A New Age Chapter 2: Rightness and Justice

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They parked at his apartment and even though he had just cum straight down her gullet, he was ready to truly have her.

She followed him out of his car, up the pathway to his door, and as he unlocked it, the order he’d given her before was still in effect.

“Kayla, I order you to act as yourself but do as I say,” he’d said, no more than 15 minutes before.

Now he looked over at her and spoke.

“Kayla, I want you to want me to fuck you. To cum in you. I want you to be a slut for me,” he said, to which she immediately responded.

She hopped up into his arms, her being so short, her arms wrapped around his neck, her legs wrapped around his waist. She planted her mouth on his and immediately her tongue shot out into his mouth, probing and wrestling with his.

Her body didn’t stay static though, her midriff and chest pressing into his own as her hips humped his pelvis, eager to get the cock contained in his pants into her.

“Fuck me. Oh god fuck me!” she breathed into his face, her deep green eyes startling Roland as her desperation mixed with her urgent need to be filled with dick.

She was the picture of feminine sexuality, a wanton slut in the best way, just as he had ordered her to be.

He carried her to the couch and set her down on the armrest, putting her at face level with his crotch. Without prompting she unzipped his jeans and fished him out, immediately taking him into her mouth again. She was devouring his penis like her life depended on it, looking up at him and upon seeing his slight smirk back at her, she hummed and her eyes smiled back.

She pulled her mouth off but jacked him with her hand still, “You ready to take me yet?”

Roland needed little more encouragement, reaching down to take off his shoes and clothes, her doing the same, standing naked before him for merely a moment before leaning back on the armrest and spreading her smooth legs like the whore he’d made her.

“Come fuck this pussy,” she said.

He obliged and stepped in between her inviting legs, rubbing the head of his cock up and down her slit to get it slippery enough. The movements made her eyes flutter as the pleasure tingled up from her nether region. Up until now her own parts had barely been touched, but now they were, were they ever about to be used and it turned her on all the much more.

He pressed against her tiny opening, her lips spreading and allowing him entry. His cock stretched her walls, filling her like only a woman can be.

The order she’d been given was being fulfilled, and it made Kayla feel amazing. She brought a hand up to where his neck met his shoulder, her head lolling to the side slightly as they both reveled in the feeling of him sliding further and further into her sopping cunt. They were fullfilling the basest instincts on Earth, to fuck.

“Ohhhh God, yes,” she breathed as he hit his full length, her smaller sized frame meaning his cockhead was about two inches below her belly button.

“You’re damn right about that,” Roland said as he pulled back halfway, then thrusted in again.

“Oh, shit,” Kayla said, more pleasure building in her, her eyes rolling back slightly with his movement, her hair swaying as well as her body bounced with the thrust into her cunt.

He steadily fucked her, slowly building up speed and power, her loving every part, the order working it’s power while her moans and gasps filled his apartment.

Truth be told, he hadn’t been laid in a while, so as she looked up at him, took her other hand and grabbed his side, pulling herself up to kiss him, he lost it for the second time that day.

Her breath caught as she felt him climax, she had cum in the car, same as him, but that had been a product of his order. It was like dumping a glass that was ¼ full.

She broke their kiss, her eyes meeting his as the order continued it’s work, his cock already starting to go soft as she put her feet down, he slipping out all the way, but no cum followed him immediately out.

She grabbed his hand and reasoned where his bed was, leading him down the hallway and into his room, surprisingly neat and clean.

“Get hard again. I’ll ride you,” she commanded, but sweetly and lustfully.

Roland liked the power of his order, doing as she commanded.

She caught him off guard by forcefully shoving him to the mattress, crawling on top of him before straddling his hips with her own, lining up his still glistening penis with her entrance.

She reached down to grab it and put the head just inside herself, then lowered.

She groaned a low tone, loving the feeling, his order working on her again, rolling her hips and increasing their pleasure.

He reached up and put his hands on her hips and sides, caressing her skin.

“Oh, I can FEEL you,” she said, finally deciding to remove her shirt, her exquisite breasts still contained by a nice light yellow bra.

She reached behind her and unclasped it, throwing it down as well, then used her left hand to rub and squeeze her left tit, while the right came down and began to rub her own clit.

She was a slut for him. Sluts did things like that. Or so she reasoned.

“God that’s hot,” Roland said from the bed, this girl fucking him.

“Yeah?” Kayla asked, putting her other hand on his chest as well and rose up almost all the way before crashing down again. “You like how I’m wrapped around you baby?!”

At the end of her words her eyes squeezed shut as her breath caught, her mouth dropping in a silent scream as her pussy clenched around him.

“Oh yeah,” he said back, reaching up and grabbing a handful of tit as his other hand reached around to fondle her ass cheek.

It took a minute for her to come down from on high, but when she did she breathed heavily and looked him in the eye.

“You know,” she said, still fucking her tired and used pussy on him, “I’ve never had a man cum in me like that. I’m not on the pill either. Ohhhh fuck you might’ve knocked me up.”

Her head tilted back as though the thought of it was going to be enough to get her again.

For Roland, it was. He immediately envisioned her stomach, so taught and flat in front of him, already full of his sperm, suddenly big and bulging with his progeny.

For his third time, it was too much.

“Ohhh ho fuck!” he exclaimed, thrusting his hips up as her tunnel took it’s second load.

She slammed her hips down, as sluts do, trying to enhance her lovers pleasure, grinding her clit on him as well, not far enough away from her previous orgasm to be completely cool. She was so close, but his hips relaxed and his dick immediately began to go limp, being overused as it was.

Her orgasm called to her though. Sluts loved to cum. But just rolling on him wasn’t going to be enough. She needed his dick hard.

So she unleashed one of the sluttiest things she knew, bouncing off of him and stuffing his member into her mouth.

The change in sensation caused Roland to gasp himself, looking up at this woman bobbing her head up and down on his crotch, his cock somewhere underneath her brown hair, but responding to her regardless of his powers, but slowly.

“I need to cum! I need it!” she half screamed, jerking him with her hand after popping her mouth off him.

Then Suadiye Escort she was back on him for a bit, he still getting hard too slow for her liking. So she thought of what REAL sluts did. Stuff she’d only ever heard of girls doing.

“If you make him hard again I’ll put him in my ass,” she said, her lower lip still on the tip of his dick as she looked at him.

And his energy renewed. He’d NEVER had a woman’s ass before, and here was his opportunity. He gave his order, his penis went stiff, and Kayla the slut grinned. She rose up, standing on the bed and reaching between her legs, scooping up the jizz that was beginning to run down her thighs from out of her.

Her hands went from front to back, lubing her last remaining source of virginity and innocence, preparing herself to take him in her backdoor.

She thought about loosening herself up some with her fingers, but decided against it. A true slut wouldn’t. They’d give everything to their master. She wanted him to know he was the first thing ever to be in her ass.

“I’ve never had anything in there before, sir,” she said, playing the innocent, naive girl.

“Never?” Roland asked, rubbing her thighs with his hands.

“Nope. Never. Will you,” she asked demurely, despite his cock being at the entrance to her last unplundered treasure, “will you fuck my little virgin ass?”

“Do you want me to, slut?”

“Oh god, yeah, I really do- oh shit!” she said, then exclaimed, as her hips changed position ever so slightly and he felt a pressure against his cockhead. “Oh fuck, you’re going in my ass.”

“Ohhho man this is awesome,” Roland smiled, watching this slut drop her virgin asshole on his cock.

Her hips were moving ever so slowly down, centimeter by agonizing centimeter. Kayla was breathing in short little breathes, her tight ass stretching like it never had before, until finally he was officially in her butt.

She chose that moment, with about an inch and a half of cock in her rear, to reposition herself on her feet instead of her knees. And with a miscalculation and a lack of coordination, she fell back.

“OHHHH! OHHHH FUCK!!” Kayla yelled, feeling a whole new kind of fullness like she’d NEVER felt before.

“Yeah! Take that cock you fucking slut!” Roland couldn’t help but yell, through gritted teeth, as his sword hsd no where to go but further up into her bowels.

“Oh god! You feel huge back there!” she said, locking eyes with him as he felt her ring squeeze.

Roland merely reached up and ran his hands along her legs, midriff and ribs, then back down.

This encouraged Kayla to lift up ever so slightly, her tight hole not wanting to let it’s invader slide, but doing so nonetheless. Then down she went, her body taking the cock up her rectum until her cheeks rested against Roland’s hips.

“Yeah that feels amazing,” he said, her hands suddenly moving to his as she transferred her weight to them and him.

Her hips started pumping as her order took a stronger effect, the slut programming shining bright as the tool began to be pumped in and out of her.

“Fuck, I’m excited to feel your cum in my ass. I’ve always wondered what it would feel like to have a man explode in my ass,” she said, again making eye contact with Roland, but going another step this time by biting her bottom lip.

It was all Roland could take.

Her wish was granted as his cock let go another l9ad of cum, this time filling up the girl’s tight tush.

Then everything went black.


He woke up, but his view was moving, rhythmically.

The sun was going down, Kayla was dutifully bouncing on his cock, his dick was- somewhere, her trying to fulfill the order he’d issued to her, to be a slut for him. He didn’t know how she came up with the things she’d done, to herself and to him, but she had. He’d merely given her that simple order.

She’d fucked him. She’d yelled at him to fuck her. She’d cum, over and over, she’d stuffed her pussy coated cock down her own throat. She’d begged him to pop her anal cherry. She’d fucked him silly, to exhaustion and to the point of him passing out.

Now, here she was, at it again.

Apparently she’d been at it awhile too, his body doing what it naturally did, and as soon as he really awoke, he found his words.

“Where is my cock?” he asked, to which she panted a response.

“Ugh, it’s still, up, my ass,” she breathed back at him, looking down at him.

That was all it took. Between the wanton way she said the words, to the sudden grip on his shaft as she flexed her ring around him, to the pleading look she held in her eyes as her hands ever so slightly gripped his chest as she thrust down on him again, meaningfully violating her own little butt, his balls let go.

“OOOOOhhhhhh fuck!” he exclaimed through clenched teeth.

Kayla’s eyes opened wider as she felt him expand inside her, then the hot feeling as liquid filled her rectum, again.

“Oh! Ooohhh yeah!” she said, smiling as she kept pumping her hips up and down.

“Okay, stop Kayla, stop,” he said, to which she did.

“Was I a good slut for you?” she said, sudden exhaustion washing over her face.

“Yes. Yes you were. You don’t have to be my slut anymore, you can stop,” Roland said.

He had to catch her, slightly exclaiming as she collapsed on top of him.


He’d left her with the order to be his slut. To want to fuck him. And she’d taken that to heart. She’d not stopped the entire time. Looking at the clock he did some quick math: she’d been at it for over FOUR hours non-stop.

This woman that he had made become something she would have never been otherwise was now passed out from exhaustion, a different kind than she had brought to him. She breathed deep and heavy, her naked body on his, his softening cock popping free from her asshole, his cum running out of her.

He scooted out from underneath her, for some reason covering her up with the covers.

He knew the answer actually. While privately he was a sick and twisted deviant of a man, his morals still shone. They were still there.

He didn’t believe in God, or a god per se, but still, he’d seen enough karma to know it was real. Everything was cyclic. He’d just done something horrible. He was, at the moment, keeping the reality of the fact that he had this capability at the back of his brain. He would deal with that later.

So now, he’d done a terrible thing. Kayla Rene Hamilton was probably a nice girl. Might have a boyfriend, jesus, she might be a lesbian, might have a kid. Fuck what did he do?

Roland got more and more upset at himself, when his mind tempered.

He could make it right.


Kayla awoke peacefully, as a result of the physical exhaustion she’d put herself through. She shifted under the sheet, immediately wincing at the pain in her body. Her muscles were sore, more sore than she had been used to since high school volleyball. But mostly she felt the pain in – other areas.

Her vagina was swollen and sore, even just putting her legs together hurt. Then there was her ass. It felt like something had been in there, something huge and that she was not used to.

But she knew why they were that way, she was the man’s slut. She’d wanted Suadiye Escort Bayan to be his slut and he said she’d been good. As she swallowed she tasted the remains of semen still in her mouth, and a soreness at the back of her throat where his dick had rammed into it.

There had been nothing more she’d wanted to do, as soon as he’d said the words. She’d sworn there was so much semen in her bowels she’d seen her stomach distend.

She’d fucked him so good and so long he’d passed out. Which had meant that the slut that was his had continued to use him, or try to get him to a status to use, until he’d come back.

And she didn’t know his name.

She sat up in the bed, the night stars outside sparkling brightly, holding the sheet up to her naked chest, trying to have some modesty. She heard some padding of footsteps and looked over at the doorway.

He came through, holding a glass of ice water and a pepsi, looking at her somewhat shyly.

“Hi, I brought these for you. I didn’t know what you’d like” he said, wearing basketball shorts, a v-neck shirt and nothing else.

“Um, thanks I guess?” she said, but didn’t make a move to accept it. “What the fuck happened?” she asked.

Truth be told, Roland didn’t have an answer to that question, sort of. It was time to fess up. To make it right.

“Kayla-” he began.

“Who the fuck are you?” she found she could say.

He’d only told her to do as he said, that she could be herself. He said she could stop being his slut, but the other commands remained.

“You just say things and I had to do them. I came up with shit I would NEVER do!” she yelled. “I put your dick in my ass!”

His eyes were down on the carpet. He appeared ashamed and meek. Which he should have been.

“You fucker!” she screamed, rising up and beginning to cry. “You rapist!”

“I know,” he said, despair in his voice. “I know. And I’m sorry. But I’m going to make it up to you.”

“Make it up!?” she screamed some more. “You’re going to jail! That’s what you’re doing.”

Her face had hardened. It was now steely and resolved. She got out of the bed, leaving the sheet and going bare.

“No I’m not, stop,” he said, and she found her feet rooted to the floor.

“Are you fucking kidding me!?” she yelled, unable to move.

“Be quiet!” Roland yelled at her, her crying and voice stopped. “I’ve thought about this for a bit now. I’m not going to jail. I’m not. But, what I did IS horrible. I – I know that. And with what I CAN do, I can make it up to you. I can give you everything you’ll ever need. Money. That’s what I can give you. I can give you money like you’ve never dreamed.”

She was looking at him with death in her eyes. Abject hatred. His words meant nothing, he could tell.

It killed a part of him. But, it didn’t change anything.

“You can move, but you can’t leave. You can’t call the police or tell anyone about what I can do, in any way. You can still hate me, but no more screaming,” he said from the bed, his head in his hands. “I’m going to leave, but you are not to do anything that might alert anyone to your being forced to stay here.”

He was getting more used to the specifics of this power he had. He had to be precise.

Then he left.


Roland got in his car and left, having his plan and intent now. He knew of a weed dealer close to here.

Several blocks over he parked his car and got out, knocking on the door to the small home.

“Yeah?” came the reply from the skinny white man that answered.

“Do you sell drugs?” he asked.

“The fuck?” the skinny white man said.

“I order you to answer all of my questions and do everything I say, but remain yourself,” Roland said. “Now do you sell drugs?”

“Yes,” he said.

“What kinds?”

“I sell weed and some ecstasy sometimes.”

That wasn’t what Roland was looking for.

“I need something harder. Meth. Cocaine. Do you know of anyone that sells that?”

“Yeah, ol dude over on 5th and Gerald St. He’s usually there after midnight,” he said calmly.

“Awesome, thanks,” Roland said, about to issue an order to forget he was even there.

“Hey, if you’re looking for girls too, he has a hookup. Young ones too, if you’re into that.”

Roland stopped and looked back at the man.

He was a deviant, Roland was. He honestly had nothing against younger girls knowing and wanting sex. He even thought the current minor age limit was, maybe, wrong.

Nature said a girl was a woman as early as 10 or 11. Now that didn’t mean he was attracted to that. But the logic of it was an argument he’d had with friends.

This however, was a man using these girls. USING them, which granted he’d done just before, was technically still doing as she was still under his command, but this felt, more malicious. More evil.

He’d used Kayla for his own enjoyment, but she’d ultimately enjoyed it too. He planned to erase her memory of it, make it her reality that she’d never done any of it, but give her the money to change her LIFE. Generational money was what he planned. He thought that was worth it.

But this, this was different, in his mind. This was slavery in the worst way. And now he could do something about it. Suddenly the idea of justice hit his mind. He was on a mission of making things right to Kayla, but now he felt a stronger sense of right and wrong.

And he suddenly, at the thought of justice on this prick, decided to use his own.

“What’s your name?” Roland said, turning back to the front door.

“Christian,” the man said.

Roland noticed suddenly more about the man. He was white, skinny, maybe 150 pounds. He had shaggy light brown hair, a good several days of facial hair on his face. He was wearing basketball shorts, flip flops and a dark green graphic tee, “Old Navy” printed on the front in faded white letters.

“Christian, I find it interesting that not only do you sell drugs, but that you help in the exploitation of young girls.”

“Hey man, I just put in a word for Big G, I don’t run the girls,” he said, putting his hands up slightly.

Roland walked towards him and pushed him into the house, shutting the door behind him.

“Well, you’re about to do a lot more than that,” Roland said, to which Christian looked at him slightly curiously. “I order your body to be that of an 18 year old woman’s. Hot, sexy, whatever you would want to fuck. The hottest piece of ass you can imagine.

You’re going to feel pleasure as you change, the thought of sucking cocks, taking them up your pussy and ass, making them knock you up, their babies making your tits leak milk all over, it’s going to fill your mind.

Your mind is going to change to know that you used to be a man, that you don’t want to be a cock-worshipping slut, but everytime you’re around a penis you won’t be able to help yourself from being a fuck toy. Because you’re just a slut that wants to give your treasures to anyone that wants them.

You’re going to do this because I order it.”

As Roland said his words, Christian smiled and mouthed, “what the fuck?” because this guy was crazy, until Roland finished.

Then a look of uncertainty hit him as he shrunk to 5’1”. He lost more weight, going to Escort Suadiye down to a hair over 100 pounds, his shorts and boxers held up by his male body hit the floor as his structure changed.

“Oh my god,” he said, his new feminine hands going to his chest as his hair cascaded down to stop just below his shoulders, the facial hair vanishing.

His face shifted as he spoke, his voice raising several octaves to a sexy, girly voice.

His hands were holding two new mounds of flesh as they filled and pushed out from his chest against his shirt.

“Oh, holy fuck!” he exclaimed as he looked first at his new DD cup breasts, then forward to his cock, still there.

His hips swelled slightly as his waist pinched in, creating a perfect hourglass figure, the changes continuing down his legs. The hair retracted, the flesh going from slightly muscular to smooth and soft, the kind that should be spread. Then, his ball sack tightened, his cock shrunk, eliciting even more moaning from Christian as the final vestiges of male began to turn female and sucked up into his body.

“Oh! Oh!” he exclaimed as his testicles sucked into his pelvis.

”Fuck, ooooo-hhhhh shit. God damn! Oh fuck, I can feel my nuts settling.”

He was rubbing his taut, flat stomach around the level of his now cute belly button as they nestled into place as ovaries, ripe and full of eggs.

“Oh god, it’s sucking up into me, geesus. No, I don’t want a pusssssss-y,” Christian said, finally becoming Kristy, her cock finally vanishing completely, melding into the skin of her crotch and forming into a set of lips, already swollen, ready to be split open and used.

Her sex was horny and wet, not being fully formed for a few seconds before a drop of wetness dribbled down her left inner thigh.

“OH god! I can feel it! I can feel myself getting deeper, I can FEEL it!” she said, dropping down and squatting there in the entryway of the house.

Her hands went to her new hole, a sudden desperation to find her clit, to find her opening, her eyes shooting open in wonder at the new sensation of rolling her clit for the first time, her little hips bucking forward, trying to find something, anything, to give her what her body lustfully wanted.

And Roland was able to maintain his code yet use his powers. This was justice. And it was only the beginning, the horror on Kristy’s face apparent as Roland let down his fly, stepping up to her, her mouth opening automatically and against her will.

“Oh fuck, no no no, I don’t want to do this,” Kristy said, the order still there in her brain.

“Suck on my cock you fucking whore,” Roland said, pushing it fully into her mouth, her eyes looking up at him pleadingly as her body reacted as instructed. “Oh that’s a good girl,” Roland said, “Yeah your mind might not want the dick, but that hot mouth sure does doesn’t it? You’re just a fucking slut, newly formed, with new equipment that wants to play huh?”

He was throat fucking her, not taking care at all. Using her body for whatever he wanted, and right now he wanted to get hard in order to break her in properly.

He pulled out of her mouth and said, “Get up against the mirror and watch your deflowering.”

She did and Roland got behind her, finding his power working, she already had her ass out, offering up her new cunt to him.

“No, please. I’m a man,” Kristy said, her girlish voice and lust filled tone betraying her. “Change me baa-aaack. Oh shit man, I can feel your head rubbing my slit, it’s just barely going in. I shouldn’t want this, but I like, need it. Ahh-holy fuuuuuuuuck!”

Her word was dragged out as he plunged his steel hard cock into her new pussy with zero regard for her hymen, stretching her tight cunt to the point where he had to grab her hips and slam her back until her ass hit his own pelvis.

Her face was precious, sexy, amazing to watch. Minutes before she was a man who in no way could comprehend the idea of taking a cock, and here she was bent over with a rod pounding ruthlessly into her brand new, achingly wet vagina.

Roland wasted no time. While he did now have another appointment, he wanted to exact sweet justice on this being.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh,” Kristy said, moaning as the order continued it’s assault on her mind.

Her female parts were loving what was happening to them. Thoughts of cocks cumming in and on her filled her mind involuntarily, sending more and more heat to her meat sleeve, more and more lube with which to fuck her with. Suddenly she felt Roland double his efforts, looking back over her shoulder at him, the thought and programing really taking over her mind.

“Please, please, cum in me! Oh, fuck, I want to be full!” she said, her hands on the mirror in front of her and to the side of the front door squeezing and flexing with her passion. “I need your cum! I NEED it!”

“You need it?! Cause here it comes slut!” Roland said, reaching forward and grabbing a handful of her hair, pulling her head back into an obscenely submissive pose.

Her tits moved with her fucking, under her shirt, but rubbing still and causing her more pleasure, causing her cunt to tighten on the cock inside her, her inexperienced body not knowing what to do, but loving the sensations anyway.

Then suddenly, Kristy felt the thing inside her stiffen even more, swell more as well, as Roland pushed as far into her as he could, unleashing his cum as deep as possible, right against her cervix.

The sudden heat from the liquid, the slightly different feeling as the first load was deposited inside her body, the realization that he could be knocking her up at that very moment reacting with the original order that had started all this: it sent hundreds of images through her newly female mind, and caused her impending orgasm to crash upon her.

Her voice meanwhile had gone from moaning ‘oh’ with every breath and thrust to a high pitched ‘ah’ that drew out as she felt him begin to cum, then climbed to a high pitch squeal as the first orgasm originating from her pussy hit her.

Her body’s muscles clenched up along with her tunnel, her eyes squeezing shut as her feet stayed apart, her knees shooting open and banging shut over and over. The weight of her body was mostly held up by Roland’s hands and cock, a hand still full of her hair, the other on her hip and his shaft inside her still, cum rocketing into her.

They came down together, both breathing hard, the carnal mating between them completed.

“Oh fuck, that felt great, ” Roland said, panting and stepping back.

Kristy meanwhile had sunk down to the floor, the afterglow of the past ten minutes rushing through her mind. Cum was leaking from her pussy and pooling under her ass on the laminate floor.

“Fuck. Oh my god, you just fucked me. You turned me into a chick and fucked me dude,” she said, rolling her head up and looking at Roland, who was pulling up his basketball shorts.

“Yeah well, you deserved it,” Roland merely said, turning towards the door.

“Wait, what the fuck am I supposed to do now?” she said, to which Roland shrugged, his hand on the door handle.

“For knowing young girls were getting pimped out and not giving a shit? You get to fuck anything with a cock. Forever,” to which horror came over her face, as her hand went to her newly fucked cunt, “Oh, and after I shut the door, you’ll forget who I am and what I did. The previous orders will stand, but you’ll crave to be fucked as a woman from this day forth.”

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