Carnal Curiousities

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Carnal CuriousitiesI sat at my desk drinking the same old boring cup of coffee, wearing the same old boring clothes, doing the same old work, when I realized I was living the same old boring life. I had been single for over 6 months and hadn’t been on a date. I hadn’t had sex in over 9. I was long overdue. The problem wasn’t me, I was attractive enough I suppose. I have long black hair, hazel almost golden eyes, large firm breasts, and a round ass. The problem was, the men that asked me out didn’t seem to strick any chords with me.It seemed they were always too something. Too old, too young, too fat, too skinny, too inexperienced, or the worst-too experienced. I wanted someone I could click with in the sack, but be able to hold a regular conversation with. I also wanted some excitement. A man that would be more than willing to explore anything. I was very inexperienced. At 30, I had only been with 2 men. My sexual experiences never bordered 1xbet yeni giriş taboo. Hell, they weren’t even on the same continent as taboo. I had only been with men, though I frequently found myself attracted to women as well. I was very curious as to what lay beyond the average. As my mind wandered into the unknown I found myself thinking about this couple I had seen only in my dreams.She had chocolate brown hair long enough to cover her nipples, eyes like sapphires, a soft sensuous mouth that looked as though it always needed kissing, amazing breasts, a tight perky ass, long beautiful legs, and a lusciously tight pink little pussy. I often thought of her while rubbing my own little raspberry.I began to imagine her coming into my office, locking the door behind her, and throwing off her coat to reveal her perfectly nude body. My nipples hardened and pussy tightened at the thought of her being naked for only me. Then she sat on 1xbet giriş the edge of my desk and pulled me close, covering my mouth with hers. I almost let out a moan, wishing her lips were really on mine. Quickly, my fantasy got very hot. My mind had her pulling from me to lean back and spread her pussy, showing me how wet our kiss had gotten her. Before I could lean forward to taste her, she began slowly rubbing her fingertips over her clit, teasing herself. Seeing as how I had locked my office door before I began my daydream, I slipped my hand down my pants and began to do the same.When my fingers touched my clit, I moaned in ecstasy. I wanted her so badly my pussy was already dripping. Thinking about her rubbing herself, moaning for me, wanting to cum for me, was more than I could handle. My pussy throbbed as she slipped two fingers inside her waiting cunt and began to pound it. Her hips thrusting into the air, my name on her lips, 1xbet güvenilirmi and her sweet juices covering my desk had me pounding mine with my fingers as well. I was dying to cum, and so was she. I began furiously rubbing my clit as I thought about her sliding off the desk to rub our pussies together, our nipples grazing each other. I could feel myself getting ready to cum, the juices and explosion building. Then she thrust her tongue in my mouth and I began to spasm, knowing her tongue would feel incredible on my pussy. As I came, moaning and grinding against her, she thrust her body against mine more and more. Finally she began trembling and begging me to help her cum, that she was so close. I bent my head to one of her breasts and began sucking the perfect nipple while flicking the tip with my tongue. She came instantly, soaking my pussy more with her sweet cum. Then she left.Coming back to reality, I looked down to find my office chair completely soaked with my pussy juice. I had never had a fantasy about her at work, much less masturbated in my chair. Sighing, I realized I had to find this woman. She had to be out there somewhere and I was going to begin my search tonight.

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