Wake Up Lisa Mitchell Ch. 21

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***Apologies for the delay, things in my daily life are a little more demanding than in the past. I hope you enjoy this chapter.

Chapter 21

“Stretch my pussy, fuck me harder Mark!” Lisa exclaimed.

The young man was sweating as he pumped the busty brunette faster and deeper.

“Oh yes, mm, fuck,” she moaned as the walls of her pussy hugged his shaft.

Both of them were breathing heavily and sweating from the intensity of their intimacy.

“I’m cumming, oh my god, I’m cumming,” Mrs. Mitchell pushed back against his cock as she felt her orgasm take over her body.

Mark felt the walls of her sweet velvet box contracting on his cock, causing him to shoot his seed deep inside her womb.

Lisa Mitchell jerked up in bed. Her dream felt very real. She looked to her left and next to her was emptiness where her husband would lay.

The busty brunette caught her breath before going to the kitchen to get a glass of water. She felt confused about her dream. Lisa reached down between her legs and could feel her panties soaked.

“What am I doing?” she thought to herself before going back to her bedroom. Thoughts of Mark Lipscomb made it difficult for her to sleep throughout the rest of the night.

The next day was a blur for Mrs. Mitchell. With Ryan out of town for the week, her guilt was more subdued, but her lust for Mark had grown more than she could’ve imagined. Once she made it home, the confusion of desire, lust, and love kept Mrs. Mitchell restless a second night.

Even though she was able to get a little bit of sleep, the desire and lust were prominent enough that as lunch came the following day, she texted her former boss.

(Lisa): Hi…

Mark was busy with a client and didn’t have time to respond to her message immediately, leaving Lisa to wonder if she’d made a mistake. A few hours later he responded.

(Mark): Hey Lisa

Mrs. Mitchell felt a sense of calm and nervousness.

(Lisa): How are you?

(Mark): I’m fine, what can I do for you?

Mr. Lipscomb smiled about the fact that she reached out, and also about the fact that he might know why.

(Lisa): I….

(Mark): Would you like to meet?

(Lisa): Yes

The banking branch manager was glad that her former boss completed her thought.

(Mark): Meet me at Zucca tonight after work

(Lisa): Okay, sure

The handsome young man put his phone down and thought of how far they had come. He still was pondering what to do next to push Lisa towards learning about her sexuality. Her contacting him threw Mark a little off track, but also gave him a chance to buy more time.

Mrs. Mitchell finished work and headed towards the restaurant/bar. Mark was already there and texted Lisa on where to find him. Once she parked, the beautiful brunette touched up her makeup and then entered.

The restaurant/bar was a trendy place and packed for the evening. Mrs. Mitchell found Mark and they embraced in a hug. Mr. Lipscomb gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek before ordering drinks and appetizers.

A few minutes after they had partially finished their drinks, the two of them felt a tap on the shoulder.

“Hey guys!” said the woman’s voice.

Mark and Lisa both turned around and saw Samantha, the photographer from Madam Boudoir standing there.

“Hey there!” Mark replied smiling. She was reminding him of those times when he was blackmailing his former employee into becoming what he had her so close to now.

“Hey Samantha,” Lisa said, smiling as well.

“What are you up to? Have you thought about another session any time soon?” Samantha asked.

“Not real…” Lisa started to say before Mark cut her off.

“Yet. Not yet. We don’t know if we want to do something more erotic or what,” he said, wrapping his arm around Mrs. Mitchell’s lower waist.

She could feel him taking control of the conversation but his touch felt like he was taking power over her as well.

“You should! Oh, I’ve switched to freelance and would love for you to model for me again. I could also pay you?” Samantha said, smiling at Lisa and Mark.

“That would be fantastic. Wow! Thank you for the offer,” Mark exclaimed.

“Excellent! Quick question though. Is there a problem if I send them to some agencies as well? I’m looking to get contracted and build my book of business in the process,” Samantha added.

Mrs. Mitchell was a little shocked and knew that if Mark said yes, her pictures would be shared with random people. Still, feeling his control of the situation, Lisa waited and accepted whatever he would say.

“Oh, hmmm, let me see. Well, compensation would have to be right for us to do this,” Mark replied.

“I understand. What about two hundred and fifty a shoot?” Samantha followed.

Mark’s eyebrows raised as did Lisa’s curiosity. He replied, “Sure…that sounds acceptable.”

Lisa, Samantha, and Mark created a group chat before the photographer left the couple alone.

“I know you probably think I was being ridiculous almanbahis but you are a stunning woman. I think you will see that this is going to open some amazing opportunities for you,” Mark said to Lisa just as their appetizers arrived.

They ate and discussed some conversations about lending for Patrick and his clients.

It was a few hours in and the restaurant was still busy. Both Mark and Lisa were facing the bar again before he moved behind her right side and pressed the side of his body up against his treat for the night.

Lisa could feel his manhood rub her right butt cheek. He moved in close to her right ear and whispered, “Where do you want to fuck tonight?”

Mrs. Mitchell closed her eyes to take a deep breath. She inhaled his intoxicating musk cologne while feeling the heat from his closeness. She wanted to have him but didn’t think he would pose this question.

“I don’t know,” she whispered back in his direction, enough for him to hear.

Mark Lipscomb was savvy and smart. He also was curious to learn from Lisa how much she wanted him.

“Do you want to tell me or do you want me to tell you?” he asked with a hint of seriousness.

Lisa couldn’t decide on where or what to say so she deferred to his choice. Without telling her where, Mark asked for the bill and escorted the mature woman outside of the restaurant.

“Lisa, where did you park?” he asked in a polite but stern tone.

Mrs. Mitchell pointed in the direction of where her vehicle was. Mark’s hand which was on the small of her back gave her a light push to lead them there.

He requested the key from her and asked her to get in the car. The suspense had Lisa nervous but also somewhat aroused. She was curious to know where she could feel Mark inside her and make her reach climax.

The young man was at a crossroads mentally. He had two choices ping-ponging back and forth in his head. Once he started the car he posed a question to Lisa, “So, tell me what you’d like, do you like it when I tell you what to do?”

Lisa looked at him and then gazed down. Her pussy was throbbing at the thought of him controlling her, telling her what he wanted, submitting herself to him. Mark took her silence and look as confirmation of his thoughts. Not only was she reaching out to him, but she was reaching out wanting to be dominated.

Mr. Lipscomb found this to be a very curious situation for the two of them and had a realization. When they were in the hotel room and he “punished” her with the toy, she acted very differently as the evening went on.

A smile crossed his face as he drove them to where he felt would be best. At a red light, Mark told Lisa to take off her panties. Mrs. Mitchell hesitated some but as the car started to move she did as he said.

Mark placed a hand on her left knee, gently caressing the inside of her smooth skin. She could feel the cold air hit the wetness between her legs. Lisa’s mind was consumed by her lover’s touch that she didn’t realize where they were.

Her former boss took his hand off of her and parked the car. Lisa looked in front of her, shocked at where he had brought them. Mr. Lipscomb pushed the button to open the garage, parking inside. Mark turned the car off and got out of the vehicle, leaving his door open. Mrs. Mitchell’s heart was racing. She could hear and feel the thumping in her chest due to how she was feeling.

Mr. Lipscomb walked towards a button and pushed it. Lisa vaguely heard the noise that was coming from the garage door as it shut behind the car. Mark walked over to her side of the vehicle and opened the door. He held out his hand waiting for Lisa to use his support.

She took a deep breath to compose herself before grabbing his hand and stepping out of her car. Never did she think that she would be here with Mark.

They were inside the Mitchell’s garage. Lisa nervously stood there, wondering what would be next.

“Unbutton your blouse,” Mark said softly.

Lisa fumbled with the buttons of her top, eventually getting it unbuttoned. Mark pressed his body up against hers and kissed the busty brunette. Lisa closed her eyes and slowly started to kiss him back. His embrace started to relax her nerves.

The garage was already warm but was getting warmer due to the recently parked car. Mrs. Mitchell’s back was now up against the rear passenger door and window as they made out. Lisa was now more focused on the man in front of her than the location.

He broke their kiss and serenaded her neck and chest until his hands and mouth were focused on her bra-supported boobs. Lisa moaned, slowly throwing her head back as he pulled her boobs out and played with her nipples.

She was now in a place where her attention was directly on the man in front of her. Lisa slowly reached down and undid his belt. Mark took one of her nipples in his mouth, sucking and licking it.

“Ah, mm,” Lisa moaned again. Her hands moved to his head, encouraging him to lick and suck her areolas and big boobs.

Their almanbahis giriş bodies were now a little hotter from the contained heat and passion in the garage.

Mark released her boobs from his hands and mouth. He stepped back and unbuttoned his shirt, looking at Lisa’s blue eyes. She lustfully stared back lightly biting her lower lip. Her former boss quickly undressed down to his boxers and spoke to the sexy banker.

“Take off your blouse and bra,” he said, giving off a sense of power.

Lisa pulled off her blouse, placing it on the top of the car. She unclasped her bra, pulling it off her shoulders. Mrs. Mitchell then placed it on the hood of her car.

Mark stepped towards her and pushed down on her shoulders, implying he wanted her down on her knees. Lisa understood, she slipped out of her high-heels and knelt on the warm concrete.

Mrs. Mitchell looked up at her former boss ready for his next direction. Mark bent down and kept his gaze on her beautiful blue eyes, kissing the busty beauty deeply. The passion of the kiss caused Lisa to lean up slightly.

Mark pulled away and stood up, watching Mrs. Mitchell catch her breath. His arms now to his sides. Mr. Lipscomb looked down towards the tent in his boxers and back at Lisa. The eye contact was enough for her to understand what was next.

Lisa was salivating at the chance to taste her lover. She reached for his boxers with her soft hands, slowly and gently pulling down his underwear. His penis pointed forward, now free from the grasp of the cotton garment.

The busty brunette sat up and kissed his abdomen. Her soft lips touched down his fit abs while her hands rubbed Mark’s upper thighs. Mrs. Mitchell felt his cock rub against her boobs. Her former boss’s thick shaft felt nice and warm to the mature beauty.

Lisa found her way to his hard-on, serenading it with kisses before licking the side of his shaft. The former banker emitting a light moan. She felt his cock pulsate as her tongue danced up and down his girth. She moved to the other side to do the same.

“Good girl,” Mark said. Her blowjob skills seemed to be getting better and better every time.

Mrs. Mitchell swirled her tongue on the tip of his cock, tasting some of his pre-cum. Lisa lightly kissed the tip before she sucked on the head of his member.

He wouldn’t have ever imagined being here at this moment. Lisa was on her knees in her garage sucking him off. The stacked woman opened her warm mouth, taking more of his thickness in her mouth. Her head bobbed up and down, and the sound of her pleasuring him filled the warm garage.

Mrs. Mitchell released his cock from her mouth, holding up his shaft. She leaned in and licked his inner thighs, lightly kissing near his balls.

Before Lisa could suck on his jewels, Mark gently grabbed her head and leaned in again to kiss her. Their tongues danced in the heat of the moment once more. Mr. Lipscomb broke the embrace, this time helping the busty brunette up on her feet. He couldn’t wait much longer to fuck her.

Mark pinned Lisa against the car, this time with her tits pressed up against the window. He slowly unzipped her skirt and pulled it down off her hips, letting it puddle around her feet. Then he reached between her legs and rubbed her wet mound.

“Ah,” Lisa closed her eyes and gasped as he touched her sex.

Both of them were naked as Mark kissed behind her ear while playing with her pussy. The heat was rising in the Mitchell’s garage even more due to the intimacy between the former boss and employee. You could visibly see a thin layer of sweat now developing.

Mr. Lipscomb gently pulled Lisa towards him, away from the car. He moved his hands to her boobs, massaging them slowly. Lisa slowly threw her head back on his shoulder, her ass gyrating now against his groin.

The big-breasted brunette was ready and Mark could tell. He kissed her again before leading her to the front of the car, “Bend over so I can fuck your tight pussy,” he told her.

Lisa lifted her head and walked toward the side of her car. She bent over as told and spread her legs slightly. Mark rubbed his thick shaft against her mound before pressing it into her pussy. Mrs. Mitchell gasped in pleasure as she felt his cock touch the inside walls of her sex.

“Mm,” she moaned while bent over the front of her car. Lisa closed her eyes as she felt the warmth of his shaft fit perfectly in her sex.

The young man slowly and steadily started to thrust in and out of the mature woman. She grunted and moaned as her former boss fucked her. Mark sped up some while spanking her ass with a little force.

“Oh!” Mrs. Mitchell yelped. Her left rear cheek showed a little redness.

Mark fucked her some more before he pulled out of the busty brunette. Lisa felt her juices running down the inside of her thighs as she stood up. Mr. Lipscomb led her to another spot on her car.

Mrs. Mitchell laid semi-diagonal across the hood before spreading her legs almanbahis yeni giriş to give Mark access to her honeypot. He pulled her closer to the edge of the vehicle, holding the back of her thighs and penetrating her sex.

They both grunted and moaned as they fucked. Lisa’s hot and sweaty body glistened in the pale light which was from the open doors of the car. As he pumped the brunette’s 34F tits moved up and down her chest. Lisa grabbed them, rubbing and squeezing her nipples as her pussy continued to get pounded by the young stud.

Her former boss had worked up quite a sweat himself and his fit body looked sexy to the mature woman. As much as she wanted to continue feeling him inside her, she wanted him to know how much she was appreciating his effort. Lisa gently pressed her legs forward and placed her hand on Mark’s chest. The young man stopped and pulled out of his former employee.

Mrs. Mitchell’s French tip nails and soft fingers grazed Mark’s fit chest before she put her elbows on the car to lift herself. Lisa kneeled near her passenger side front tire. Gently, she took a hold of her lover’s shaft and licked off her sweet juices. The mature woman kissed his manhood before taking him deep in her mouth, bobbing her head back and forth.

Mark was in pure pleasure as Lisa licked and sucked him for a few minutes. He grabbed the back of her head and took control of the stimulating moment. With his cock still in her mouth, Mark slowly pushed it towards the back of her throat. Lisa gagged and coughed before he released her head. The busty brunette leaned back, coughing some before and catching her breath. Instead of waiting for him to do this to her again, she went back in for more.

Mr. Lipscomb was surprised by her desire and did this a few more times before Lisa sat back on her heels. She wiped the tears which had welled up in her eyes. Her eyeliner was a little smeared but she wasn’t done. The action triggered something in her that she hadn’t felt before. Lisa wanted to pleasure Mark further.

Mrs. Mitchell pushed Mark up against her car. Her saliva was all over Mr. Lipscomb’s cock with a little string starting to dribble down from the tip. Lisa leaned under it and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. She followed this string up till the head of his shaft was in her mouth and sucked tightly.

“Oh fuck!” Mark exclaimed in pleasure as he watched her. He locked eyes with hers and noticed that her stare was similar to the last time they were in a hotel.

Lisa looked up at him as if she was a predator ready to attack her prey. The busty brunette pushed Mark’s penis up against his abdomen, leaning in to suck his balls.

Mrs. Mitchell buried her face between her former boss’s legs. Mark moaned as he felt her lick, suck, and kiss his testicles. The young man couldn’t have imagined this a few months ago. Her soft hands jerked him off as she continued her affection for his jewels. If anyone would’ve walked up towards the garage door, they would’ve heard the sounds of passion.

Mark gently grabbed Lisa’s head and looked deeply into her eyes. He leaned in and kissed her, their tongues wrestled as their lips locked. Mr. Lipscomb guided her up and they made out some more. He guided her to the backseat of the car. Mrs. Mitchell bent over to give him access to her sex.

Her lover gently pushed his cock into her lovebox with ease. Mark slowly fucked the mature brunette. She grunted and moaned quietly. He caressed her smooth ass, gripping it to help him increase his pace. Mrs. Mitchell pushed back against his cock as they fucked harder. Again, Mark felt the sweat build up from the pace.

Lisa’s moans and grunts became louder as her ass cheeks rippled from the thrusts of her lover. Mark spanked her, causing Lisa to yelp. Both of them were breathing faster. A moment later Mr. Lipscomb pulled out and asked Lisa to lay on her back.

He climbed into the car and aligned himself on top of her. He used the back of the driver’s seat to help him balance before driving his cock deep into her sex.

“Oh god,” Lisa moaned as she moved her hands to her tits, squeezing her nipples.

Mark started to fuck her faster, placing his hands on hers as she played with herself. Lisa’s breathing sped up more, signaling to her love that she was close. Mrs. Mitchell’s former boss leaned in and kissed her while moving his right hand to the outside of her left leg.

As he kissed her ear and neck, the sensitivity pushed Lisa closer to orgasm.

“Mm, ah” she moaned.

“Cum on my cock baby,” Mr. Lipscomb whispered in her ear as he continued.

“Oh, mm, fuck,” Lisa cooed in pleasure. She wanted to cum and could feel herself getting close.

“Hug my shaft with your tight pussy baby,” he continued. Feeling that his words were affecting her as well.

Mrs. Mitchell grunted and wrapped her arms around Mark’s neck, pulling him close.

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, I’m going to cum, fuck me,” she said between moans and grunts.

Mark continued his pace, eventually pushing Lisa towards orgasm. She gyrated and humped back as her climax hit like a bolt of lightning. Mr. Lipscomb could feel her pussy squeeze and pulse on his cock. Lisa’s eyes were closed as she continue to feel the electricity from her high.

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