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Wife on her ownFirstly let me say that this is a story written by the husband, as told by the wife’s account. We have discussed this meet many many times and she wanted me to write it for her. So please accept my apologies if it sometimes goes from 1st to 3rd person. My wife has proof read it and is happy it is as she experienced and reads as if she wrote it. Husbands Account…..We had been talking to this guy online for a while and the usual tell tale sign that she wants someone cock is to introduce him during during love making and if she starts calling his name to fuck her, then it’s like a ‘we know what were doing this weekend’ moment. Such a moment came with Craig. Whilst fingering her I started to talk about him and his cock, what it would do to her and during final throws of passion whilst fucking she starting asking craig to fuck her harder and cum in her cunt.Fast forward a few weeks and we arranged to meet Craig in Angels Share pub in Edinburgh for a few drinks. We had already booked into a hotel but never mentioned this to him before we met, as he would see it as a green light and not work for it during the meet. We all got on really well and I made every excuse to leave them some time alone, which is not hard when drinking bottled beer and you break the proverbial seal, back and forth to the toilet through a crowded bar. This gave them time to chat, which was obviously good as I seen his hand on her arse every time I returned. I spoke with her when he went to the toilet and she said she wanted to fuck and me to organise it with him. She left on his return and I put it to him that we could go back to our hotel, have a drink at the bar as it was quieter and talk about playing tonight.We all set off to the hotel, up lothian road into the Sheraton and sat in the bar having bolu rus escort a drink. Beforehand my wife mentioned that she would like to try the fantasy of being fucked one on one, while I wait in the bar. Tonight was going to be that night and we discussed the ground rules. So there I was, watching my wife leave towards the lift with Craig. From where I sat, I could see his hand on her arse as they entered the lift and the doors closed. We had agreed on about an hour of play alone was enough and meet back down in the bar. I was feeling all the full range of emotions and decided to go out for a walk and a beer at another bar rather than torture myself in the hotel. I had a few coronas and headed back to the Sheraton a little early to find them already sitting with a drink and another bottle waiting on me. We chatted for about an hour before he left, where we then went upstairs to the room, where she told me what happened as I licked her pussy….Wifes Account…..As mentioned we met Craig in the pub and my first impression were that I was not sure. Pictures looked good, but the real person was lacking slightly. I had thought about telling my husband to make our excuses as we had friends in town and go and see them. I’m glad I didn’t as his personality more than made up for looks. He made me feel happy, laughing and joking and teasing in equal portions. Every time my husband left for a pee (mr predictable) Craig would get more daring, feeling my leg, bum and even a small cheeky finger brush over my nipples. In return I’d give his leg a squeeze and get to his package, giving it a slow grope. We both knew where tonight would lead, just Mr was still in the dark, so had to tell him to organise Craig to fuck me. Alone, as we had fantasised about. bolu rus escort bayan I went to the little girls room as the boys spoke. As I sat on the loo, I was so turned on I had to have a little play with myself. I slide a finger down between my legs and I was so wet. Rubbing my clit and putting a finger inside. Hearing all the other girls coming in and out and me rubbing made me even hornier, but I had to stop before I lost control. I returned to the seat I was told to not bother sitting down as we were going to the hotel. My pussy gave a little jump for joy lol. As we walked up Lothian Road, Craig was next to me and my husband walked slightly ahead. It looked for all to see that me and Craig were a couple and he continually rubbed my bum all the way to the bar.The next part was a blur as the boys decided and agreed on the whats, wheres, dos and donts. I then found myself, being led to the lift, hand still rubbing my bum as we got into it. As soon as the doors closed, we started to kiss like eating a fish supper, hands everywhere. Hotel security must have been watching on the camera and thinking, there’s another one. We got into the room and Craig said that we should just get undressed and we did, down to our underwear. He got in front on me and peeled my panties off leaving me in stay-ups and bra, laying on the bed he quickly got between my legs and started to eat me out. The feeling was so bloody good, fingers inside me and tongue working my clit. i was so close to cumming but wanted to suck him first, so we swapped places. I traced the outline of his hard cock through his nice emporio armani boxers. i was again in the process of thinking, pictures make things look better, as he did not seem as big as I hoped. Once I released him I could rus escort bolu see that it was long but thinner than I thought, but still nice and hard. I sucked him from balls to tip and back again, working my tongue round his balls and having a cheeky flick around his bum which he loved. For the next little while i sucked and wanked him as he squirmed under me, swinging into a 69 he went to work on me again as I tried to get as much in my mouth as possible. i got off and told him to fuck me. I lay back, legs spread and his cock got closer, rubbing up and down my lips before he slid into me. It felt good and deep in me. he got into a nice rhythm as I lifted my legs higher and he placed them over his shoulders, driving into me deeper getting harder. His big balls were slapping me as he fucked hard. I remember moaning at him to fuck me harder which he tried but was at his limit, so we swapped to doggy, my bum in the air as he entered me again, grabbing my hips as he fucked, building up speed his balls hitting my clit which I love. We were not quiet and anyone walking past the door would know I was being fucked hard and did not care. At that moment would have sold tickets to watch us. Craig said he was going to cum soon and where did I want it. On my face but make me cum first, fuck me as I rub my clit. I was rubbing hard, moaning into my bed as he piled into me….I started cumming and rubbed harder, I felt him come round and I rolled on my side as we wanked and came on my face, a lot. He must have hit me square with 7 or 8 powerful squirts, I was in heaven. We then got cleaned up and headed back to the bar. Mr was not about, so sent him a text to say,get your arse back here and I’ve got a beer ready for him.Once Craig left, we headed to the room and mr licked me good, before filling my used pussy with his cum, whilst talking dirty about his slutwife. For both of us, the act of swinging is the prelude to proper hot sex between us later, where we both heighten our feelings, horniness, talking about what happened and really let ourselves go over his slutwife. We have never been so close.

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