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Subject: Webcamming with my brother. Chapter 3 Webcamming with my brother. Chapter 3 Disclaimers: Everything you read in this story is my intellectual property and as such should be treated with utmost respect. The people described are not living, breathing human beings mind you. They exist only in the realm of pure imagination. The people described in the story do not really exist, but are rather the combination of several different people. Thus they do not exist. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO REAL PEOPLE IS ENTIRELY COINCIDENTAL ON MY PART. All other disclaimers/rules/procedures apply. If you are under the legal age of viewing this material (depending upon where you live, that could be any age) please direct yourself to something else that will occupy your time. I’ve read plenty of Nifty stories over the years, and have enjoyed many of the stories that I consider good, now I’m just trying to pay it forward. It’s going to be a chapter story, so if you are looking for a quick toss-off better move onto the next story. Other than that, I sincerely hope you enjoy my story. Constructive criticism/feedback/comments are duly appreciated. Please direct them to my email at razorbald@yahoo. All are welcomed. This story is going to be around three to four chapters long. Please enjoy. I am sorry I have not replied to many of your comments, I am sorry that has taken longer for me to write this chapter. It may take longer to write the follow up chapters, I suffer a small stroke and was hospitalized for three days. I have lost 35% use of my left hand and the left side of my face is numb. I may struggle but thankfully I am still alive and still have my mind. It will be a struggle, but plan on finishing the stories I have started. Thanks again for reading. Blade Webcamming with my brother. Chapter 3 I must have been smiling after Tony asked if I would wash his back, because he asked. “Why are you smiling?” “I was just thinking how nice it was last night when you washed mine.” I told him, he then smiled back at me. “Yeah, it was nice.” He said. We continued to talk through supper but mostly about school. Once we finished we cleaned up and washed the dishes. We grabbed our homework and worked on it in the living room table. Tony asked me for some help on some of his English homework. He was having problems understanding nouns and pronouns. After working on that for a while he finished the worksheet his teacher had assigned. I checked it over for him. Now I am not saying my brother is dumb, but there are times that I wonder about it. He is above average in grades, But it really makes me wonder. Was I really doing the right thing? I love my brother and I didn’t want him to hate me if I tried to have sex with him. I still had a few things to do. So, Tony went into the living room and watched TV, while I worked on finishing what I had left. I could see him reach down from time to time to adjust his dick in his pants. I couldn’t help but get hard watching him. I could see him look at me every once in a while as he rubbed himself. I kept wondering what he was thinking. I finally finished my homework and joined my brother in the living room. “What are you watching?” I asked. I notice he was sporting an erection in his shorts, But he was doing nothing to hide it. There was a commercial on so I could not see what he was watching. “Just a replay of last nights Twins baseball game.” He replied, then laid back jetting out his hips. I knew what he was doing. He was trying to get me to notice. “Must be an exciting game.” I said as I checked him out. “It’s okay.” he said just smiling. I think he was getting more of a kick out of it showing off to me. I never knew he was such a show off. “Hey, if your going to take a shower you better get going.” I told my brother. He smiled and stood up not trying at all to hide his erection. “You coming?” he asked as he headed out of the room. “Yeah, I am just going to make sure everything is locked up. You know how dad is if anything is not locked or if we made a mess and did not clean up. There would be hell to pay.” I said as Tony made his way upstairs. “Yeah, yeah, I know.” Tony said as he reached the top of the stairs. “Hurry up, you know the water gets cold fast.” He yelled back down from upstairs. I checked the kitchen then went out to the front door and made sure it was locked then headed into the mud room and locked the door. I could now hear the shower running and made my way upstairs. Tony was just getting into the shower as I passed the bathroom. I got a good view of his behind. I had lost my erection from earlier but it surely was on the rise. I rushed to my room and quickly grabbed a fresh pair of underwear then headed to the bathroom. Tony had his back turned to me as I walked in the door. I took off my underwear opened the shower curtain and stepped inside. The first thing I saw was my brothers firm young ass. I wanted to reach out and take it in my hands right there and then, But figured I better wait till he asked me to wash his back. My cock was as hard as a rock. I was really horny, looking at Devon’s beauty and now my brother really worked me up. Tony then turned around his front half still soaped up and handed me the wash cloth. “Will you do my back like last night?” he asked. I could not help but notice his erection was standing straight up. He smiled as I took the wash cloth from his hand. “Turn around.” I told him. He did as I asked and I took a step closer. I was only millimeters from his cute ass. I started at his shoulders scrubbing. Tony started to moan and quite loud as I moved lower. I could tell he was enjoying my touch, much more than I expected. As I moved lower he began to push his cute little ass back and now my hard cock was pressing into him. He started to move his butt up and down on me. Soon it slipped between his cheeks. I knew if he kept moving like he was I was going to cum at any moment. I had to pull back, much to Tony’s disappointment. I heard him moan as I worked my hands over his butt cheeks. Tony began to shiver when my hands slipped between his cheeks. I wanted to take the washcloth put it on my cock and slip it back between his cheeks. I was already pushing it further than I wanted too. I moved down his legs and finished at his feet. I then stood up. “Why don’t you rinse off and you can wash mine.” I said. Tony stepped under the shower head and rinsed off. I took the washcloth and then began to wash the front of my body. Tony then stepped to the side so I could move in front of him. My brother took the washcloth from my hand and began to wash my back. Just as he finished my back I heard dad call from downstairs. “Bryan are you still awake.” “Yeah, just finishing my shower.” I told him. Tony stopped washing me. “You better get out in case dad comes upstairs.” “Yeah, hurry up and rinse off. So, I can.” he told me. I rinsed off, stepped out of the kocaeli escort shower grabbed a towel and dried off, while Tony finished and he too stepped out of the shower. I knew we had to hurry in case dad decided to come upstairs and check on us. I had just made it into my room when dad knocked on the door. “Hey, do you think you could ride the bus tomorrow morning? I have to head into the office right away. They hired some dumb kid and he made a mess.” “Yeah, it’s no problem.” I told him. I grabbed my boxer briefs, dropped my towel and stepped into them. Dad just stood there looking at me. I could see a smile on his face. “Damn kid, you are growing up fast.” he said, then said goodnight then closed my door. I could hear him going down the stairs. Dad said he had to leave early so I set my alarm clock earlier then I normally do. After dad left I went over to my brothers room to see if he was still up. I knocked on his door but no answer. I don’t know if he was asleep. So I left him be. I then went back to my room. I looked at the clock and I still had about ten minutes till I had to have my lights out. I turned on my laptop and logged into Facebook. Devon had sent me a few more messages and two more photos, only this time they were pictures of his younger brother Erin, with his butt in the air and his cute little two incher as hard as a rock. I have never really thought about having sex with someone so young but Erin was just as hot as his brother. The other picture was of him on his back with his legs in the air and his pink little hole showing. I had never thought of doing this before, but I wanted to stick my face in-between his butt cheeks and lick that tight little hole. I was stroking my cock thinking about both boys and I ended up on Devon’s photo when I came. I knew if I couldn’t have sex with my brother I would certainly have sex with Devon and if Erin wanted to join in, I wouldn’t stop him. I copied the photos and put them in the file I had set up then protected it with an encryption. Even if someone got ahold of my computer no one would be able to figure it out. Then I hid it in a file no one would look for it. I then turned my computer off and went to bed. My alarm went off at six thirty and I was up and went in to wake Tony up. I knew if I knocked on his door he would just tell me he was up then fall back asleep. I know I would if he was doing that to me. “Hey wake up. shower if you think you need too. I am going down to eat breakfast.” I told him, I made sure he got out of bed before I left. He was sleeping in the nude, just like he had done the day before. He was grumbling that it was still to early, but I ignored him. Once again I noticed dads truck was still parked in the driveway. I was kind of excited by the fact he was still home, maybe I would get to see him naked again. I went to his door and knocked. I didn’t hear him answer, so I opened his door and went inside. Dad must have either slept through his alarm or had forgotten to turn it on. I walked over to his bed. “Dad, wake up your going to be late.” I said as I shook his shoulder. He woke up, looked at me and then at the alarm. Once again he jumped out of bed grabbed his underwear. I was beginning to wonder if Tony was starting to take after dad. “Hey, thanks I must have forgot to turn my alarm on again.” he said. I didn’t get the show I had got the day before. I guess I only needed to see him naked once and that was going to be ok for me. I just hoped I would get as big as him one day. I headed back out into the kitchen and started frying bacon and making scrambled eggs. I made coffee for dad and got the orange juice out of the fridge. Tony came down the stairs and said that breakfast smelled good. Dad came out of his room, poured himself a cup of coffee grabbed some toast and said he would message us later. “Dad’s not giving us a ride this morning?” Tony asked me as he took another bite of his eggs. “No, he said he had to be in early so we have to ride the bus again.” “Okay.” he said and took another bite of his eggs. The rest of the breakfast was quiet until it was time to head out to the bus. “Do you think dad will make it to my game tomorrow?” Tony asked me. “I don’t know? doo you think you will get to play? You have missed the last two practices.” I asked. “Actually we did not have practice yesterday because it was Wednesday and most of the guys on the team attend church.” I knew what he was saying we were both suppose to go to church, but we haven’t been going for a while and dad didn’t care. We only had to wait for a few minutes before the bus showed up. I sat in the same seat I had the day before. Tony sat with his friend from school. I was actually hoping he would and I was hoping that when Devon got on he would sit with me again. When we reached their place Sean, Devon and Erin got on the bus. When Devon spotted me he smiled, but it was Sean that sat down with me. “Hey, when did you start riding the bus?” Sean asked. “Dad has had to leave early. Some guy screwed some stuff up at work and he has been working late to fix the problem.” I told Sean, Devon and Erin sat in the seat next to us. Devon did not look to happy because his brother was sitting with me. “Devon told me he asked you to come to his birthday party?” he asked. “Yeah he asked me yesterday. I haven’t asked my dad yet if I can go.” I told him. Devon was listening to our conversation. Sean and I talked about baseball after that. He seamed like he was enjoying what we were talking about. Sean likes to use his hands when he talks. But when he was not using them he would rest them by his side. Sometimes he would touch my leg, one time he let them rest on my thigh. He seemed much more friendly then he usually was. “Hey, why are we not friends on Facebook, we have been friends for like five years.” Sean asked. I really didn’t know what to say. Because we really were not close. “I didn’t know you wanted to be friends.” I said. Looking at him. He just blushed and turned to look at his brothers. “I was the one who asked Devon to invite you to his birthday party.” He said. “But how did you know I would be riding the bus?” I asked. “I didn’t know. He was going to ride over to your house and ask you. It was just luck that you rode the bus yesterday.” he said. I was really surprised that Sean would want me to come. But I was also kind of happy. This was the first time Sean had really shown any interest in being friends with me. The bus dropped off everyone at the middle school and we caught the bus to the high school where we both went our separate ways. But not before Sean told me he would see me afterschool. All through the morning I wondered why the sudden change in Sean. He had never shown any interest in me since we started playing baseball together. So, what has changed, I wondered. Before I went to lunch, I sent a text to my dad reminding him of Tony’s darıca escort basketball game on Friday. He sent one back saying he wasn’t sure if he would make it to the game and it looked like he would be home late again tonight. He said he had ordered groceries and they would be waiting for me when I got home. He also made arrangements for Tony to be picked up from his practice if he couldn’t make it. At lunch Adian and Aaron Danvers joined me along with a couple other kids from my classes. It is not unusual for Aaron and Adian to join our group because we all pretty much had all our classes together. I didn’t think about Sean, Devon, Erin or my brother the rest of the afternoon. Mostly because our teachers gave us more homework then any of us wanted to do. It was going to be a Christmas holiday and I think they wanted us to work or butt off. Thank gawd we didn’t have any homework for P.E. and we still had one more day before school was out for the week. “How was your day?” Sean asked me as he sat down next to me on the semi empty bus. Yeah, he could have sat anywhere on the bus, but he sat next to me. “It sucked. Fucking teachers loaded me down with homework.” I said looking at my backpack full of math, science, communications and English assignments. Okay, Mr. Holand didn’t give us much to do it was just the idea. “Yeah, I know what you mean. I got a shit load too. I am glad the shop teacher never gave us anything to do or I don’t know what I would do.” Sean said. I almost laughed at the idea of having to do anything in shop. At the middle school we switched buses again and Sean sat with me on the ride home. When we reached his place Devon, Erin and Sean got off, but not before Sean told me to add him to Facebook. I went in the house and sure enough there were three bags of groceries sitting on the table from Boyer’s groceries. I put everything away and started to make supper. Dad left me a message to make the roast with potatoes, carrots and celery. So, I got everything ready and put it in the oven to cook. I had done this a hundred times. so, it was really easy. I then started on the shit load of homework I had from school. I needed my computer so I went to my room to get it. I noticed I had a new message from Devon and it read. “Did you ask your dad yet?” He wasn’t online so I did not send him a reply back. I picked up my phone and dialed dads number. “Hi, Bryan something wrong?” Dad asked. “No, I just got everything in the oven. I just wanted you to know. Oh, Devin Marcus invited me to his birthday on Saturday is it okay if I go?” I asked. “Isn’t he a bit young for you to be going to his party?” Dad asked. I knew he was but I really liked him especially after he had sent me all those photos. “Yeah, but he is a good kid, plus Sean his brother will be there and he is the same age as me. He said he would like me to come too.” “Okay, I don’t see a problem with it. Do you need to get him a gift?” dad asked. “Well, it would be nice if I did. I was thinking about a video game. I have one in mind.” I told him. “Okay, I will talk to you when I get home.” “What time do you think that will be?” I asked. “I should be home by eight. We think we have the problems solved.” he said. “Okay, I will fix you a plate and put it in the fridge.” I told him. “Thanks, I will see you when I get home.” Dad said. I hung up and went back to my computer and sent a message to Devon telling him I would be there. Then I sent a friends request to Sean. I could see he was not online. Then went back to work on my homework. I wanted it done before supper was done which would be in two hours. Some of the work was easy like my communications homework. I knew most of the stuff because we discussed most of the stuff in class. Math would be more of a problem. I would ask Adian tomorrow in class. I was half way through my homework when I received a message from Devon. “Did you get permission from your dad?” he asked. “Yeah, he said I can go. What time does it start?” I typed back. “Not till one, but if you want to come over early that would be cool.” he wrote back. I really wanted to know if it was true if Sean really wanted me to come to his brothers birthday party. “Is it true that Sean wanted you to invite me?” I asked. “Yeah, he brought it up to me. But it was my decision to ask you. I thought about asking you, because I always liked you. You were always nice to Erin and me when we went to baseball tournaments and games.” He wrote back to me. I did remember playing catch with him and they were always by themselves in the pool all alone. So, both Tony and I would swim with them. “Well, I am glad you thought about me.” I typed back. “Truth is, I think about you all the time.” Devon wrote to me. “Really, why?” I asked. I was surprised he thought about me. Okay, I am not a bad looking guy, I am like most guys in Minnesota. I have blonde hair, blue eyes and an average build. “I really don’t know. I think it is because you are always nice to me.” Devon wrote back. I don’t know what it is about him but just talking to him is turning me on. “What are you doing?” he asked. I didn’t realize it until he asked but I was stroking my hard cock, but I couldn’t tell him that. “Just working on my homework. What are you doing?” I asked, before I knew it he had opened his webcam for me to see. There he was again with his little brother Erin naked on his bed. Well at least I think it was his room. From what I could see were soccer posters, skateboard posters and baseball posters. Actually the baseball poster I could see was the one where we had won the Little League World Series. “Wow, you two are really brave dressed like that with your brother at home.” I typed. “He is downstairs working on his homework. We can usually hear him coming up the stairs.” he said into his mike. It was then I notice that Sean had accepted my friends request. He then sent me a message. “Hey, thanks for adding me. What are you doing?” he asked. “I am working on homework.” I replied to him. “Yeah, so am I. I had to send my brothers upstairs because the were bugging the shit out of me.” he typed back. “Yeah, I know what you mean. My brother can be a pain in the ass sometimes too. He is at his basketball practice. He should be home pretty soon.” I replied. At the same time I was talking to Sean I was watching Devon and Erin wrestling around on the bed they had been sitting on. It was fun watching them wrestle because their soft penises were bouncing around. It was kind of funny to watch. “So, did you find out if you could come over on Saturday?” Sean asked. “Yeah, I can.” I know I asked Devon what time I should be there but I asked Sean the same thing. He told me the same time his brother told me. I told him I would be there. Then he went quiet. It was then that I notice the two brothers webcam as they were scrambling for their clothes. gölcük escort They were able to get dressed just as Sean walked into Devon’s room. He told them to quit fooling around and clean up the room and once you are done with that go take a bath mom should be home Devon’s birthday. I knew their dad was gone, he worked for a company that built and repaired bridges and highways. He was working on a bridge in southern Minnesota. I watched as the two boys started to clean the room up, picking up clothes and toys. Devon must have noticed that his webcam was still on and flashed me quick before turning it off. “Hey, sorry my brothers were goofing around and I went up to quiet them down.” he wrote to me. “No problem, I was working on some of my math problems.” I wrote back. I didn’t think it would be a good idea to let him know I saw the whole thing. At least he didn’t threaten or hit them to get what he wanted them to do. “hey, do you have Mr. Greene for communications right?” he asked. “Yeah” “Can you help me with it. I don’t understand what he is asking us to do.” Sean told me. “Well, I am not sure what he assigned your class, but if it is the same as what he did our class, I don’t see a problem.” I told him. So, for the next fifteen minutes we went over our communications homework which happened to be the same. I ended up telling him I would bring my homework with me when I came over on Saturday. Which he seemed happy that I would. He told me his mom was home and had to go, but said he might talk to me later. I told him I would talk to him later. I went back to work on my homework. The timer went off on the stove. I took the roast out of the oven and let it cool down before I began to cut it up and make a plate for dad. I knew I would have to make one for him before Tony or I were to make our own plates. As I was making dads plate Tony came home from basketball practice. “Damn, I could smell that all the way down the driveway. You had my mouth watering even before I made it to the door.” Tony told me as he set his backpack down by the dining room table. “Do you have any homework to do?” I asked as I made a plate of food for myself. “Yeah, not much. I am going to need your help on my English, can you help me?” Tony asked me. I didn’t see a problem with it. So, I told him I would help him. Tony made a plate for himself and they sat down to eat. After we finished eating we cleaned up and washed the dishes. Tony told me he was going up to take a shower. I was surprised he didn’t ask me to join him. It was probably a good idea he didn’t because dad came home earlier then expected. I greeted dad when he came in the door. “Hey kiddo, where is your brother?” dad asked pulling the plate of food out of the refrigerator. “He went up to take a shower. What are you doing home so early? ” I asked. “Well, there is nothing I can do till later tonight. I figured I would come home and get some rest before I have to head back.” dad told me. I knew that meant dad would be going in a lot earlier than he had too. That also meant he would be going to bed after he had his supper and that meant we would have to go to bed early. Tony came down dressed in a tee-shirt and boxers. He hadn’t realized dad was home. Still it was not uncommon for us to run around the house with nothing on but a tee-shirt and underwear. “Hey kiddo, sorry I wasn’t there to pick you up today.” dad told Tony. “That’s ok, Charlies mom gave me a ride. Are you going to be able to make it to my game tomorrow?” Tony asked dad. “I don’t know yet. We still have a lot of work to do. The young guy they hired to do money transfers really screwed things up. We are still trying to figure out where he sent most of the money. So, I really can’t give you an answer.” dad told him. Tony looked sad but he knew if dad could make it he would. Dad finished eating and then went to bed. Tony and I sat down and began working on our homework. So, for the next two hours we worked on our own homework, every once in a while Tony would asked me questions about his English and I would help him out. At around nine thirty I got a message from Sean on Facebook asking me what I was doing. I looked at Tony wondering if I should answer him. When I saw he was almost done I decided to send him a message. “Still working on home work. What are you doing?” I typed back to him. “Just bored, Devon and Erin got into trouble with mom so they had to go to bed. I figured you would be done with your homework by now.” he typed back. “Nah, I have a few things to finish yet, plus I am helping my brother with his English.” I replied. “Oh, should I leave you to work on it?” he asked. “Nah, its okay I have most of it done. I just have some math to do and I plan on asking Adian for some help tomorrow.” I typed back to Sean. “Are you close friends with Adian?” he asked. I started to wonder what Sean was getting at, I was hoping he was not implying anything. We all knew Adian was gay and was not afraid to let anyone know he was. Adian was not one of those frilly girly type. No, he was the opposite if you were to meet him you would never know he was gay. “I don’t know if you would call us close. We sit next to each other in some of our classes and we eat lunch together and he helps me out when I have problems in math. Other than that, we never hangout unless it has to do with baseball.” I typed back. “That’s cool. I don’t have any classes with him but I hear he is really smart. I wish I was half as smart as him. Did you hear the University of Arkansas offered him a scholarship?” He wrote back. “I heard he had a couple schools looking at him. But I haven’t heard about that. He still has three years of high school. So, he has a while to decide.” I wrote back. Tony had finished his homework and said he was heading to bed. Meanwhile Sean and I kept talking. I also noticed it was getting close to ten and I had to get to bed soon. I was just about ready to tell him I was going to bed when Sean send me a photograph. I was shocked at what he sent me. “Dude” I wrote back. The picture was of him sitting in what I assume was his bedroom buck naked with his penis standing straight up. I couldn’t believe he would send me something like that. “Oh, sorry I sent that to you by mistake.” he typed back. “Who were you sending it too?” I asked. “Mindy Johnson.” he wrote back. I knew he was lying because Mindy Johnson was a friend of mine and she was not online. “Why would you do that?” I asked. Nifty is kind enough to post these stories and could use your help. Please send your donations too: Nifty Stories Archive ion. Thanks again for reading all remarks are appreciated. 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