Angel in the Night 02

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This is part of a series. It should stand on its own, but will make more sense if you start at no. 1. Please enjoy; and vote if you like it.


“Would you like to go to heaven again?”

What a beautiful way to put it, from this beautiful slim girl. A girl I had barely remembered until recently. Now, I knew her name, I knew every inch of her graceful body, I knew the gasp that escaped her as she came. And she knew me

“Oh yes, I would like that a lot.” Why did I sound so witless? A clumsy Anglo, in a darkened house with this amazing Asian girl. She was lying back on her bed, her long black hair fanned out over the pillow. She was idly playing with my come spread across her small breasts, pale smears on her dark nipples.

“The bathroom first?” Thien said. “Come with me.”

I followed her down the long corridor to the bathroom. In the dusky light I could still make out her graceful figure, from slim legs and boyish hips to her firm round bottom; her long black hair swished above that as she walked. It was poetry in motion.

In the bathroom she bent down to find some face cloths. The line of her bottom, curving round and down her slightly bent leg, belonged to an exotic statue more than a living girl. I thought, I’m having some weird, but wonderful thoughts. Facing the mirror, Thien started to wipe her breasts down. It seemed natural to stand behind her and take over. In the mirror I watched my hands gently wipe over her small breasts with their hard nipples, circling each and feeling the response. Thien sighed and leant against me. I kissed her neck and shoulder. My cock was reacting by now and nudging her perfect buttocks. She wriggled and smiled. My hands crept down her front, paused around her belly button, then rolled over so my fingernails brushed down and into her curly pubic hairs. She leant back harder and spread her legs as her breathing became heavier. With one hand I caressed each nipple or ran fingers up her neck and around her ear, with the other I eased in around her pussy lips, then gently spread them and slid in. By now she was pushing hard against my chest and making tiny whimpering noises. She rocked her shoulders across my chest. My fingers found her inner lips, her clit, the soft opening of her vagina, warm and slippery and wet.

Suddenly she broke away, grabbed my hand hurried us back to her room. The air felt electric in the quiet house. As we got to her bedroom door, we noticed the silhouettes in the glass of the front door…

“My parents!” Thien’s voice was barely audible, but it might as well have been a gunshot.

We scrambled into her room. I grabbed my few clothes, using one to hurriedly wipe my semen from the wooden floor. There was nowhere to go now but the window, so I rolled over the sill, completely naked, clothes in one hand. The drop was a bit more than my height (our houses were on a hill and Thien’s overlooked ours). I was startled by the cool air and by the fall, but somehow landed on my toes without hurting myself. I steadied myself against the wall and looked up. I could hear indistinct voices speaking Vietnamese, then my t-shirt sailed out the window and settled on my face. I had dropped it in the mad exit. Pressed against the cold bricks, I silently willed the Phuongs to say goodnight to their daughter and go to bed. And if someone had come to my window and seen me naked and trespassing… I really don’t know what I’d have done.

Safe at last in my room, a torrent of emotions rushed through me. Weeping fear of being caught (remember I’m still a shy 18 year old!) jostled alongside exultation at my escape; the wonder of Thien’s glorious body lying on her bed, her spicy smell, then the excitement of my first handjob, of licking her to shuddering climax. Her magical walk in the dark, in the nude, her figure in the mirror, then that gentle seduction – almost. Tenderness, joy, a slight ache in my cock and the memory of her little hands, the feelings rolled and tumbled over each other. I didn’t sleep much.

Next morning, standing in our corridor, my sleepy eyes saw her walking in front of me again, with her slightly wiggling bottom and long swishing hair. I blinked and she was gone, but I was rattled. This happened again: I could see every line and movement of her slim figure whenever I closed my eyes, and almost with them open.

This went on for a few Şentepe Escort days. I was too taken aback to do much more than wonder, that was amazing, wonderful, did it really happen? At night, the windows next door gave nothing away. Until five days after.

A tiny note, taped to a corner of my window. “The swings. Now.”

Did I need any more encouragement? I was out of the house and down there.

Not far from our houses there was a small cemetery. Bizarrely, the council had installed a small playground at one end of it. Although there were several things to play on, it was always called The Swings. They were good strong swings, that even a sturdy teenager could use to get some height before sailing off into the grass. Thien was there, standing in the twilight.

She pounced, grabbing my arms and kissing me urgently. She kissed my chin, my lips, my cheeks, my eyes. She held me close and pulled my head down to hers. Her breath was spicy, panting slightly. Her hips were against mine. She led my hand up under her blouse and I could feel her small firm breasts moving with her breathing.

“Touch me,” she said, putting my other hand around to her skirted bottom. She was insistent, demanding. My fingers scrunched up the fabric to feel bare skin – Thien had no panties on; even outdoors I could feel her wriggles and the heat from her crotch. “Thien, we’re in a playground!” I stammered.

“Yes! Do you know how much it’s turning me on? I’ve gone crazy since you came over that night. All I can think about is coming, and making you come. Then I was here the other night, and I don’t know what happened, but I needed to feel myself. I sat on the swing, could put my fingers inside – it was such a turn-on! In public! In the open! Like when… I know, I’m crazy…” Her hands had found their way under my shirt, and were brushing my nipples, making me gasp. She pushed her mound against my thigh. It was turning me on, too, also terrifying me. I wanted to feel her heat again, her wet entrance… but here? Even at night the streetlights lit up the playground. I had an idea.

I led her over to a park bench. It was on the edge of the lit-up area. I sat down and she sat on my lap, legs spread, facing me. Her scent wafted up to me, mixing with the smell of her hair. Again she kissed my face, my ears, my hair, giving me tiny bites as well. She ground her hips urgently against me. I stroked her beautiful firm cheeks and thighs, but it was hard to reach inside.

“Turn around,” I whispered.

Thien looked blank for an instant, then smiled the naughtiest smile I’ve ever seen on a girl’s face – though I did come to recognise that look of desire later on! She slid off me then positioned herself facing away. Her skirt was pushed up so her bare thighs were against my shorts and legs. She leant back on me and sighed as my fingers crept around her legs and into her special place.

It was perfect. I could tease her with fingertips or nails, brushing up from her knees towards her cleft, then starting on top of her thighs and almost sliding down into her pubic hair. She rocked and whimpered as I felt her need rising. She gasped when I found her soft outer lips and gently pulled them apart from both sides. Her fluids leaked out over my fingers as I brushed the folds of her inner lips. One hand moved down to her vagina, following the heat exuding from her. Her hand rested on mine as I slid into her willing hole. She moved my other hand over her clit and pushed it there. I could feel it rigid and ready. Part of my mind was thinking, this is unbelievably sexy, another part was saying ARE YOU SERIOUS? It’s a park! A public park!

Thien sat still now. She hung her head down so her hair shrouded her face. Only her heavy breathing and her hand brushing mine gave away her oncoming climax. Also the heat from her thighs tensing against mine. “Oh, oh, oh!” she said, then that gasp I knew and loved. As she came she threw her head back and her hair flicked over me. I could see her tiny breasts heaving, see her hand clutching mine in her slippery hot cleft. Her come soaked my fingers. Her eyes were closed and there was a look of relief on her face as she leant back on me.

Her hand slipped down to the bulge in my shorts and she absently stroked it. My cock twitched in its prison of clothing. Thien laughed her musical laugh. Şentepe Escort Bayan She burrowed into my shorts and exposed my cock to the evening air. It stood up between her legs and she laughed again.

“I’ve got a dick now! Mmm feels nice!” She stroked it up and down with her tiny hand. It felt so good I wanted to buck. I had to hold her on my lap and try not to heave her off. She stared down at my shaft as worked the skin.

“So hard and soft. Hard inside but a soft skin. It’s going redder. Oh! A drop came out! Is that wee?” She was as curious as a child.

“It’s precum. Sort of clear, before the white stuff.”

Thien wiped it onto her fingertip and sniffed it. “Hmm, smells like…” She tasted it. “Salty.” She went back to stroking my cock. I saw stars.

“You can try the white stuff soon!” I gasped. Thien just stared down as she slid her hand up and down. My cock sent tingles through my hips. As I twitched I could feel her hips on mine, feel her leaking cunt wetting the base of my shaft. She pulled my skin up over the head and down between her thighs. My cock throbbed with pleasure. “Oh, I’m close…”

“Make my dick come! Spurt for me! Come! Oh, wow!!”

A great twitch, then my come shot out of my cock, as high as Thien’s fringe, an arc of pearly white. Another spurt as far as her knees. As she stroked, more dribbled out of the cockhead and over her fingers. She was fascinated. “Stroke some more” I mumbled. She did and a last spurt ran out and down the softening skin. The salty smell came up beside her scent.

“That was amazing! So much! So far! I want to do that again! You are good. So good for me.”

“Oh Thien, that was pretty good for me too! And I’d love to do it again, but you might have to give me a few minutes to recover! You’re… you’re wonderful.” All I could do was sit there on the bench. One hand gently brushed Thien’s calf. Thien idly played with my cock, sticky from her juices as well as mine. She rolled the soft skin in her fingers. We both knew it wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

“This is fun.” She looked up and around the playground. “I used to play here, and now I am again. I remember… the bushes were bigger. There used to be a see-saw. Often there were heaps of kids, all making a noise, I remember it as always sunny. I was a quiet little Vietnamese girl, on a trike. I liked to watch all the kids play. I played when it was quieter, I copied the other kids so I knew what to do. And I liked to ride my trike on the path round the outside. Round and round. Past the parents, sitting here. I remember now, there was a double crack in the concrete path. If I leant forward as I rode over them, the jolts felt nice, between my legs.” She paused. “I used to touch myself sometimes. Sitting on the trike it was easy. Then one day, I saw another girl doing it – she had a blue patterned dress, her hand in her pants. Near the swings over there. Her mother came over and slapped her arm. Hard. Her face, she… looked so surprised. Then she cried. She howled. I think her mum took her away. And I knew then, you didn’t do that. It was… bad or something.” I felt her tensing with the memory. I wanted to hug her.

“So I didn’t. No touching, no naughty stuff. Didn’t talk about it. My friends didn’t bring it up, it was a nothing. In high school I had one or two crushes, and those awkward lessons about “relationships” but, I didn’t do ‘that’.” Thien’s voice was so soft, if my face wasn’t buried in her long scented hair I would have been too far away to hear. Then she laughed. I love her laugh.

“Till uni! Then I was in a women’s group in First Year. We went to a “Women’s Talk” and this crazy lady said we should all do it, as a political act against the patriarchy. In public, everywhere. If she saw me now! At the Swings!”

“So… did you..?”

“Well, no. I sort of, couldn’t after all those years. But there was another girl there, her name was Talaya. Pretty quiet and reserved too. Middle-eastern maybe? I don’t know how it started but we found out we were both the same, complete virgins but curious. We talked, we had a few drinks, then I was in her room somehow. We’d made some sort of pact, to explore ourselves – hey, it moved!”

I jolted up and looked around. Unbelievably no one had passed on this warm night, but I was still jittery. “What moved?”

“You Escort Şentepe did! Your dick moved – my dick moved. Are you liking the idea of two girls in a room together??” She had caught me out totally; the idea was exciting me. My Thien and this other girl – Talaya was an unusual name – sitting on the bed, undressing, touching…

“There it goes again! A bit harder already. I can pull the skin down now. Keep thinking those thoughts!” She stroked my stiffening cock, which responded by bobbing. Tingles spread from my hips, mixed with the sensation of her skin on mine. Suddenly she twisted around on my lap and gave me the second-naughtiest smile I’ve ever seen on a girl’s face. Or maybe the naughtiest.

“I need a cloth. Take your underpants off!”

“Thien! You’re not serious!”

“You wanna bet? Come here now!”

She led me between some bushes planted as a screen against a paling fence. The ground was covered in she-oak needles; it was surprisingly soft. She pushed my shoulders down. “Get them off. Quick!” she hissed.

I wriggled out of my shorts and jocks. Thien urged me further up behind the bushes. There was a tiny scrap of discretion left in her. She took my jocks, brushed them on some dewy grass nearby, and wiped down my cock and balls, which had become tacky while she had told me her story. The cold damp cloth surprised me and I gasped. Thien only laughed again, and smiled.

I was lying back, propped up on my elbows. She was crouched between my knees, holding my steel-hard cock. Without taking her eyes off mine, she leant down and kissed the head. It was the faintest sensation, but I nearly bucked again. I think I moaned. She licked the underside. I did moan. She kissed and sucked the head, staring into my eyes all the time. Crouched over my cock, bobbing slowly on it, she ran her hands up my legs and under my t-shirt.

Every nerve of my skin screamed with pleasure. Her little hands sent electric shocks through me. Her lips and sometimes teeth tickled and teased my shaft I could feel the cool ground underneath me, feel my face getting flushed. My muscles tensed and relaxed without my control. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sight, my beautiful Thien sucking my reddening cock. She lifted her head and whispered, “Are you close? Tell me when you’re close.” She smiled her naughty smile and let a dribble of her spit slip out and over my cockhead. Then she bent and sucked it up.

The look of her shiny spit linking her lips to my cock, the smell, the lush wetness almost made me explode. I was grateful I had come earlier. She tickled my balls and ran a finger down to my anus and scratched lightly. “You liked that!” She said “I felt you twitch in me. Are you coming? Is your come going to spurt out of my dick?”

“Your dick? Oh Thien, oh fuck you are incredible, this feels so good, and your talk! You can have my dick. Take it all. Take my balls my cock my head my come… Oh fuck I’m close, I’m coming!!”

Thien had worked this out. She gave me a last suck then furiously rubbed my shaft with one tiny hand, with the other she cupped my balls and somehow pushed her finger into my anus. I clamped her finger as my balls lifted and come arched out of me, in front of her face and down onto my shuddering torso. A second spurt shot up a short way then down across her fingers, still pumping me. A third spurt dribbled out and over my wrinkled foreskin.

Strange to say, Thien had the tenderest look as she studied my now-shrinking cock. As it softened in her hand she bent over and kissed the creamy head, licking just a bit of my come into her mouth. She looked at me.

“Oh Thien, fuck, you’re, you’re wonderful… sexy…” I wasn’t making much sense.

“I love giving you this pleasure. I love playing with my dick. One day, one day I’ll suck your come out, but tonight I want to see it.” Oh don’t worry. I can wait.

“Thien,” was all I could say, but she understood. She moved up and lay on top of me, but not before wiping me down with the well-used jocks. She stared into my eyes. Her long hair fanned over her shoulders.

“Thien, I think I’m falling in love with you.” I had no idea where that came from, it just came out.

“And me for you. Love, or crazy feelings.”

“Here, under the bushes, at night, with you, is perfect.”

“So good with words! You sound like Vietnamese poetry.”

“You are Vietnamese poetry.” She poked me and lay her head on my chest. She was smiling. I stroked her black hair in the dim light. For how long? Who knows.

“Tell me about you and that other girl, Talaya was it?”

Thien laughed. “That, dear Nick, is another story!”

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