One of my girlfriends blows my husband

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One of my girlfriends blows my husbandMy sweet girlfriend Sarah called me that early evening, saying she had had a bad quarrel with her husband and she needed my shoulder to cry on.I tried my best to calm her down and finally I asked her to come by my house; so she could spend the night with us, until next day.Victor was not so happy about having Sarah at home just that night. During dinner he had commented that he was very aroused and willing of having a good session of hard sex with me…But I told him we could do it. Once Sarah could be resting in our guest room, I promised Victor I would give up my asshole to him…On the other hand, although Victor was now protesting, I knew that my beloved hubby had always been horny about my girlfriend. But I was pretty sure that my sensual babe Sarah had never allowed him to fuck her…After sharing a warm shower with my sweet Sarah and relaxing a bit in each arms, we sat own for having some late drinks. Victor went to his studio, saying we could call him if we were in the mood for watching a movie…Once alone, I kissed Sarah deeply and we played for a long while; until she came on my naughty fingers. My sensual girlfriend was a bit tired after her long day; but she thanked me for this; she really needed it.After she made me cum in her wet mouth using her very skilled tongue, we cleaned ourselves and I called güvenilir bahis Victor, telling we were ready for sharing a movie with him.Sarah suggested to watch a romantic movie; but after a while, it turned to be very slow and really boring.I was getting aroused, having my beloved close by my side, knowing he was horny too and willing to fuck me.But Sarah was there at the other side; her nice eyes glued to the screen, although the movie was pure trash… My girlfriend had left the bathroom after our shower, wearing just a transparent night gown. I could see her hard nipples pushing the thin material and her nicely trimmed bush still glistening after coming in my fingers.Victor was staring at her, over my shoulder. My sweet was not interested in watching such a lousy romantic movie. I guessed he wanted to fuck…After a long while, I stood up and went to the bathroom. I felt suddenly very horny and sat down on the toilet, to masturbate myself. I muffled my pleasure cries with my hand over my mouth; until I finally came in my fingers. I did not even clean myself: I just threw back the long t-shirt over my head and left the bathroom.In the shadows, coming from behind, I could see the screen dim light, but just Victor’s head as he was sitting there.But I then found my sexy girlfriend. Sarah was on her knees, between Victor’s spread thighs and güvenilir bahis siteleri her head was bobbing up and own onto my beloved husband dick. Victor’s cock was very hard…The bitch was naked; I could see her sexy gown in a bunch there.Sarah was wearing a couple of sexy stilettos and she had her eyes closed as she sucked my husband’s hard cock as a crazy woman…Victor looked at me, saying my girlfriend had offered him a good blow and of course, he could not even reject the chance, since he was feeling stressed after a long week at his office…He added that he needed some sexual relief…I could not believe my slutty girlfriend was blowing my husband… just in front of me. Sarah looked at me and she smiled…Victor began moaning with pleasure; I knew Sarah’s mouth and tongue were pretty skilled in oral sex…I forgot all about the stupid movie and locked my eyes on her blowjob. She looked so sexy, with her red lips wrapped around my hubby’s cockhead. I got wet as I watched at both of them…Without missing a beat of her head onto Victor’s hard cock, my girlfriend reached out and she shoved two fingers up my soaking wet cunt. Sarah fingered me until she made me cum in her hand.She licked my juices from her fingers and kept sucking on Victor.He lasted just a couple minutes after me coming so hard.My beloved hubby came in my sexy girlfriend’s iddaa siteleri mouth as he moaned loud and arched his back. Little bitch Sarah swallowed all this semen, without wasting a single drop.Victor got up and went to the kitchen. Sarah stayed there on the carpet, looking at me and purring like a little kitten. My husband came back and grabbed my girlfriend’s wrist, making her stand on her feet. He then dragged Sarah upstairs. Victor did not bother saying anything or even looking at me.But slutty Sarah blew me a kiss when they passed close to me.The movie was really now boring, almost unbearable to watch.But soon I began enjoying another show: some loud moans of pleasure came from the main bedroom.The marital bed was rocking hard as usual and I even could notice the sound of their bodies slapping one against the other.They fucked for more than twenty minutes. All noises suddenly stopped. Moments later, Sarah came down to the living room.The bitch leant on me and kissed me deeply. I could sense the salty taste in her wet tongue. I noticed some stains of semen on her mid thighs; her pussy lips were swollen and glistening in the shadows. Yes, my loving husband had fucked her so good…I asked Sarah if she was enough satisfied now and if she would go back home to her quarreling hubby. But she just whispered that Victor was not done yet; he needed more sexual relief; so, she would go back upstairs, but not back to her own home…My hubby had suggested I should spend the night in the guest room. Sarah kissed me again and left me there alone.As I was there, our marital bed started to rock again…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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