Chains Pt. 03

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Jacopo needed allies. People on his side. Nothing was going to work if he didn’t have some help. His contact with people was very limited. Besides Horst, John and Andreas were two of the very few people with which he had contact.

Andreas was with him almost of the time unless there were other prisoners working around him. Andreas liked to run around and bark orders like a tiny yapping dog. The metal prod he carried around was used many times daily. Jacopo was growing tired of that prodding and wanted to put his hands around that pretty blond neck.

He had caught Andreas staring at him when he was shirtless and working his large muscles. He swore he could see the young soldier’s cock twitching under the thin cloth of his trousers as he watched him. He’d use that to his advantage, thought Jacopo.

Andreas had been ordered to take Jacopo to an old camp which had been set up in an old abandoned school. The soldiers stationed there had been moved outside of the city. There must have been some bad news about the rebels, because even Horst was worried and was always rushing about. The captain had ordered Andreas to take Jacopo to gather some supplies that had been left behind at the old camp.

“Gather it all up before those thieving peasants get to it. And while you’re there give him a really good bath and put him in some clean clothes. Burn those old ones! Clean every inch of him,” he ordered, motioning toward Jacopo.

They spent the morning loading boxes and searching around the camp for items on the captain’s list. After a quick lunch, Andreas took him to the old gymnasium changing room.

There was an alcove just beyond the gym in which stood large metal double doors which led into a spacious changing room. It had a series of benches with lockers against the farthest wall. Beyond the changing room lockers were the community showers with six shower heads on three walls. A large tiled square sat in the center of the shower room.

Andreas opened one of the double doors and gestured for Jacopo to go in. Once inside, Andreas locked the double doors as he had done in the gym. Jacopo figured it was to prevent his escape. He could just overwhelm him and take the keys, he thought, but let the boy feel officious.

There was a plastic school chair near the door. Andreas plopped down and pushed his cap back. He clipped the keys onto a ring on his bed, and sprawled his legs.

“Captain wants you really clean. Supplies in the first locker. Some clothes in there too, I think.”

Jacopo held up his cuffed hands. If he was not working, Andreas would always slap them back on him.

“Can you take these off?”

Andreas grunted and rose to his feet. He took off the cuffs and hung them on a nearby hook on the wall. Jacopo walked to the first locker and grabbed the towels and soap. He also grabbed a long-handled brush, but then threw it back in.

He bent down to place everything on a bench, and when he rose back up he caught Andreas rubbing his crotch. Jacopo pretended ignore him bursa yabancı escort as he pulled off his shirt. He stretched his arms and body, making each muscle bulge and flex. Andreas watched him intently.

“You like my muscles?”

“Shut the fuck up and do what you need to do.”

‘Okay,” Jacopo responded with a smirk and turned away.

He unbuttoned his trousers and they fell down to his boots. He wore no underwear so Andreas got a perfect view of his big round muscular ass. He bent and turned slightly to pull the baggy pants over his boots. He knew this made his ass look plump and full.

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Andreas rubbing a hand into his crotch again. The pretty boy’s lips tightened and his head fell back, as he rubbed the growing mound in his crotch. Jacopo turned toward him and Andreas’ hand dropped down to his side and he turned sideways nonchalantly.

Jacopo’s weighty cock hung straight down as it fattened up. Andreas turned his gaze back to Jacopo and was startled at the size of the big cock. His mouth dropped slightly. Jacopo moved to the bench. He pulled at the pants.

“Can you help me get these off?”

“Why didn’t you take off your boots?”

“Look at this filthy floor. I wanted to wait until I got in there,” Jacopo said, pointing to the shower.

Andreas tried not to look too eager as he got up and walked to the big man. He dropped down to his haunches and pulled at the pants. Jacopo noticed his eyes darting back and forth from the pants to the engorged cock which lay on his upper thigh as he leaned back holding the edge of the bench. Andreas finally got the trousers off and just stayed there for a second.

“It’s really big, isn’t it?” he asked the blond boy.

“I dunno. I guess.” Andreas paused, the tip of his tongue flicked over his bottom lip. “Yeah, it is pretty big,” he confessed.

Jacopo reached out and pinched the head of his cock as if to remove a stray bit of lint or hair. His hefty cock bounced at the attention, keeping Andreas’ attention.

“I’m the prisoner here. You can examine it, if you want. You’re in charge.”

Andreas started to move his hand. He looked up at Jacopo who grinned and tipped his head to one side. Andreas drew a finger across the tip of the large cock. Jacopo winked at him. Andreas pulled his hand away. The young soldier stood up and walked back to his chair.

“Do you mind if I played with it then? It’s been a very long time,” Jacopo said, then chuckled. He cupped his balls, jutting his hip out obscenely. His meaty cock lolled to one side, so engorged and fat it couldn’t lift itself up any further.

“Do whatever the fuck you wanna do.”

Jacopo grabbed some towels, the brush, and soap and proceeded into the shower room. He turned on several shower heads. The warm spray felt good and steam filled the room. He sat on the tiled square and yelled out to Andreas.

“I can’t get my fucking boots off! Can you help me?”

“For fuck’s sake,” bursa sınırsız escort snapped Andreas, as he walked into the shower room.

Jacopo had one foot on the square, the other on the floor as he leaned back unashamedly. His heavy cock was lewdly trying to stand erect, jutting up from its hairy base. He could see Andreas’ half-erection pressing against his pants in the steamy mist. Jacopo figured he had been stroking it again. The young soldier reached for a boot; but Jacopo used it to push Andreas backward, leaving a big wet mark on his shirt.

“Damn, fuck, what are you doing?” he demanded.

Jacopo sat up, and jumped to his feet.

“What the fuck are you doing…boy?” he growled.

Andreas looked stunned.

“I’ve watched you looking at my ass. You love my big man muscles. I’ve seen you. I’ve watched you leering at my big fat cock. I know it’s huge. Touch it again.”

Andreas looked at the big meat and licked his lip slightly. He looked up at Jacopo.

“Fucking touch it. You like to order people around. I bet you like to hear it too, soldier.” Jacopo stared at the young man and glared. “Touch my cock, boy.”

Andreas reached a hand out. He brushed his fingers across the bulbous head before grabbing the shaft with his hand. He awkwardly began to jerk it. He pushed another hand across the tile and cupped Jacopo’s ass. He then toyed with hair around the big man’s asshole.

“Goddamn, boy, have I got to do everything here?” he said, as he moved behind Andreas. He grabbed one arm and the back of his neck. Together, they walked over to one of the shower heads. He pushed the young soldier under the warm spray.

He pulled at the boy’s shirt, ripping it open. He reached for the boy’s nips which were already hard and squeezed them. Andreas yelped and groaned as Jacopo twisted them. His palms clapped against the wall; his fingernails tried to scratch at the tile.

Jacopo squatted down behind the soldier’s ass. He moved his face to the wet cloth covering it and reached in with his teeth, tearing at the material. His fingertips worked in the hole his teeth had started and pulled. The material was soon ripped away. Jacopo’s muscular hands then ripped the young man’s thin underwear off, exposing the fresh young ass. Warm water streamed over and down it.

The older man rubbed between the cheeks with his rough hand as the younger man moaned and pushed back. Jacopo removed his hand and spread the cheeks wide apart. He leaned in and pushed his tongue into the sweet center. Andreas cried as he got tongue-fucked by the older man.

“You like me eating that boycunt?” he asked the blond.



“Sir, yes, Sir,” he corrected himself.

“I could make this tight ass mine all the time. It’s so good and sweet.”

Jacopo spit onto the hole, then pushed it into the hole with his tongue.

‘Yes, Sir,” groaned Andreas, pushing his ass out.

Jacopo stood up and leaned in. His cock teased the boy’s görükle escort spit-filled hole.

“I know you want my cock now, boy.”

“Sir, yes, Sir! I want your cock in my mouth!”

“No, fucker, I going to jam this big fat log up your tight little hole and fill you with a real man’s seed. It’ll make you grow, boy.”

Andreas shuddered beneath the big man. He gently ground his ass backward, pushing against the big cockhead.

“If you’re good, maybe I’ll let you suck it clean,” Jacopo growled into his ear.

The huge man pushed the head of his cock forward. Andreas gurgled in the warm water of the shower. The enormous cock finally broke past the boy’s ring and forcefully sunk down deep into his hole. Jacopo grabbed the boy’s face, turning it to him and giving his boy a lecherous grin.

“Fuck that’s a tight hole, boy. It’s sucking out all my precum. You fuckin’ need this cock, don’t you? I’m going to love riding this ass, boy.”

He rammed his prick back and forth into the willing ass. Andreas whimpered and moaned as he was continuously stretched by the big dominating meat. Jacopo soon exploded into the boy.

His cock pumped furiously into the tight hole and the warm water turned his cum into a frothy cream. The suction kept pulling him back in. He finally pulled out with a pop. He turned Andreas around and forced him to his knees. Andreas’ body twitched as he jerked his own small cock lubed only with his precum and warm water.

“Clean me up, fucker,” he commanded as he pushed his deflating cock into Andreas’ mouth.

The young man greedily slurped and licked at the creamy cock. His eyes looked up at the giant man with reverence, even as the water sprayed onto his face. He grunted as he pumped his own load onto the tiled floor. He raised his hand to his mouth to lick off any cum that remained on it.

Jacopo grinned widely and released a stream of piss. The boy below rinsed his face in the warm golden fluid, as his man sighed. When he finished, he lifted the boy up and pulled off the wet rags hanging on him and pushed him under the water spray.

“Now you need to scrub me down like a prize stallion. Every inch of my body. Orders, remember?”

Andreas grabbed the soap and began to lather the big hairy man up. His hand rubbed into every muscle, the soap allowing him to glide across the brawny man.

“Will I have to be nice and not hurt you now, Sir?”

Jacopo reached out from the shower and grabbed him by the throat. He forcefully pushed the boy against the shower wall.

“Nothing has changed. I now own you, boy. If you ever want to taste that cock again, you do as I say. Understand? Nothing has changed when we go out there. Okay?” With his other hand, Jacopo reached down and grabbed the soldier’s balls. He squeezed them until the boy yelped in pain. “Answer me!”

“Yes, Sir!”

“I’ll let you know when something changes out there. Now, fucking clean my pits. They still smell,” Jacopo commanded as he shoved the boy’s mouth under his arm.”

“Yes, Sir,” came the muffled reply.

Jacopo could feel Andreas’ young cock hardening again and pressing against his thigh. I might just suck his cock, he thought.

I now have an ally around here, Jacopo thought. Not too bad, he said to himself as he swallowed his soldier boy’s cock.

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