Unexpected Evening

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Unexpected EveningIt had been years since Tim and Katie had enjoyed an evening together. After years of talkthey finally were able to meet up for a meal and a few drinks. As they sat and enjoyed theirmeal they reminisced about all their fun nights together and the things that they wish thatthey had done. The two of them enjoyed each other’s bodies to the fullest but there was stillso much left undone. They talked about the night they first met and Tim fucked her hard untilhe shot his load deep in her cunt. And the night they fucked in the jacuzzi tub. And theycouldn’t forget the night Katie came over with her dildo and Tim stuck it in her ass while heput his cock deep in her pussy. Or the night he almost fit his whole fist up her slutty cunt.There were so many memories. They wished they could make more.As dinner wrapped up, they were ready to go their separate ways, or so Katie thought.Because they lived a few hundred miles away they met halfway so Tim had a hotel roomdown the road. It didn’t take much convincing for Katie to come up for one more drink.As they sat there they continued to talk about random things but it very quickly got back totheir erotic adventures. When Katie got up to use the bathroom Tim was quick to refill herwine glass and order an adult movie on the tv. He found the kinkiest movie he could findknowing that Katie would be intrigued.When she came out of the bathroom she acted surprised by the movie though, deep downinside, it was what she was hoping for and knew the evening would probably go this way.She grabbed her full wine glass and sat back down on the bed by Tim and took in the movie.As they sipped on their beverages they couldn’t resist their urges any longer. Tim’s cock wasbecoming rock had under his clothes and Katie knew it. She took her hand and beganrubbing and feeling it through his pants. As she felt his throbbing meat, he grabbed her headand gave her a deep kiss. This pushed her over the edge as she begged him to grab her tits.He of course obliged and gave her breasts a good squeeze. She had pierced nipples and italways drove Tim crazy. Katie began to moan at the feeling of his hands on her. After afew squeezes he stuck his hands down underneath her bra and began to play with her hardnipples.Katie was becoming extremely wet at the feeling of Tim’s warm hand on her breasts.Meanwhile Tim could feel precum soaking his boxers. Neither one could resist any longerand reading each other’s mind they both began to remove Tim’s pants. As his thick cocksprang out, Katie immediately dove down and wrapped her mouth around it. Tim let out amoan immediately at the feeling of her warm wet mouth and tongue aydın escort pleasuring his cock. Hesat there and watched her head bob up and down and enjoyed it to the fullest.After a few minutes he couldn’t wait any longer, he needed to see her nude body and threwher across the bed and pulled all her clothes off as quickly as he could. Once everything wasoff he kneeled over her, stroking himself and taking in the beauty of her nude body layingbeneath him on the bed. He could smell the juices leaking out of her soaking wet pussy andknew she was up for anything.He lowered himself and began working his mouth down her body from kissing her neck, tolicking and sucking her nipples, across her stomach down towards her wet cunt. As heapproached it, he strayed to the side and kissed the inside of her thighs to tease her. Shebegan to beg and buck her hips to get him to finally taste her juices. After a minute more ofteasing her he finally dove down and stuck his tongue in as far as he could. She immediatelylet out a shriek. She instantly felt euphoric. Tim licked up all her cunt juices and began towork her clit until she started moaning louder. As he flicked her clit ring it didn’t take long forher to reach a screaming orgasm. As she came she begged for Tim to slide his cock in her.He of course wouldn’t have it any other way.He moved himself up so his cock was even with her pussy. She was so wet and ready heslid right in without the slightest resistance. Almost instantly he could feel her pussy squeezehis cock and her juices run down his balls. He began thrusting slow at first then began topick up the pace. They both loved the feeling of the others warm body rubbing against theirown.Within a minute Katie felt another orgasm coming and wrapped her legs around him to pullhis cock into her as far as it would go. As she came, she dug her fingers into his back andscreamed for dear life. Tim just held himself up over her and enjoyed the sight of her bodygo limp and beg for air.As she came down from her orgasm, Tim knew she wasn’t even close to having enough. Hegrabbed her, pulled her across the room and bent her over the table. He once again thrusthis cock deep into her cunt. By this point she was so wet her juices were running down bothof their legs. Tim knew that it shouldn’t go to waste. He pulled out and licked up the liquidsex off her legs then grabbed her by the hair and yanked her face down to his hips and hadher lick his cock and legs clean.Katie loved having her hair pulled and Tim knew it. He knew at this point he could get herto do anything that he wanted. He pulled her back up by her balıkesir escort hair and sat her on the table.With one hand pulling her hair, he began to suck on her full tits while his other hand startedto work her now loosened up slit. Katie knew exactly where this was going. Tim started offwith three fingers and worked her gspot. He added a fourth finger and still didn’t have muchdifficulty. Her cunt was begging to be stretched to its limit.Before long Tim added his thumb and felt her pussy being pushed to the edge. As he got tohis knuckles Katie began to moan. He couldn’t tell if it was pain or pleasure but he didn’tcare. Either way it turned him on so he was determined to get his entire hand into her sluttycavity. To give it some extra lube he spit in his hand and began to twist it back and forth.His hand slowly worked its way closer to being completely enveloped inside her stretchedvagina. He gave his arm one big thrust and found his hand all the way inside her. Katietook a deep breath and felt herself almost pass out. One of her deepest desires was nowbeing done. She laid there helpless on a table with a man’s entire hand inside her pussy.To increase her pleasure Tim began to move his finger around inside her. She couldn’t takeit much longer, she was ready for another orgasm. Tim could feel her walls closing in. Topush her over the edge he took his other hand and wrapped it around her throat and beganto choke her. This led to such an intense orgasm that Katie passed out and wentcompletely limp.Tim was amazed and extremely turned on by this reaction and was ready for more action onhis cock. He couldn’t help himself as her beautiful body just lay there spread out on thetable. He picked her up and set her face down over the chair. He slid his cock into her pussyfor a second to get it lubed up with all her juices. As he pulled it out he stuck the headagainst her ass. He began to slowly slide it in. There was no resistance as Katie was stillpassed out and her body was completely relaxed.As he slid his cock in, she began to come to. It took a moment but she quickly realized whathad happened and was once again turned by the fact that Tim took advantage of her whileshe was u*********s and had no way of resisting or saying no. As Tim worked his cock inand out of her tight shit pipe, Katie began to pinch her nipples. When Tim realized she wasconscious again her reached around and began to choke her some more. This turned her onto extreme levels again. She loved the feeling of his hands around her throat while histhrobbing cock worked its way in and out of her ass. Her asshole bartın escort began to open up moreand more and take more of his cock until it swallowed up the entire shaft.Tim could feel his balls begin to boil and knew he was going to cum soon. He began to thrustharder and harder, completely abusing Katie’s ass. She began to moan from the increasedpace. Hearing her moans, Tim was pushed over the edge and began to shoot his cum deepinside Katie’s ass. Feeling his cum, Katie began to have another orgasm and they bothcollapsed into the chair.As they regained their breath and strength they got up and decided to get in the showerto clean off all the sweat, cum and pussy juices. This got Tim excited as he knew it gave hima chance to live out one of his fantasies. As he got in the shower they once again couldn’tresist each other’s body. As they ran their hands over each other, Katie lowered her face infront of Tim’s cock that was beginning to grow erect once again. She began to stroke himuntil he was completely hard and once again wrapped he mouth around his cock.As she was sucking him he felt his bladder getting full from the evening’s drinks. He alwayswanted to piss all over a woman but had never had the chance. He knew Katie may notnormally be into it but given the evenings events he knew she probably wouldn’t say no toanything. As he felt the urge to piss come across him, he pulled her head off his cock andheld it there with one hand grabbing her hair. His full stream began to flow and hit herdirectly in her face and run down her body. At first, she was in shock and slightly disgustedbut quickly began to enjoy the feeling of his warm piss run down her entire body. She beganto pinch her nipples and rub his piss all over herself and she became more aroused. As hisstream ended she got an idea and figured if he was going to do that to her, that he deservedto have it done to him. However, this is exactly what Tim was hoping for. As Katie stood upshe pushed Tim down by his shoulders. Knowing exactly what she was doing, he got downon his knees and placed his open mouth right in front of her cunt. Katie spread her pussylips with one hand and began to spray her warm piss all over Tim. He couldn’t resist and tooksome in his mouth and all over his face. He even tried to lick it right from her urethra. Timwas in heaven and couldn’t get enough. As she finished he stood up and they embracedeach other in the shower. After a few minutes they finished washing themselves off and gotout of the shower.They dried off and walked out into the room. Wrapped in their towels, they sat down andrelaxed to recover from the evening. Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Wonderingwho it could be, Katie looked at Tim who had a big grin on his face. He got up, walked overto the door and opened it. As he did, four guys came walking in. Katie’s jaw dropped andher pussy immediately became wet again as she began to think about what was about tohappen….to be continued…

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