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Female Ejaculation

The four college gals sauntered up the hill toward the parking area. Amy was the Japanese shortie in a cute mini dress with Converse sneakers. Bianca was the obese tagalong with a giant dress to cover her figure as much as possible. Celicia was the Latina in a peasant dress with floral prints and ballet type slippers. Daniela was the white average girl next door in a cute outfit with a rebel print on her t-shirt.

The parking area was a concrete square with a pointed glass roof suspended by metal beams. A thick and squarely trimmed hedge surrounded the parking area. The place itself was filled with mostly naked men lying stiff on their back in a scattershot fashion. The men of all ages lied on their backs. The arms at their sides and the eyes were closed. All sported raging erections.

There were neat white lines on the ground marking where the men should have been placed. However every morning, the students left their men wherever they had stood, when chatting with their girl friends. By the clusters of men one could tell the friendships. And, of course latecomers left their men wherever they could find a free spot.

Daniela carefully stepped her high heels into the free spots next to the bodies on the ground. There was a spot next to a bicep. Here, she had to straddle a torso. Her eyes glanced over the naked and muscular limbs. A lot of students had left stickers on their men. Surfing stickers seemed to be the hot ticket this week: tribal wave paintings, surfboard silhouettes, and colorful bikinis. One gal had dressed her men in tight black leather pants with the crotch area cut out around the balls and erection.

She stepped over another man and his erection. Her white platform high heels pushed against the erection by accident. The firm erection swung back into place promptly. A small mark of street dirt grime was left on the penis. Daniela squatted down with her butt over another man’s face, who was stoic without movement beneath the tent of her skirt. She wet her thumb in her mouth and rubbed the dirt spot of the penis.

Finally, she reached her man. It was a 6 feet 5 inches tall muscular black Rastafari Jamaican with dreadlocks. His erect penis stood at 11 inches. She had dressed him with a black cowboy hat and white cowboy boots. The cowboy boots were pointy and had a Western themed etching on the side. She had named him ‘Colonel.’ Amy bitterly disagreed with naming men. They were mere objects with a function to get from point A to point B. Amy pointed out that nobody named a pair of shoes either.

Daniela straddled Colonel at the hip with her skirt opening floating above his erection. Then, she gently tapped him at the side. Colonel’s eyes opened. His head tilted toward Daniela. He rumbled a few times like a puttering engine. He slowly hovered into the air like a magic carpet. She aimed his penis to penetrate her vagina. And, then her feet were lifted off the ground. They were both flying five feet above the ground.

You could view the scene as a witch riding a broomstick or a magician riding a magic carpet. Or, you could face up to the fact that riding naked floating men was its own category.

Getting the vagina impaled by the man-motorcycles was one of the odd moments in public life that mixed sensuous pleasure and stiff formality. It was like peeing in a public bathroom. The anticipation of the trickle and the shuddering release was often so pleasurable. It sometimes drove tears to the eyes to make everything glassy. Yet, squatting next to a friend on a toilet seat required a stoic demeanor and rapt focus on the tidbits about the latest sitcom.

Similar, getting impaled in public by a man’s penis always had an erotic pleasure about it. The pleasure sent tingling sensations through the body. Yet, everyone pretended that it was an ordinary mechanic act like pushing a door handle down.

Amy’s ride was a short Japanese lad with a layered, stylish haircut. His built was averagely trained. Amy dressed her ride with Hello Kitty Speedos. She did not like the idea of a bird landing on his penis or a class mate touching the penis, while she was in class. She pulled down the speedoes with the happy pink kitten to below his butt. The erect penis jumped out.

Amy snapped her ride sharply with a finger. Her man whined for a moment and bounced energetically up into the air. While he hovered backside down three feet in the air, she climbed onto him like a horse, throwing her leg over him. Seated, she put her feet on his chest. She wrapped her arms around her knees. Her body had to lean forward and her head tilt back. Someone standing in front of her could have lurked beneath her skirt to find her thighs pressed together. With swift and sharp turns, she shot out onto the street.

“Awe, somebody bumped my baby!” muttered Amy to herself. There was a blue bruise at his forehead from a careless student bumping into her ride during parking. She applied skin colored makeup to cover it up.

Bianca caught up to Daniela and Amy, who puttered Bostancı Escort down the street side by side. Bianca was riding the most beautiful stud of the group. He was a white guy, blond hair, and large jaw, the perfect Southern farmer. The contrast was almost grotesque to her heavy body. Her face was swollen from fat to leave her small eyes as gaping holes and her mouth as a despicable orifice.

Bianca had placed her feet in his arm pits. She had raised his knees, so that she could rest her back against his knees. She rode her stud like an Easy Rider.

Celicia was the last to line up next to them. She always smacked her ride on the belly in annoyance. Her mother had handed down her old ride. It was a guy that looked like Danny Devito. She had to sit behind a round ball like belly. Her ride was uncomfortably short. The black hair looked frazzled and nasty.

Her mother had also left a tattoo on the ride. Tattooed on the forehead was ‘Lover Boy’ and on the chest was a big red heart on a bed of flowers.

A decade ago, feminists had recycled all men into motorcycles. Scientist had discovered a drug that subdued cognitive function in males. The cognitive function was repurposed to make them hover in the air like a magic carpet ride. Feminists had promptly injected the entire male population.

The action had served two purposes. First, it got rid of males, who always snatched away the better jobs and promotions. Second, it solved global warming, because the flying men made cars, airplanes, and other carbon coughing transportation obsolete.

Sitting down on the penis had two functions. First, the penis was a plug into her like a plug into the matrix. With practice teenage girls learned to extend their mental control beyond their bodies to control the men. Second, the penis acted as a restraint like a seat belt. During an accident, the penis would grab onto their pussies and keep them from being thrown off. Thus, many lives were saved every year.

“Oooh, I hate that ride so much. How could my parents do this to me?” protested Celicia.

“You are not alone, Celicia. My Japanese parents had to give me this little spunky Japanese made rice cooker. They never asked me. His dick is so short that I keep slipping off,” complained Amy with the cutest facial expressions.

“Amy, why don’t you ride the Colonel for a bit? I’d love to ride your crotch rocket. It’s the fastest thing on the market,” suggested Daniela.

“Oh, really, that would be so sweet,” cheered Amy.

The four of them were floating in side by side formation down a rural road toward their home village. Grass, cows, and trees moved past them. They were cruising at a leisurely pace of about 25 mph. Because they took up so much space, they made passing women swerve around them.

Amy and Daniela both took off their shoes to be barefoot. They stood up on their rides and balanced standing on them like on a surf board. Carefully, the two men moved next to each other touching at the arm. Amy stepped over onto Colonel. Her pasty white Japanese feet were a stark contrast to the dark brown muscular body of the Colonel. Amy stood on his chest. Her feet were about the size of his pecs. Their size difference was like that of two different species.

“Wow, your ride is like a giant long board,” exclaimed Amy.

Amy walked to the shoulders and placed her toes over the edge, “Woohoo, I am hanging ten!” Then she stood with her knees bent low sideways and stretched her arms out like a surfer taking on a monster swell. All the while, Daniela was comfortably standing on the Colonel’s meaty thighs. Yep, the Colonel was that huge.

“Gals, get back on the penis. It is dangerous to ride without a penis inside. Imagine what would happen, if you got into an accident now,” quipped Bianca.

Amy tilted her head back and snorted with her nose like a pig to display her displeasure at the comment. Amy and Daniela traded their positions. They had to carefully hold onto each other’s shoulders as they passed, because even the Colonel was huge, the skin was slippery. Beneath the skin is a tissue layer that lets the skin glide around.

With Daniela on the rice cooker, Amy got ready to straddle the 11 inch cock of the Colonel. She noticed the white ribbons of Daniela’s pussy juice left on the black cock. Amy did not like the nastiness of it. She wanted to wipe it down. Even more, she wanted to avoid her friend feeling uncomfortable. So without cleaning, she squatted down on the penis all the way.

“Oh, my gosh, the Colonol stretches my Jap coochie to the max. Hehe,” exclaimed Amy.

Amy had placed her feet near her butt on the sides of the Colonel’s belly. Her knees were sharply bent and touching. That way, her feet were wider than her knees. Her hands reached forward onto his chest. Her posture vaguely looked like a jockey on a race horse. She always sat up on seating surfaces instead of sitting properly. Her compact frame allowed her to treat surfaces like giant play areas.

Amy’s Ümraniye Escort black hair was smooth and long. Her Japanese looking eyes made her look exotic. Her nose was a bit stubby and made her look pushy. Her breasts were small, yet her nipples clearly showed through the fabric. Her legs were not muscular, yet model like slender. Her toes were painted with a cute tri-color flower motif.

The first thing Amy noticed abruptly was that the Colonel was very unresponsive and had a giant turning radius. It was kind of like steering a supertanker through a narrow channel. The second thing she noticed was the Colonels rumbling and puttering. Like the large engine of an old American muscle car, the Colonel vibrated roughly. Amy’s butt was bouncing a quarter inch up and down.

She felt a bit like holding onto a jackhammer. “Wow,” exclaimed her lips. Upon hearing the quivering in her voice from the vibration, she called out a long “Wo-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-hu-oo” until her lungs were empty. She laughed at the funny sound of her voice. Daniela only shook her head. “This is so cool,” laughed Amy.

Amy steered the Colonel onto a dirt road that paralleled the main road. The intention of the dirt road was to let slow moving farm equipment crawl along. On the right turn, she almost overshot the road to the left. On the left turn onto the dirt road, she almost drove the lumbering Colonel into the field. She leaned her whole body into the inside of the turn, yet the Colonel barely turned.

Once on the dirt road, the Colonel really started shaking. The uneven bumps, holes, and drainage ditches on the surface made the hovering unstable. Her tiny Japanese body bounced up and down the Colonels shaft. Big glee was written all over her face. The rest of the posse followed drudgingly.

A short while down the road, there was a giant boulder exposed. The round bolder head stuck out of the dirt. Amy panicked, because the Colonel would barely budge at her efforts to steer around the boulder. And, then the Colonel hit the Boulder. It was a mighty moment, when his body flew up and fell down. Amy’s light weight was thrown five inches up the cock.

After she calmed down from the shock of a near crash, she laughed it off. She started going after rocks on the dirt road now. The daredevil Amy was driven to find out how far up the cock she could bounce herself. Once, she got up ten of the eleven inches before gravity pushed her down again. She squealed high pitched noises as only Japanese girls can.

“Hey, don’t break the Colonel!” demanded Daniela, “If you are going to have fun with my ride, I’ll take your crotch rocket for a spin.”

Daniela had been frustrated to keep the short Japanese lad beneath her stable. The Japanese lad kept slipping and sliding at the slightest uneven bump on the dirt road. Half dozen times, he had almost flipped over completely. And, the penis was in deed short with five inches and skinny. It was a trick to remain on the penis.

Leaving, the three behind, Daniela took the next intersection to pull back onto the paved road. She put the back of her feet onto his thighs, so that her knees hung down. She moved his arms, so that she could rest her boobs against his hands. She held onto his shoulders. Thus, leaning forward, she was ready for racing. The position had been outlined in girlie magazines.

The crotch rocket had only a slight, rapid shivering to it. It barely stimulated her vagina, yet it pushed her erotic buttons.

With another deep breath, she fully engaged the crotch rocket. The man under her grunted and then accelerated like mad. Without the penis to keep her in place, she would have been blown off. She could feel the g-forces on her body pulling her back. She was at the mercy of the penis holding her. The short penis perfectly pushed against her g-spot. Oh, so delicious. These Japanese manufacturers are perfectionists.

Steadying at a 110 mph, the back of her skirt was fluttering in the drag wind. Her butt was exposed. As there were no more living men on the planet, she did not have to worry about catcalls and other social discomforts. That was one of the liberations of getting rid of men. One could flaunt more sexuality. The drag wind sounded violent as it swooshed around her ears.

She lowered her body onto his chest. And her arms reached onto his shoulders from behind. She squeezed her pussy muscle as hard as she could to experience the maximum speed of this young lad. With the same ease that the Colonel accelerated to 10 mph, zoomed the young lad to 150 mph.

Oncoming traffic required her to tightly press her body against the young lad. Her feet wrapped around him. She zinged a few lefts and rights. The young lad leaned into the course corrections with eagerness.

Then, she stopped the young lad. The braking force was so large that the anti-accident device activated and plugged her vagina to keep her from falling over the young lad’s head. She turned around to find her friends again.

With Anadolu Yakası Escort everyone back in the side by side formation and on their own motorbikes, they passed the little hamlet Wallumbilla. Wallumbilla was the half way point to their home village. They took their shoes off to enjoy the gentle warm air of the Australian half desert. The irrigated farm lands were behind them. The desert opened its expanses in front of them.

Bianca placed her foot on her stud’s cheek bone. Then, she pulled down the skin beneath his eyes to expose the inside skin of his lower eyelid. It was a red mesh of tiny arteries. Everyone laughed spontaneously at the grotesque face. Then, her fat, stubby feet pushed his cheeks together to make a talking fish mouth out of his lips. Finally, she rubbed her big toe on his teeth to pull away the lips in odd ways.

Everyone started playing with their feet on their ride’s face. Amy made the neatest faces. Her background in origami really paid off. Celicia got frustrated, because her Danny DeVito lookalike looked just as ugly as before, no matter how much she distorted his face with her light brown feet.

“I have had it with the ugly ass ride. I will put an end to it,” she voiced her annoyance with unusually intense gusto. The other three friends looked at each other. The next moment, she rammed her Danny DeVito lookalike into the sole tree in the red sand desert. The head popped clear off. There was no way to fix the ride.

Celicia jumped onto the Colonel. There would have been more than enough space for all the girls to ride on the colonel, the tall black Jamaican Rasta man.

“What are you going to do now?”

“Well, I will buy myself a real ride. I have 500 dollars saved up. And, my mother will just have to accept that the old ride is broken and gone.”

“For 500 dollars, you can only get a used ride. I can check Craigslist on my iPhone.”

“Yuck, I don’t like the idea of a used ride. Imagine ten women before you test riding the motorcycle. That penis must be so yuckie.”

“Oh, have you heard about the news? A woman test rode 500 motorbikes without taking a single shower. She was a sicko that got off on the idea of connecting all those women through her pussy juices. Ugh”

“So, your only option is to catch a wild one. Any of the consumer retailers will charge you 10,000 dollars and more.”

“Oh, let’s please go to the wild mustang farm. A friend of mine went there. It is so much fun to pick and catch a wild man.”

“Okay, let’s go,” concluded Celicia.

On their way, Daniela felt the penis pulsing in her vagina. That was a bad omen. It meant that she had forgotten to bring the Colonel to maintenance in time to drain his cojones. Ten seconds later, she felt the spurts of semen inside of her pussy. “Damn, it’ll keep going like that every ten minutes now,” were her silent thoughts. It was so embarrassing getting off the Colonel after her pussy had been soaked and filled with five ejaculations. The whole stuff would just ooze down her legs. There was no discreet way to wipe down her pussy with a handful of tissues.

The ranch had a cheesy sign of a wild bucking mustang and a centaur. The big letters spelled out ‘Wild Mustang Ranch’ in blue. Everything was done in the cliché of a horse ranch. Even the clerk was a woman wearing a cowboy hat and talked with a fake Texan accent.

“Howdy, young ladies! What can I do you for?” The 50 year old clerk snapped her fingers at the joke and added a few wrinkles to her face for a grin.

“We are looking for a new ride,” explained Daniela.

“Oh, I want one with blue eyes!” said an exuberant Celicia.

“Young lady, you are in luck. All the rides are $500. And getting the one that you like is only a matter of your determination to search long enough and the skill to catch it.”

After paying the fee upfront, the clerk let them ride through the gate into the wide open enclosure. Soft hills and low desert bushes filled the ranch that was one square mile wide. About a hundred men were hiding on the wasteland. Their rides started running awfully rough. It was the subconscious of the men struggling against the suppression drug. Even in a coma, the men could smell the upcoming hunt and struggle for freedom of a fellow man.

Everyone wrapped their legs extra tight around the naked male bodies beneath them. The first time that they saw a free man, they were startled. Just like the women, the men was standing up, moving arms, legs, and turning the head. It was so strange to think of men as living and feeling sentient beings. The man was hiding behind a bush and quickly ran away.

At first, it seemed like they had been duped, because they could barely catch the glimpse of a man. Though, after seeing just a few bodies, they noticed how the bodies of the men blended with the rough land. They realized just how the men used bushes and hills to hide. After that they realized how to spot the hiding men. There were dozens of men right around them. The wasteland had been well stocked with men.

Bianca loved swinging the rough rope of her lasso at the butts of the men. The men would jump into the air and scurry away in fear. Celicia chastised Bianca that unnecessarily exhausting the men lowered their retail value.

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