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The events of this story take place over the course of 14 years and culminated just recently in a way I could never have imagined. 14 years ago I married my lovely wife Shawna. It was a classic love story and still is I guess. Shawna is drop dead gorgeous, a true milf, she stands 5’3”with very large natural breasts an angelic face, jet black hair, porcelain skin and an unbelievable ass. She looks just about the same as when I married her. I am a very lucky guy.

After courting Shawna for a few months she announced it was time to meet her family. She had already shared many of the familiar family secrets. I knew her mother was recently divorced. She had told me that she only married Tom for the money and the stability that came with it. Her mother had grown up very poor, with little stability in her life. She had become pregnant with my wife at the age of only sixteen and had two more children with Shawna’s loser father before she was 21. She longed for the stability that money could bring. But, she was an attractive woman and Tom was an unattractive and boring man. They were together eight years when she couldn’t take it anymore and wanted to be free.

I will never forget meeting her mother, Jane, for the first time. Jane was making dinner for my future wife and siblings and wanted to meet this new mystery man she was dating. When I finally met her mother and sister it was clear that they all shared the same great genes. Her mother was only 40 years old when I met her that night. She was roughly the same height as my wife, but she had dyed her hair blond. She was the same shape and size as Shawna only Jane didn’t receive the gift of large natural breasts. You could see that the 40 years had been hard on her. She had some wrinkles here and there, but overall there was an indescribable sexiness to Jane. At the time, like most men I guess, I gave her a good look and thought she was attractive and that was that. I didn’t have any overt sexual thoughts toward her, after all, I was still in the honeymoon phase of my courtship with Shawna.

As the years went by I found myself becoming more intrigued with Jane. I think the stories my wife shared with me didn’t help the cause. I once asked her how it was that Jane was able to stay in Tom’s house while Tom moved into an apartment all the while making the house payment for Jane. It couldn’t have been alimony payments because shortly after their divorce Tom’s business fell apart and he had petitioned to have the payments lowered. In fact, all he could afford was that little apartment and I suspected it was because he was still making a payment on his old house. She confided in me that her mother would let Tom come over and have sex with her every so often so she could stay in the house. I commented that she told us she was repulsed by Tom, but my wife said her mother could do things like that for money. I didn’t believe her so she went on to tell me that before she met Tom she would sometimes let the manager of her apartment get some too when she couldn’t come up with the rent. Stories like this sparked a strange desire in me for Jane. A woman who looked and acted so innocent yet was willing to trade sex for money, which I later learned was really just stability. She craved stability because of her horrible experiences growing up in a divorced family with a drunk father who never took care of his family.

As time went on, I found myself innocently flirting with Jane. Nothing crazy just some comments about how good she looked and so on. One night we were all having dinner at a nice restaurant. After more than a few glasses of wine I slipped off my shoe and searched out Jane’s foot under the table. At first she thought someone had just accidentally bumped her. But I ran my foot up her calf while staring at her. At this point she looked me in the eyes and realized what I was doing. She gave me an awkward smile and moved her leg away. The next morning when I sobered up I regretted being so bold and realized that my fantasies for Jane were getting out of control and I needed to cool it down.

A few years later, Jane met another wealthy man whom she adored. They married and she seemed to be content. At this point, Jane was always in the back of my mind. When I saw her my desire would peak and then die down until the next time. Then something interesting happened.

While at Jane and her new husband Mike’s house for a party, I received a text from my business partner about an important email that was urgent. I asked Jane if there was a computer I could use and she showed me where it was and left me to my business. While answering the email I couldn’t help but notice a piece of paper that had Jane’s email address and what looked like her password. The thought of having access Maltepe Escort to her email account and maybe some secrets was too tempting of an opportunity to pass up. I quickly jotted it down and went back to the party.

The next day, alone in my office, I couldn’t wait to hack into her account. And boy was I surprised at what I found. Apparently, Jane was having an affair. It was all there in a long string of emails. The evidence of the affair was obvious. The first thought that popped into my head was of course, blackmail.

I knew that under normal circumstances any man or woman would be willing to go to great lengths to keep this type of damning information from their spouse. But, with Jane I knew it could get to another level. She needed the stability of her marriage with Mike as much as anyone needs oxygen. Couple that with the fact that in her past she had used sex, even sex with people who repulsed her, to get that stability and I had myself the perfect storm. I went back and forth over weather I could pull this off. If I could do this to my wife. But, I also knew she would never find out. In the end, I couldn’t help myself and gave in to my depravity. I say depravity, because after years of fantasizing about Jane I wanted to have her in every way possible. I knew if it worked she would do it, but wouldn’t enjoy it considering I was her son-in-law. But, in my mind I was going to force her to enjoy it.

At this point in the story, Jane is 53 and I am 37. She still looked great, but she added a new feature a few years back, breast implants. To me they looked wonderful and helped fill out her already curvaceous figure. I bided my time until Mike went out of town on business. Then, I called Jane and asked if I could borrow one of Mike’s tools. Sure, she replied, come on over.
I have to admit, walking up to her house I was a nervous wreck. Could I really go through with this? I rang the doorbell and there she was.

“Hello Jane, nice to see you again.”

“Hi Kent, come on in. Go ahead and get whatever you need, you know where his tools are better than I do.”

It was time. Now or never, I had to go through with it. I had to have her.

“Jane, can I talk to you for a second?”

“Sure what’s on your mind?”

With that, I pulled out the envelope containing all the proof of her affair. She asked what it was and I replied, just open it. As she looked at the papers, all the color drained from her face. She flipped through them quickly, knowing exactly what they were. Then she became enraged.

“Kent, how did you get these? What did you do hack into my account!? Why would you do such a thing!? This is absolutely out of bounds for you to do something like this! Why? Why Kent?”

“Listen Jane, I can understand your anger. But, this is simple really. I need you to do what I want and Mike will never see these. Understand?”

“No, I don’t understand, what is it that you want? Why are you…well why… you’re blackmailing me! What is it that you want from me? I don’t understand?”

“I want you Jane. I want your body, I want to be inside you, I want to taste you. Jane, I want to fuck you. I know all about how you used to give it up in the past. Well, it’s time to do it again or Mike will see everything.”

“What?! I don’t know what you’re talking about! Besides, you are married to my daughter, I could never in a million years do something like that to her!”

“Don’t play games with me Jane. You know what I am talking about, how you let Tom fuck you so you could stay in that beautiful home or how you bent over and closed your eyes while your nasty landlord fucked you silly. Besides I would never tell Shawna and you won’t either.”

I could see in her expression that she had slowly realized the predicament she was in. She sat quiet for a period of time and then asked, “Okay, what is it you want me to do?”

She was wearing a tight fitting one piece skirt that came up about mid thigh, he legs looked so good with the high heels. I told her to do exactly as I said. She nodded to indicate she understood. I told her to stand up in front of me. At the time were both sitting on the couch.

“God, you look so good Jane. I’ve wanted this for so long. I am going to be blunt here Jane. Over the years I have been fantasizing about you and it’s been so long it’s turned into a burning frustration. A frustration that I am going to take out on you until I get my fill. Now, turn around!” When I raised my voice she jumped a little and startle to tremble slightly. Yes, this is how I wanted it, this is how I needed her after all these years. With her back to me I placed my hands on her bare legs near her ankles and slowly started to run them up her shapely legs. Slowly I Maltepe Escort Bayan pulled her skirt over her ass. She was wearing black silk panties. As I started to pull her panties down I could feel her quiver. Once I has them all the way off I squeezed and licked one ass cheek and then the other. She had a gorgeous ass, I told her to spread her legs more and when she did I sat back and just looked at her standing there with her skirt around her waist, no panties, high heels making her ass pop. I could see the perfect triangle that the tops of her thighs made with her ass and her shaved pussy with pouty lips waiting to be devoured.

“Kent, you don’t have to do this. Not this way, please. I didn’t realize you had…those types of feelings for me. I, I, could I just maybe give you a hand job. Would that be enough. Please…”

“Jane, please shut your mouth. A hand job?? Are you serious! Bend the fuck over Jane, I want to see your beautiful pussy. I want to see that pussy you have used so well to get what you needed. Maybe I should call you mom…would you like that Jane, would you like me to call you mom?? Bend the fuck over Mom and put your hands on the coffee table, Now!”

Jane slowly bent over and put her hands on the table. Legs straight and spread wide while bent over right in front of me. Oh, what a glorious sight. Now I could see her entire pussy and it looked so inviting. I scooted up a little and ran my hand up her inner thigh, up, a little further. I cupped my hand over her pussy. It was so warm and felt so good. Slowly I used me middle finger to part her lips. I rand my finger back and forth over her spread pussy. To my surprise it was already quite wet. I slipped a finger in and then another. I stood up with my fingers firmly planted deep in her wet pussy.

“Hmmm, mom. Are you enjoying this?? I think you are. How many times have you wanted your son to take you like this mom? Do you like the feel of my fingers up your pussy? It’s quite tight, I must admit. I am going to enjoy fucking you mom.” The more I talked the wetter she became.

“No, I am not enjoying this you sick fuck! Just do whatever sick things you are going to do and let’s get this over with!”

“Okay mom, get on the coffee table, on your hands and knees. That’s right, get up there. Spread your legs wider mom. Put your head down and your ass in the air! I want a full view of what you look like when you let those other men who so repulsed you fuck you from behind!”

And there she was, on all fours with her legs spread wide and her ass and pussy completely exposed. I got on my knees and started licking her inner thighs. I couldn’t wait to taste that sweet pussy. Slowly I ran my tounge up and down her slit. She didn’t make a sound, but she also didn’t back away. Soon I was tongue fucking her pussy as deep and hard as I could. Then I went to work on her clit, I lapped at it, suckled on it and slowly it became swollen. Now I could hear muffled moans escaping her. She was enjoying this. I started to tease her when I felt her get close. I sucked on her beautiful pussy lips, took them in my mouth over and over. The I moved up to her asshole and started licking up and down. I pushed my tongue into her ass and her moans grew louder.

“Yes mom, I know you like this. You are a fucking slut. How can you enjoy your son eating your pussy and your ass? You are sick Mom, you know that? You are a sick fucking slut! I love that about you mom, I knew it all along, I knew you were a cock hungry slut.”

“No Kent! I am not enjoying this! I told you to just do whatever you want and get it over with! Come on, just hurry up and finish, please!!”

I went back to work, as I ate her pussy and teased her swollen clit I started to play with her asshole with my finger. As I slid my finger in her ass she jumped.

“No Kent, I don’t do anal. Do whatever you want, but you can’t do that! Please”

I paid no attention and continued working my finger in and out of her tight asshole while I flicked her clit with my tongue. Soon enough she started to push back on my finger, forcing it deeper inside her while openly moaning.

“Oh God, please stop Kent. I’ve never…oooooh….never..felt…anything like…that….oooooohh! It’s..ooooh fuck…lick it faster..Kent….oooohhhhhh….shit! I am going to cummmmm! Awwwwwwww!” I felt her ass clench up around my finger and her juices flow out heavily onto my open mouth and tongue as she came. I knew I had her now. She just came all over my face, she was loving this.

“Did that feel good mom? Did your son just make you cum like you haven’t cum in years?? You are such a good slut mom. Take the rest of your clothes off and get up!”

“I..I..don’t know what to say…please, wasn’t that enough? If Escort Maltepe I suck you off can we stop? Please Kent”

“No mom, we can’t stop until I get my fill. Start calling me son and do what I say!”

As she undressed fully I finally got to see her entirely nude. She looked wonderful. I took one of her breasts in my hand. Squeezing and massaging it. I started to suckle and nibble her nipple after a few minutes she was moaning again. Then I looked her in the eyes and pulled her mouth to mine. She was hesitant, somehow kissing was even more offensive then anything else. I held her cheek and back of her head firmly and stuck my tongue into her mouth. I slowly sucked on her lips and put my tongue back in her mouth. Then she started to reciprocate. I felt her tongue start dashing over mine. She started to suck on my tongue, I let go of her head while we kissed and started to rub her pussy. She reached down and started to rub my cock through my pants.

“Get on your knees and suck my cock mom. I am going to fuck your mouth, would you like that mom”

“Yes son, do what you want to me…I’ll do whatever you want…”

She got on her knees, pulled my cock out and started giving one of the most amazing blow jobs I have ever had. But it wasn’t enough. I was frustrated, I wanted to fuck her mouth. I grabbed both sides of her head and thrust deep into her mouth. Surprisingly, she took well. I am a well endowed man, a little over 8” to be exact. I kept plunging my cock down her throat. Tears welled up in her eyes as she struggled to take it all and catch a breath in between. But at the same time, I could see she had started to play with herself. She was loving this. Saliva was dripping off her chin and I was getting close. As my orgasm grew near I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I told her to open her mouth. I shot my load all over her face at least half landed in her mouth.

“Awwwww! Yes mom, take my cum in your mouth! Mmmm, be a good girl and swallow my cum mom. There you go. Mmmmmmm. You are such a great whore mom. Better than I could have imagined.”

She said, “I want you to fuck me now. I can’t help it, this feels so good. I want to feel that huge cock in me. Please, take me. Do want you want with me, make me your slut.”

I laid her down on her back right on the floor of her living room. So long I had wanted to be inside that pussy, finally it was time. I got between her spread legs, laid on top of her and starting tonguing her mouth again. I slid my cock in and started fucking her hard.

“Yes, fuck your mothers pussy! Ram it in hard, harder!! Oh you are so fucking big! Awwww…ooooooohh. Use me, use my pussy. Please! Yesssss….”

I kept pumping away at her wet sloppy pussy, sucking on her tits, back to her mouth. Then I pulled out and put her on all fours. I grabbed her waist and started fucking her from behind. A minute later I started to play with her asshole, I spit on it and stuck on finger in and then another finger and started to move them in and out. Now she was almost screaming in pleasure. I pulled out and spit on my cock, it was time to fuck her virgin asshole. As I slid the tip of my down up and down her ass I could tell she was a little nervous about what was about to happen. Then I slid it in, slowly. She writhed in pain, gripping the carpet as best she could. I slowly pumped in and out of her ass, a little deeper each time. Soon I was fucking it at full strength, all the way in. Now she was moaning in pleasure again and playing with her pussy.

“You like that mom? You like your asshole fucked by your son?? Are you a dirty fucking whore??”

“Yesss!! Oooooh, it feels….oooohh so fucking good. Use my asshole! Uuuuhhh, oooh fuck! I’m…..oooohhh…cumming again!!!”

“I am getting close too mom. Why don’t you tell me where you want your son to cum….”

“Ohhhhhh…fuck….mmmmm….put it back in my pussy, I want to feel you cum in me….”

I went back to fucking her hot swollen pussy, she reached under and started rubbing my balls. I was getting close.

“That’s right baby. I want you to empty those ball into mommy’s pussy! Yes…ooooh fuck you feel so good…come on baby spit in mommy’s pussy with your cock!! Yes, here it comes, I can feel you getting bigger….oooooohhh!”

I couldn’t hold it any longer. I buried my cock in her pussy as deep as I could and let jet after jet of hot cum spew into her. After I was spent we both collapsed to the floor. We held eachother for awhile and kissed.

“Kent, that was amazing! I don’t know quite what to say. This is so wrong. But, I, well, I want to do this with you again I think. I love being your slut, nobody has ever treated me that way and I loved it!”

“Jane, you are the best fuck I ever had. After all these years fantasizing about you I can’t believe it was better than anything I had ever thought it would be. I want to keep fucking you too. But, we have to be careful.”

“Yes, we have to keep our little secret…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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