began to gag as he forced his meat into my throat, but soon learned how to breathe through the nose. I watched this man throatfucking me, as the spittle drool ran down my chin, and the look of cruel pleasure on his face, was getting me hot. I also noticed the drops of precum forming at the tip of your dick. I guess we were both aroused from this violation because the hair around my pussy was wet, as I began playing with my hard clit. Seeing you get aroused was starting to piss me off, and mademe want to be his bitch. Giving away what was once yours.”I’m tired of your teeth scratching my dick, bitch. Let’s see if you’re ready for some real man-meat!”With that he reached down and found my pussy very wet, and said, “I knew you would like this, you little slut! Now you’re gonna get what you have been waiting all your life canlı bahis for”! I was speechless, but my body was screaming. He pushed me down over the arm of the couch, so my hips were elevated. He began raking my body with his fingernails, eliciting squeals of pain and pleasure as every nerve in my body seemed to be ultra sensitive. He then stuck his finger in my pussy and began moving it in and out. By this time, my hips were moving in time with his strokes, and I knew I was close to cumming. He was fingering me hard. Harder than even you did in Las Vegas. “Gotdamn bitch! Look at the size of that fucking clit. You a freak ain’t ya”, he said, sticking another finger into my virgin asshole, moving both fingers faster and faster, making me moan louder and louder. Unlike in Las Vegas though…. “Ooohhhh, oh, Agghhhhh, Eiiiieee, AGHHHHHHHHIIIIEEEE”!!!!! I didn’t hold back and came in a wave of convulsions that lasted for several minutes, spraying his hand with a gush of cum that shocked me and scared me at the same time, since I had never cum that hard in my life. He said, “Now, it is my turn”.He moved his hips online with mine and guided the tip of his dick into my pussy. My eyes widened at his invasion, but he merely wiped my juices around his cock and plunged inside with one stroke. I screamed at this violent stretching of my womanhood and kept squealing as he relentlessly pounded me. “Feels good, don’t it? You have the tightest pussy”. In and out he moved in me, and then he threw my legs over his shoulders, in order to punish me more. Again, I screamed with the deeper penetration, but this time with orgasm. I grabbed hold of his his ass cheeks, my fingernails digging into them. “FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME”!!!!My body trembled and shook with my orgasm, and I watched your hand moving up and down the shaft of your dick. I knew at that time you wouldn’t be getting anymore of this pussy. I screamed again, with another orgasm, as your cum spilled over your hand and onto the floor.He said, “Okay slut! I am going to fill all your tight hole with my cum, until it can hold no more”. I gasped, “Please, no, don’t do that! How could you”? “Because I am a mean man and love breeding you slut bitches. When I leave I am leaving all of this seed in you so you can remember this time for the rest of your life. Soon your tits will ache and fill with milk and you will feel the growing seed deep in your pussy.My seed. A seed worthy of growing. Not his”!I was too far gone by this point, because I wanted it. I wanted to be his slut. His whore. His bitch. I wanted to have his bastard baby.”YES….YES……FUUUUUUCK güvenilir bahis MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! AGGGGHHHHHHIIIEEEE”!!!!He continues to move, and with one hard and deep thrust, his cum begins to spew into me, shooting hard against my walls, filling me until it runs down my ass. He kept pounding me, ensuring that his cum penetrated my cervix and the sperm moved inside. Finally, he stopped, with his dick plugging my invaded pussy, keeping his fertile juices inside of me, to make sure I got pregnant. I had never felt a dick hit my back wall. I finally knew what it felt like and I liked it. Yet, he was not finished. “I did say she was going to get it everywhere, didn’t I?” He roughly flipped me over, ass up, and positioned himself to fuck my virginal asshole.I had asked you to be my first when we went to Jamaica, but you pussied out. As he put himself in the very opening, I screamed in pain, but he smiled and laughed and plunged deep inside! I fainted from the sensation of so many nerve endings set afire as the length of his dick, which must have beens*******n inches or so by now, disappeared inside. He began pounding into me like a rag doll, I wasn’t feeling it though. I had transcended thepoint of pain and was floating in euphoria. He shuddered, shot another huge load up my swollen, destroyed asshole.Not content with the damage he has inflicted upon me, he slapped me awake. “Clean me up, bitch! I think I want some more of that pussy! Grabbing me by the hair, he brought my head to his meat and again forced himself inside my mouth, moving back and forth until he was again hard. I could taste myself on him as he grew even larger than before.He pushed me back down on the couch roughly, and fucked me harder this time, holding my ass and moving my pussy on his dick to meet his thrusts. Soon, again, I was moaning in orgasm and soon, you were too. Shooting another load on the floor. You took me there. There was no turning back.After he finished, he stood over me, with his dick still hanging menacingly low. Looking at the mass of dishevelled hair framing my puffy eyes, my bruised and swollen tits, my legs wide apart, showing once pink flesh that was now deep red and coated with his white cum. Seven months later, as I was sitting on the sofa, I wondered what you were thinking. I still loved you, but things had never been the same. On the end table there is a package of baby clothes that he brought by one day. Of course, he had to again make love with me, while you were forced to watch. It was now lovemaking because I enjoyed it. Sometimes he would bring a few friends over with him to play. Looking at the bulge of my stomach, and the milk swollen breasts, which hung low to my waist now, two fat and round 56 EEE cup milk sacks capped withthumb sized nipples, I know what I’m thinking – and remembering…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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