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Why Don’t We Watch the Video (Photoshoot becoWhy don’t we watch the videoThe day finally came for us to watch the video of our second encounter. We met at Elizabeth and Bridget’s apartment. “How should we start,” wondered Elizabeth out loud. We all kind of scratched out heads for a minute. We’d all three already seen each other naked and had sex, so that bit of awkwardness was over. The tablet we were going to use as a camera was set up on a tripod and facing the couch. It was easier to use a tablet than a regular video camera since the digital format made it easier for us to share and/or edit it later on if we wanted to. Bridget looked back and forth from the couch and the tablet. “Why don’t we start on the couch, since the camera is set up right there. Maybe we can walk in one at a time, get naked, and give the camera a show.” Elizabeth gave me a playful shove. “Ok. hot shot. You first.” I got up and walked toward the couch. Elizabeth sat behind the camera/tablet and waited until I stood facing it before she hit RECORD. Since we had no script, I decided just to slowly undress. First I took off my shirt, then slowly unbuckled my pants which I let fall to the floor. Grinning, I hooked my thumbs behind the inside of the waistband of my boxers and slowly ran them around the inside. Elizabeth zoomed in so that my underwear filled the screen. Bridget grinned and put one hand on Elizabeth’s thigh and rubbed it. By now I was developing a huge hard on. Looking Elizabeth in the eye, I slowly pulled won my boxers to expose my growing erection. Both the girls stared and licked their lips in anticipation. I sat on the couch and spread my legs slightly. Elizabeth reached over and rubbed Bridget’s crotch. Bridget traced her fingers lightly up Elizabeth’s thigh to her crotch and rubbed her softly. My cock steadily grew as they touched each other in anticipation of my show in front of the camera. I leaned back, eyes shut, and began rubbing my cock. I could feel it getting harder as the girls watched me. A little faster, a little tighter. I stroked up and down. Bridget was rubbing Elizabeth’s pussy more vigorously, her eyes fixated on my cock. Elizabeth moaned slightly and squeezed Bridget’s pussy through the crotch of her pants. I could feel myself building toward Orgasm, so I sped up a little bit. Elizabeth and Bridget both leaned closer. With a groan I came and shot my load , some landing on Bridget’s shirt and Elizabeth’s pants. I moaned out loud and milked the last drops out of my dick, squeezing it gently as I came back down from my orgasm. Bridget kept one hand on Elizabeth’s pussy as she paused the camera. For a few minutes, we all just sat there looking at each other. I sat up and cleaned myself off with a rag then sat in a chair next to Elizabeth, still naked. Looking at both girls with a smile o my face I asked, “So. Who’s next?” “I am,” beamed Bridget, eagerly. She got up and sat on the couch. Elizabeth fondled my balls while I rubbed her crotch. Bridget smiled and settled in, ready to enjoy herself while we watched. Winking at her I started the camera. She smiled and licked her lips slowly and sensuously. Softly, at first, then with gentle squeezes, she rubbed her breasts through her shirt. Bridget closed her eyes and pinched her nipples. They were getting so hard we could see them through her shirt. She reached under her shirt and caressed her tits over her bra. A soft groan escaped mine and Elizabeth’s lips as Bridget took off her shirt, then reached back to unhook her bra. It was black silk and set off her pale skin very sexily. She blew a kiss toward Elizabeth as she let it fall away. Small, pointy brown nipples stood out proudly erect on top of her perky tits. Grinning, with closed eyes, she ran her hands over her breasts. Elizabeth motioned for her to continue and got up and went to her room. A moment later she came back with a show box. She sat down, opened it, and inside there were several dildos and vibrators. Bridget stripped down to her panties; black silk, like her bra. She closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly pulled them down. Her pussy was visibly wet and the lips were swelling with arousal. She let her panties pool around her feet for a moment before she kicked them away to stand in front of us, naked and sexy. She looked in the box and picked out a vibrator that was about eight inches long and dark blue. She looked at it longingly for a moment, licked it up and down, then rubbed it against her face, against her tits and around her nipples, then slowly traced a line down to her waiting pussy. Very softly she rubbed it up and down her wet slit, building her excitement. Elizabeth and I watched, staring, rubbing each other and occasionally ourselves. Bridget closed her eyes and, with a long drawn-out groan inserted the dildo into her pussy very slowly. The deep blue of the dildo looked very sexy as it moved gradually deeper and deeper into the pale, pink skin of her pussy. After she had as much of it in her as she could take, she paused, a sexy smile of satisfaction and bliss on her face. With her eyes squeezed shut, she turned the vibrator on and began to move it in and out. Slowly , at first, but building going faster as she got closer to coming. She grew closer to orgasm as she built up speed. “Mmmm….mmmm…ohhhhhh” she canlı bahis groaned loudly. Elizabeth and I continued rubbing each other building each other closer and closer to our own orgasm. We could tell Bridget was about to come. Her pussy was so sopping wet that the dildo made squishing, slurping noises as she fucked herself harder and faster with it. At last her eyes popped open and her whole body tensed. A long, final pent up moan escaped her wide open mouth. “Ahhh yesssss” as she rode out the waves of pleasure coursing through her petite, naked body, curling her toes. She relaxed her body and laid back against the couch with the dildo still inside her. Her hands ran up and down her sides, caressed her breasts. She closed her eyes in post-orgasmic wonder and smiled. “Wow,” she said slowly. “That was the biggest orgasm I’ve had in a looooong time.” “Well, it’s my turn now,” Elizabeth said as she stood up and took Bridget’s place on the couch. Bridget stood, rising slowly, and pulled the dildo out of her with and “mmmmmm” escaping her mouth and a wet slurp from her pussy. She turned it off and put it back in the box then sat down next to me. Almost the second she sat down, she grasped my dick and softly squeezed the shaft. Her cool touch sent a shiver through my body. I reached over and squeezed her thigh then softly ran my fingers through the light brown patch of her pubic hair Elizabeth stood and smiled lewdly at the camera. Looking past the camera at us, she took off her shirt, slowly, raising it up and off. She wore a fuzzy purple bra that cupped her Bcup breasts and begged to be rubbed. She blew a kiss at Bridget as she squeezed and rubbed her tits before she reached behind her and unhooked her bra. Not content to reveal herself too quickly, she slowly let the bra fall away to gradually reveal her tits to our hungry and waiting eyes. Her soft, pale skin was contrasted by the dark brown of her nipples. They were thick and stood out proudly with excitement. Elizabeth squeezed each breast firmly while licking her lips. She ran her nipples through her fingers, making them stand even stiffer. Bridget licked her lips and gently fondled my balls. She stayed away from the head so I wouldn’t come just yet. Elizabeth let her hands trace zig zags down her chest and stomach until she reached the waistband of her pants. Grinning widely, she lowered them ever so slowly to her knees then let them fall the rest of the way to her feet. Her panties, which were the same fuzzy purple as her bra, were soaked so much that they clung to her pussy like a second skin. We could see the outline of her lips through the wet fabric. Elizabeth brushed her fingers gently across her crotch, gradually adding pressure until she was rubbing her pussy enough to make herself softly whisper, “yes….yes…”. Bridget changed her grip from my balls to my dick, stroking the shaft with slow, gentle movement. I continued running my fingers through her pubic hair and let my middle finger graze her clit, which stood out proudly at the top of her slit. Elizabeth watched as Bridget and I stimulated each other and grew hornier. She pulled the crotch of her panties aside and rubbed her pussy. “Ahhh…ahhhh…” she moaned out loud. Every few strokes I let my middle finger graze Bridget’s pussy. She di the same, slightly lengthening her stroke occasionally to touch the head of my dick. Elizabeth lifted her hand up to her face and licked her middle finger then inserted it into her pussy, slowly working it up to the last knuckle. After a few strokes in and out she took her finger out and hooked her thumbs behind the waistband of her panties. With a lusty grin she turned around and slowly pulled them down, giving us a gradual view of her cute little ass. Bridget whined a little bit, teased by the sight. Slowly, almost painfully slowly, she pulled them down to just past her ass cheeks the stopped. Elizabeth looked over her shoulder at us with a sexy smile then dropped them all the way and kicked them aside. She spread her feet apart and bent over, showing us her pussy from behind. I knew she did this purposely just to drive me nuts. She knew the sight of her naked from behind turned me on instantly. I could feel my dick get harder. I had to make Bridget slow down a bit or I would have come eight then. Bridget, on the other hand, wanted me to speed up. She took my hand and moved it faster across her lips, still just grazing her clit. Apparently she wasn’t ready to come just yet either. Elizabeth now reached into the box and picked out a pink vibrator with a rabbit on it. She laid down on her back and spread her legs, then turned on the vibrator. Bridget kept her pace on my cock but gripped it a little bit tighter. Elizabeth began rubbing the rabbit against her pussy very lightly, just brushing it up and down against her lips. She groaned slightly as she pleasured herself in front of us and the camera. Bridget and I groaned as well as we watched and continued masturbating each other. Elizabeth closed her eyes as she slowly inserted the vibrator into her wet and eager pussy. After it was in all the way, she held it there for a moment before she pulled it almost the all the way out. Bridget, meanwhile, had moved my hand to concentrate on her pussy. I inserted one then two fingers slowly bahis siteleri then began moving in and out. I could feel her pussy gripping me. Slowly and with an audible “Mmmmmm” Elizabeth eased it back in. She built up speed and fucked it in and out faster, faster. Her hips began to rise, pushing against the vibrator. The rabbit brushed her clit, exciting her even more. Bridget stroked me faster and I fucked my fingers in and out of her faster, building each other closer and closer to orgasm. Elizabeth’s hips were bucking out of control. Her whole body shook in wave upon wave of pleasure. Finally with one long gasp she came. “Ahhhhhhhhhh.” Bridget and I came seconds later. She grasped my free hand as she squeezed her thighs, trapping the other hand inside her pussy as she rode out her climax with a loud “Mmmmm….ohhh….ohhh…ohhh.” I shot my load all over her hands, chest, and thighs. One gob of cum arced its way and landed on Elizabeth’s thigh. We all rested in post orgasmic bliss. Bridget laid her head against my chest and played with my balls, softly rubbing my cock as I grazed one hand across her lips and pubic mound and the other gently stroked her breasts. Elizabeth eased the rabbit out of her and turned it off then laid there grinning and rubbing her hands up and down her body. None of us spoke beyond a soft, barely audible sigh of contentment as we lay and rest. After some time, we all began to wonder what to do next. Still reclining naked on the floor, Elizabeth suggested, “Why don’t we watch the video?” Bridget and I sat up and move over to the couch. Elizabeth stretched then stood up and went over to the tripod to disconnect the thumb drive and plug it into the DVD player. While she was bent over connecting the thumb drive, we caught a cute and sexy view of her nude body in profile, tits jiggling back and forth. Once finished, she sat down on the other side of me. I put an arm around each of their bare shoulders and they nestled closer and rested their heads against my chest. Elizabeth hit PLAY on the remote. The screen came on and there I was, naked on the couch, holding my cock. Bridget and Elizabeth chuckle a bit and started touching themselves. Their fingers moved across their lips, back and forth, and teased their clits. On the screen, just about that same time, I came. Seconds later so did they, quietly gasping in pleasure. They had a brief moment to recover from their orgasms then Bridget was on screen. She squirmed, a bit self-conscious about watching a video of herself stark naked and masturbating. We watched with rapt attention as she so brazenly enjoyed herself. Bridget’s constraint at us seeing her video was gone as she began fingering herself again. Already wet from masturbating before, she easily fit two fingers into her tight pussy. So did Elizabeth, as she too began masturbating a second time. I was hard as a rock, both from the video and the action on the couch. I reached out and put one hand on Elizabeth’s tits and the other on Bridget’s. I firmly rubbed and squeezed their breasts and very gently tweaked their nipples. That seemed like all it took. Almost at the same time that Bridget came on the video, she and Elizabeth came in real life. Not a sound escaped their lips, just several sharp intakes of breath. I cold feel them shaking next to me as the finished their orgasms. Just as before, we had a moment to recover before Elizabeth was on the screen, getting naked and pleasuring herself with abandon. We were all three as horny as ever watching her fuck the vibrator in and out of her pussy and watching each other masturbate on the couch. Elizabeth suddenly got off the couch and knelt in front of Bridget. She took her hand out of her pussy and closed her eyes as Elizabeth leaned in and licked it. Bridget gasped but remained still. I watched, stroking my cock, as Elizabeth ate Bridget’s pussy. She put one hand under each of Bridget’s thighs and pulled her closer. I could hear slurping noises as she hungrily devoured her. I watched for a few minutes, then got off the couch and knelt behind Elizabeth. She spread her legs a bit wider. With one hand I rubbed her ass and her back, then reached down with the other hand and rubbed the palm against her pussy. She was dripping wet and began quivering. I grasped my cock and eased it into her, moaning as I sank into her slowly. It took a full minute before I was all the way inside her. For a couple of minutes I just stayed there, rubbing her ass cheeks and her back. Bridget was grunting, panting, thrusting her pussy into Elizabeth’s face. She wrapped her fingers in Elizabeth’s hair and pulled her closer. Elizabeth continued to ravage Bridget’s pussy. I began to slowly back out of Elizabeth, almost all the way out, then slowly buried myself in her again. My balls brushed against her pubic hair, tickling them as I pumped in and out. I could feel Elizabeth squeezing my dick with her pussy, waves of pleasure causing me to groan. As Elizabeth began to push backwards against me, I held onto her hips and pounded faster. My hips slapped against her thighs. Bridget started to groan and shake. Elizabeth licked harder, feeling her own orgasm building. Bridget came first with a long gasp and a groan. “Uhhhh…..ohhhh mmmmmm.” Elizabeth was next, her moans muffled by Bridget’s pussy. bahis şirketleri I came slightly after, exploding into Elizabeth in wave after wave. Once I was finished, I eased my cock out of her and sat on the couch next to Bridget and rubbed het tits and her stomach. Bridget smiled and leaned over to nuzzle my balls. As she nuzzled and licked, my cock grew hard again. Elizabeth sat up and laid down on the floor. I felt Bridget’s tongue on my shaft and looked down as she held my cock and put it in her mouth. All I could do was lay back and enjoy it. Elizabeth had gotten the vibrator again and had it buried to the hilt in her pussy. It hummed as Elizabeth groaned, masturbating herself. I closed my eyes and reached over to play with Bridget’s tits, rubbing her perky little breasts and softly pinching each pointy little nipple. Bridget grunted quietly and kept up the suction on my cock. I was getting close to coming again when I felt Bridget take her mouth off of me for a second. My eyes were still shut when I again felt a wet warmth on my dick. I looked down and had a very nice surprise. Elizabeth had taken Bridget’s place with my dick in her mouth. Bridget was sitting cross-legged on the floor, her pussy lips spread apart and glistening, with one hand on the vibrator that was still in Elizabeth’s pussy. She pumped it in and out while she pumped another one in and out of her own pussy. I couldn’t help but groan out loud. “Ohhhhh.” Elizabeth took this as encouragement and sped up her mouth on my cock. Bridget sped up both the vibrators, fucking them in and out faster and faster. We all three were moaning, shaking as we came at the same time. Elizabeth kept her mouth on me and swallowed me dry. Bridget smiled, eyes squeezed shut, and continued to slowly pump the vibrators in and out of her and Elizabeth before she eased them out and laid down on the floor. We all took our time relaxing. Finally, I spoke up. “Wow. That was incredible. Too bad we didn’t video it.” Bridget and Elizabeth both grinned devilishly. Bridget pointed to the camera. “Who said we didn’t?” Elizabeth said, “Do you want to watch it?” “Yeah, but let’s take a shower first. We’re all a little funky from the sweating and screwing.” Thankfully, they had a shower was large enough for a cozy shower for all three of us. Elizabeth turned on the water and stepped in. The entire shower was soon covered in hot, steamy fog. She stood under the stream of hot water and luxuriated it the feeling of it cascading down her nude body. I stepped in and stood in front of her, our naked bodies pressed together under the water. I could feel my cock rubbing against her stomach. Bridget stepped in and closed the door behind her. She stood behind Elizabeth with the water falling on both of them and reached in front of her to place a hand on each of Elizabeth’s tits. Elizabeth smiled and rubbed her hand up and down my dick. As it grew, she released it and turned around to wrap her arms around Bridget in a sensuous embrace. They gazed into each other’s eyes for a moment, then locked their lips in a deep, hungry kiss. I wrapped my arms around them both, which brought my stiffening cock into contact with Bridget’s ass cheeks. She continued her kiss and rubbed her ass against my dick, making it jump and grow. While the two of them kissed, I reached between them and rubbed both their pussies. They started moaning in the middle of their kiss and ground themselves against my hands. Bridget broke the kiss then turned around and knelt in front of me. As the hot water flowed around us, she licked my cock up and down. Her tongue caressed my balls then swirled around the head before closing her mouth around it. Elizabeth leaned forward, over Bridget, and kissed me hard, longingly. Her long, wet hair clung to her breasts. I exploded like a geyser into Bridget’s enthusiastic mouth. She gently kneaded my balls and milked me dry, then continued licking and nuzzling my balls. While Elizabeth and I kissed, Bridget stood up and began sucking Elizabeth’s nipples. Elizabeth broke our kiss and leaned back, her chest thrust forward, and pulled Bridget’s head into her breasts with both hands. Elizabeth broke away from Bridget’s sexy lips and grinned wickedly before kneeling in front of her. With the hot water streaming around them, making them hotter and wetter, Elizabeth ate Bridget’s pussy with a long, slow, passionate fury. Bridget’s eyes closed and she leaned back and moaned out loud. I leaned forward and sucked her tongue into my mouth in a deep kiss. I kissed her throat, down her neck, and to her tits. Her nipples were hard as rocks. Her wet hair clung to her face and neck. I devoured her breasts, licking, nibbling, sucking every inch. Bridget grasped the back of my head as she rode out her climax, her entire body shaking. Even after she came, her body was still shaking, pulsating with the waves of pleasure that had coursed through her body. Elizabeth stood and kissed each of us. I could taste Bridget on her tongue. We stood there in the hot, steamy shower, water dripping off of our nude bodies and embraced each other, rubbing against each other. Elizabeth looked at Bridget with a smile. “You think we can make room for another roommate?” Bridget smiled back and nodded slowly. “Yep. But we’re going to need a bigger bed.” “What should we do with the video?” Bridget asked as she turned off the water and we stepped out of the shower. We took turns drying each other off. Bridget kissed each of us as Elizabeth said,” Hmmm……I think I have an idea.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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