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Subject: Ugly brothers – chapter 1 – WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER. (gay incest) Ugly brothers — Chapter 1 — WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER. Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. We don’t want this website to ever stop. Think for a minute if you can afford it and help sustain Nifty with your donations. Freedom can move your life and it can be seen even in the hardest conditions, together with love and friendship, happiness and beauty. Have a look at the life of eight beggars who live together at: or in English The sun was strongly shining on my head and drops of sweat were running down my whole face in the moment I had located a good place under some trees that we had in our turnip field and was comfortably jacking off when I saw that my brother Gordon had suddenly come to tell me something. He had caught me in the act. I said “oh, shit, forgive me, brother. I shouldn’t stop the daily work to jack off.” And blushing I took my dick back in my pants, though my boner was still obvious. -You should apologize for nothing, Josh –my brother told me-, I also need that relief and sometimes I stop the job to also do it. We’re old enough. Old enough to jack off and never have any need to apologize. –And he left me then. I was horny but didn’t resume my masturbation. Still red-faced because my brother had caught me, I continued with the job and kept on planting turnips and peas. It was better to sow them in autumn. It was November now and we were busy with the seedtime. We grew the Carnevali turnips and peas. My parents were old enough now to retire and my brother Gordon Carnevali and me, Josh, lived both together taking care of our large fields and had a house where we lived, a beautiful farm house in the middle of the country, close of course to the turnip fields. After an hour of work, it was me now that approached my brother to tell him we should stop the work now for it was almost dusk and we should have dinner. But I also surprised him jacking off and the moment he saw me, he shot his load. I didn’t care I had seen my brother cumming. -Oh shit, forgive me Josh. Now it was me that needed to get my rocks off –He said all that escort izmit still with his cock out. -I think that since both of us like jacking off, we can surprise each other in the act of wanking. So we’d better get used to watching our dicks or even cumming. -I need to wank more and more, Josh. It’s an increasing need. You know, I’m not successful with girls, I am generally considered ugly and I’ve been several times called a redneck. I usually stink and to make it even worse, we are isolated from everyone and it is almost impossible to hook up girls. -I have the same problems, Gordon. I’m ugly, a redneck, always stinking, far from girls and never successful with them. Life in unfair, brother, we should have more sex. Shit, I look at myself in the mirror and know I am ugly but even ugly boys have sex. They say I’m a redneck, they do, but I’m not stupid. Maybe I don’t talk about many interesting things but I know a thing or two. It’s really unfair that we scarcely have some sex. -Only once a girl sucked my cock and it was extremely pleasant and I discovered that day how long I can hold it. But I am thirty now and have only got a blowjob. I’ve only fucked two girls so far. Ok, I hope you are not shocked hearing your brother talk about sex. -No shock at all, Gordon. Well, I’ve also fucked two girls but have got two blowjobs and I can also hold it for long. Has any girl ever jacked you off? -Never Josh. -So here let me help you –and I instantly grabbed my brother’s dick and started to masturbate him-. Fuck the injustice of the world. You should have been wanked at least once and believe me, I don’t care I am masturbating you now. It’s no big deal and I wanna help you. -So, since you’re not shocked, I can do the same to you. Whip it out; we can help each other. If you give me some fun, I will also give it to you. And instantly Gordon began playing with my cock too. And there we were, jerking each other off and we had an almost eternal masturbation. Our dicks were not too long, but were long enough, and we could see again how long we could hold it. I told him once and again that not only did I mind masturbating him but that I was also enjoying the feel of my brother’s shaft in my hand, so warm, so hard, izmit escort throbbing and pulsing and at the same time I loved watching Gordon’s face of fun. I asked him what he was feeling. -I know it is unorthodox to make your brother cum but I like it, Josh. I’m also enjoying having my hand on your dick. Life is unfair, we’re both sure of it. We should have more sex as any other boys, but at least and since I am enjoying and I think you are enjoying too, we could help each other more often and we could jerk each other off more often. -I agree with you, Gordon. I’m willing to jack you off at least once a day, or more if you ask me. Hooking up girls wouldn’t be so urgent if we can at least give this daily fun to each other. It feels so good to please my brother’s dick. -I love it, Josh. Well, if it only were masturbating a different boy, I know now that I could do it. The reciprocal masturbation went on and on eternally but I felt I had something more to say. -To hell with the injustice of having such scarce sexual life because we’re ugly. I look at your face now and find you somewhat attractive, since you look so much like me. And I think you have a sexy body, Gordon. -And you too, Josh. -So maybe what I’m gonna say now might seem crazy to you. But I don’t care at all how you smell. It’s not an arousing smell but it does not disgust me at all. I’m used to the way you smell and I can do something more. Hope you’re not shocked. -Tell me, Josh. -I would not do it to any other cock, to any other boy, but I will do it to you unhesitatingly cause you’re the one I like most and I want you to experience a bit more fun. -What do you mean, Josh? -When we cum, we’ll go home and have dinner first but later, after dinner, I’m gonna give you a blowjob, if you allow me and are not shocked. -I’m not shocked but I don’t wanna torture you. I’ll try to cum soon. -Gordon, I’m determined to suck your cock and you should experience the fun of having your brother’s mouth pleasing you. I’m not gay but I’ll finish you off whatever I feel. -Then I will do the same to you, Josh. I’m not gonna feel the selfish pleasure of getting a blowjob from my wonderful brother without being willing to give you the same izmit kendi evi olan escort fun. Ok, you can be first since you had the idea. As I will have cum by then, maybe I need some minutes to be able to suck your cock next, but you can be sure I will also do it. And if we found it funny, we could even repeat. -Deal, Gordon. We’re ugly, we’re redneck, but we can at least help each other. -So just let me have a shower before dinner, so you are not disgusted later. -Your smell is not disgusting. And I wanna help my brother in whatever smell he might have. Do not have a shower, sweetheart. I’m gonna taste my ugly stinking brother. Being my brother I’m sure that I will even like your tastes. -So I hope you do the same, Josh, don’t have a shower. We are not ugly for each other, we’re not uncouth young boys for each other. Our affection is so great that we don’t even find our smell stinking. So be it; if girls do not give us fun, we could give fun to each other. It’s so good to be blown that even if I don’t like, I’m sure I can finish you off, even if it is only in order to have that fun more often. -I need to cum, Gordon. -I’m gonna cum too, Josh. And both of us had the same long eruptions. We had been twenty minutes jerking each other off and we both shot two twin huge explosions. I asked him now how he was feeling. -I don’t know how to thank you, Josh. First time in my life somebody has masturbated me and I have certainly enjoyed your dick. At least you can be sure I will do this to you every day, more than once if you want. And if you’re still determined that we could have the fun of getting a blowjob, let’s head home now and without a shower we would eat the macaroni first and then our dicks will have more fun, both our dicks, Josh. You can be first but be sure all the time that I will suck your cock later. -So let’s go home, Gordon. And without taking our cocks back in our pants, we began the road to our house, and both of us really hard despite the fact that we had already shot two loads that day. With both our brother’s dicks hard, we felt that we had entered a new affectionate phase today and if girls were so unfair that they didn’t give us any sex, we could survive so far with incest, if both of us were only thinking of his brother’s fun. With our dicks out we entered the kitchen. I started to warm up the macaroni and all the time I saw out the corner of my eye Gordon sitting there totally hard. The fun would continue after dinner.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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