Hot Tub Fun Ch. 02

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So with Troy out for a little while and the girls both fairly satisfied, I was afraid my newly aroused cock would be wasted. I started picking up around the hot tub getting ready to head inside. Autumn and Becky said it was time for a quick shower to clean up and ran inside. Troy helped me turn off the tub, cover it and the grill, and move the patio furniture back into place. Shorts back on and both of us smiling big, we completed our chores and went back to the house.

I could hear the girls in the master bath so I told Troy to head to the guest bath. I told him where the towels are and headed to the outdoor shower to get myself cleaned off and maybe calmed down a little.

My mistake. The night was far from over.

I walked back into the living room to see Autumn and Becky both still naked draping a sheet over the double sized ottoman in the middle of the room.

“What is going on?” I asked innocently.

“Autumn thought it was only fair that if she got you both then I need to, too.” Becky answered very nervously.

“No – what I said was you took pictures of me with two guys I am going to get them to do you, too.” Autumn corrected. “And I have a surprise for you.”

She held up the bottle of lube I had brought home earlier.

Becky gasped at the sight. “What are you going to do with that?”

“I am going to smear it all over the boys’ cocks and your butt hole. Because I promised to suck Jim’s cock clean after he came in your butt.” Autumn stated.

“I thought you said you were going to let Troy play too?” I asked.

“Sssh! He doesn’t know that I am going to try it.” Autumn said.

“I don’t know what?” Troy asked walking back into the room with a towel wrapped around his waist.

“She wants you to put that thick penis in her bottom.” Becky answered before Autumn could stop her.

Troy did a double take and then got a very wicked look on his face. Not really evil intent but all-out lust about getting to plunder the sexy brunette’s anal passage. My thought was that instead of double teaming Becky, she and I should just sit back and watch Troy ravage Autumn. Becky and Autumn had other ideas.

The girls had us sit down on the couch as they finished with the ottoman. Then Becky got up on it on all fours – her butt in the air and her beautiful breast hanging down. Autumn had been thinking ahead and handed me a small black butt plug covered in the lube.

I got off the couch and behind my goddess. I started licking Becky’s soft sexy pussy from behind. Then I licked her ass and she gave a little wiggle when my tongue circled it. Autumn then squirted a big globe of the strawberry flavored lube all over Becky’s rectum. I placed the tip of the plug at the small bayan escort tight opening and pushed firmly. Becky moaned as the small plug slipped into her. The wide part of the plug stopped at the tight opening. I gave it a hard push, getting it snugly into my sexy goddess.

Troy asked, “Autumn needs one of those too don’t you think?”

“There is another one in the bag. It’s a little bigger but she can take it.” Becky reminded me.

Troy reached in the bag and pulled out a vibrator and then Becky’s Big Deb. He smiled big and then found the other butt plug. Unlike the one in my sexy woman, this one had a skinny tip that expanded to a wide base. It was clear and shorter but was about half an inch wider at the back end than the one impaled in Becky’s bottom. He looked over at Autumn and gave her the come here look. She gave him a little pout and stuck her tongue out at Becky.

“Perfect place for it to start.” I said. “Suck on that and get up on the other side so Troy can get you started.”

I was kneeling behind Becky running my fingers up and down her pussy. The butt plug was firmly in her ass. Autumn had her head down on the stool – butt up in the air. She was getting the plug wet with her mouth and offered it to Becky for a little help. Becky swallowed it deep and then pulled it out and spit on the slim tip. Troy was alternating licking Autumn’s pussy and then her tushy. His hand was on her cheek and I would bet he had a finger in her ass at the same time.

I took the phallus out of Becky’s mouth and the tube of lube from Autumn. A liberal coat of the flavored lubrication went on the butt plug from top to bottom. I walked over to Troy and handed him the bottle. He added a big drop to the spit he had left on Autumn’s puckered ass hole.

“Do the honors my friend. Go slow at first but get it all the way in. It needs to be in deep to get her ready for later.”

She took it like a champ. She was biting her bottom lip trying not to scream out. Her head laying on a pillow Becky holding her hand as she took the first thing bigger than a finger into her virgin ass.

Troy went slow and steady, using lots of the grease to make the intruder go in. Autumn finally let out a very loud scream when the widest point pierced her. Troy stopped pushing but not rubbing her clit. She was very still and had just a little sheen of sweat on her face. Troy leaned down and kissed the small of her back and licked to the top of her butt crack. She arched her back as the last bit of the toy entered her tight hole.

Becky gave her a little kiss on the cheek. “Doesn’t it feel good? Just wait until one of their cocks goes in there.”

Autumn raised her head and with a very faint voice said “Not until they both take you tonight.”

Now that both of the lovely ladies had their bums full it was time to see how much fun Troy and I could have. I love eating out Becky’s sweet pussy almost as much as getting a blow job from her. She now was back on her knees, butt in the air and reading to be licked. My mouth went to work on the sexy blond in front of me.

Taking my tongue up her pink slit then around the end of the butt plug got her moaning softly. I pulled on the plug just enough to add pressure to her insides but not enough to pull it out. Pushing it firmly back in place, I gave her pussy a hard smack. Amazed at how open and vulnerable she was before me.

The smack made her jump and moan again. I went back to licking and sucking on the sexy pussy in front of me – trying to stick my tongue into the folds of her wet pussy – inside her and then to her clit – sucking on it – getting her as worked up as I could. My hands held open her thighs as I devoured the sweet nectar that flowed from her cunt. Playing with the butt plug stretching her a little bit more each time I pulled it in and out.

Looking down the ottoman, Troy had Autumn on her back and doing similar things to the plug in her ass. She was playing with her own tits as Troy was devouring her pussy. Becky dropped her head to look at me.

“Please baby. I need you inside me now. Please fuck me.” she begged.

Never to let a woman down, I stood up behind her and put my cock at the entrance of her pussy. I knew it would be a really tight fit with the butt plug still in her but it looked so sexy I could not remove it. She let out a big scream-moan combo when the head split her lips. It was half way between pleasure and pain. I slowed down but did not stop. Her lips engulfed the tip of my cock and I held still for her to get used to it.

“Ohhhh my GOD.” Becky screamed. Then she threw her head back and looked me in the eyes. “Do not stop. Fuck me now.”

Those eyes were ablaze with lust and need. I grabbed her by the hips and shoved myself into her from behind. She has always been small and tight. With both of her holes occupied, she was like a vice. She took almost all of my 7 inches. I was not balls deep but it was less than and inch from having them slapping her clit. I eased back out slowly then hard and fast back in. Four or five strokes got me all the way in. It felt so hot and she was getting very wet. She started bucking back on every in stroke and pulling forward on the out stroke. I took my hands off of her hips one reached for her pony tail to give it a hard pull. The other came down on her sexy buttocks. The smack got her moving even faster. I stopped moving in and out and just let her take over fucking me, pulling her hair to bring her back and then smacking her ass to get her going forward. I knew I was not going to last much longer with the wonderful feeling and the naughty scene we were creating.

Autumn took this moment to send Troy around to take my spot. Tapping me on the shoulder I looked at him and reluctantly pulled out of my goddess. Becky moaned in disapproval as she was released from my grip. Troy pushed hard with his wide cock back into her gaping pussy. Becky screamed again from the new intruder.

Autumn stopped me as I was walking around to Becky face “I want a taste of that.”

She took my stiff messy cock in her mouth. She sucked on it a second but did not clean it off. She pulled me to the other side of the ottoman by my hard on. She reached up and pulled Becky’s ponytail hard. Becky opened her closed eyes and saw my cock before her. She stopped moaning just long enough to lick her lips. I got on my knees before Becky.

Autumn had her hair in one hand and my dick in the other. She took my messy cock across her friends beautiful face. Back and forth smearing my pre-cum and Becky’s juices on that lovely face. Autumn then pushed Becky’s mouth down on my hard on. Becky now had all three of her holes full. Troy was pounding her pussy with his very wide cock. I was in her mouth with Autumn controlling her head. The butt plug was firmly in her tushy. I was amazed that my little princess could take all of this.

“Take her head. I want to get some pictures of her.” Autumn asked.

The pictures could not have been as hot as what was happening around me but Autumn had a little bit of revenge in her head. She took one of all three of us moving together – then a close up of my cock in Becky’s mouth. She walked behind to get a shot of Troy ramming into my love from behind. And then the hottest picture was of Becky’s ass. Autumn had Troy pull the plug out. She took pictures as the widest part stretched the narrow opening wide and then the small gape that the plug had made when it was completely removed. This caused Becky to orgasm, hard.

Her spasming pussy started Troy’s orgasm. I soon followed squirting in her mouth. She dropped my cock from her mouth and fell off Troy’s cock. We both finished on her. Troy cumming on her up-turned butt and me on her sexy face. She was getting covered while Autumn kept taking pictures. Laying almost flat on the Ottoman, she moaned and even shook just a little.

I lay down beside her to hold her and gave her a kiss on the forehead. She raised her head and kissed me full on the lips. She is amazing and she looked so sexy coming down from her orgasm.

Her first words were “I love you.”

“I love you too baby doll.” I replied.

“Then do something for me?” She asked.


“Get the video camera. Cause it’s Autumn’s turn.” She smiled.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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