First Encounter

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As soon as our plans for your flight were finalized, all I could think of was that day. I wanted it to be perfect. Your plane was due to arrive at 11:30, so I left the house early and rented a room at a nice hotel, close to the airport. I bought fresh flowers and set them on the table to brighten the room. Then I placed scented candles on the night stand and table by the flowers. The room had a nice stereo and CD player, so I brought some of our favorites for some background music. I put a bottle of champagne on ice in case you wanted to celebrate the occasion with a toast or pour it over my body and lick it off…

After the room was set up, I took a long hot shower in the hotel room , wanting to smell delicious and feel smooth from head to toe. Earlier that week I spent some time picking out just the right fragrance bath set, which smelled heavenly intoxicating, a combination of jasmine and ginseng. When I stepped out of the shower and dried off, I smoothed scented lotion all over my body, Then, I splashed perfume behind my neck and between full breasts.

Standing in front of the mirror, drying my hair, I remembered what he had said, about wanting to take me from behind while looking in the mirror. I could picture him there and a sudden wetness oozed between my legs. It was going to be …..mmmmm

The dress I picked out to wear fit like a glove, exposing every curve, some cleavage, and the hemline rose to mid thigh. It was “throw me down” sexy, yet very elegant. With my hair up, the package was sure to be pleasing to him. I could imagine him undoing my hair clip and slowly letting my hair down as he ran his fingers thru the soft, sweet smelling locks.

When it was time to leave for the airport, I lit the candles, turned the CD player on and headed out the door. My heart began pounding rapidly as I drove the short distance to the airport. Soon I would be face to face with the object of my desire, looking into his eyes, holding his hands and touching him all over.


As he looked out the window of the plane at the changing tapestry of color below, his thoughts turned to Bayburt Escort the airport. Two months ago, he would never have predicted he would be on his way across the country to meet a woman he had never seen in person. But he felt he knew her well in many ways, except had not had the chance to know her physically until now.. There was something about her that attracted him from the first time he saw a picture of her on-line. He loved the way she looked in all the pictures he had seen….and there had been many of those in the last two months. And he enjoyed her voice on the phone too, light and sexy. He had played the scene over and over in his mind as the plane began its final decent into Redmond Airport.


As he walked through the doors into the terminal, his eyes scanned the small crowd, searching for her. When he spotted her, she was already coming towards him. Their eyes met as he moved towards her, a very knowing look in his eyes. They were filled with anticipation and electricity as they closed the distance between them. When he took her hands in his and looked deep into her sexy eyes, they both felt a tingle going through their bodies.


I hold her hand as we exchange polite conversation and walk towards the parking lot. We drive to the hotel and I can’t wait to be as close to her as physically possible. When we arrive at the hotel, she surprizes me because she has already checked us into a room. She leads me slowly to our room and opens the door, smiling shyly. When I walk in, I can smell her scent in the air. The candles flicker and music plays softly. She has made the room her own, so that I can know that much more about her by being there.


I sit against a desk and pull her close to me. Touching her arms and hands, I move close to her face as I look at her and kiss her for the first time, kissing her neck and feeling the chemistry between us….our touch is electric. I move my mouth and hands over her body, very slow getting to know her. I lick her lips and we shyly have our tongues meet and explore each other. Bilecik Escort I move down her neck again and kiss it well. She tastes heavenly and her smell is intoxicating. Then I hug her and move my hands to her breasts and begin to pull down the top of her dress. Her body is amazing — I am filled with passion for all of her. I spend time on her erect nipples and what excites her, gently sucking and licking one side then the other. I want her hands on me and pull myself out for her. She fondles my hard cock slowly at first, then I watch her taste me and what follows can only be described as the complete melding of fantasy and reality. We explore each others bodies tenderly with hands, eyes, and mouths, wanting to know each other in every way….From behind, on top of her in bed, from behind her in front of the mirror, having her sit on top of me in a chair as we look at each other…The intensity tightens every fiber and fills our minds with instinctual primal energy and release. Neither of us have ever had a time such as this, mostly moving in silence, our eyes always connecting, our bodies always touching — that turns into passionate sounds soulfeeding to them both. Kissing softly we continue feeding on the passion that burns inside each of us. The things that can be expressed without words – with looks and touching…mmm.


Passion and intensity continue on thru the night, with no desire for sleep, only each other. The day has been unbelievable, with countless orgasms between us, and still the desire for more. We move to the shower and step into the steamy spray together. I kiss him playfully and smile in that certain way. He is beginning to know what that smile means. I want more of him. He caresses my breasts as the water flows over my head and down my body. He moves close to me, so that our bodies are pressed against each other as close as we can be yet still be apart. I feel every inch of him touching me. His slippery fingers slide from my shoulder, slowly down my arm, to my waist, pausing to kiss me again, arousing my desire to greater heights. I turn to face him, smiling Bingöl Escort shyly, pouring myself into his warm eyes. I take his hands in mind, bringing them to my lips, gently kissing the backs of his soft fingers. He looks deep into my eyes and slowly moves his hands along my hips and between my legs. He fingers my dripping wet pussy and explores every part of me with his hands. I turn off the water and we step out of the shower, still dripping wet. He puts me on the counter and goes down on me with delicate kisses and his tongue moving me to new levels of ecstasy. I need to have him again and moan for him to slide inside of me. I wrap my legs around his waist and he moves in and out, slowly, each stroke building on the last, intent on her alone yet in control, not wanting to climax too soon. He is a master of pleasing her, and every desire she has will be met. With no concept of time, they move from the bathroom to the chair, eventually back to the bed, always holding hands as they move, never disconnecting from each other’s touch. This evening climax is the best so far, with sounds of ecstasy and orgasm filling the room once again. Temporarily satisfied, they lay beside each other on the bed, eyes locked together, fingers entwined. They speak for the first time in hours, having no need of conversation during their love making, except to utter sounds of approval and satisfaction.


Laying beside me on the bed, he tells me how amazing it is to be with me and I respond in kind. We talk about everything and anything, holding nothing back. It’s well into the night before I drift off to sleep, unaware that he is silently watching me. My breathing changes rhythm as I fall into a deeper sleep and he smiles at my blissful face, before drifting off to sleep himself.


He wakes up to the smell of coffee and her scent on the sheets. She has been sitting in the sun, watching him sleep, recalling the passionate time they had the day and night before. Or was it just a dream? It seems too good to be true that he’s here with her. That they fulfilled the longings they had for each other and were not disappointed, now sure of the passionate chemistry between them. He smiles and says “Good morning beautiful”, which makes her eyes light up and she smiles at him in that certain way. She holds his gaze in hers and slowly moves back towards the bed…

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