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Breed Wife

Marci called me at the office, asking if I could join her for lunch. I told her ” I’d only have fifteen minutes if I stopped by.” ” I’ll make it worth your while. You know I will.” I’m her lover. She knew I would. I own her body, specifically her moist pussy that reacts to me in such a basic primal way. She is tired, her legs are killing her from her spin class, but her pussy is tingling. ” I’m on my way.” The remaining blocks stretched out for miles. Anticipation made her heart beat faster, her breath came harder, and her panties grew wet. Finally, she is at my office building and jumping out of the cab.

I stood there, looking cool, calm and reserved. She grinned at me sheepishly and I stretched my arms out for a hug. Marci steps up to me, and I grab her in my arms, warm and firm. ” That’s a good girl. Did my naughty little lover miss me?” I murmur in her ear. ” Mmhmm…” She moans breathlessly. I led her through my office and into the private bedroom. I had spread a blanket on the floor by the bed; Marci can’t help but giggle when she sees it. Her lover is prepared for what is coming next. ” Get ready for me. I’ll be right back.” I exited the room and she didn’t hesitate. She removed her shoes and her jacket and has her hands on her tights when I return to the room. I narrow my eyes, closing and locking the door stepping closer so we are toe to toe. Marci swallows trying to read my gaze.

I grab her face in my hands plundering her mouth with mine, hard and insistent. As she wraps herself around me falling into the kiss, she faintly registers that my mouth isn’t the only thing that is hard and insistent. She reaches down to grab at my hard cock that earns her another growl followed by my arms pinning hers behind her back. She whimpers in frustration then quickly sighs into submission when my teeth sink into her neck. I turn with my back to the bed releasing Etlik Escort her arms, giving her a stern look that dares her to move. Marci squirms, eager to be touching my hot hard throbbing cock but she didn’t move. I lower my pants and my full nine inches springs free, the tip already moist and dripping. A whining noise escapes her throat while she stood there wishing she could have it in her hands or in her mouth or deep in her hot wet greedy pussy.

After my pants are removed I sat on the bed raising my eyebrow at her and she quickly got to her knees and scooted close. Her eyes met mine again and then she descends on me with her mouth open wide to swallow me deep into her mouth. Unable to get it on the first pass she eagerly continues coating me with her saliva until she feels the head press past my gag reflex and her throat contracts around me causing me to moan.

” Oh fuck that’s a good naughty little cock sucker. You like my big cock in your mouth, don’t you Marci?”
Humming to the affirmative she didn’t relent at sucking me for all I’m worth, pressing at her reflex and retreating gasping for breath every couple of strokes until she feels my hand grip her hair. ” Get the fuck up here”
Marci scrambles to her feet and our lips collide as I spread her legs shoving my fingers between her trembling thighs. I push into her moistness rough and hard the tips dig into her tender sensitive center driving her closer to her first orgasm. Just when she is quaking under my mastery I stop pushing her back a step. Panting and shaking she waits until I stood walking around behind her grabbing her hair by the nape of her neck and my voice rumbles in her ear,

” Do you think you deserve this hot cock in that naughty little pussy?” I whisper. Marci moans and squirms shaking her ass back at me. She can barely stand the torture. My hands press into her shoulder Etlik Escort Bayan blades until she lowers into our favorite position and she spreads her legs invitingly hoping I wouldn’t make her wait long. My fingers enter her again roughly spreading her this time to prepare her for my assault. Then she feels the dripping tip of me against her thigh and she tries to press back to get me inside her. I curse then smack her ass hard reminding her that she wasn’t in charge.

Finally, she feels she is going to beg, I impale her rough and hard she cries out as my cock fills her aching emptiness inside of her. Her pussy immediately starts to cream and convulse around my invasion and she is crying out in ecstasy. Marci loves how I bottom out inside her cervix. She is squeezing her muscles around me trying to reach that peak when my hands grip her hips hard and I start to slam her tight, hot, wet pussy for all I’m worth. This time she didn’t have to work for the orgasms starting to build in her. It floods out of her in a hard hot wet spray splashing the blanket on the floor and running down her legs

One after Another, she can’t see, can’t breathe, all she can do is feel. It washes over her in torrents until she had no strength to hold her upper body up and she slumps on the bed succumbing to my powerful thrusts. I suddenly pull out leaving her laying there like a puddle. Her body is heaving trying desperately to catch her breath. ” Oh no I’m not done with you yet” I growl. I grab her leg flipping her to her back. She is half off the bed and not in the best position. I soon remedied that by grabbing both of her legs throwing them over my shoulders. As I push her up and onto the bed I thrust deep back into her ravaged wetness.

From this angle I’m both stroking her g spot and grinding her very sensitive clit the feelings are cascading over her out Escort Etlik of control. She is unable to hold back her cries and soon she is howling and incoherently begging for mercy. Leaning up onto her body to hold her sweaty limp legs in place, my hands grab hers. Gripping tight, my mouth latches onto her breast as I impale her with powerful thrusts twice as rough, hard and fast. My teeth bit into her nipple her body went super nova. Marci screams and bucks no longer unable to remotely have any coherent ability to withstand the overwhelming mastery of her lover.

I shout, feeling my seed burst inside her then drip out onto her thighs as her quivering muscles continue to squirt forth our orgasmic juices. We lay there for just a moment our bodies soaked with sweat and our other fluids shaking and gasping for oxygen. She feels me withdraw and her muscles immediately start to protest from the onslaught. I spread her tight ass slowly sliding my cock in to the balls. I stop for a second reveling in the feel. It’s so tight and warm I almost cum right then but I take a breath and start to slide out. Marci lets out a low moan as I pull almost all the way out and then shove my cock back in hard. My shaft plunges in and out my hands grab tight to her thighs. Ungh. Ungh…I grunt fucking her faster. My balls slapping against her. She feels the heat of her pussy and the wet that seeps out. ” Oh my Sexy you love this don’t you”.

My cock moves faster and then seems to grow inside her. Oh God! A hot stream shoots into her. Another thrust…another hot stream. Her knees weaken but I hold her tight against my cock. I push into her and my cock spasms again… and one more time weaker now. My grip loosens and my cock slides out of her hole. Marci collapses forward panting looking back at me. My face is covered in sweat, my eyes are closed and there is a smile on my face. ” Marci,” I growl, ” you are the hottest fucking woman in the world baby.” Her eyes open. ” I will see you in a three hours at your place.” I whisper. Then we will go out to a nice restaurant for dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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