Her First Visit Pt. 01

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After walking around with the address in her hand, she finally arrives in front of a house, which she vaguely remember from the pictures she saw. Looking around for passersby, she manages to catch the attention of a man, who was walking towards her from the opposite direction. Flashing her sweet smile, she waves at him, beckoning him over. After letting a car pass, he crosses the street and walks up to her.

“Hello sir, I would like to know if this is the right house for this address?”

She asks while showing him the piece of paper, the same piece that she has been holding on for her life, ever since she wrote the address down on it.

The man smiles at her before looking at the piece of paper. He looks back at the house and nods at her:

“Yes, that is the right house.”

Her face lights up, smiling happily, she burst out:

“Oh yes, thank you, sir”

and in her enthusiasm kisses him on the cheek. A bit flustered, mumbling:

“My pleasure”

the man continues the way he was going. She looks at her watch.

“Hmm, I’m a bit early,”

she says to herself. Nevertheless she tries her luck and rings the doorbell, hoping he might be home already. But it turns out he is not. She tries looking through the window, but the house remains silent.

Claire, that’s her name, picks up her luggage, puts it down by the gate and sits on it. She was going to surprise him, the man of her fantasy, the man that she had been talking too all these months, but hasn’t been able to meet, him living on the opposite side of the globe. But now she is going to meet this man, the man that she spend day in day out fantasizing about, the man she wished to meet one day.

With the sun shining on her head she starts to sweat. She is thankful that she is prepared for this weather. Her sleeveless tank top with a pair of shorts that could gives her as much air as possible for her body. But still, the heat is getting to her.

“Maybe I should have called?”

she contemplates

“but that would have ruined the surprise.”

They hadn’t been talking for a while, she being busy with her business trip and organising it.

“Will he welcome me?”

While she thinks this, she works intensely on her phone, like a second nature, organising her work.

“Ahem, can I help you?”

A deep familiar voice takes her from her pondering. With a shock she looks up, almost letting her phone slip on the floor, and a bright happy smiles flashes across her face as she recognises Jim.


She screams, jumping up hurriedly to greet him throwing her arms around his neck.

Jim, a man in his forties, freshly trimmed scalp and face, steps clumsily from his bicycle, wearing long jeans and one of his shirts, apparently sweating too from the ride in this weather.

Startled by her reaction, he places his hands on her face and takes a good look at her.


He asks tentatively. And before she can nod, he realises it is her, the angel who has been in his dreams every day for the past months.

“Claire, oh my god, it is you.”

And he tightly wraps his arms around her lifting her up in the air with a swirl.

“Oh wow, I can’t believe it’s really you, it is really you.”

He holds her tight, squeezing her to his chest.

“It’s so amazing to finally see and feel you for real.”

He finally puts her back on her feet. She shuffles a bit shyly with her feet and smiles her little angelic smile at him.

“Yes, it’s me, your little Claire.”

He takes a moment to get back to himself and smiles happily at her, brushes over her cheek as if he still can’t believe it. She breaks the silence.

“I know this is a big surprise and you may have many questions, but can you please invite me in? I don’t want to be rude but the heat is slowly killing me.”

Chuckling, Jim looks at her apologetically.

“Ah yes, of course, we should get out of this heat. I’m sorry to keep you out here,”

he says as gaziantep escortları he unlocks the gate, pushing his bike through. He looks back, sees how she pulls her luggage along.

” Leave it, sweetheart, I will get that for you in a second.”

Jeremy quickly puts his bike away, and hurries back to the front door, where Claire waits patiently. Her eyes adoringly follow every one of his movements. He grabs her bag and unlocks the door.

“Welcome to my home, baby, here, this is the living room, make yourself at home,”

Jim tells her as they both step in the house.

“Would you like something to drink?”

Settling down on the couch, Claire nods as she looked around, amazed with the beautiful place.

“Yes, please, something refreshing.”

she answers, adding

“I can’t believe you live here all by yourself, this house is so big and beautiful.”

He comes back from the kitchen offering her a glass of cool water. She accepts it gratefully and gulps it down in seconds. He smiles at her.

“But I do, and I love this house. Come, let me show you around.”

He takes her hand and helps her up from the couch, she jumps up lightly though and pulls him along.

“Oh show me your garden first!”

she squeals at him happily, looking up at him with sudden flushed cheeks and biting her lip. Remembering one of their recent hot fantasies they shared, he feels his cheeks flush as well and smiles down at his little baby girl, knowing she is thinking the same thing.

“Come this way,”

He says, showing her to the back door. Opening it he guides her out, following her in his little back garden.

“That’s the tree, you might remember.”

he explains, smiling shyly.

“Hmmm, just as I imagined it.”

She leans against him as she looks around dreamily. Her hand softly almost accidentally brushes over the bulge that appeared in his jeans, before resting on his belly. He looks down in her eyes, knowing what he just felt, but hesitating.

“Did she do that on purpose? What am I doing? Here is the girl who fulfills my every fantasy and I’m pointing at my tree.”

Again she breaks the silence.

“Now show me your bedroom!”

Claire says excitedly, again one step ahead of him, eager to see the place they often shared their fantasy together in. Taking her hand again, feeling her squeeze happily, Jim nods and leads her back into the house, up the stairs into his bedroom.

As Claire walks in, she looks around his bedroom, with the large bed at the far wall, nicely made up. Jim watches her, and suddenly takes her arm and turns her around to him and kisses her hard.

As he feels her resist Jim immediately releases his hold on her, taking a step back in embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry. Its just, I couldn’t control myself anymore.”

He stumbles over his words. Claire just looks back at him, catching her breath, her arms still protectively in front of her chest. Fumbling with worries, he adds,

“I didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable.”

Before he can finish his sentence, she walks towards him and tiptoes, kissing him back, wrapping her arms around his neck. She jumps up and in reflex he grabs her as she wraps her slender legs around his waist, kissing passionately. As they hold on to each other their hunger grows, and while kissing and grunting Jim stumbles to the bed and falls down in it with Claire in his arms.

“Oh wow, baby, how I longed for this,”

he groans as they kiss, her hands eagerly pulling at his shirt as he takes hers off. They press their naked upper bodies together, her small breasts rubbing against his chest, and their kissing continues. Her legs squirm around his, he manages to get her shorts undone and down, pulling her panties down with them in one go.

Then she pushes him off her and down on his back, breathing heavily, looking in his eyes. Her small hands open his belt and then the button of his jeans. She pulls them off, his shorts showing a huge bulge. Claire looks at it with amazement. She knew he had a big cock, he never wanted to admit it or boast about it, but never in her life had she seen such a big one. Biting her lips she looks at him, her finger pulling the elastic of his shorts over the bulge, freeing his hard proud manhood.

“Oh daddy, it is beautiful”

she whispers, falling into her role they always shared in their fantasies, taking the long shaft gently in her hand. Jim rises up and kisses her, following her movement as she lies back down on her back, spreading her legs. Her hand still on his throbbing cock, the other touches her wet little pussy.

“So are you, my little princess,”

he replies softly as he kisses her again.

“You are more beautiful than I ever imagined my little girl to be.”

“Take me, daddy, I’ve waited so long for this,”

and she guides his hard cock to the entrance of her pussy. He slowly pushes and he enters her tight space, looking intensely in her eyes, seeing how she narrows them as his thick cock enters her, hurting as he stretches her tight little hole. Not breaking eye contact, her hands reach up and grasp his arms, holding tight while she takes his whole cock in. She gasps and digs her nails in his skin as she feels his cock tear her so far open.

He starts moving slow, wanting to let her get used to his size, but he loses control.

“Oh fuck, baby, you are so damn tight.”

Jim grunts as he increase his pace, getting rougher with her, grabbing her arms and holding them above her head. He kisses her hard as he fucks her with force and passion.

Claire screams as he thrusts in hard, the pain and pleasure mixing to a height she never reached before. Her pain moving more and more to pleasure and lust, wrapping her legs around him pulling him to her, in her, eager to feel his thick hard cock fill her body completely.

Overwhelmed by the lust, the intense hard fuck brings her, she screams:

“Yes, daddy, fuck me harder, use your little girl, oh god, I’m cumming!”

Jim buries his head in her neck, kissing and biting, ruthlessly pounding in her, filling her tight little cunt.

“Cum for me, my little whore,”

he grunts in her ears and like a cue, Claire shudders, scratching his shoulders and arms and cums hard, shouting:


Feeling her pussy clench hard on his cock, Jim loses control and joins her, bucking his hips against her, filling her up with his hot load of seed and like her, screams:


As their bodies slow down, grinding slowly against each other, they both catch their breath. Jim smiles at Claire who glanced shortly at him, but turns her head away nervously. Rolling to the side, he holds Claire close to him and kisses her forehead.

“That was hot, baby,”

he says. She gives him a nervous nod, looking down. Slightly alarmed, Jim tilts her head up and asked:

“What’s wrong, my love? Didn’t you like it? Or did I hurt you?”

“No, no, no. It’s not like that.”

“What is it then?”

“I’m just… I’m worried, I’m not good as you expected.”

Looking at her, he smiles and holds her closely.

“My sweet silly girl. You are so much more than I expected. You are my perfect little Claire.”

Smiling, she finally looks at his face before kissing him hard on his lips. He kisses her back and before he realises it, she is on top of him, their lips never leave each other while their tongues dance together.

Jim moves his hands over her little body, caressing her naked skin, stopping at her small breasts. He gently plays with them and squeezes her erect nipples.

Claire can’t help but moan at his touch. Her hands move behind her back, gasping in surprise as she feels how hard his cock is again. She strokes and squeezes it with her hands, making him groan with pleasure.

In response he slides his hand down between her thighs and rubs her sensitive lips. He rubs with his finger only at her tiny opening, making her moan with frustration. She rock her hips rubbing against his fingers while she holds tightly on to his thick cock.

“You are so wet baby,”

he says with a smile.

“Take daddies shaft in you and ride me. Show me how your slutty little body bounces on daddies thick cock.”

and he removed his hand from her wet pussy lips.

Looking down shyly she nods and bites her lip as her eyes glance at him She shifts a little, lifting her ass up placing his cock before her little opening. Then she pushes herself down on his long thick cock. Before she can take him in completely, Jim suddenly thrusts up hard, making her scream in pleasure over the sudden deep penetration, her pussy stretched as his cock is forced deep in her belly.

“Oh fuck, daddy, that feels so good!”

moans Claire. She moves herself up and down, slowly at first, riding his thick cock; gyrating her hips as she milks him. The pace slowly increases as she gets overwhelmed again by the pleasure of this hard cock so deep inside her. She looks down, seeing how her lips stretch around his thick rod as it slides in and out of her pussy.

Trying to control himself Jim grabs her small breasts and fondles them, tugging at her hard nipples. But he gets lost too by the unbelievable pleasure of her tightness massaging his dick so perfectly.

Their eyes meet, moving in unison, both aiming at increasing the pleasure for the other. He reaches out and takes Claire’s breast in his mouth, sucks it hard and deep, grinding the nipple with his teeth.

She cries out:

“Daddy, I’m so close, make your little slut cum.”

She feels her orgasm building in her, so deep and huge in her lower belly and up her spine, making the skin on her head tingle, she braces herself for the release. Her body tenses up and squeezes hard on his cock.

He senses the cue, her pussy clenching his cock so hard it is barely able to move inside her. He wraps his arms around her and grabs her body tight. Holding her down to his chest, he starts ramming his cock up hard and past in her shuddering body.

“Give it to me, daddy!”

she manages to squeal and with that, she comes hard, releasing the build up tensing with a scream, thumping her fist on his back and scratching him with her finger nails.

Pumping a few times as her whole body shakes and clenches on him hard. Then Jim loses control completely and joins her, growling as he cums hard, filling her up with his hot cum for the second time.

Panting and moaning, Claire collapses on Jim’s chest, his arms wrapped around her. Both of them now are drenched in sweat and the smell of their mutual orgasm. Smiling at each other, they mumble the same,

“so hot,”

which makes her giggle out loud. They join in a soft kiss and then she slides beside him, her head on his chest, her small hand playing with his chest hair. She looks up happily, but tired,

“Was that alright, daddy?”

she asks, less hesitantly than before, but still not sure of herself. And he laughs out loud and cuddles her tight to his chest.

“That was so much more than alright, my wonderful Claire, words fail me, it’s so amazing to have you here, you couldn’t be more perfect.”

She smiles relieved and kisses his chest.

“I’m so happy you like my surprise of coming here.”

“I do, my little love, I do so much.”

With a sudden burst of her youthful energy she looks up at him.

“So what’s next?”

she asks with a wide grin.

“Bathing time,”

he says, winking at her.


She looks up at him hopefully, her little hand already brushing over his limb cock. Chuckling he shakes his head.

“No, we might end up fucking each other again. Not that I had enough of that already, but I’m getting hungry. You have your bath now, while I make us some dinner and after dinner I’ll take a quick shower and we have a whole evening before us to do just that.”

He kisses her and helps her up from the bed, settling her with a towel and shampoo in the bathroom. Taking his robe, he walks downstairs to the kitchen to make his baby girl something special.

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