A Quiet Lady’s Place 02: Anna

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This is my 12th erotic story and Literotica submission. I am continually indebted to Candy_Kane54 (CK) for her never-ending commitment to helping me improve my writing style. CK has provided 100% of editing and style advice for all 12-stories. I am ever so grateful, since I would have never written these stories without CK’s enthusiastic and continuing support. My Lesbian Romance stories focus on the trials and lives of strong and powerful women. Romance and not sex is the driving factor in these stories, which are 100% Fiction. However, some are based on a few real-life experiences of friends or acquaintances.

Since these are lesbian love and romance heavy stories, there are always children about. As a general rule for my stories, no sexual activity occurs while children are present in the home. This rule requires that grandmoms, sisters, aunts, and friends share active roles in the stories, allowing the little ones a place to visit when the sex heats up. Normally, most sex scene participants are 21-Years Old and older, for the vast majority of my stories.

The stories build slowly with lots of attention devoted to personal and business background detail before there is any sexual activity. Most sex scenes feature a dominant but absolutely loving character as the definite TOP controlling the action.

If this is your type of Lesbian Romance-Love-Sex Story … ENJOY!

A Quiet Lady’s Place — Epilogue Continued: 2024-2026

On a breezy fall afternoon in West Charleston, SC, the Williams (McWilliams) Family’s emotions were in sync with the coolness of the weather. Earlier today, US Special Forces Medical Sergeant Jeremy Samuel Williams-US Army 1st Special Forces Group was laid to his final rest. He was suspected KIA during a classified Asian pacification operation in 2018, while officially listed as MIA until this year. Sergeant Williams’s remains had just recently been recovered (confirmed by DNA) and repatriated to the US Military at Dover AF Base.

Although Medical Sergeant Williams qualified for burial in Arlington National Cemetery, his widow Clancy Marie McWilliams and mother Andrea E Williams desired having Sergeant Williams remains buried close to his family roots in a local West Charleston, SC cemetery.

A classic Military Style Funeral was held for Sergeant Williams at the West Charleston Christian Church (WCCC) earlier today, with Pastor Edward W. James providing the eulogy. Thus, a somber group of family members, extended relatives and close friends were gathered for lunch at Eva and Clancy’s home, which was built on gifted Williams Family Homestead Land.

Three generations of Williams’ ladies were nervously clutching the American Flag which had draped Sergeant Williams’s Casket for the funeral. This special American Flag was then beautifully folded and presented to Andrea, Clancy, and Riley. There was a calm and soothing atmosphere in the household today, now that Mom-Andrea, Wife-Clancy, and Daughter-Riley had closure with Sergeant Jeremy Samuel Williams’s death, bringing a bit of deserved peace to their lives.

Clancy and Riley’s family name was now McWilliams following Eva’s and Clancy’s marriage in 2022. Mina McWilliams had become Eva’s darling six year old girl in late summer 2021 one day after Eva met Clancy at A Quiet Lady’s Place.

Eva started Mina’s adoption process nine months after meeting her at Mom-W’s home, which was final a year later, just prior Eva and Clancy’s wedding, therefore her official name was Mina McWilliams. Two years following their wedding, Jeremy Tyler McWilliams (JT) was adopted by Eva and Clancy, joining elder sisters Riley and Mina. Additionally Bella, who was Riley and Mina’s best friend also considered JT as her brother, since she was usually at their home on weekends for their special Friday night PJ sleepovers.

Eva and Clancy built a six room wing on their home as Andrea Williams’s (Mom-W) personal residence. Mina’s grandma-Rosa Mae Ward frequently visited West Charleston, spending a total of four or five months there each year with the McWilliams family. Rosa Mae stayed in Mom-W’s en suite guest bedroom during her West Charleston visits, since the two ladies had become good friends in mid-summer 2021.

Other than Pastor Edward Walter James and First Lady Marion Patricia James, most of Eva and Clancy’s special guests were EXTV related staff. Jackie Ann Evans and Wanda Emerson Evans married at WCCC in 2024. Tony Chan and Jodie Davis Chan married at WCCC in 2025. Anna Lee Wilson is currently single having completed her BS/MBA in the spring term of 2026. She was also serving as Eva’s Executive Assistant and EXTV’s Front Office Manager prior to graduation, so Anna Lee’s plate had been overflowing since early 2021 when she first interned at EXTV.

ANNA LEE WILLSON-BS/MBA london escorts 2026:

Eva and Anna Lee were meeting for the first time following Anna Lee’s MBA graduation ceremony in Boston. Anna Lee had completed the combined online five year BS/MBA degree program in three years with honors (Cum Laude) and was now almost 23 years old. She had previously been an EXTV intern and also served as Eva’s PA in 2021 and 2022. In mid-2023, Janis Ellis Russell, wife of the Corporate Board Chairman, John Bowman Russell, also Chairwoman of the Corporate Non Profit Foundation, suggested Anna Lee be promoted to Eva’s Executive Assistant (EA). Anna Lee’s current position at the time of her MBA Graduation Ceremony was Executive Assistant to the President and Front Office Manager.

Eva intended upgrading Anna Lee to a more responsible position at EXTV, dropping the Executive Assistant title. However, Anna Lee was not cooperating. She loved EXTV, the WCCC, and was absolutely certain EXTV’s President, Ms. Eva ‘J’ Walked On Water!

Eva and Anna Lee faced a real dilemma in redefining Anna Lee’s job, which required creative thinking. Give and take was needed from both ladies to finalize Anna Lee’s new job description and title. Eva definitely wanted Anna Lee to remain by her side, but she now had completed her MBA two years early with honors. Eva was the primary impetus for Anna Lee deciding to study for her MBA. For the above reasons, and Anna Lee’s five year work history as Eva’s PA/EA, Front Office Supervisor, and currently Front Office Manager, Anna Lee’s EXTV title and duties required a major adjustment.

Anna Lee whole heartedly agreed that changes in her job responsibilities and title were needed as well as justified, but she absolutely demanded to continue serving the role of Eva’s Executive Assistant. Eva finally relented, agreeing with Anna Lee’s heartfelt desire to continue working with her. She recommended that Anna Lee promote a new person to the Front Office Supervisor position who would report to her. However, it was currently vacant.

They would fold 80% of Anna Lee’s old Front Office Manager’s duties into the new Supervisor’s responsibilities. This one move reduces 80% of Anna Lee’s hands-on front office workload, which then allowed Eva to substantially expand Anna Lee’s direct management role in the company.

Eva’s second suggestion was to separate Marketing and Sales, and then reorganize the four key senior management sections, which would now be upgraded to five departments.

Eva would remain EXTV’s President and CEO with a 75% time commitment, since she also served as Vice Chairman of the Pharmaceutical Brand Corporate’s Non Profit Foundation, with a 25% time commitment.

The suggested new management structure of the five departments reporting directly to Eva was as follows:

Sales: Worldwide Sales and Product Promotion; Jackie A Evans = Director

Marketing: Product Expansion and Customer Service: Anna L Wilson = Director

Facility: Finance, Human Resources and Grounds: Wanda Emerson = Director

Operations: Manufacturing and Distribution: Jodie Davis = VP and Director

Scientific: R and D, Technical Service and QC: Tony Chan = VP and Director

“What do you think of this reorganization structure?” Eva queried Anna Lee.

Anna Lee responds excitedly, “I love it ‘J’, because it honors Jodie’s absolute commitment to EXTV by moving to Charleston with you. It also rewards Jodie and Tony’s intense efforts in securing our patents, expertly deploying fast reaction treatment teams, and other critical work projects, helping lead EXTV to becoming the World’s Best Antiviral Prevention Company!”

“Okay Anna Lee, we will sleep on it tonight, then proceed full speed ahead tomorrow with the five EXTV department heads, to be known as the Executive Team (ET). We will review the plan in depth and if in agreement, fully implement the departmental reorganization in two weeks! Each Director will be responsible for organizing the chain of command within their department, however will require sign off by Eva. Therefore, you will need to immediately select the best person for promotion to the Front Office Supervisor reporting directly to you.”

“Okay, Eva” answered Anna Lee, “I will be ready to fill the Front Office Supervisor role tomorrow if needed. I know that you trust me implicitly, however, I am requesting your sign off on the individual for my personal comfort level. This person’s job performance will be critical to freeing up time for me to expertly fulfill my new responsibilities.”

EXTV’s senior staff was quite excited with the departmental reorganization and expansion proposed by Eva, so the reorganization schedule was confirmed to commence in two weeks.

Anna Lee promoted london escort a quiet but studious Jaime Lou West to Front Office Supervisor, which the full executive team agreed was an outstanding choice. Jaime had been a stable employee at EXTV since the company opened in 2018, finally settling into the front office group after a year. Jaime was a solid and knowledgeable worker with a lovely personality.

Anna Lee now could allocate her own time as approximately 50% marketing, 20% assisting Eva, 10% as an at large Board Member for the Foundation, and 20% working with Jaime on managing the front office, reception and customer service. One component of Anna Lee’s new responsibilities was managing EXTV Community Services Budget, which was jointly funded by EXTV and the Pharmaceutical Foundation. Because of this, Janis Russell recommended Anna Lee’s appointment to the Foundation’s Board.

Anna Lee’s business life was now firmly structured, but it seemed that an important piece of the contentment puzzle was missing from her soul in general. She certainly was not aggressively pursuing any serious dating or long term relationships until feeling completely comfortable in the Marking Director’s role.

Her basic plan was to cautiously move forward with developing novel marketing ideas for expanding the sales of EXTV product groups. This process required a thorough review of their current marketing strategies which would be fairly simple, since Anna Lee’s new position only required a limited amount of travel. Most of her ideas could be fully implemented through a virtual network such as Zoom.

Again, as Anna Lee was wondering why she subconsciously continued feeling a bit off kilter, flash-memories of her past quietly surfaced.


Anna Lee Wilson was born 2004 in a rural area 100 miles west of Charleston, SC. She was now nearly 23 years old, with lusciously thick red shoulder length hair, bright green eyes and freckle-faced, standing 5′ 9″ at a solid 125lbs.

Anna Lee’s life was basically unremarkable until she was 13 years old, when her family moved from the very rural part of the State closer to suburban West Charleston. Anna Lee had two younger sisters, also red heads; Susan Ann, 9 and Megan Amy, 6. Anna Lee got on super with them, enjoying a nice big sister relationship with both younger girls. They adored Anna Lee because she always placed them first in her life decisions.

Anna Lee’s dad, Richard (Rick) Evan Wilson, operated an in-home small engine repair business in the rural community, and he continued running this type business after moving closer to metro Charleston, SC. Her Mom, Alice May Wilson, previously did hair in the rear spare room of her home, mainly for the local farmers’ wives and her several neighbors. She was hoping to rent a chair in one of the more popular beauty parlor shops once they were settled in their new home, located in the Ravenel area of West Charleston.

The Wilson family was considered lower middle class, since they were renters, but owned a nice late model Chevy, which Alice drove. Rick had a15 year old Ford F250 pickup truck that he mainly used for work. Both Rick and Alice felt the move closer to the greater Charleston Metro would help them improve the family finances, as well as have better public schools for their daughters because of their larger population and property tax base.

Rick and Alice enrolled Anna Lee in one of the closer Middle Schools, since Ravenel did not have its own Middle or High School. Anna Lee was okay with the new area, although she did not know anyone at her school. She had always loved running on the old country roads where they previously lived, so decided to try out for the girl’s track team. Susan Ann, 4th grade and Megan Amy, 1st grade attended the local Ravenel elementary school.

It was during the track team sign up day, when Anna Lee noticed a startlingly clear separation between the white and few black students at the Middle School, along with an underlying feeling of tension. She did not consider herself a racist and neither of her parents used racist or bigoted words. For this reason, she decided it was best to talk with them before actually signing up for track.

Anna Lee talked openly with her parents about the possible Middle School sports activity segregation issue. She was quite confused because she would have expected to have seen this type problem in the more rural SC counties, similar to their old place. Her dad Rick explained that there were quite fewer Blacks or Hispanics in their old rural area, and most everyone in farming communities were much too busy struggling for survival to worry about someone’s skin color or religion.

Ultimately, Anna Lee decided not try out for the track team, and planned to run on week days in an area where several small local parks london escort agency were situated. This gave her and mom and dad a feeling of security, since other people would be out in these parks. Anna Lee’s dad drove her around to some of the smaller local parks, seeking out a nice area for her daily after school five mile run.

They found a local park where she felt comfortable running. There was also a nice grassy area where she could wait for her dad to collect her when she finished her five miles. After running there for a week, she noticed there were definitely more black and brown faces around the park than in the area where her family lived, so she thought the park must be near a primarily colored community. She also saw other black people out running. Two of them she thought looked familiar but was not certain.

After finishing her run one Friday, she saw two young black guys around her age that she thought may have been from her school. They were also heavily panting from the exertion of their long run.

She walked over and introduced herself saying, “I am Anna Lee Wilson and think we may go to the same middle school, although I am new here and could be mistaken.” She gave them the name of her middle school saying she was in the eighth grade.

The two guys kind of gave her a once over before answering, “No, we are not there although we are also eighth graders. I think we will be attending the same high school, starting in tenth grade. I am Josh Adams and my first cousin is David Turner. We are surprised to see you running way over here and how do you get here after school?”

Anna Lee answered, “My dad has a small home based business repairing stuff with engines such as mowers, washers, sewing machines and things like that. He drops me off and then picks me up after my five mile run.”

“Really?” asks David with raised eyebrow. “You come over here to run five miles every day?”

“Yup,” Anna Lee answered. She then said, “There’s my dad. Come on over and say hello.”

The guys greeted Rick, who thanked them for waiting with Anna Lee. They chatted nicely for a few minutes, when Rick said they had better get going, as Mom nearly had dinner ready.

Anna Lee bid farewell, saying, “Bye, guys, and see you Monday, since I do not run on weekends. I have two younger sisters, Susan Ann and Megan Amy, so I spend most of my weekend time playing with them.

She and her dad talked all the way home, and then told Anna Lee’s mom about meeting Josh and David at the park. They were also runners but attended a different middle school. Josh did say they would be in the same high school starting in tenth grade. For some reason Anna Lee’s mom seemed a bit subdued and not her normal happy self after hearing talk about the guys.

Thus began Anna Lee’s friendship with the two runners, Josh and David. One Friday they did an eight mile run because it was a school holiday. Anna Lee realized they were near the area of her home and said they should stop there for a glass of sweet tea because she was getting tired and thirsty.

Rick greeted Josh and David, smiling as he said, “You guys look bushed. I’ll get Alice to bring out a pitcher of sweet tea.”

“That would be awesome and thank you very much Mr. Wilson,” said both boys in duet. Alice was on her way out with the tea and heard them thanking her husband. She thought these are two very nice young guys with good manners.

Anna Lee introduced Josh and David to her mom-Alice and they quickly responded, “Pleased to meet you, Mrs. Wilson, and this sweet tea really hits the spot after our long run. I hope we are not bothering you stopping in like this, but we were tired.”

Before an obviously surprised Alice could answer, Susan and Megan came happily skipping out to say hello.

Josh said, “Anna Lee talks about you two all the time. She does not run on weekends so she can spend time with her special little sisters. I am glad we stopped today, meeting everyone and can now see why Anna Lee is such a nice person.”

He continued, “Your mom and dad must be great parents, because Anna Lee is always talking about how much she loves them.” Looking around he said, “We should leave soon because it is a long ways home from here.”

Rick responded, “No way are you guys walking or running from here. Anna Lee and I can take you both home or drop you back at the park.”

Susan Ann and Megan Amy yelled, “We want to go with you too, Daddy.”

As they were getting in David’s F250 pick up, Alice said to Josh and David, “Please call us ‘Mom, and ‘Dad’ because it is easier and what we normally answer to with our three girls.”

Josh and David were almost in tears at Alice’s kindness, both saying, “We really thank you so much, Mom!”

Thus a great running friendship was started between Josh, David, and Anna Lee Wilson’s family. The boys were often at Anna Lee’s on weekends and loved tinkering around on engines with Rick, both wanting to be engineers. Josh worked with Susan Ann on getting quickly off the mark for her 100m run, since she also wanted to try out for her school track team.

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