The Neighbour

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Jessica Walters was walking down the street, heading home after finishing college for the day. As she turned the last corner into her street, she walked by her neighbours front garden. In a daze, she drifted past his front garden fence as she watched him chopping up some logs. In the hot summers day, he had removed his shirt & was sweating. She watched as his strong arms swung the axe & bought it crashing down, splitting the log clean in two.

‘Hmm, he doesn’t look 45 years old.’ She thought, remembering a conversation she’d overheard between him & her dad. They had become good friends since he moved in a few years ago.

‘Hi Jess.’ He called out, noticing her waltzing by.

‘Hello Mr. Allen.’ She replied, nervously as thought she had been caught out gazing.

‘Hot day isn’t it!’ he said, wiping the sweat from his brow.

‘Err, oh yeah. Although I’ve been stuck in college all day. AC. It’s not until you get out that you realise how hot it is!’ she giggled in reply. He noticed how she seemed to blush and she smiled. She stood lingering by his gate, her little flowery dress wrapped loosely around her petite frame, fashionably matched by a cute pair of black leather cowboy boots.

‘Oh well, I suppose I’d better get home. Lots to do, and I’ve still got to dash up to the stable to see to Freddy.’ She sighed, remembering she needed to tend to her horse before sunset.

‘Ok, well I’ve got some logs here for your dad. I’ll bring them over when I’m done. He replied.

‘Ok, see you later maybe?’ she said, lingering a little longer than perhaps she ought to have done.

‘Er, ok.’ He replied, and carried on chopping.

As Jessica walked up her path, the mental image of Mr. Allen naked to the waist and all sweaty made her feel funny. She was in a dreamy state as she entered her house, dropping her bag on the kitchen table and headed straight off to her room.

As she opened her drawer and pulled out her stable gear, she removed her dress & bra – standing now naked but for her panties and boots she caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her nipples were full on rigid, sticking out like little nuts. As she gently washed her finger over one, the image of Mr. Allen immediately jumped into her mind and she felt her tummy do cartwheels.

Automatically moving her other hand down to her panties, she could feel the wetness. Her panties were soaked! What the heck was this? Suddenly getting embarrassed at the possibility of wetting herself, she quickly got changed.

Pulling on her riding boots, she jumped up as she heard a knocking on the back door. Dashing down through the kitchen, she saw Mr. Allen with a barrow full of logs.

‘Hi Mr. Allen. Are those for my dad?’ she gasped, her mind awash with reinforced feelings in her tummy.

‘Hi Jess. Yes they are. Where shall I put them?’ he replied.

‘Oh. Erm, over next to the shed I guess?’ she said, walking out into the sun to direct him.

As she walked ahead, Mr. Allen noticed her slender figure with her tight jodhpurs and riding boots. His eyes burned a trace down her back, across the cheeks of her bottom and down her legs. Suddenly realising where he was & what he was doing, he picked up the barrow handles and followed her across the garden.

‘Just here will be fine’ Jessica said, pointing to a lean-to next to the shed.

‘Ok. I’ll unload them. Will you tell your dad that they are here?’ he asked.

‘Sure. Would you like a drink? You seem pretty hot!’ Jess asked, blushing again.

‘No, it’s ok thanks. I’m going to head home and jump on the shower. Thanks anyway, it was sweet of you to offer.’ He replied, walking back down the path to the house with his now empty barrow.

‘Ok, no problem. I’ll let dad know.’ Jess said as she walked ahead.

Trailing behind her, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her lean young legs. The jodhpurs left nothing to the imagination and the black leather of the boots glistened in the sun.

As they got to the house, Jessica turned to face Mr. Allen.

‘Right, I’ll let dad know.’ She said.

‘Ok, thanks. See you later.’ He replied.

As he walked down the path towards his gate, he turned to glance back at her one last time. As he turned his head to face her, he saw that she was looking at him. No, staring at him. As she saw him look her in the eye, she went bright red with embarrassment and quickly turned to head inside the safety of her house.

Mr. Allen smiled and walked up his garden path to his house.

Jessica had finished clearing out the stable and decided to have a quick ride on Freddy before heading home. She climbed up onto him and gently pulled his reigns edging him away from the yard. As the cantered along a grassy bank, her mind wandered back to Mr. Allen. Her hips were now doing a wiggle and her thighs pressed deeply against the saddle as her thoughts betrayed her. As Freddy now sped up, she could feel herself lifting herself off the saddle as she bounced. Her loins were grinding against the seat as she bounced. The image of Mr. Allen in his half naked sweaty state, burnt in her mind as she galloped, bouncing up and down.

Then mersin escort it hit her. Her stomach contorted, she felt like she’d been stabbed as she lost control of her legs. A strange feeling ripped through her body as she shrieked with excitement, her arms now wrapping themselves around Freddy’s neck as she fought to cling on. Leaning forward, she guided Freddy to a stop as she fought to regain control of her body.

Reaching a clearing, she gingerly climbed down and leant against a tree. She could feel wetness between her legs, no it was dripping down her legs and into her boots! Pulling off a glove, she felt her thighs. A damp sticky patch had now formed around her groin, leaving an obvious mark. She pulled her waistband and slipped her other gloved hand into her panties, only to find that the were sopping.

As the leather of her glove touched her skin, she jumped. Electrifying senses again rippled through her body. She slowly felt around with her gloved fingers, finding that whenever she touched her vagina, shockwaves ripped through her body. Her fingers explored her wetness, all the while images of Mr. Allen flashed through her mind.

Ripping open her jacket, she reached up and grabbed hold of one of her breasts while she continued to explore her pussy which now felt like it was on fire. She reached and undid her waistband, yanking her trousers down to the top of her thighs.

Now exposed to the cool air, her gloved hand felt her pussy through her soaked panties. She continued to work her fingers, exploring and rubbing furiously while playing with her breast with her other hand.

All of a sudden, she reached out to steady herself against the tree as it hit her again. Her hand continued to rub furiously as she panted and squealed with excitement. Her legs felt like they were going to give way, and she fell in a crumpled heap on the grass.

Laying there panting and breathing, she lifted her glove to her face. She saw it was covered in a sticky mess. Reaching it up to her nose, she inhaled deeply – her nostrils reacting instantly to the sweet smell of pussy juice. She wrapped her lips around her gloved finger and for the first time tasted her own salty juices.

Groaning and moaning with excitement, images of Mr. Allen again flashed through her mind as she continued to suck.

After what felt like an eternity, she realised that she’d better be getting on. She readjusted herself and got back onto Freddy who had managed to find a large grazing spot as if automatically waiting it out for her.

She rode back to the stable, uncomfortable in her soaked jodhpurs but still excited. As she finished tending Freddy, she looked in her locker for something to change into. She really didn’t want to head home with a large damp patch so obvious in her crotch! At the back of her locker, she found an old knee length frilly skirt that she remembered leaving here one time.

Ducking into Freddy’s pen, she removed her soaked jodhpurs and pulled up the skirt. Realising that she had no clean panties or other shoes to wear, she sniggered as she realised she would have to go home ‘commando’. Pulling her boots back on, she pulled Freddy’s door shut & bolted it.

As she walked home, she looked down at herself. The skirt & boots combo wasn’t so bad, a thought that she would have to remember in the future.

For the first time ever, she had experienced an orgasm – she thought. Either way, it made her feel good. It made her feel like a real woman and she smiled.

The next morning, Jessica woke and threw on her robe. She wandered into the kitchen bleary eyed. To her amazement, Mr. Allen was sat at the dining table with her dad.

‘Morning Sweetie.’ He said.

‘Hi Dad. Hello Mr. Allen.’ She replied.

‘Morning Jess.’ Mr. Allen said, smiling.

‘Mr. Allen is going to help me rebuild the shed.’ Her dad said.

‘Finally! It’s about time dad, that thing has been on the verge of collapse for ages now!’ Jessica joked, and made herself some breakfast.

Jessica had been to the town, and when she came back Mr. Allen & her dad had made some real progress with the shed.

‘wow, looking good!’ she said smiling at Mr. Allen, walking into the garden.

‘Me or the shed?’ he jokingly replied, smiling back at her making her blush.

At that moment, her dad came out of the house with another bag of nails.

‘I managed to find some. Oh, hi sweetie. Any luck shopping?’ he said as he noticed his daughter.

‘Hi dad. No, not really. Ooh, wait. I managed to bag a bargain with these!’ she replied, pulling a pair of knee high lace up boots with a 3 inch heel out of a bag.

‘I got them for riding. Something different’ she continued.

‘wow, they’re nice Jess.’ Mr Allan said, smiling – again making her blush a deep shade of red.

‘Oh stop it Martin, you’re embarrassing the poor girl.’ Bill replied.

‘It’s so hot, would you like some drinks?’ Jess asked.

‘Yes that’ll be great. I’ll have a beer thank you sweetie. Martin?’ Bill said.

‘Mmmm, a beer sounds good. Thanks kocaeli escort Jess.’ Mr. Allen replied.

Jess returned to the garden with a couple of beers, wearing her new boots.

Mr. Allen caught sight of her approaching and threw a wolf whistle.

‘Stop it, I’m just trying to break them in!’ she yelled jokingly, dropping the beers off before returning inside.

Mr. Allen sat next to her dad sipping a nice cool beer on a hot summers day. Just what was needed.

‘Martin, I have a problem.’ Bill said.

‘What’s up Bill?’ Martin replied.

‘My company want to send me on a 6 month secondment to our office over in Tokyo.’ He continued.

‘Woah, that could be a great opportunity though Bill?’ Martin replied.

‘Yeah I know, but I haven’t told Jess yet. I don’t think she’d be too happy up & leaving for six months, just having started college.’ Bill said.

‘It’s a tough one my friend. Is there any way you can get out of it?’ Martin said.

‘No, I don’t think so. They already tried sending me to Europe but I managed to get out of that one. I think this one is a given…’ he said. ‘I’ll have to find somewhere for her to stay while I’m away. That’ll be the easiest option, rather than uprooting her & disturbing her studies.’

‘Well, there’s always my place mate. If it’s only going to be for 6 months or so, you’ll want me to keep an eye on your place, it makes sense for her to stay local.’ Martin replied.

‘Oh, that’d be fantastic. Thank you. I’ll speak to Jess and ask her.’ Bill replied.

That night over dinner, Bill told Jess about the situation.

‘But Dad, 6 months? I don’t want to leave, I’ve just started college!’ she cried.

‘Hey baby, calm down. I’ve been speaking to Mr. Allen and if you would rather stay he has said you are more than welcome to stay at his place. It’s just next door so you’ll have access to home and it’s not as though you have to move a million miles away. I know you are grown up now, but I’m still not comfortable leaving my 17 year old daughter home alone for 6 months.’ He said.

‘Mr. Allen? Really?’ she replied, her tummy starting to knot up.

‘I thought it would be the least disruptive for you sweetie?’ he continued.

‘Oh daddy, are you sure you don’t mind?’ she said.

‘Of course sweetie’ he replied, wrapping his arms around her holding her tight.

Already her mind was wandering…

Jessica was stood at the airport with her dad, waiting for his flight to be called.

‘Are you sure, you’ll be ok sweetie? You have my number? you have the card for the account we set up? You have everything you need?’ he said nervously.

‘Yes, yes dad, I’m fine. I’ll be ok – honest!’ she replied.

‘Now you be good, and don’t forget what Mr. Allen is doing for you. Make sure you are respectful & appreciative towards him. You owe him a lot for helping you out like this.’ He continued.

‘I know dad, I know. Are you totally sure you are ok with me staying?’ she asked.

‘Oh yes, I know you’ll be looked after. And you have your studies to think about. It’s only six months after all!’ he replied.

At that moment, the boarding call for his flight came over the PA system.

‘That’s me I guess.’ He said, stepping back to look at his smiling daughter. It hit him then that she was no longer a little girl, rather than a beautiful young woman. Wearing a flowing dress and standing tall in a pair of tan knee high boots with a stacked chunky heel, he realised how much she looked like her mother.

‘You know your mum would be proud.’ He said.

‘Oh dad.’ She replied, wrapping her arms around him tightly.

‘Call me when you land.’ She said, tearfully watching as he walked through immigration towards the gate.

Jessica arrived back home to an empty house. She decided to start sorting her clothes out, ready to take to Mr. Allen’s next door. She started piling up stacks of clothes, dresses, jumpers in neat little piles when she heard a knock at the door.

‘Hi Mr. Allen. I’m just sorting some of my stuff out, but I don’t know how much to bring. I mean, it’s only next door right?’ she said.

‘Oh yeah, it’s up to you. If you want to leave some stuff and then pop back it’s up to you. I have plenty of space but I need to sort out a stack of my wife’s old clothes and shoes before you can store your stuff. I never quite got around to sorting it out after she passed away.’ He replied.

‘Aww, I can help you if you like?’ Jessica replied.

‘Would you? That’s so sweet of you. I’ve made up a bed for you so at least that’s all ready.’ He said.

‘Ok that’s cool. Well, let me just throw a few days worth in my bag & we can head over now if you like?’ she asked.

She grabbed a few items of clothing and threw them in a case. Next, she opened her wardrobe and pulled out a few pairs of shoes and boots.

‘Phew, a few days worth?’ he joked.

‘Well, a girls got to be prepared.’ She replied smiling.

He saw that she had over a dozen different pairs of boots in her wardrobe ranging from her leather riding samsun escort boots to the cute black leather cowboy boots he’d seen her in a few days earlier.

‘So you like your boots then do you?’ he asked.

‘Oh yes, I love them.’ She replied ‘they’re so comfortable to wear. I’d wear them all day if I could get away with it!’ she joked, feeling a sense of warmth in her tummy.

‘I’m pretty sure there are some pairs amongst my wife’s old things if you want to help yourself to any of them. I’d rather them go to someone who will appreciate them rather than just taking them to the charity shop.’ He said.

‘Oh yeah, that would be great!’ she said smiling. ‘There, I’m all done.’ She finished.

‘Let’s go then.’ He said.

As they entered the door, Jessica felt strangely warm and tingly. Although she’d known Mr. Allen since she was about 12, she’d never really gone into his house. They climbed the stairs, with Mr. Allen pointing out where the various amenities were.

‘This is your room.’ He said, pointing to a doorway.

As they stepped in, Jessica put her bag down on the huge four poster bed. She’s never seen a bed quite so big.

‘This is for me?’ she asked as she looked around the room trying to take it all in. There were mirrored wardrobe’s and a dresser on the far wall with an opening on the far side, leading to an en-suite walk in wet room.

‘Oh yes, I’m sorry that it’s not quite ready for you just yet. As I said, I never got around to sorting the wardrobes & drawers out.’ He replied.

‘Oh Mr. Allen, don’t. It’s lovely!’ she replied, still dumbstruck in amazement at the size & comfort of the room.

‘Well, I’ll leave you to make yourself at home. My room is just down the hall next door. There is an attic, but it’s full of all sorts of old junk. I’ll ask you not to go up there please, I need to finish repairing the floor as some of the boards are cracked and rotten.’ He said.

‘Oh that’s great. Thank you so much. Also, I’d like to thank you for having me stay over while my dads away. If it wasn’t for you, god knows where I’d have ended up.’ She said as she stepped towards him and gave him a hug.

As she wrapped her arms around him, she felt his muscles in his back and shoulders ripple. She breathed in his musky scent and immediately felt that tingle in her tummy.

He responded by holding her in his arms, holding her close to him. Her young innocent scent filling his nostrils with excitement.

After what seemed like an eternity, he broke the embrace.

‘I’ll leave you to make yourself comfortable. Would you like some tea?’ he asked.

‘Yes please, that would be great.’ She replied smiling.

After nosing around her bedroom and putting her clothes in the one spare drawer in her room, Jessica made her way downstairs to find Mr. Allen in the living room.

‘Tea’s up.’ He said.

‘thanks.’ She replied, taking a set on the sofa.

‘so, is there anything else you need up there? I’ve not had a house guest for quite some time. You’ll have to forgive me if I’ve forgotten anything!’ he joked.

‘No, I’m sure I’ll be fine. I’ll bring most of my stuff over from next door to start off with. I could do with some more space in the drawers & wardrobe though but there’s no rush.’ She replied.

‘Oh that’s right, we need to sort that out don’t we. We’ll have out tea and then go clear you some space. It’s long overdue anyway.’ He replied.

After tea, they made their way up to her room. As she stood in the middle of the room, she wondered where to start.

‘Forgive me Mr. Allen, but what would you like me to do with the stuff?’ she asked.

‘Well, it’s no good to me!’ he joked. ‘Let’s have a sort through and we can make different piles for throwing out & one for charity.’

‘Ok, that sounds good.’ She replied.

As they opened the first wardrobe, Jessica was amazed to see that it was huge – almost walk in. She switched on the light to see rows and rows of dresses hanging up. Along the bottom in neat rows, were hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots in all sorts of styles and colours.

‘Wow. And I thought I had a lot of clothes!’ she said.

‘Yeah, I’m afraid Penny was a hoarder. She never threw anything out, just kept on collecting. She had a thing for charity shops and thrifting I guess.’ He sighed as he picked up a dress and lovingly brushed his hand against it.

‘Ah Mr. Allen, I completely understand! I suppose I’m the same, just not on this scale. Not for the want of trying though! There are some lovely things in here. I’m so jealous!’ Jessica replied.

‘Well as I said, if there’s anything you want help yourself. It’s no good to me.’ He said smiling.

As Jess looked through the items, something caught her eye. She bent down to pick up a pair of knee high 4 inch heeled slouch boots from the rack below.

‘I might have known you’d go for the boots!’ Mr Allen said.

‘They are gorgeous!’ she said.

‘Try them on then, give them a go.’ He replied.

As Jessica sat down on the bed, she pulled her own brown boots off and chucked them on the bed. Bending down to pick up on of the black slouch boots, she slowly eased her foot into the toe and pulled it snug around her ankle. Instantly, the shoe wrapped itself snugly around her foot & leg. She reached for the other one and did the same. Admiring the boots, she brushed up from her ankle with her hands, feeling the soft black leather.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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