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The sissy cuckold was at the ATM withdrawing cash for his Mistress. He needed cash for her nails, her new dinner attire, and makeup. As he made his withdrawal his little dick dripped precum in his purple lace panties. He always got turned on every time his Mistress provided strict instructions to him, and of course whenever she played without him.

“Now tell me, slave, why are you giving me cash? I want you to say it. Tell Mistress.”

“Mistress please take this cash so you can be pampered and have your nails done for your date tonight. And if you want to shop for a new dress, heels, lingerie or makeup there is more cash for you, Mistress.” the sissy slave addressed his Mistress looking her straight in her eyes.

“Ahhh … yes,” said his Mistress. “My date tonight. Now you know while I am out on my date you will be working through a list of chores I’ve assigned you, yes?”

“Yes, Mistress” the slave responded.

“Good, slave. Now you know I’m shopping for a hot outfit for my sugar daddy, yes? I am definitely NOT shopping for you and your little dick.” his Mistress continued.

“Yes, Mistress” replied her sissy slave.

“Now slave show Mistress your little dick, I am checking to make certain you are in panties” continued his Mistress.

The cuckold undid his jeans and lowered them, showing his Mistress his purple lace panties.

Laughing, his Mistress said, “Excellent! I love purple! And seeing your little bump in those panties is so hot! Now go away, slave, and Mistress will get her nails done.”

His Mistress enjoyed getting her nails done and shopping for her hot date. Her sugar daddy, George, was an older, distinguished gentleman. Good looking, successful, worldly, and powerful. She had fantasized about meeting him and trying her luck on seducing him. She picked up a sexy and revealing cocktail dress, a pair of skimpy and crotchless panties, and smoky eye makeup.

“Slave come here and read your chore list. You must approach on all fours, slave. Crawl to me and do not look up at me or you will be harshly punished.”

Her slave reacted immediately. He crawled into her bedroom as instructed, never looking up at his Mistress, and read his chore list placed on the floor before him. On either side of the paper was a foot, fresh from a pedicure, striking blood red nail polish on her toes, and strappy black high heels. His little dick stirred in his panties. He so wanted to kiss and lick her feet, but he simply read his chore list.

“I will return, slave, and you will do my bidding upon my return. In my absence you are to work through Bornova Escort your chores and you will wear a french maid uniform, slave.”

His Mistress left for her hot date with her sugar daddy and he as her willing slave began to work his chores.

“Tiffany!” the Mistress heard her sugar daddy call her name. It gave her a tingle down her spine as she strutted over to the bar to meet George. He was a handsome man, older, good looking, sexy.

The two hugged as a few patrons looked at the couple. For she was younger than he, petite, athletic build, sexy and dressed to the nines!

She took a stool next to him at the bar and he provided her a glass of wine. Top of the line wine she noticed. Some small talk, laughter, and at one point she placed her hand on his leg. Not far from his crotch, but innocent enough. He made no move to remove her hand and noted that.

She soon felt the effects of no food and the wine. Tipsy, happy, relaxed, and horny! The more they talked the more the other made simple touches and flirtatious smiles. She found him sexy – his stature in the business world, his smile and laugh, and of course she was a horny slut. Dominating her little dicked sissy cuckold was easy. He did as instructed and always thanked his Mistress. But George was the opposite. She became aware over the course of three drinks that George was very much in charge. Still, she came for a reason – she wanted her own sugar daddy who would pamper and spoil her. She decided to make her move.

“George, would you like to dance? I love to dance, and there’s a great club not far from here where we could dance”.

“Sure babe. You know I love dancing. Let’s do it!” George answered as he stood up and took her hand. She noticed he pulled out a wad of cash, dropped a hundred on the bar and waved to the bartender. He pulled her behind him leaving the bar and to his car.

She loved his car! It was a Bentley, roomy, sporty, and rich. George opened the door for her and she caught his hand on her ass as she moved to sit in his car. She didn’t mind. In fact she liked it. She looked up at him as he shut the door and blew him a playful kiss.

When George got in the car he turned it on and asked her to set the radio to any music she liked. She found a station that she loved to dance to and they left the bar parking lot heading toward the dance club.

Small talk during the ride, Mistress caught George glancing at her legs now and then as he drove. She had purposely pulled her dress up as she sat in his car, wanting to show off her muscular legs. After all, she Bornova Escort Bayan wanted her own sugar daddy!

When they arrived at the club George showed he was a gentleman yet again, opening her door and taking her by the arm to the club. In no time at all they were on the dance floor, dancing fast, dancing slow, laughing and bumping and grinding. She felt his hands everywhere on her body and she loved it! She purposely pushed back against him a couple of times, wanting to feel his cock, wanting to feel his hardness if she’d turned him on.

The danced the night away, stopping for a drink and a chat. She sat in his lap now, he pulled her into hit when they got their drinks. “You don’t mind sitting here, do you?” George asked her.

“Mind? Mmm, WHY would I mind this, George” she said to him, into his ear provocatively.

His hand on her thigh, his other holding his drink. She thought of how she would dominate George, what his kink would be. She had no idea George was thinking of how he was going to own her soon. Very soon.

She felt his hand rubbing her inner thigh. Each stroke up moved just a little higher toward her crotch … She was SO hot she thought he’d feel her heat from between her legs!

He whispered in her ear “You’re SO sexy!” as he moved his hand further up, just under her skirt.

Her response was to kiss his cheek and spread her legs slightly, giving him notice he had full access to her if he desired.

“I bet you love sucking cock” he said to her ear.

She couldn’t believe it! Had she heard George correctly?!?!

“I love having my cock sucked” George continued.

Oh wow. She had heard right!

“Come now, let’s go” George told her. She noticed the tone in his voice had changed slightly. He was very much direct now. In charge. Matter of factly.

As she strutted toward his car his hand was on her ass. If only her sissy cuckold saw her now – his little dick would be so hard in his panties!

When they reached his car George didn’t open her door immediately as he’d done before. Instead her turned her around and looked her over. She felt his eyes on her, toes to hair and back down again. Then he leaned in and kissed her. Hard. Pushing his tongue against hers. And she responded. She was so hot for him!

“Get in” George directed her as he opened the car door for her. She sat down into his Bentley and he went around, stepping in himself.

“Unzip my pants. Do it now” George instructed her.

She didn’t need any invitation. She had thought of his cock, tasting and sucking his cock Escort Bornova for quite some time!

As she unzipped his pants George said “Tell Daddy what you want. Come one, don’t be shy.”

She paused, a brief hesitation, then looked at George and said “George, I want to suck your cock. I’ve thought about sucking your cock and masturbated to it. I’ve sucked my boyfriend’s dick thinking of your cock.”

“Good girl Now show Daddy how bad you want my cock.”

As she pulled his underwear and pants down a little his cock flopped out and hit her in the face. It was smooth, soft, but still thick. Thicker than her sissy’s little dick. George was an older man – he didn’t manscape. His cock hair was all there, on his balls, and a nice bushy bush.

She blew on his cock before kissing it. All of it. Little kisses. Then she took his balls in her mouth and gently caressed them, rolling them. His cock grew with all the attention she was giving it.

“Now open your mouth, stick out your tongue, and look at Daddy” George instructed her.

She complied.

“Now show me your passion for sucking cock,” George said.

She took his hardening cock into her mouth, tasting him, sucking him gently as he swelled with each bob of her head. She tongued his balls and ass, licking, kissing and sucking. With every moan or instruction from George she sucked with renewed passion and vigor.

She felt George’s hands on her head, holding her head while thrusting his hips, fucking her mouth … her slobber all over his balls and car seat. She noticed her wetness, how wet she was as this older man used her mouth and throat as he chose.

“Tell me you love, slut” George instructed her.

She wasted no time popping his cock out from her mouth, looking him dead in the eyes and telling him she loved sucking his cock!

He pushed her back down on his cock and continued his assault on her mouth. She felt his old cock swell … throb … engorge … Shit she knew he was close but she’d never taken cum in her mouth! She loved cum but was shy to taste or swallow it. But George fucked her still, holding her firmly.

And then it happened – she felt his hot cum shoot in her mouth! Holy shit he was cumming inside her mouth! No man had ever done that! She could pull away, his grip on her was too tight.

“Swallow. Now” George instructed her loudly.

She still wasn’t sure but she had to decide quickly. His cock was starting to relax, her mouth was full of his hot cum, and she needed to swallow it in order to move forward. As she swallowed George’s cum she became away of her wetness … running down her inner thighs! She was DRIPPING as she swallowed George’s cum …

“Good girl” George told her. She looked up at him. She had just tasted and swallowed cum! Her pussy was beyond wet. It was soaking!!

The ride home comes next …

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