Meeting After Ten Years Ch. 06

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Becca sheepishly greeted Dr. Jensen at her front door. Mike was away on business and had instructed her to contact and interact with the strange man. Without Mike present she was even more embarrassed than she’d been when they’d first met. At that time Mike had done all of the talking and she’d merely had to cooperate. This time she was personally asking the Doctor for his unique services. She couldn’t hide behind any pretext that she was merely accommodating Mike’s fetish. She’d had to explain to him on the phone that her breasts had gotten smaller by about a cup size and ask for his help. They’d scheduled this mid-day house call and he was right on-time.

Becca escorted Dr. Jensen downstairs to what had been their rec room. The door to the room now bore a brass sign, “Milking”. It had been Jensen who’d first referred to it as the “Milking Room” and the couple had adopted the term for their private use. The sign reflected Mike’s constant effort to push Becca out of her comfort zone. Becca was enjoying the new sexy edge in her life. She was frequently embarrassed but also aroused by Mike’s challenges. She didn’t mind the sign on the door; in fact, she found it rather erotic. She did, however, insist it be removed when a repairman or other stranger might be in the basement area. As she’d repeatedly told Mike she might be a perv but she was generally private about it.

On entering the room the Doctor went immediately to the Measurement Journal. He scanned the entries and said, “These figures say your weight is down one pound, your bust size has dropped by an inch but your waist is down a full two or three inches. The change in your waist seems out of proportion. Is that a mistake?”

Becca blushed and said, “No. It’s right. As you’ll see in a minute Mike has been training my waist with tight corseting. The corset constricts me by about 4 inches. The figures in the book are without the corset, of course. I don’t spend too much time out of the corset or a cincher but my waist is more than two inches smaller than before without the corset.”

The Doctor accepted the answer as perfectly logical, crossed the room and picked up the Milk Journal. Again he scanned the entries but he made no comment. Becca knew they indicated her production had gradually dropped as her breasts had gotten smaller but seemed to now be stable.

Jensen made a cursory inspection of the milking machine he was there to adjust and said, “I trust the machine is working well?”

“Yes. Everything is fine. I called because my breasts have dropped a full cup size and hoped you could make the needed adjustments.”

“Okay. Let’s see what we have. Disrobe and mount the machine. Are your breasts full?”

“Yes. It’s time for my noon milking.”

The Doctor waited as Becca took off her blouse and bra. He could now see the tightly laced under-bust corset which defined her tiny waist and made her tits look all that much larger. Jensen took two steps closer and bent to examine Becca’s nipples up close. He observed, “Good. There’s no sign of irritation.”

He stepped back and gestured for Becca to mount the machine. She knelt on the machine and stiffly leaned forward- the corset obviously restricting her ability to bend naturally. Dr. Jensen said, “Lower your breasts into the sleeves slowly. Let me get a good look at the fit from the top.”

When she’d pressed her breasts into the milking sleeves Dr. Jensen dropped to kneel next to the machine. Becca could soon feel his hands fondling each breast through its latex sleeve. Jensen then pulled back and said, “I think I can help. Lift your breasts out- just rest on your forearms while I draw in the bands to their smallest setting. I think you’ll be okay with them drawn in. If your breasts reduce any more we’ll be looking at new scans and new sleeves.”

The Doctor pulled one or two tools from his kit and his upper body disappeared under the machine. Becca remained as he’d directed with her milk filled breasts hanging heavily below her. She wasn’t worried about being naked before this man; he didn’t seem to look at her tits with lust as all other men did. In fact, she was thrilled that his expertise was going to improve the machine’s fit which would save the embarrassment of new scans. While Jensen ignored her sexually, the 3D-copy techs had been lecherous young men whom she had no desire to see again.

After five minutes the Doctor told Becca to lower her breasts slowly into place. He asked and she confirmed that the fit seemed as it was on her first day. The Doctor told her to turn on the machine in the usual way and proceed with her milking while he observed.

Becca set the timer for five minutes and the machine started its multiple actions. The bands on the sleeves cycled through their squeezing routine and the latching mechanisms stimulated and the enveloped her nipples. The suction started and Becca moaned as her milk let down and started flowing. She soon became sexually aroused but fought to hide that fact from the Doctor. She usually Anadolu Yakası Escort had one or two climaxes during a milking session; hiding her excitement was difficult and frustrating. Jensen stayed in a crouch and was intently watching the action at Becca’s breasts. She wondered if he was aroused at all or merely observing his invention.

At the end of the specified time the machine released Becca’s nipples and switched off. Becca was sexually frustrated but otherwise felt much better. Having almost empty breasts was a great feeling. She thought wistfully that if Mike were there he’d fuck her in place on the machine bringing them both great sexual pleasure. That’s how it should be; without sexual release the milking process seemed strangely incomplete. The Doctor asked and she responded that the sleeves seemed to fit well and the machine had drained her the way it had on its first day. She wished the Doctor wasn’t still there; with some privacy she’d bring herself off in a flash.

Jensen seemed to sense Becca’s embarrassment or discomfort saying, “Well, my work is done. I’ll leave you to record your production and clean up. I’ll show myself out.”

Becca thanked him and said goodbye from her prone position. As he turned to leave Becca felt a wave of arousal at the prospects of being alone. She’d get her sexual release very soon. Almost at the same moment the two video cameras trained on the milking area came to mind. They’d been in place for two weeks but the couple hadn’t done much more than experiment with angles and distances. She promptly decided that she’d make a show of her masturbation. In due course she’d edit the scene into one of her future Internet postings. She was about to take the first step in becoming an anonymous porn star.

She took a few seconds to look around for the portable camera they had just gotten for close-ups. It was on a tripod off to the side of the room. It would need to be moved and switched on. The other two cameras were motion activated and had presumably been running throughout the Doctor’s visit. She knew their locations and respective fields of view.

As she heard the condo’s front door close Becca raised her chest off the machine. She stopped in the kneeling upright position and made a mental note of the height of her breasts above the padded edge of the machine. She rose and retrieved the tripod and close-up camera. She positioned the unit next to the machine and adjusted the height. She then aimed the camera at the point in the air she believed would fall immediately between her breasts and switched it on.

Becca peeled her skirt and panties off and tossed them to a corner. She made a quick survey of the room to make sure the areas visible to the cameras were neat. She knelt in position and visually confirmed the close-up camera’s alignment as best she could. She then leaned forward and lowered her breasts into the milking sleeves deciding to edit out all of her prior movements. She’d start her video scene in the milking position as if she’d just completed a session and take it through orgasm. She paused as she ‘blocked’ the scene she was planning- a term she’d picked up as she’d researched making videos. Mike and the future audiences of her video would love it.

Taking a deep relaxing breath, she silently said, “Action” to start the scene. Becca very slowly lifted her breasts out of the machine. She used her arms for support but consciously placed her left arm further back so that it wouldn’t block the

camera’s view of her tits. She languidly moved to an upright kneeling position. As she moved Becca noticed a droplet of milk on her left nipple- a detail she couldn’t have planned but which would give the scene a fantastic highlight.

On reaching the vertical position Becca subtly arched her back to show off her breasts. Her hands came up to her breasts and she caressed them from beneath. She was careful to leave her nipples exposed and in particular handled her left breast gently so as to not disturb the hanging droplet. She squeezed her other breast more firmly. She knew how Mike loved it when she did that. He said watching her breast change shape as it was fondled was very sexy. He’d even mentioned that on a video that would demonstrate they were all natural. Becca moved her hand about as she fondled her soft breast- pretending Mike was directing her action for his pleasure.

Leaving her left nipple with its droplet precariously hanging, Becca slowly dropped her left hand to her Venus mound. She couldn’t see below her large chest but she visualized the tattoo on her Mound and positioned her hand to the side in the hope of calling attention to her art. After pausing there she brought her hand lower to caress her pussy. Her arousal soon returned to its previous high as she teased herself and visualized how she must look to each of the three cameras.

A glance to her left nipple confirmed the droplet was still clinging but might drop at any time. Becca abandoned her right breast for the moment. She extended her right forefinger and brought it slowly toward her left nipple. She cocked her head to make it obvious that she was staring at her nipple. In a few seconds her fingertip was smearing the tiny drop of milk over her nipple and Becca was groaning with sexual excitement. Her thumb and forefinger played roughly with the wet nipple which sent shock waves straight to her pussy. Her nipple was extremely sensitive from the milking but a good part of Becca’s arousal came from her visualizing men watching her. She loved the idea that her actions were being recorded and would be the cause of many hard cocks.

It was with that thought that Becca hoped she could prolong the scene- with every second she could imagine more guys tuning in and getting hard. She wondered how many cocks she could tease and how many would explode as the guys beat off watching her. She soon realized she was just too excited to keep the scene going. The fingers of her left hand found her clit and brought her to a crashing climax in a few more seconds. Ever mindful of the camera Becca toyed with both nipples and roughly fondled both breasts as she orgasmed. While she couldn’t see it she knew her face reflected her arousal as she groaned through her climax- she could only hope the camera was capturing what she felt.

Finally, as her orgasm resolved Becca rose from the kneeler. She arched her back and made an effort to keep her chest exposed to what she thought of as ‘camera

‘. She pulled a baby wipe from the dispenser mounted on the machine and carefully wiped both nipples for the camera. She moved to the side of the machine and removed the collection jar that was 3 quarters full as she’d expected. Bringing the jar slowly up to her face she stared at the milk for a moment and caressed one of her breasts before capping the jar and placing in the refrigerator to close out the scene.

Becca dressed and then ran through the several tasks needed to record her milk volume, clean the machine and ready it for the next milking. As she finished she heard the phone ring. She ran upstairs to answer it and was pleased to hear Mike’s voice.

He took her by surprise saying, “Even though I’m 500 miles away, I was watching you in the Milking Room. You were very hot and I’ve got an achingly hard cock to prove it.”

Becca blushed. She smiled at the thought that she was embarrassed now but hadn’t been while she was planning and carrying out her performance.

Mike continued, “I saw that you used the close-up camera but my live feed was only from camera

. Tell me about your performance- slowly and in detail. Be sure to include the details you think the close-up camera saw while I play with the cock and balls you filled. Make me cum.”

“Oh my. Well, I’ve already gotten dressed. Let me at least take off my blouse and bra. It will help us both focus on the details. I’ll put you on the speakerphone so I can have two hands free for the details you’ll enjoy most. I’ve really missed you.” In a little while Becca had the speakerphone on and said, “Okay. I’m now standing here in the front hall- topless- well, topless above the tight corset that makes my waist so tiny that my tits still look huge. When I stand close to the mirror I’m all tits. My nipples stick out enough that there are shadows under them from the ceiling light. That’s quite sexy. When I take a step back you can see my tits and body in the mirror. Big tits and a tiny waist- just as you like me. I’m sure you can visualize how I look; the smaller waist really does make my chest look bigger. When I stand back you can see my waxed Venus Mound and the tattoo in the mirror. It’s pretty small so a stranger might not pick up on what’s depicted. Of course, you and I know it’s my huge tit in profile with three droplets of milk. Again, just like you like me- big and dripping.

“I guess you know that creepy Dr. Jensen was here. He’s such a strange guy. He read my measurements in the Journal like a statistician. Do you think he’s ever seen a woman with my 37-22-36 figure? I don’t think so. In the months since I’ve had my new body he’s the only man who’s ignored it- and he was seeing my breasts full, naked and being milked! He even got in real close to check my nipples. My tits were full. You know how big and sexy my nipples look when I’m ready to be milked. He must be a eunuch. I’m not really complaining; he tightened the sleeves so the machine works like new. That was good but he crouched next to me for my whole milking. My pussy was clenching and I was really horny but I couldn’t let myself go in front of him. I was soooo horny by the end of the session!

“My tits were empty which felt good but they ached with my horniness. I wanted to grab them roughly to get myself off. I kept thinking of how you should be behind me- pounding into me really hard. I really missed your cock. As the Doctor left I realized I could use my horniness to make a special video for you- and for my future online audience. That got me even hotter.

“I planned the scene and set up the close-up camera so it would have a good view of my breasts and nipples. I had to estimate the camera’s alignment so I hope I got it right. You could’ve helped a lot with the alignment. I thought through the scene as I lay on the machine enjoying the tighter sleeves. Even though I’d been drained the sleeves really hugged me tightly. It was the first time I’d pushed my tits into the sleeves when I wasn’t full. That made it foreplay for my movie rather than preparing to be milked. It was really kinky.

In the few seconds it took to plan the scene I had an idea for an improvement to the machine. We need to add a padded bump that aligns with my pubic bone. Being able to grind against that would have felt really good in my horny state and I think my movements would have added to the video. It has to be removable though. It would hurt if you were pounding into me like you do and my mound was getting rammed into the bump. Maybe it can have two positions- prominent and retracted for whether you’re absent or at home. I was thinking a powerful vibrator could be imbedded in the pad. I could switch it on and press against it. Mmmm.

“In any case, my planned video scene started by my lifting my chest up very slowly from the machine as if I’d just been milked. Feeling the sleeves gradually release me was hot. As my breasts cleared the machine I could see there was a droplet of milk on my left nipple. I immediately knew that you and the other men seeing the video would love it and hoped the close-up camera would capture it when I was in position. I wanted to move sensuously but I had to also move smoothly to keep my droplet in place. My nipple was swollen and erect- probably ¾ of an inch long with a big droplet of milk hanging off the edge. Can you picture it? Did you see it in the long shot? “

“Oh, yes. My cock loved the droplet in the long shot- even though everything was really small on my smart phone’s little screen. My cock is throbbing with thoughts of seeing the close-up on a much bigger screen. Of course, I’m also looking forward to seeing your nipples live with real drops of milk on them that I can taste.”

“Well, as you know I still had my droplet when I was kneeling up straight so it should be in the close-up. I caressed my tits from below like this. Oh. You can’t see what I see in the mirror. That’s a shame; you’d like it. Well, my hands are cradling each of my breasts. It looks great in the mirror. When I did this for the video I was almost faking it with my left breast since I didn’t want to disturb the droplet. I’m doing that now- my left hand is just barely touching my left breast. For the video my right hand was fondling my right breast quite firmly. I’m doing that now- just as you like it. The soft flesh overwhelms my small hand. I’m leaving my nipple exposed so I can stare at it in the mirror just like you would if you were here. My nipples are really sensitive. There’s no milk hanging from them now but I’m sure your tongue would enjoy playing with my big nubs. In fact, even though I’m not full I’m sure you could suck out some milk if you liked. My tits really look good in the mirror with my hands fondling them. They are beautifully shaped and so soft. I can understand why you love to touch them. I’m enjoying their weight in my fingers and watching myself in the mirror is great. Does your cock like that image- my breasts overflowing my hands and my erect nipples on display for you?”

In a heavy voice Mike replied, “Oh yes. My cock is practically bursting. I love it when you fondle you big tits for me. I’m going to cum very soon.”

“Well, good. I thought you were probably getting close. Going back to the video, the droplet of milk looked like it might drop off. I brought my left hand down to my pussy. The camera should have been able to convey the big picture- that my hand was reaching down to play with myself- like I’m doing now. Oh, I’m even wetter than I was before. If your mouth was on my pussy right now I’d be cumming in seconds.”

“Since you’re not here, just play with your cock as I tell you what I did with the drop of milk. I know you saw it on the little screen but I doubt your phone did it justice. Let me describe how it felt. Maybe we can cum together. I’m getting pretty worked up and I can visualize your hard cock slipping through your fist. Well, for the video, I slowly took my hand away from my right breast and brought it toward my left. Picture my long forefinger with its neatly manicured nail. I’m wearing my usual dark red nail polish- the color you picked out that contrasts so well with my light colored skin. You can imagine how well it also contrasts with milk. Anyway, I brought my finger over to the drop of milk and smeared it all over my hard nipple. I then pinched my wet nipple with my thumb and forefinger. I was pretty rough as I rolled my fingers around it and squeezed. It sent shock waves straight to my pussy. Watching my milk covered nipple being assaulted and feeling the pinch coupled with my fingers playing with my clit allowed me to give myself a great climax. I’m doing all of that right now except for the milk.

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