Cruising after dark.

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Cruising after dark.It’s always better having a cruise after dark and my favourite place ever was Faringdon Road Park in Swindon.I used to cruise here about twenty years ago, like all parks it had a cottage adjoined and me being an avid searcher of these sleazy environments it is where I first discovered the park, by then we had the internet, but I was careful not to use it searching for anything untoward, my girlfriend used it as much as me, the cottage internet was the writing on the doors and walls of the old cottages, just reading some of the messages got me rock hard, and Faringdon Road toilets may have been a bit quiet, but after sunset the park brought out many of us sexual deviants in search of each other..There was two or three entrances into the park itself, there was a big open space surrounded by trees and at the end closest to the town many mature bushes, some of them had “hidden! entrances with sheltered spaces inside, maybe during the day you could see if there were people hiding there, at night it was only those within the bushes that knew what was going on, and there was lots of it going on! It took me a wee while to find the treasure that was within these darkly places, I suppose I must have wandered up and down the parks paths, now and then, after the toilets ad closed I got the occasional fun behind then, but it was always hurried and unsatisfying to me, it was after seeing someone I was following nip into the bushes that I found my pot of gold. The guy had walked back and forward a few times and the Gaydar senses was telling me what he was after. He was middle aged and pretty well built a few years older than me and greying, like me was casually dressed, jeans and a bomber jacket, there had been another couple f guys about earlier, but it looked liked they had left. So I saw my man leave the paved path and head towards a pretty overgrown looking copse, surrounded by bushes, I thought he was going to stop and maybe have a piss, but before I knew it he had vanished. I waited ardahan escort a minute or two for him to reappear and then headed in the direction I last saw him. Sadly the council took all these bushes to ground a couple of years later, I returned many times during my time in Swindon. As I approached the bushes I noticed a small gap between them, not visible until you were almost upon it, I slowly edged through and found an open area, my eyes adjusted in the darkness and I made out a a couple of figures over the other side, one was on his knees in front of the other, I then saw another shape, not far from them, my disappearing man was near them, my cock immediately stood to attention!I edged around the hidden copse and took my cock out, there was no point in messing about, I was watching a head moving as it devoured a cock and listened as the recipient moaned, I was almost next to my prey and noticed his hand was working is own cock, he noticed me approaching and I reached out for him, he let me grab hold of it, wanking it gently, I bent down and took him in my mouth, a nice mushroom head welcomed my mouth, I bent further down the thinner shaft and sucked on it for a while, I fumbled in my pocket for my brown bottle as I surfaced for air, he didn’t miss a beat and as I was sniffing my poppers his mouth took my cock in his mouth. The pungent aroma of the poppers enveloped me as he worked on me, his saliva coating my throbbing dick, my eyes begun to get more used to the surroundings and I could see the guy who was being sucked not far from us looking oven, his friend was in his own world not noticing us, just happily bobbing his head on the other guys cock. I offered my “man” my poppers as he sucked on me, I had to stop him soon or I was going to erupt in his mouth, I wanted this to last, he stood up and took my bottle of amyl I pulled at his long cock a I fell to my knees, I ran my tongue round his prominent helmet, he gasped a little as I took adıyaman escort him fully, deepthroating him and holding him in my mouth for a time, his hands reached out and held my head as I gasped for air and let it drop from my mouth, I gently kissed up and down his rampant tool my hand taking his balls and caressing them, I once again started sucking on him, “that’s great” he whispered he found my hand and passed the poppers back, I took a big huff, not letting my mouth leave his cock, the rush hit me and eagerly I started sucking him faster as it seemed to get harder and harder as my saliva made it easier to take the full length, I was loving this and so engrossed it took a bit time before I noticed another cock in front of me, in fact the only thing that made me become totally aware of it was when it was slapped against my cheek! I reached out a hand and took hold of it, a thicker girth than the one in my mouth I replaced it in my mouth, not wanting to lose the other I kept a hold of it with my other hand, but before I knew it a face pressed into it his lips reaching my hand I let it go as the cock in my face stretched my lips wide as he fucked my face, I managed to get a look up and I could see two heads become one as the started noisily kissing each other, the other cocksucker was close to me and we pulled the two cocks together, each taking turns on them both, I found his head and found his mouth, both of us enjoyed a good snog as wee played with the respective dicks. I’m going to cum, one of them said, my head was back around a cock before he even finished talking, I chose right as took the mushroom head again, he thrust into me as I tried to take him to the back of my throat, he groaned out loud as I tasted his cum on the back of my tongue, I slurped like a greedy pig around him as the last of his semen emptied into me, I turned round and let the other dirty cum whore kiss whatever was dripping down my chin, I kissed his lips, my afyon escort tongue entwined in his hoping he could taste the lovely load I had just partially swallowed.I stood up and my kissing partner took my cock and started making love to it, I was in ecstasy and thought I had come, but he kept on sucking my still hard cock, I then felt a hand brush against my ass I moved it a little as the guy on me sucked away relentlessly, again I felt it again this time he started feeling me, then another hand part my cheeks a little, a finger was searching for my hole, eventually he got it and gave it a wee poke and circling my anus, I heard him spit and his other hand started to probe me and slide into me, one and the two fingers opening me up, “I’m going to pump your ass” he said, but first move over here, he nudged me in the direction of a tree that had a low lying branch, I lost my cocksucker during this time, oh well I thought as I bent myself toward the branch, I leant my chest on it as the fingers returned to my hole, this time they slid in easier, more saliva I guess, his fingers withdrew and I could feel his hardness slap against me, it was wet too, I managed to still have possession of my poppers and I began to take hits of them in each nostril as the guys thick cock pushed into me, I gritted my teeth and edged back, letting him know I was ready, he took the hint and I a slow movement his cock fully entered me in one go, I let out a moan as he stopped letting me get used to him inside me, he then started thrusting into me, the usual pain was quickly replaced by waves of ecstasy as once again took a hit of the amyl, I just let my wander as his cock tore at me, after a bit he whispered, in or out? It took a second to register, “cum over me and push it back it” I told him, a second later he pulled out and I felt his warm liquid cover me as he gasped, he then wiped his cock around my bottom, the cum was dribbling down my crack, I then let out a gasp as he reentered pushing his seed in me he lay on me for a few seconds before withdrawing , “Thanks slut” he said, I lay slumped against the tree for what seemed an age, feeling most satisfied as he slipped into the night………Sadly the council took all the bushes down back to ground level a couple of years later, but not before I spent many times amongst them.

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