George, Aunt Angela and Carol Ch. 01

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This story is a sequel to “George and Aunt Angela” that was published previously. I have written this continuation in two parts. You may want to read the prequel first, but the story should be able to be read on its own if you so wish.


It was, quite simply, the most amazing and memorable Christmas that George had ever experienced. Never in his wildest dreams would he have imagined that he would spend the night fucking Carol’s Aunt Angela. He hadn’t even realised before just how attractive she was. Of course, afterwards he felt incredibly guilty. But he couldn’t forget her and as a result his libido had increased. He wanted sex more often with his wife, who rather appreciated his attentions, even allowing a small amount of experimentation in the bedroom.

It was four months later, on a bright and sunny, late April Saturday. George had arisen late, only just in time to say goodbye to Carol as she went out. She was going shopping up in the West End, while he was going to try out his new toy.

It was an impulse buy, but George simply couldn’t resist the shiny red Westwood S1600H ride upon lawnmower. The Garden Centre had gone bankrupt and he got a cheap bid accepted (less than half price). That was in November and he had been waiting until now to use it.

George took his time eating breakfast, deliberately not rushing, trying to savour the anticipation. After a refreshing shower, George put on an old T-shirt and a pair of football shorts. He had read the lawnmower manual a dozen times, so he knew precisely how to start and use the machine. Even so, he took his time and when he finally sat down and turned the ignition key, he was delighted to hear it cough into life straight away.

Having mown the lawn once, George lowered the blades a fraction and did it again. The lines were almost laser-straight when he had finished. He parked the vehicle and switched off, just in time to hear the phone ringing. When he picked it up he heard Carol’s voice, “Darling, I’m at the station. Can you come and pick me up?”

“Uh, oh,” he thought. “That means she’s been spending money.”

Five minutes later George drove the car into the Station Car Park. To his surprise, he saw the elegantly tall figure of Aunt Angela standing next to Carol. Both women had shopping bags in each hand. He hopped out of the car and opened the tailgate.

“Guess who I met in town?” said Carol.

“Hi, Angela. This is a pleasant surprise.” She merely smiled, but didn’t say anything.

Carol explained that they had bumped into each other in Oxford Street – a minor miracle considering how many people were there. They had hopped on the tube to Liverpool Street Station, only to find that there was overhead line damage at Shenfield. It didn’t look as though the services out that way were going to be re-established very soon. However, the Chingford Line was still running, so Carol had invited Angela to come home with her. Either she or George would be able to drive her forty miles home from there.

George shut the tailgate and then climbed into the driving seat. He couldn’t help but notice Carol’s skirt had ridden up and her lightly-tanned bare legs were parted slightly. He rather wished that they were alone. Having buckled up, he turned in his seat to check that Angela was OK. Whether deliberate or not, while trying to find the buckle for her seat belt, she had raised her right knee affording an incredibly sexy view up her skirt. Once again, she was wearing stockings, but her panties and suspenders were white. He turned back round quickly, hoping that Carol wouldn’t notice his developing erection. The fact that he was wearing thin football shorts with built in and equally thin underpants didn’t help matters.

Back home once more, they left Aunt Angela’s purchases in the car. While Carol took her bags upstairs, George led Angela into the kitchen to make some coffee. He couldn’t really say that he was surprised when he felt a hand fondling his buttocks, but he had rather hoped that she might refrain from physical contact. He turned to whisper a plea for her to stop, but even as he spoke her hand had slipped down the front of his shorts.

George froze as Angela stroked his cock. His erection was almost instantaneous.

“Mmm, it’s just how I remember it. Big, powerful and throbbing.”

Angela’s hand let go and she stepped away from George as she heard Carol’s footsteps on the stairs.

George was relieved, but had to turn away and make himself busy so that Carol wouldn’t be able to see the effect that Angela’s hand had made on him. He made an excuse to go back out into the garden to adjust something on the lawnmower. It was a good thirty minutes before he was able to return.

It was time to take Angela home. But before they set off, she had to pay a visit to the ‘smallest room’.

George was in such a state that he didn’t even think about the obvious precaution of changing into trousers for the journey. He discovered his mistake within four hundred metres izmir escort of home when Angela reached across and began to stroke his dick again.

“Angela!” he pleaded.

“Well, what do you expect?” she replied. “You turn up in sexy tight shorts, showing off your gorgeously hunky legs and the outline of your tackle and then act surprised when I want to touch you.”

She took her hand away and spoke again, “Have you any idea just how horny you’ve made me? My panties got so wet I had to take them off!” She lifted her skirt to reveal her smoothly shaved pussy. With just a glance he could see the moisture sparkling on her nether lips. He didn’t want to take his attention away from the road for too long – he was already struggling to concentrate.

Angela reached back across and found the hardness that had developed. She started her stroking motions again.

“Angela, please stop,” he pleaded.

“Why should I?” she asked.

“Because if you don’t stop I’ll shoot my load!”

“Oh, good!” A lascivious smile crossed her lips.

After a few minutes of such attention George was desperate.

“Angela, please! You must stop now before it’s too late!”

But it was already too late. George’s cock hardened even more and his balls tightened. He couldn’t prevent his hips from thrusting as the semen spurted out into his football shorts. He just about managed to keep the car going in a straight line. The milky fluid flooded into the thin nylon of the built in underpants. It was totally unable to contain it and the come seeped out through the material. Angela was simply delighted with this ‘outcome’.

The remaining part of the journey seemed to take hours – when in fact it was more like twenty minutes. Both of them wanted to be somewhere private, somewhere alone. The moment they pulled into Angela’s driveway, she was out of the car and fumbling with her door keys. The shopping was forgotten in George’s headlong rush through the door. He slammed it shut behind him and then turned and made a grab for the woman, who was already mostly naked, having dropped her dress onto the floor.

George dropped to his knees and he grabbed an ass cheek in each hand. Angela parted her legs in anticipation of his tongue, which dove deep within her vagina. She came almost as soon as his nose touched her clitoris. But he didn’t stop. He kept licking and sucking, while supporting her weight so that she wouldn’t collapse. As she came again, she grabbed hold of his hair and drove his face deeper into her pussy.

When Angela had calmed down, George wrapped his arms around her legs, just below her buttocks and stood up, lifting her over his shoulder. He felt so turned on, so excited, that he could lift a ton weight. He almost ran up the stairs with her and threw the woman onto the bed. She lay there with her legs spread wide.

“Turn over and get up on your knees,” he ordered. Angela obeyed – not quickly, but as fast as she was able to under the circumstances. She didn’t even have time to look behind her before George’s dick was fully embedded within her pussy. He fucked her wildly and hard, shouting obscenities as he did so.

“You fucking little whore! You would have let me have you over on the back seat of the car if I’d stopped, wouldn’t you? I bet if you hadn’t been able to open the front door you would have gone down on me there and then. Wouldn’t you? You little slut!”

Angela was unable to talk; she was taking such a battering that it took her breath away. George suddenly withdrew, and then scooted round in front of her. He shoved his cock roughly into her mouth and then grabbed her hair, forcing himself deeper with every thrust.

She should have been frightened by George’s behaviour, but she was as turned on as he and readily accepted his roughness. She was slightly relieved when he let go of her head and moved away again. She guessed what was coming next and ached for it. But he teased her by kneeling between her legs and rubbing the head of his dick up and down her crotch from clitoris to anus and back.

“I know what you want now don’t I? Tell me you little slut. Tell me what you want me to do to you – and how you want me to do it.”

Angela was moaning in frustration, but he continued teasing her, waiting for her to speak.

“Please,” she begged. “Fuck me. Please. Fuck my ass, now! I want it so badly.”

George ignored her pleas. “So, you want me to fuck your ass? As if I hadn’t guessed! But you haven’t told me how you want me to fuck it yet.”

Angela was almost crying now, “Just ram it in. Fuck it hard. Harder than you’ve ever fucked anything in your life. Make me come again and again. Do it, please!”

George plunged forwards. His shaft was already well lubricated from Angela’s pussy juices and saliva and forced its way straight in. He slapped each check in turn with every thrust.

After she came the first time, George stopped and ripped at the catch on her bra. He pulled alsancak escort it down her arms and threw it to one side. He then grabbed her breasts and lifted her upright. With one hand roughly grabbing a tit, the other began to finger her pussy. First one finger then two, then three. His cock began to thrust upwards into her again, while the digits fucked rapidly. His thumb was rubbing across her clitoris continually. The rough handling and invasion of her most sensitive areas brought her to another climax very quickly. This time George was unable to resist and sent streams of spunk up into her ass.

After lying beside one another on the bed for half an hour, they gradually regained their senses.

“George, what about Carol? Shouldn’t you ring her to let her know what’s happening? She’ll be wondering where you are before long.”

George looked across at Angela. Her body was bathed in sweat; her usually perfectly prepared hair mussed up and with strands stuck to her damp face. There was even more moisture around her thighs and crotch. Beyond this, he was amazed at how great a body she had. Angela was a truly fuckable beauty. In fact, just looking at her had brought on another erection. He climbed on top of her and entered her pussy without resistance. The contrast to his behaviour earlier was marked. Now he was tender, almost loving as he stroked long and gently. He took her to another climax before reaching his own.

Later, George rang his wife Carol and told her that he had been delayed ‘fixing something electrical’ for Aunt Angela. He was careful to call her that.

While George made the telephone call and then had a shower, Angela padded down to the kitchen with his football shorts. She hand washed them and then threw them in the tumble dryer. She reasoned that one garment on its own would dry pretty quickly. She was right.

George kissed Angela tenderly as he said goodbye. He was almost out of the drive when he recalled the shopping in the back of the car. If he had taken that home with him he was sure that Carol would have been asking questions.


Amazingly, even though George had experienced three orgasms over a very short period, by the time he reached home, his recollections of the events with Angela were making his cock ache all over again.

As soon as he stepped in through the front door he sensed trouble. Carol was standing with her arms folded and her head on one-side in that inquisitorial stance that she sometimes used.

“Right,” she said. “I’ve got something to say to you about your sexual behaviour.”

George felt as though a gigantic chasm had opened up under his feet. He steeled himself for what was about to come.

“You must be daft if you didn’t think that I would notice your hard-on in the car earlier. What if Aunt Angela had seen? She would have been so shocked!”

George was confused, but not enough to miss the fact that Carol obviously didn’t know about the way that Angela sometimes thought and behaved.

“Mind you,” she said with a wry grin. “I suppose that I should feel a bit complimented that you find my legs so attractive when I accidentally flash a bit of thigh.” Her hands, which had been on her hips, dropped down to her sides and she took hold of the material, gradually drawing the hem of the skirt higher.


Unknown to George, while Carol and Angela had been shopping in the West End she had been talking quite frankly to her Aunt. She had explained that his libido appeared to have increased in recent months. She had said that having settled into what could be considered a boring sex life as they had grown older; she was beginning to appreciate his attentions. However, she told her that it was always George that initiated their activities. In fact, she wanted to be able to prompt things sometimes, but just didn’t know how.

Angela had smiled at her and explained that perhaps all she had to do was dress and act in a sexy manner and he would probably get the message. She told her to simply observe what George seemed to appreciate and use that information to turn him on.

Carol had asked about the ‘dressing’ part of her comments. They were in Debenhams at the time, so Angela took her by the arm and led her to the lingerie department. She wasn’t averse to wearing pretty underwear; in fact she quite enjoyed it, so she wasn’t quite sure why her Aunt was leading her this way.

Angela’s eyes scanned the rails and racks, looking for a particular brand – her own favourite. When she spotted the Gossard area she headed straight for it. She asked Carol her sizes and swiftly pulled out a matching white, lacy bra panties and suspender set. Carol reddened when she saw the latter garment and explained that she had never worn stockings and didn’t even know how to do them up. Besides would George really like them?

Angela explained that almost all men liked them and a quick trip to the changing room soon explained how to wear them. Angela buca escort raised her skirt and demonstrated how simple it was. Carol was quite surprised that her Aunt wore stockings, but as she appeared so relaxed about it there seemed no reason to comment. Immediately after purchasing the underwear, she hunted for nylon stockings.


Now, as Carol drew the skirt higher still, the darkened band at the top of her stockings came into view. George gasped. Still higher and the white suspenders contrasted with the darkened nylons and the paler skin of her upper thighs. George’s eyes were glued to the hem, willing it to rise more quickly. Finally she held the material around her waist. George was about to pounce and pull down the attractive lace knickers, but Carol reacted before he could move. She took three quick strides, unfastening and dropping the skirt as she did so and reached out towards his shorts.

George’s erection was painful and when Carol took hold of him through the thin layers he could hardly feel her touch. On the other hand, she had never felt him so hard. It was as if he had secreted an iron bar in his shorts.

“Well, what have we here? Do you really appreciate me that much?”

George was unable to respond beyond a strangled sound from his throat.

“Perhaps I’d better show how much I appreciate your appreciation. Hmm?”

It was as if his whole body and not just his cock had become rigid. He couldn’t move, only watch, as Carol dropped to her knees in front of him. She eased his shorts down over his throbbing manhood. The purple head was taught and shiny; the shaft looked as though it was stretched smooth. She took hold of it and tried to rub it. There was very little give in the flesh and it fascinated her. She realised that she was getting turned on by it. She had intended to give George a little suck as a treat and then drag him up to the bedroom, but as her mouth slipped around the head, the texture and taste of it, including a tiny dribble of pre-come suddenly made her feel almost drunk with lust. She had hold of the most gorgeous object she had ever come across and she wanted to get even more of it into her mouth.

George just stared in disbelief. Carol had never used her mouth on him outside of the bedroom. He looked around to make sure that he was, indeed, still standing in the hallway with his wife on her knees in front of him, forcing him into her throat. After three orgasms earlier, it should have taken a long time to achieve climax, but the sight of his lingerie-clad wife was so erotic that he couldn’t help but arrive all too soon.

“Ugh! Carol… I’m coming!” he gasped.

Either Carol didn’t hear, or she didn’t care. He said nothing more to warn her as she rubbed with her hand and bobbed her head more rapidly. George felt his come surging up through his cock in spasms. He fully expected Carol to choke and pull away.

Carol felt George’s dick jerking. She knew what was about to happen, but seemed unable to pull away. The first jet of semen slipped across her tongue. It was warm and slightly salty. This was only the second time that she had tasted come, but somehow this time it was different, almost like champagne? She let George come in her mouth and gradually swallowed it as it the volume became too much to hold.

When Carol lifted her head back up, she looked directly at George and said huskily, “I hope that you can get it up again, because I need you to take me to the bedroom and give me a good seeing to.”

The chances of George being able to get yet another erection, having already had four climaxes was not very great. However, he knew that he had to do his best to please his wife.

In the bedroom, George undressed Carol, slowly stripping her down to just her panties. She stopped him there and climbed onto the bed, where she laid back and waited for him to pull them down. He slipped his thumbs inside the waist band and pulled them smoothly down her thighs. He stopped at her knees, because he had seen the other surprise that she had prepared for him; a smooth and hairless pussy. This was the most intimate piece of advice that Angela had given her. She said that she had shaved since she was first married.

Carol had used hair removing cream, which meant that she was completely smooth, display her pouting pussy lips. She opened her legs, the act stretching the labia far enough apart that he could see the moist tunnel beyond. He couldn’t resist going down on her, but his cock was still limp so he really had no choice. Besides, she was so turned on that she didn’t make the usual objections and so he carried on. Her moans told him that she was enjoying this for once.

George circled his tongue around Carol’s clitoris, then traced down one lip and up the other. She squirmed as he did this, so he repeated the process over and over. He wanted to penetrate her, but was still unable, so he used his tongue instead. Her vagina was wide open and he forced his tongue as deep as it would go. His nose pressed up against the pink hood and increased her pleasure. She was thrashing her head for side to side now, and had brought her knees up to stretch herself even wider.

When Carol finally came, she fainted. George moved up alongside her on the bed and just held her until she recovered consciousness.

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