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Subject: Where You Are – Part 2 This story is a work of pure fiction. Any resemblance of person, whether name or likeness, is purely coincidental. “Where You Are” is a love story between two brothers (one under the age of 18). If you do not condone incest, even the fabrication of said subject, this story is not for you. However, if you do enjoy the story, please consider donating to Nifty. Part 2 The following week was difficult for the both of us. What happened between Gabe and me and just the possibility of me returning his feelings emboldened him. I could tell he tried to keep a handle on things, but every now and then he would slip up. A hand would find its way to the small of my back, the distance between us on the couch closed until our knees touched, or his gaze would linger on me far longer than it should. And that wasn’t the worst of it. With hardly any time alone, between our jobs and our dad who worked from home, I often woke in the middle of the night to find him sneaking into my room. Most times we would simply fall asleep in each other’s arms, but other times he would take me in his mouth while grinding his erection against my leg. But he never let me take care of him, and once when I asked, he replied, “It’s enough for me to see you happy.” I didn’t know what was going on in his head when he said that, but I was struck speechless once again. So I dropped the subject, but it was constantly on my mind. And so was he. I spent every waking minute thinking about Gabe – about us. Because even though Gabe had said we would be fine, and I believed him, all the fears and concerns came creeping back. Because what if mom and dad noticed a change between us? What if they found out? Would they be disgusted and disown us? I was still only 17, and Gabe wasn’t much older. Could we make it if we were on our own? I was scared, and it showed. “You’re thinking too much,” Gabe said one night, laying beside me. “It’s just that-” “We’ll figure it out,” he reassured me. “Gabe-” “I love you, Charlie.” My eyes widened. He must have sensed some unease in me because he peppered me with soft, gentle kisses. “I know this is all crazy izmit rus escort and moving fast for you, but I’ve felt this way for a long time. And I don’t know how you feel, maybe you don’t even really know yourself yet, but now that I’ve got you? I’m going to do everything and anything I can to keep you. Even if it means pretending I don’t want to kiss you every time I see you. Or hiding how badly I want to wake up next to you in the mornings after you’ve fallen asleep in my arms. Or not being able to hold your hand anytime I want. I’d do it all for you.” He kissed my forehead and pulled me in tighter. “Now, let’s go to bed. I’m exhausted.” And so that’s what we did. The next morning I woke up reinvigorated despite waking up to an empty bed. In just a short week, I’d grown accustomed to his warmth, but we both agreed it’d be best he return to his own room before mom woke up to get ready for work. Yet still, I felt great. Maybe it was Gabe’s confession that had sparked something in me. “Morning,” I greeted as I came down the staircase. “Morning kiddo,” dad returned, kissing the top of my head as I passed by. “In case I forget, your mom and I are having a dinner party tonight. So, come straight home after work.” “Okay.” I grabbed myself a plate of food and poured myself a glass of orange juice, then sat across from my dad. He read the newspaper and ate toast while I shoved heaps of eggs and bacon into my mouth. We hardly ever spoke during breakfast, but it was a comfortable silence we had gotten used to. This time, though, he had other plans. “How’s he doing?” Dad asked. “Huh?” “Gabe.” Dad smiled, smacking the top of my head lightly with his newspaper. “How’s he doing at the movie theater? Is he working hard?” The question took me by surprise. I knew he asked because he was concerned after all that had happened with Gabe this year, but this was the first time I’d seen my dad not have confidence in my brother. “He’s doing great; you know how he is. He’s quick on his feet and a fast learner. And everyone loves him.” “Good,” he said. He didn’t have anything else to say after that, and it izmit escort was almost time for me to leave for work anyway, so I shrugged it off. I got up, washed my plate, and headed to Gabe’s room to make sure he was up and ready. And he was. He stood in front of the mirror, a towel draped around his shoulders with nothing on but his black briefs. Our eyes met, and he gave me a cocky grin that said ‘I caught you checking me out.’ I rolled my eyes, and closed the distance between us. I wrapped my arms around his waist and kissed his shoulder. “We should get going,” I said against his flushed skin. “We don’t want to be late.” “You expect me to leave now that you gave me this?” Gabe asked nodding down to his erection. I moved my hand down and stroked him through his briefs, my mouth making its way up along his shoulder to his neck. He moaned and his head fell back until it rested against me. And just as quickly as I began, I pulled away, smiling causing him to groan in frustration. “It’ll have to wait, big boy,” I chuckled. “We really have to get going.” “You’re going to regret this later,” he said back, a mischievous smirk on his face. “Oh, am I?” I asked as I wrapped my arms around his neck and planting a quick kiss on his lips. I extricated myself from him once more and made for the door. If I didn’t leave now, there was no chance of us ever leaving, and I didn’t want to give our parents another thing to worry about – at least concerning Gabe. “Put some clothes on and grab some food to go. I’ll wait for you in the car.” The drive over was short and quick as always, and Gabe never let go of my hand for a second of it. He’d made a habit of that. The car ride over was one of the few chances we had alone, and he wanted to make the most of it. When we made it to the theater, we walked through the parking lot close enough that our hands brushed every so often but far enough from each other that no one would suspect we were anything but brothers. It was how we always walked since our first night together. But for the first time, I felt an aching in my chest. I wanted more. Or at least I didn’t want to hide. Gabe was right. Things kocaeli escort were moving fast. Add another thing to the list that scared the crap out of me. But like always, I pushed it aside to deal with later. “Hey,” someone called out as soon as we were through the door. “Gabe, looks like you’re not the new kid anymore.” What a day full of surprises. I looked up to see none other than Mason Wallace – my best friend since forever before he moved away freshman year. It’d been years, but there was no doubt it was him. He had the same wild red hair, albeit more tamed now, and he’d shot up about a foot. He’d also lost his baby, his jaw sharper, and body stockier. “Charlie?” Mason strode over, his long legs making easy work of the short distance. Before I knew it, he had me in his arms, lifting me in the air. “I’ve missed you.” “I missed you too,” I laughed. “Now put me down.” When he set me back on the ground, I chanced a look at Gabe. And he was not happy. Actually, quite the opposite. If looks could kill, Mason would have died a hundred times over. I’d never seen him like this before, and for some strange reason it sent a thrill through me. “And you must be his older brother, Gabe, right?” But instead of answering, Gabe pushed past him. Everyone’s eyes were wide open with shock as they watched him head for the employee’s break room. I apologized to Mason and quickly followed Gabe, but not before asking the others to give us a moment alone. And thankfully so, because as soon as the door shut behind me, he was on me. His lips crashed into mine, his kisses rough and hard enough to hurt. I kissed him back, pulling him into me until our bodies collided. When we finally pulled apart, our breathing erratic, I laughed. “I never thought you’d be the jealous type.” He lips drew into a pout, and it made him all the more adorable. I kissed him gently and brushed his hair out of his eyes so I could stare into them. I needed him to know I was being completely honest. “You have nothing to worry about, you know that right?” “Yeah?” I smiled and caressed his cheek before nodding. “I’m yours.” — Hello readers! Thank you for reading the second installment to my story, and I apologize for taking so long in writing it. I got distracted with other things, but better late than never I say. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it and as always, feel free to contact me ail.

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