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I could hear her silently moving around the room getting her things together for class. She thought she was being quiet but I always knew when she got out of bed. Even with my eyes closed, I knew she walked out of the room because her scent faded. She wore this perfume that drove me crazy. It was a soft scent, smelled almost like flowers and vanilla or some shit like that. I could recognize it anywhere.

I drifted back off to sleep. Just before I got too deep, it was back, her scent. She was back home. Did she forget something? I didn’t open my eyes when she came into the room. I inhaled deeply, enjoying the sweetness of her aroma. I could hear her moving around. The more she moved, the stronger her scent seemed to get. Like every movement released a burst of sweetness.

My body began to slowly awaken. Every time I inhaled her scent, my shaft throbbed, thickening & hardening. I was fully erect in seconds. She had to go to class though. I decided not to move.

The thought was barely formed when I felt the mattress shift under her weight. The blanket moved and her warm body slipped into bed. As always, she snuggled close to me, laying her head on my shoulder. She draped a luscious thigh across me, settling her leg between mine. She slipped her hand up my shirt, resting it on my upper torso. I placed a hand on her thigh, caressing the smooth warm skin. I could feel myself getting harder still with every breath.

She snuggled a little closer as my hand slid up her thigh to grip the softness of her behind. She moaned lightly and moved her hand higher up my shirt, caressing my chest. I dragged her on top of me, making her straddle my hips. She immediately rocked her hips against my erection, causing shockwaves of pleasure to shoot through my body. I put both hands on her hips and lifted mine, pressing firmer against her soft center. She moaned a little louder so I knew I must have rubbed against her clit.

I finally open my eyes and looked directly into hers. Her lids were slightly closed but I could still those pretty brown eyes filled with passion. I put a hand behind her neck, bringing her lips to mine. She kissed me softly and flicked her tongue against the corner of my mouth. I parted my lips and she slipped her tongue in to wrestle Hatay Escort with mine. I gave her ass a little squeeze before sliding my hands up her body, pushing her t-shirt up. When I reached her arms, she broke the kissing, sitting up while she pulled the shirt over her head. She tossed it to the floor along with her bra.

I admired her C-cup breasts and tight, hard nipples for a moment. She leaned forward and brushed a nipple across my lips. I flicked my tongue across it before sucking it into my mouth. She moaned as I swirled my tongue and gently bit down. I reached up and massaged her other breast, rubbing my palm against her nipple. I felt her shiver.

I flung the blanket back and rolled her onto her back. I was still palming her breast but moved my mouth up to her neck. I inhaled deeply. I couldn’t get enough of that scent. I licked and kissed my way back down to her breasts. I returned my attention to her nipples as I slid my hand down her body. The only clothing she had on was the bright blue bikini underwear. I massaged her lips and clit through them, enjoying the way she rocked her hips and arched her back in response. I sat up, watching the pleasure on her face and the way she moved her body. When she reached up to pull on her nipples and rub her breasts, I couldn’t help but smile. She was so damn sexy.

I stopped touching her long enough to pull off her underwear. I pulled her body closer to the center of the bed as I knelt in front of her. She was wet with passion. I dipped a finger inside and slid it up to rub her clit. She jumped and moaned. I pushed her legs further apart and flicked my tongue against her clit. She gasped and reached down to caress my head. I sucked her sensitive bud into my mouth, rapidly twirling my tongue around it. She started rocking her hips again, grinding her body into my face. One of her hands disappeared from the top of my head. Looking up, I saw she had gone back to massaging her breast. I pressed my tongue flat against her clit and she let out a long moan. She started wildly bucking her hips. I wrapped my arms around her thighs to keep her in place as I made firm circles with my tongue. Within a few seconds, she was crying out and shivering as she came against my tongue. I waited until Iğdır Escort she calmed down a little bit before I stopped licking her. I smiled as I looked down at her face, flushed and satisfied, knowing that I still had more for her.

Her eyes were closed as she tried to catch her breath. She licked her lips and my dick pulsed. I needed those lips around me. I crawl towards her head, massaging myself. She opened her eyes and smiled up at me. She sat up, putting her weight on one arm while reaching for my dick. She massaged it for a second before flicking her tongue out, catching a drop of precum. She licked her lips again before wrapping them around the head of my shaft. I sighed, loving the feeling. When she licked all the way around the head, I felt myself get a little hard. She opened her mouth wide, taking as much of me as she could into her mouth. She pulled back slowly, making me moan from the incredible sensation. She kept doing this, her mouth getting wetter each time. I started rocking my hips with the rhythm, pushing a little deeper into her mouth.

She sat completely up and wrapped both hands around my shaft. She started working both her hands in a circular motion while sliding me in and out of her mouth at a fast pace. She let my dick fall completely out of her mouth and started flicking her tongue against the head, still working her hands. I could only take a few minutes of that. I reluctantly pulled away.

I leaned down and kissed her deeply while moving back between her legs. I broke the kiss long enough to make her lie down and position myself on top of her. I started kissing her again just as I slid the head of my dick into her hot, wet body. Her lips parted as she moaned into my mouth. I pushed deeper, going as slow as I could allow myself to go. She was tight, always fit around me like a glove. I paused for a second when I was all the way in. I grunted in appreciation. No woman could compare to her.

I started stroking her long and deep. Taking my time because I wanted every stroke to make her moan. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, pulling me closer. I slid my hands under her hips, lifting her slightly so I could go a little deeper. She cried out in a way that almost sounded like a growl. Even Isparta Escort though my body was screaming at me to pounded deep and hard, I loved the way she moaned and whispered in my ear when I went slow. I could tell from the arch in her back that she was feeling good but I knew it wasn’t good enough. She was still speaking English. When it got really good, my baby started speaking Creole.

I kept the slow, deep strokes but started going just a little faster. Her legs tightened around my back and she started faltering over her words. I could hear her accent coming out.

Just a little bit faster and she finally screamed out, “Modi, ou frape adwat, bebe!”

Once she told me that meant, “Damn you hitting it right, baby!” I smiled and kept hitting just that way. She kept talking the whole time, saying a bunch of shit I didn’t understand but it sounded good. The more she talked, the harder and faster I stroked.

“Sekonsa, bebe!”

I didn’t know what that meant but she always said that before she started yelling, “Vini,” and that meant she was about to come. I slipped my hand between our bodies and rubbed my thumb over her clit. Her hips lifted off the bed while I pounded into her. She bucked hard and screamed my name before dropping back to the bed. Feeling her muscles convulsing against my hard flesh was threatening to make me loose it but I wasn’t ready for that just yet. I pulled out of her a little bit, only pushing the tip in and out of her. When she stopped contracting her muscles so hard, I slid back in, but still only giving shallow thrust. I wanted her full attention when I started up again.

She opened her legs wider and shifted her weight. Before I could move, she started rolling her hips and clenching me tightly inside of her. My head dropped to her shoulder. I could only lay there and take it. She was good at that and knew it sent me over the edge when I was on top and she worked her body like that. My body convulsed as I felt myself loosing the little bit of control I had left. She leaned forward and started nibbling on my ear. My knees felt weak and I couldn’t hold out any longer. I moaned loudly as I felt myself exploding deep inside of her. She gripped me even tighter, flexing rapidly, making me come harder. I moaned one last time as I felt my body being drained and collapsed on top of her. She kissed the side of my neck and sighed contently.

“Class was canceled,” she whispered.

I grunted in response. Not really caring but happy it brought her back to bed.

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