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Following from “Serving two couples”

Sheng had a plan. All of them would have to go back to China, including Alessio. The way they were treating Alessio had given Sheng a commercial idea. His clubs in China, he wanted to convert them into fetish clubs. He was sure a lot of the new riches in Shanghai would pay to have a slave, not to mention a European slave. There was something he wanted to try though. He needed a test.

He shared his plan with Long and the girls. The first step was a farewell party in London. They would use the restaurant as it was about to shut down anyway. They didn´t tell anything to Alessio and kept using him as normal. Fangmei and FeiFei had lost any respect for the boy and deliberately humiliated him for the sake of it.

One day a delivery man brought a pack for Alessio, it was from his family they sent him a new laptop, a tablet, a watch, as well as clothes and food. Seeing the package FeiFei and Fangmei took it from its hands opened it and FeiFei told Alessio to take a good look at what they would do. They entered the box and started stomping around with their feet. They started jumping even until they heard the laptop and tablet screens crack and the food crushing under their bare feet. When they came out of the box the laptop and tablet were broken and most of the food was crushed, but still the watch and clothes seemed in good condition.

FeiFei took off her clothes, bended on the box and she started pissing inside of it. She made sure to spray everything with her pee, now if there was a remote chance the laptop or tablet would still be up for repair that was gone. When she finished Fangmei did the same, she pissed right into the box, and after that she felt she needed to take a dump, so she started pushing. Alessio watched in horror as Fangmei pushed out a huge turd inside the box, then again and again. When she was done she spat inside the box and left. FeiFei watched him and told him to enjoy his presents, then she also left.

Sheng and Long had been working at their idea at the restaurant. They shut down the activity and planned the best way to have this party. They decided Alessio was to be the ladies toilet for the night. They dug a hole in the floor, made one big Plexiglas tank of about 300 litres capacity, created a transparent floor to cover it and a toilet seat to put on top. Now they just had to put Alessio inside the tank and secure everything so that he couldn´t exit.

They then started to promote the party. They used QQ to be sure to reach all the Chinese community in UK and then Facebook and twitter as well as Craiglist to reach out anyone who would be interested in participating in a fetish night. They set the ticket at 25 british pounds for ladies, 60 for couples, while single men couldn´t join. The ticket included free drinks as they had still a lot of spirits, beers and wines from the Restaurant store.

When the night arrived they finally shared the news with Alessio, they told him they would need his help at the restaurant and to bring a change of clothes with him. The 5 of them headed for the restaurant.

It was 6 PM so they still had time. At the restaurant they tied Alessio’s hands and feet with a rope and lied him down the Plexiglas tank, they then placed the transparent surface over it, closing Alessio inside. Right over his face there was a hole in the surface, where they dovetailed the toilet seat they created.

All of the material was transparent, so anyone could see below and look at Alessio tied down inside the tank. The tank was inside what once was the ladies toilet so it was now the only available one. The two couples took turn having sex over the toilet seat. Then the four of them showered Alessio with their piss and left.

At 8 PM people started getting in, the party was a success. 300 people bought the tickets, about 80 of them belonging to the Chinese community and the others from all over UK. The four of them would serve at the bar, while the customers would Escort Ankara be enjoying themselves. The rule was that everyone was to be naked and any activity was welcome. Gents toilet was a normal one, while women had to use the special toilet.

Alessio was tied down in the toilet, he couldn’t move properly. He could see the hole right above him and imagine what would happen shortly. He was already covered in piss as Fangmei, FeiFei, Sheng and Long had pissed on him already. In the closed space the smell was very strong, he could smell the typical public toilet stale piss smell already. Time passed slow, his heart was beating fast, anticipating what would happen in a while, but so far no one had came in to use the toilet.

After what seemed an eternity the first girl came in. She was a short slim brunette, she stepped on the transparent floor, looked down and jumped back. She wasn´t expecting to see a person tied down under her feet. Alessio watched her, from where he was he could see her bare feet stepping on the Plexiglas floor above him, it was like being trampled but he didn´t have to undertake her weight. She looked at him again, then just sat down and peed. Alessio saw the hole above his head occupied by her ass and pussy, she was shaven clean. Then he saw the piss spraying all over him. She finished, pissing then got up and left.

After a while a very good looking red haired girl was standing on the Plexiglas floor over him. She was tall, curvy and had a sweet face with big blue eyes. He admired her nice feet. She didn´t seem to be shocked to see him below her. She just sat on the toilet. He could noticed her pubic hair were also red, he always wondered. She also pissed, her pee lasted more than the previous girl’s. She then just got up and left.

Two girls entered together, they were both blondes with blue eyes, and spoke a language he couldn´t understand. He figured they were from a Nordic country, Denmark or Sweden? Norway? Finland? Holland? No idea, anyway they took turn pissing on him, while watching down and speaking in their language. They laughed as they sprayed their piss all over him. Then they just left.

A Chinese woman entered the room. She was older than FeiFei and Fangmei, possibly in her forties. She looked at Alessio for a while then spat in his face from the hole. She then sat down and pissed on his face. She was looking down at him all the time, watching at his face while she directed her stream on his face, mouth and shirt.

He was left alone for a while, he was totally wet now. His clothes were drying up on him getting cold and the piss smell was so strong. His cock was rock hard though, he loved being used that way.

A black couple entered the room, they were both tall, over 6 feet the guy, at least 5ft 11 the girl, both in perfect shape, he was muscular, she was toned, they had dark chocolate complexion. The girl had long straight hair, she looked beautiful. The Plexiglas floor started bending under their weight. Alessio screamed to them to get off as this was ladies toilet only.

They looked down at him and laughed, the girl spat on his face then sat down on the seat. She opened her legs as her partner shook his cock to get it hard. Alessio could see everything from where he was, this guy had a huge cock, it was at least 9 inches, if not more, definitely the biggest he had ever seen in his life.

He penetrated her right on the toilet seat. Alessio could see that huge cock splitting her pussy lips. He had never seen a black girl’s pussy, let alone a black cock. He was hard as he watched them having sex a few inches above his face without being able to do anything but watch. The girl screamed and a squirt of fluid came out of her pussy landing on Alessio’s face and shirt. She was clearly cuming, it wasn´t too much before her man started grunting.

All Alessio could see was his balls tightening and his huge cock pulsating inside that pussy. After a few second a huge amount of Ankara Escort Bayan thick white cum dripped down her swollen pussy and landed on Alessio’s face. He opened his mouth trying to catch it. The man pulled out and Alessio found his cock hanging down at no more than one inch from his face. Then he whispered something to the girl and after a second they were both pissing on his face simultaneously.

Alessio was not expecting it so he coughed and almost drowned himself as the two huge streams hit his face. They pissed for about a minute without stop, Alessio couldn´t breathe and was terrified. When they finally finished the girl looked down spat on his face again and said thank you before they left.

An Indian or Pakistani girl entered right after, she sat down and played with herself for a while. He thought she was masturbating, until he saw her taking a red tampon out of her pussy. She threw it inside the tank and took a good pee right on his face, then farted twice. He was expecting her to leave but she just stayed there, the blood started dripping on Alessio’s face. She told him to open his mouth as she tried to make her menstrual blood drop inside it. After she was tired of it and his face was red she got up and left.

Two girls entered together again. He thought they were Chinese but heard them speaking another language, one called the other Saki-chan. They were clearly Japanese, he did watch anime once in a while and although he didn´t understand Japanese he could recognize the sound of it. The first one started pissing on him, paying attention to hit his face and pee in his mouth. The other was talking to her. When the first finished, the second one sat down and did the same. Then she said something and the second girl left.

She started farting, and then he saw her anus puckering, he screamed no please, but was replied to shut up. Her shit came out spraying, she had a violent diarrhoea attack and he could do nothing but watch it land on his face. The smell was awful and he was trying hard not to vomit. She kept shitting all over him; her shit was spraying everywhere as she grunted in satisfaction. After a while she got up, said sorry and left.

A brunette girl entered the room right after “peeeeew!!” the smell hit her as soon as she was in. She looked down at him and said something in Spanish, then she got closer and sat down to piss while keeping a hand on her mouth. She got up and bended over the toilet where she started puking. She had a couple of drinks and the smell of diarrhoea had done the rest. She looked at his shit covered face while she covered it in vomit. She too said sorry before leaving.

Two Asian women came in, they didn´t look Chinese and talked in yet another language, they probably were Korean or Vietnamese. They looked down and put their hands in front of their mouths, they pissed on him trying not to touch the toilet seat. They kept speaking, he didn`t know what they said but he guessed they were talking about him.

Several more girls came in during the night. Their piss showered his face freeing it from the shit and vomit it was covered in. A lot of Chinese girls, then other Asian girls, mainly Indians, white and black girls took turn in pissing and in some case shitting or vomiting on his face. The free drinks were having effect as they pissed more and their pee smelled and tasted like alcohol. The tank started filling up and the smell became intoxicating.

An Indian woman entered next, she was clearly pregnant, at least in her 7th month. She heavily sat down and prepared to piss. Alessio wondered why a pregnant woman would attend such a party but got ready for what he expected to be a heavy rain. He was right, she started pissing and the stream was extremely powerful. It hit Alessio’s face and shirt, taking away some of the residuals of shit and vomit from before. However she started grunting afterwards and a huge turd came out of her anus landing right on Alessio’s face. She Ankara Escort then slowly got up and left. Alessio was left yet again deep down in shit. He wondered how all the girls could just walk out naked without wiping themselves clean.

A blonde girl took her place afterwards, she was clearly wasted. She entered the bathroom and wondered around for a while before sitting down. Alessio felt something dripping on his forehead and looked up. He saw a white sticky fluid coming out of her pussy, she clearly just had sex with someone and she didn’t use a condom either. He just thought of how many people had just used him as a disposal for their body fluids and hoped not to catch any disease. The girl on top started pissing, a huge stream of piss hit Alessio in the mouth before going everywhere, it tasted like Rum but it was still better than the shit and vomit. The girl stayed there for a while then got up and puked on his face right away. She spat on him a couple of times then left.

A curvy ebony girl entered next. She sat down and pissed right on his face, then she started pushing and soon she was shitting on his face too. She went on for a while alternating piss and shit until she was done. Then she just got up and left.

Two girls entered together again. They were two cute girls, one brunette one blonde with blue eyes. Alessio heard them talking and he froze. They called each other Fede and Deby, short for Federica and Debora, two Italian names. They were Italian, what a shame. He didn´t really know them but the fact that they spoke his native language made him feel ashamed. Almost as if they were relatives or friends. He heard them speaking about taking a shit on his face, while Federica, the blonde one sat down and started pissing on his face. They made jokes in Italian about what a loser he was then she started pushing out a stool on his face. She just kept laughing while telling her friend how she was actually doing it. He was shocked to hear how light-hearted they were at using a person as a toilet. She got up spat on his face and told him to eat her shit. Her friend took her place right after and did the same while they kept laughing and joking. When they left Alessio felt humiliated as he never had before.

A mature blonde woman was next, she entered and bended over the toilet. Vomited on his face then sat down and took a piss. She was out in a minute fortunately. However the level of the human sewage was increasing and now Alessio was almost entirely immersed in it, with just his face out of it. The smell was awfully strong and girls were finding it difficult to resist too (what about him?).

Chinese girls and women were quite frequent too. It looked like Sheng and Long did manage to spread the voice among the community. Lots of Chinese girls entered the toilet. They sat down and pissed, shitted and puked on Alessio.

White, Indian and black girls followed until he felt the disgusting liquid at the corners of his mouth, he had to get out of there. He started screaming for help and was relieved when a black girl entered the room. She was drunk though and just puked right on his face, then left.

The next girl, a good looking brunette sat and took a piss complaining about the smell. This was actually the last straw. He couldn´t breathe anymore. He felt the disgusting liquid entering his mouth and nose. He couldn´t move nor do anything. He panicked as he desperately tried to reach for air. Was he really going to die drowned in human sewage?

He almost fainted when he felt someone grabbing him and pulling him out. He opened his eyes to see Long and Sheng wearing gloves as they had opened the tank and pulled him out. Long said something about not letting their golden goose die. They cut the ropes on his hand with a knife and left him there saying to go wash up and change as the night was over.

He stayed there for a while. He was covered in that mix of urine, faeces, vomit, blood and cum. His hair, his clothes, his shoes, everything was completely drenched in this disgusting liquid. The smell was something horrible. He was sick and threw up three times as he got up on his feet. He slowly moved towards the shower. Was it really this the type of life that waited for him in China?

To be continued…

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