No Strings Attached – The Christmas Rift Pt 2 – Chapter 28

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69 Position

Warmth flushes throughout my body as I continue to be double penetrated by the two men, and my skin becomes uncomfortably clammy. I need a breather. Unable to talk with William’s deliciously thick cock in my mouth, I go to raise my hand and use my safe signal. What I’m not expecting is the speed that the ketamine has kicked in and the mild numbing sensation already spreading over my fingers and hands.My hand reacts, and I hold it out, clench and open it rapidly in succession, but it doesn’t feel like mine. I stare at it, amused, as William withdraws from my mouth.”Woaah,” I utter as I move my hand slowly, revelling in the peculiar tingling.William runs his hand over the head of his cock to maintain his level of arousal with a hint of a smile across his face.”You good, fuckboy?””I’m hot and good, so good, Sir” I sigh. “Thirsty…”William picks up my bottle of water and undoes the lid. I open my mouth, and he tips some in then splashes the rest over my hair, shoulders and back. The coolness had been much needed, and I’m now feeling well enough to continue and incredibly, fucking horny. I lick my lips, indicating I’m ready and he shoves his cock back into my mouth as George starts fucking me in the arse again.With his hand tightly gripping my damp hair, William continues to dominant my face and slaps me several times across the cheek. I hear the strike, and I register it happening, but it doesn’t seem to matter as the chilled, floaty sensation takes over. I can do this for hours, all night if they want.We make eye contact, and he gives me a mischievous, lopsided smile which reaches his eyes. I really can’t help but find myself drawn to him, and he appears warmer and familiar to me than my Master. I wish he would kiss me again.William abruptly pulls out of my mouth, and with a moan, he cums over my face in a small spurt across my lips and chin. With the tip of my tongue, I taste some and smirk as he strokes my cheek. I don’t think I’m imagining a bond with him. The degradation may have already begun, and I look over towards Liam, who is observing from the wall he is leaning against with a glass of wine in hand. I glance around and notice others also watching the scene unfolding before them. My eyes finally land on Selena, alluringly gorgeous, standing in the far corner, appearing concerned.My hair is ruffled as William stands up and then he approaches Liam. The sound of George’s grunts as he rams against my backside is all that I can hear, but I try to lip read, and I lean on my elbows and forearms in an attempt to feel comfortable. I see Liam sneer at me as he talks with William, who then leaves this expansive room for what I guess is an errand.George’s fingers pinch my sides as he cries out and cums inside me. Unlike William, he isn’t very affectionate, and he immediately withdraws afterwards. I don’t know how long I’ve been on my knees, but my legs feel as if they’ve become jelly and strangely heavy as if they’ve gone dead so I stay where I am, not daring to get up. Finally, Liam approaches me.”You seem to be enjoying this, whore,” he spits, using his foot to kick me down.”Have I pleased you yet, Master?” I sigh, rolling on to my back, feeling high.”Not yet,” he says as he kneels down and inserts two fingers into my arse.I moan as he probes my cum filled opening and rapidly inserts two more fingers. There’s pressure but not a great deal of pain as he stretches me. I long to be loved and caressed by him, but he just appears detached and aloof with glazed over, cold eyes. I don’t think I’ve done enough.”Ahhh, Master,” I groan, highly stimulated as the top of his thumb presses into me.”Need more,” he mutters to himself, removing his fingers as William returns.”You wanna take this elsewhere, fuckboy?” William asks, seeming breathless.”Later, Sir…” I sigh, lovingly staring up at my naked, beautiful Master. I reach out to stroke his lower leg, which results in Liam’s barefoot pressing down on my balls. The wave of pain feels a bit peculiar now, and I reach out to hold his foot firmly against me, relishing it. “Fuck me, Master…””I suggest that we do it now,” William says gesturing in Selena’s direction.Liam looks over towards her then with his foot lifting off me, he pulls me up to my feet by my arm. I know I’m standing, but it doesn’t feel like they’re my legs as I try to bear weight.”My legs are like jello noodles. Ohhh woah I’m so tall! The floor is so far away,” I laugh.”Better hope you don’t trip then,” William replies, smiling in amusement as he pushes me forward.I stumble, feeling like everything is moving too quickly around me at. The last time I did ket was nearly two years ago, chilling in the safety of my bed with Justin. Sex was the furthest thing from my mind as we savoured the visuals after doing several bumps. Walking around like this would have been too surreal.I stop, distracted as I notice my now hardened cock, and wonder if that feels partially numb too. It doesn’t seem like mine.”This shit is so fucking weird…” I giggle as I slap my cock. “Ahhh! I felt that, and it was good…Mmm. Can I have more?””No. For fuck sake, did you have to give him the ket already, Will?” Liam starts to complain, as he drags me by the arm behind him.I’m led towards a room and through a door. It’s dim inside with trance-like music playing, which isn’t overly loud. I see glistening, almost sparkling metal chains and whips Gölbaşı escort bayan covering the dark, wooden panelled walls. Racks of implements are in the corner, and a large assortment of sex toys cover a shelving unit. There’s a low bed covered in a black PVC sheeting but in the middle of the room, hanging down from the ceiling is a sex swing adorned in chains and cuffs which is highly appealing. I had no idea this tardis of a dungeon was here.”This seems like a kinky room,” I utter in amazement, spreading my arms outwards to see how big it is. “Can I swap bedrooms? There’s so much more space!”Ignoring me, Liam threads his fingers through my collar and leads me over to the swing which has a camera set up near it. I climb on gleefully, and my hands are bound with wrist cuffs and then my ankles, exposing me as if I’m in stirrups. Liam turns around to speak to George afterwards and William, standing behind me, then bends down to brush his lips against my cheek in a kiss.”If you get sick of your Master, I will gladly have you as my submissive,” he whispers in my ear.”You’re supposed to be his friend?” I respond in disbelief.”And you may be worth losing a friendship over if I get to have sex this good again.””How are you friends?””I’m James’ brother. Did you not notice our similarities?””I’ve never paid attention to James like that.”I’m distracted from William by Liam snorting a line of coke from a side table and knocking back another glass of wine.”That’s not even his first lot tonight,” he says stroking my hair. “And you’re not the only person he’s fucked tonight either. Does that change your feelings about him?”I know this would have normally saddened me, despite having fun with his friends and technically being on a break romantically. However, it doesn’t really seem to matter anymore. Concerns like that are meaningless right now. I’m just too fucked to care about possible indiscretions when he’s here right now with me.”I still love my Master,” I respond resolutely.With a sigh, he looks towards Liam who has now moved nearer, and he nods at him as if it’s some kind of signal. I take a quick glance around and see Robert has joined us, and then I’m plunged into darkness as a blindfold is placed over my eyes.Unable to see, with an unusual lack of some sensation and bound I should be nervous. Instead, I become deeply relaxed within the snugness of the swing and the cave of glowing red and black expanding outwards to the music behind my closed eyes.It seems like minutes pass until firm hands grip my thighs, and someone begins to use me for their pleasure. It’s not William who’s continued to stay by my head and is still stroking my hair, but it could possibly be Liam or even George again unless some others have joined in.The swing creaks as I’m rocked back and forth onto their cock, and I don’t experience any pain despite having felt slightly uncomfortable with George previously. The ketamine is doing the job wonderfully. It doesn’t feel like long until fingertips dig into my skin and they audibly groan as they release. Soft lips are on my mouth afterwards. They don’t kiss like Liam, but it’s still highly pleasurable, and I sigh.”That was the first one,” William whispers in my ear.Suddenly lips are on me again, this time more aggressive and their tongue tries prizing my mouth apart. I allow them in, but again it isn’t my Master. I can’t smell his aftershave. This person is rougher than the previous one, and they slam into me, but it’s not unpleasant in the least, in fact, I prefer it like this. Their hands move up over my stomach, and they start to pinch my nipples and pull, which I also feel.”Ahhh, fuck,” I groan, feeling a bit of excitement over this one.He kisses me again as he cums, but he becomes gentler, and he’s fairly silent. I wish I didn’t have the mask on so I could see who it is. It could be Robert for all I know, and he may have a cock to rival William’s.”You’ve already had five people dump cum in you tonight, slut,” William says quietly.”Who was that, Sir?” I ask, intrigued.”Do you really want to know? It was Robert.””Wow… Do you know how many, Sir?””However, many loads it takes to satisfy your Master, or you can cope with?””Loads?””Your Master is allowing others to breed with you to make you less special, isn’t he? He’s done similar with other subs, including his last one, Jess.””Who’s Jess?” I ask, having never heard about his previous subs.”He hasn’t told you about her? Then it’s not my place to say anything else,” he responds, placing a finger over my lips.Before I can question him further, he trails his fingertips over my shoulder and down my body. I suspect it’s his turn, and I’m looking forward to it. He enters gently, despite me not experiencing any pain, and slowly he starts to thrust deep within me. His hands stroke over my cock then he grips the base and slaps the head with the other hand unexpectedly. The flash of pain is good. He’d clearly been paying attention when I said I liked it.”Ahhh. That felt nice, Sir!”He continues to do it every so often as he fucks me, and it takes me off guard each time. I might even be capable of having an orgasm from this if I wasn’t feeling slightly numb. After a fair amount of time, he releases my cock, slides his hands beneath my arse and rapidly takes me until he finishes. He doesn’t kiss me straight away. Instead, Escort Keçiören he returns to the top then kisses me from above passionately as someone else takes their turn.”How do you feel, slut?” He breathes.”I’m still okay, Sir.””Good, because your Master is beginning to pay attention now,” he says, squeezing me on the shoulder.Moments later, the other person kisses me badly as he finishes, and I’m also left feeling incredibly sodden. Someone immediately replaces him, running their hands up my inner legs before roughly entering me. I smell Liam’s aftershave, and I know it’s him. As he fucks me, he tightens a hand around my testicles and grips tightly. His other arm is wrapped under my thigh, holding me as he rams vigorously into me.”Ahh, fuck, fuck!” I cry out as my balls are aggressively tugged.”Remove the mask, Will,” Liam growls.I squint in the overwhelming light that’s now flooding the room as I try to acclimatise to having my sight back. I make out several blurs of figures standing around and blink several times. Gradually I start to recognise the faces watching me, William, George, Robert and Liam, who is incredibly close as he fucks me. I don’t know the name of the two others, but they’re smiling and laughing as they drink. Six people have fucked me tonight, and actually, that seems like a lot less than I had suspected.I notice the mirror attached at the bottom of the frame and the one above, giving me a fantastic view of what Liam is doing to me. I love mirrors, and seeing what I can feel is heightening the pleasure flowing within me.My skin begins prickling, and I glance over my flushed body covered in a sheen of perspiration. I’m hot, and I need to cool off. I don’t know how long has passed, but the weird numbness has worn off.”Warm,” I sigh.”Thirsty?” William asks, picking up a large bottle of water, from the side. “Here.”I gulp it down as he squirts it into my mouth, then over my hair and body in a bid to cool me. He dips his head down and starts to kiss my shoulder and my neck tenderly. His tongue trails upwards to my cheek, and then he presses his lips against my mouth. As he does that a finger is edged in around Liam’s cock whilst I’m distracted.”Ohhhh, shit!” I gasp as another is inserted.Liam pulls me fully onto his fingers with his other hand and holds me there to accommodate to the fullness. I let out a deep moan as I try to visualise. William kisses me again, and my mouth opens to him as pleasure and pain intermingle.William’s hand strokes downwards and seizes my cock. I’m so fucking turned on knowing the others are watching me being treated like this. As he runs his hand rapidly over the head of my cock, I flinch from the sensitivity and writhe within my restraints. He slaps my cock like earlier, and sheer pleasure passes over me again.”Like that, fuckboy?””Yes,” I gasp out as he jacks me off again.”You’re not allowed to cum,” Liam warns me.I grit my teeth, desperate to stop myself from disobeying him and flinch as William continues to torment me.”How mean am I?” William teases.”Very! Ahhh.””I didn’t hear a Sir,” he tuts.”Then punish me,” I groan, moving my hips to meet Liam’s renewed, energetic thrusts. William responds by sliding the tip of his finger back into my urethra using my precum. “Ohhh boy… Ah! Fuck me harder!””Liam, you didn’t tell me how filthy your sub is?” He admonishes.”I told you he’s disrespectful. Robert shut him up,” Liam says as he slaps my arse repeatedly in punishment.As Robert walks over, I glance at his nearly eight-inch, circumcised cock. It’s appealing enough and actually undressed I can understand the attraction some would have to this rugged, bear of a man with his thick chest hair. He’s at least double my age, possibly the same age as my father.”Open wide,” he growls.He shoves his cock into my mouth and literally fucks my face as a strong hand clamps behind my head, keeping me still. His noisy grunts block out the other sounds around me, and I struggle to not gag from the size of him as his other hand pinches my nipples painfully.”Well, that does the job,” William sniggers as he continues to abuse my cock.”Effectively as well,” Liam adds.Liam is still smacking my arse as he fucks me harder towards his peak. My skin is on fire, and I whimper with me being unable to vocalise. Saliva is already dribbling from my mouth, and I know I look a mess. As Liam orgasms and fills me once again, Robert’s cock begins to throb, and he eases slightly to not rush his own release.Liam’s fingers remain within me, and he adds the other two with ease. His thumb then gradually edges in, and I feel a burning, stretching sensation making me tense up. As Liam slaps me again, he tries to move further inside, but it doesn’t happen.”How does he feel, Liam?””Disgusting,” he chuckles as he backs out.Robert withdraws his cock from my mouth and slaps me repeatedly with it over the face bringing tears to my eyes. He then starts jacking off over me, and I shut my eyes tightly, as it lands across my nose and forehead.”Oh, fuck!” I gasp out as I splutter.Liam resumes the pressure again, and the burning sensation returns. Repeatedly he moves his fingers in and out of me as he stretches me open.”Relax, slut…” William says softly.”I’m trying,” I groan.”How does it feel having your Master trying to get his hand inside you?””Really naughty, Sir…Ah!””Will….” Kızılay escort Liam says.A glob of wet lubricant is splashed over me and stroked upwards over my balls and cock. His fingers stop moving within me and remain in place. Extra fingers are then worked inside, and in the mirror, I see that William has also joined in.”Fuck! Oh, fuck!” I cry out as I’m spread wider.”He’s so fucking close,” William says quietly. “Slut, you doing okay?””Yeahhh…”As I nod my head, William withdraws his fingers then picks up the water bottle and splashes me in the face to clean the cum off. Liam continues to keep me open and starts to touch my cock, which is slick with a copious amount of pre-cum. Whilst he pumps me, his hand moves further within, and I moan in desperate need to orgasm after being kept so close for so long.”Please let me cum, Master?” I beg.”Not yet,” he whispers. “Fuck my hand, slut.”I move my hips and grind against the fingers within me as he keeps me pulled upon him. As I move, I feel more pressure. I throw my head back and loudly moan as I open up and his hand slides further inside. I glance in the mirror, and I’m now close to his knuckles. I pant as I remain here and make eye contact with Liam. Glistening eyes shine brilliantly at me as he starts to twist his hand, then backs out again.Liam leans forward and kisses me for the first time in hours. As his tongue slides in, his hand strokes my cock again, and I moan against his lips. I feel so good and yet so dirty.”I need to cum, Master. Please let me.””Soon… Very soon.”He smothers his hands in more of the lubricant and adds more to my arse again. This time he inserts four fingers on one hand then swaps to the other, alternating between them as he eases me apart. William bends over and kisses me gently on the mouth as Liam continues. It’s a distraction technique.”You’re so close now, and the rewards will be immense slut. I absolutely love being fisted myself. Use your safeword if you need to stop though.””You do?” I sigh.”Depending on my mood.””Are you a switch?””I’m never someone’s submissive if that’s what you think,” he responds, slapping my cheek. “I just like to explore everything.””You and Liam?” I gasp as Liam rotates his hand.”He may have penetrated me on a few occasions with his subs…” he smiles. I interrupt him by groaning as Liam works all of his fingers in. “Oh, wow… look here, slut.”I glance in the mirror and watch as Liam continues to edge closer towards his knuckles then carefully withdraws to apply more of the lubricant. The others around us are now moving nearer, eager to see my first fisting, which may be imminent. I should be embarrassed, but I’m really not as I revel in the naughtiness of being violated so intimately.”Jeez, he’s gonna go for it,” Robert exclaims.I take a deep breath and visualise as Liam enters me again, and gently I open up to him. I don’t look in the mirror this time and instead, close my eyes and breathe as Liam’s hand begins to merge with my being. I pant as the knuckles get closer to deal with the momentary pain as the widest point passes through. I feel like we’ve become one at this moment, and I become euphoric. I fucking did it.”Mmm, Master,” I sigh, opening my eyes.Liam kisses me again as his hand moves within me up to his wrist. I have never felt something quite like it before, filled in a way that is better than I could envision. I’m so full, vulnerable and now intimately linked to the one I love. His eyes are warm as he looks upon me adoringly.He carefully twists his hand, and that movement alone has me groaning deeply with me surrendered entirely to him. His hand starts to move slightly in and out, and the sensation is out of the world, and I inexplicably find myself releasing a growl as he stimulates my prostate.”Don’t hold back, slut,” William urges.”I’m going to tell the others,” George announces.”Slut, you good with that?” Liam asks.I give a brief nod as I tip my head back and cry out again. My hands move to grip the chains near me as he begins to fuck me harder with his fist, and I roar from the pain and pleasure engulfing me. The fullness is just so consuming, and my guttural noises fill the entirety of this room. I may cum like this alone.”Liam is fisting his sub!” I hear being yelled from the doorway.William offers me more water, and I open my mouth, feeling incredibly thirsty. It’s been a long night. Liam then twists his hand again as he moves in and out, and I feel another rush of pleasure and close my eyes.As I hear others enter the room, I release a small sigh and bite my lip. I’m in pure orgasmic bliss, that moment just before my peak and Liam realising this has stopped moving. The next movement will put me over that edge, and I want to savour these feelings. I try to clear my mind of all dirty thoughts in a bid to calm down.Liam’s hand begins to move again, and I come undone as I feel sheer ecstasy. My muscles clench rhythmically and powerfully as I cum, and a primal noise is released from my throat as I experience an otherworldly orgasm that spreads throughout my body right from the core of my existence.Sheer exhaustion takes over me afterwards, and I’m now done as Liam carefully removes his hand. William starts releasing my wrists, and Liam moves to my ankles, but I don’t want to move. I want to stay here and curl into a ball now.”Are you okay?” William whispers.”Tired…”He begins to stroke my hair. William is acting incredibly familiar with me, and I don’t really understand it, but I close my eyes as he provides me with comfort.”Would you like me to help you clean up?””I guess,” I sigh, reluctant to do anything.”Come on, let’s get it over and done with then we can tuck you up into bed.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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