Unexpected visitor………….

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Unexpected visitor………….So Tony had left and I was a fully satisfied girl, although naked under my white silk robe with the exception of my black kitten heels I felt at one. Alexander, my wife’s lover was coming for supper, I had all day to prepare. I poured myself a stiff gin and pondered where I had come in the last month. My transformation from software engineer to beautiful woman was slowly coming on. My breasts were small but pert, my weight loss accentuated their size and my hips although male were sufficiently rounded to be passable. The treatments at the spa had removed all unwanted hair, with eyelash extensions in place and my hair slowly growing out I was becoming more and more female. No more treatments for now but bigger breasts were a must to maintain a good figure. I applied the suction cups and lent back to enjoy the pleasure they gave. After 2 hours of breast development I decided to shower and complete some on line shopping. I bought some larger bras and a new basque. I also contacted a local butchers and ordered some steaks for immediate delivery. I had a little over 2 hours before they were delivered and decided to change and get ready for the evening.After a shower and freshen up I choose a deep coral dress, it had a silk slip and was a lace trimmed affair that was halter neck, It had a deep vee at the back so wearing a bra was not an option. I selected a cream silk wide band suspender belt and lace top stockings, as I slid these over my legsI could feel my cock stiffen. I choose a pair of nude shade lace tight fitting boy shorts and after tucking my cock neatly out of sight stepped into a tight fitting pair of nude shade 5 inch platform stilettos and I looked in the mirror I was a vision of femininity. I applied foundation, a light lipgloss and a bronze eye shadow, a grey eye liner and I looked fabulous. I sauntered own stairs and began laying the table……The butcher delivery was due time soon so I needed to crack on. The table was laid with a crisp white linen table cloth, 3 places, steak knives, wine glasses and a vase of redress completed the table. I walked through to the kitchen and was disturbed by repeated banging at the front door. I hurried through and on opening the door was greeted by a young blonde haired lad of mid teens, he pushed in an closing the door said thank you, the bullies were chasing me and I thought you might help. He appeared frightened and timid. They keep calling me faggot and being horrid to me, he began to cry and dissolved into maraş rus escort my arms. I wiped away his tears and holding him repeated shish in his ear. He soften in my arms and looking at me said sorry miss, I’ll be on my way when they have gone. What’s your name, I asked. David he smiled raising his face to mine. He had longish blonde hair and the brightest blue eyes I had seen in a while. Well David I said, come in have a drink and when you feel safe you can be on your way. He was wearing charcoal grey trousers, a blue blazer, all betraying his local school heritage. He walked into the kitchen and turning to me said cool place you have her. Thanks I replied.I gently touched his face and wiped the tears away. How old are you I asked. 18 he replied, my birthday was last week. I poured him a cold drink and asked why he was being bullied, he began to cry again and taking his hand I led him into the lounge. Sitting him down I said, try talking about it, it might help David. He looked frightened and then taking a large gulp of his squash, looked me up and down and then said he had always felt different from the other boys, he liked pretty things, he then reached out and touching the hem of my dress said, for instance I love this colour you are wearing,with your tights and shoes they compliment each other. I interrupted him and lifting the hem of the dress said stockings darling, all good girls wear stockings. We smiled at each other. I have only ever worn tights he said. And standing he unbuttoned his trousers and as they dropped to the floor he displayed his legs and cock encased in a pair of tan tights. He had the beginnings of an erection. I decided to follow suit and standing up pulled the hem of my dress exposing my stocking tops,hsuspenderbelt and pantie front. I reached between my legs and pulling my own cock to the front guided his young face to my cock. He looked up at me and his blue eyes lit up. I have never done this before, he said. Neither had I until the first time I replied. He seemed unsure so I tucked my cock away and said.Would you like to try some stockings on, have a little dress up session. Yes please he replied.Taking his hand I led him up to my lair, as we entered my room I drew the curtains and being mid afternoon there was a seductive light to the room. David quickly undressed and stood before me naked. He was very slight build with long legs and an almost hairless body. I decided pretty pink would be the perfect colour. maraş rus escort bayan I selected a very girly entourage of suspender belt, white lace top stockings, a pink thong and my smallest bra. He struggled to put the suspender belt on and clipping on the lace tops. I explained and he dressed slowly. His feet were the same size and I selected a pair of low sling backs, the very ones I had been earlier wearing. The door bullring and excusing myself went to see who it was. The expected meat had arrived and I quickly paid and got id of the cute delivery boy.On returning upstairs quietly I spied David, he was standing infant of my full length mirror slowly masturbating. As I walked in he did not stop. I walked over to my dressing table and sat down. I reached behind my neck and unzipping my dress slipped it off. I sat there in my fine underwear and releasing my cock began to slowly wank. I motioned to David and he walked over slowly and a little uncomfortably in low heels. I opened my mouth and took his smallish cock into the warmth. He slowly thrust his hips pushing the full length of his cock into my mouth. It barely reached my throat and It was not long before a short but powerful orgasm flooded his body. I swallowed the small amount of sperm he produced. He then looked ashamed and wanted to undress and leave quickly. I didn’t stop him but as he put his uniform back on I offered a dressing opportunity, with make up sessions included and a safe haven whenever he wanted it. He thanked me and said he would think about it. I was all hot and bothered but wanted to save myself for later. I showed him to the door and he left silently mumbling thanks as he left.I busied myself with dinner preparation and all was under control as Mistress arrived home. Wow she said you look lovely, she kissed me full on the lips and rubbed my ass, it felt good to feel like a woman. She disappeared upstairs for a bath and to change. I took the opportunity to refresh my perfume and touch up my lipstick.Alexander arrived a short while later and Mistress was not down. I fixed him a drink and having pecked me on the cheek, given me a cold bottle of champagne and some flowers we went through into the conservatory. He complimented me on my look and was greedily feasting his eyes as I seductively let my dress ride up and expose some stocking top.Mistress came down and was wearing a long black dress, clearly no bra, very high black patent stray stilettos, a lot rus escort maraş of make up and looked very seductive. Alexanders eyes nearly popped out of his head. He walked over to my wife and kissed her fully on the mouth. His hands were all over her. I busied myself in the kitchen with final food preparation and then announcing the meal as ready we moved into the dining room. Alexander was seated at the head of the table with his two women facing each other.I sipped my wine seductively and as I put the glass downslide one of my shoes off. I reached my foot over straining the hem of my dressing slowly rubbed Alexanders crotch, he looked at mistress so I tapped his cock. He then looked over at me and I smiled at him. Mistress had not noticed and I continued the rhythmic massage and felt his cock stiffen under my stocking clad foot. He reached under the table and ran his hand up my leg, continuing his conversation with mistress. As starters finished I excused myself and got up from the table and wiggled into the kitchen, As I busied my final prep for the main I popped back in to find out how Alexander liked his steak. As I walked into the dinning room, Alexander was busy groping and deep kissing my wife. I coughed and they broke off, steaksI said, hands on my hips, how would you like it done Alexander….. Oh medium he replied. I winked at mistress and noticed her hands were busy in Alexanders lap.I finished the steaks and brought them through. They were hurriedly eaten and then I excused myself to tidy the kitchen and used the opportunity to quickly douche myself in anticipation of more meat to follow…..When I walked into the lounge with after dinner drinks mistress was kneeling on the floor in front of Alexander with a mouthful of cock. He was reclined and his eyes were closed. I walked over and putting the tray down silently, kissed him full on the mouth. He responded and kissed me back passionately his tongue exploring my mouth. He reached forward and sliding his hand into my dress began to massage my pert breasts. Repeatedly tweaking my nipples. The pleasure was so good. I felt a hand snaking up my leg and knew it was mistress, she scratched my gusset and pushed a finger against my ready lubed anus, I wriggled and he easily inserted 3 fingers and began to anally finger fuck me. I stepped away and unzipping my dress let it fall to the floor. Alexander gasped and said, I have seen so many pictures of Lady boys and shameless but never thought I would get the pleasure. Mistress stood up and taking her dress off stood there in her hold up, thong and braless, she moved towards me and clamped her mouth on my already hard nipple. She began to suck hungrily, she looked at Alexander and said, what are you waiting for.I stood in my heels and enjoyed being serviced by my wife and her lover……To be continued………..

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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