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WIFEAfter moving from Cleveland area to Jacksonville Florida we continued to swing,at first just 3 somes and 4 somes with men we met in clubs at Mayport. Then I Isaw an ad in a swingers paper for a swingers directory, $20.00 to join for ayear, when we placed our ad we checked off couples,single males,all races,groups, bi’s, lesbian and other kinky thing’s. We waited to receive our firstissue and it finally came after a few week’s. We eagerly went thru it lookingfor contacts in the area, we saw several and started making calls only to findout the numbers were disconnected or out of service. Then we got lucky, he was asingle guy in his 50s looking for women or couples to party with, he worked forthe Jacksonville water dept. and wanted to meet Friday night at a bar onNormandy Blvd around 8 pm. Veronika dressed hot and slutty, she was anxious tomeet a new guy to fuck, when we walked into bar we saw 1 man sitting in a boothin the back, he waved and when we walked back saw he was our guy. Veronika slidin next to him and they kissed he was good looking and I could tell she likedhim, her skirt had ridden above her thigh high tops and he laid a hand on herbare thigh. First thing he said was are you two old enough to be in here and dowhat he hopes we are going to do, assured him Veronika was 23 and I was 26 andthe smile he got on his face was funny, said it’s been years since I fucked awoman gaziemir escort so young and he hopes he can keep up. Veronika told him don’t worry, shewill keep it up, we had a beer and decided to go to his home we left his car andhe and Veronika got into our back seat and started making out. Got to his houseand when I got out saw in dome light Veronika was missing her blouse and skirtand had his dick in her mouth,went into house and while I watched she continuedsucking him off swallowed a nice amount of cum the continued sucking until hewas hard again. Then we went to bed room where he and I fucked her for severalhours in her mouth and cunt.We continued seeing him a couple times a month,sometimes he had porn movies to watch while we fucked her usally black guysfucking white women and once in a while a couple of his Co workers would bethere to fuck her too, we met a couple other men in the publication over thenext several months.We talked about the black guys cocks we had seen in themovies and their size, Veronika told me she would like to fuck a couple that bigsomeday, I asked even if they are black? She just smiled and nodded yes, then afew weeks later we were in bed and around midnight the phone rings I answer itand some black guy says put Ronnie on da pone, I asked who is this tells me youdon ned to know white boy, jus put da bitch on, asked where gaziemir escort bayan he got this numberand her name, said fom da book yo whiteys use ta fine dicks ta fucks yo wif,put da bitch on told himI don’t think so and don’t call here again. Then sheasked who is it told her a black guy that got our number out of the publication,picked up phone on her side and said this is Veronika who is this, guys languagecompletely changed, said hi this is Marvin from the swingers book, how are you.Told him fine what can I do for you wants to meet since we said all races, thathe is Hatian and enjoys fucking white wives. She asked when and where, since itwas a Friday night how about now by Annitiques at Regency Mall,she asked me ifwe could and seeing she wanted to nodded yes. She told him give us 45 minuteshung up and took shower, put make up on and charcoal colored thigh highs, teddywith snap crotch, heels and a white mini dress that was a wrap around style.We pulled by Annetiques and circled it then saw a car off to side with 1person in it, pulled next to it and a young black guy, looked at us and askedRonnie? I said yes, he got out and into our back seat. Told us he is Marvinsorry for the bull shit on phone, she had turned to look at him and almostpopped her tits out of dress, we started talking when he said why don’t youdrive around cops would cause problems escort gaziemir seeing a black man with a white couple,especially the way Ronnie is dressed. I pulled out and headed for Jax Beachhadn’t gone far when he said why don’t you come back here with me Ronnie. Shelooked at me and I nodded ok,she climbed over back of seat,showing all her legsand ass, as she settled onto the seat Marvin said Dam bitch you got some longlegs leave that skirt up like that. I looked in the mirror and saw Marvin hadher dress open playing with her tits, he asked her if she really never had blackcock up her ass,told him no he laughed said ok, get your mouth on this, thatwill be the first cherry I get, while she sucked his dick he talked about hishomies and what they are going to do with her fine cunt, I heard her gulping ashe started cumming, then he told her to sit on his dick and fuck him, as sheslid up and down his dick he told me he was going to fuck Veronika a lot afterthis and once she can’t do with out his black cock he going to share her withhis home boys, asked him don’t you think you should ask her, so he did asked herif she was going to let his homies fuck all her white holes, she was close toCummings and just said oh yes. We rode around a little longer then headed backto Regency Mall, Veronika still in back sucking Marvins dick while he kept up acontinuous chatter of what he’s going to do to her white ass while fingeringsher pussy and asshole. As he was getting out kissed her said next time you cometo my apartment where I have a king bed and will be plenty of room to fuck youup the ass with my big dick, then he left. We did go to his apt the followingfriday.To be continued

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