How the Snow Disguises

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I absolutely love the snow. Not only does it make the whole world seem bright (unlike mud and rain), but it brings out a certain spark in people. I daren’t say “Christmas spirit”; I think it’s something else entirely.

I remember how back in 1992, I was home from college for the semester and had been visiting with various friends around my hometown. One of these friends was Stephanie, with whom I’d flirted off-and-on with through high school. We’d also resorted to some clothes-on humping during one of my earlier visits home in the semester. She was strawberry blonde with big green eyes, a great smile, very dry wit — and she was the daughter of a local pastor.

Now, for many, you’re looking at a brick wall right there. I’ve learned over the years that for whatever reason, many of the girls that tout being very religious don’t have much of a problem sneaking off the path every now and then. And boy, did I have that vibe from her. Granted, it was going to be a bit rough, but I had faith.

* * *

I came by her house on Christmas night after having done the family thing all day long. She opened the door and I could do nothing but smile at her, lurid thoughts dancing through my head. A beautiful red chenille sweater clung to those sweet tits of hers, roughly a C or so. Erection, restrain thyself.

She gave me a hug and invited me in, walking me into the kitchen where her parents and other assorted family members were doing the coffee-and-dessert routine.

“So what are you two up to this evening?” asked her father, as Stephanie wrapped her scarf around her neck. Oh, if you only knew, sir.

“Not sure, actually. I was thinking we’d go downtown and get some coffee; a couple of the cafes are opening tonight for the college crowd.”

I got the once-over from Steph’s female relatives — you know the one. Sizing you up to see if you’re boyfriend material for the daughter/niece/cousin and all that. In actuality, I wouldn’t have minded taking it to the relationship level, but I didn’t really see that happening with her.

Stephanie had her coat on and was saying her goodbyes in no time at all, and we headed out in my beat-up Grand Am for the city.

As we left, it started to snow; light, bright flakes that made curtains in front of every streetlight we passed. It was cloudy with an occasional glimpse of moon — beautiful.

We drove and occasionally held hands, or I’d rest a hand on her knee, feeling that thigh, remembering the fooling around we’d done earlier in the year. I also thought Yalova Escort back to seeing her play tennis in high school, seeing her run around and just look hot for so many reasons.

I opted to play it stupid. “I wonder,” I thought aloud, “if they have the light display up at the park?” Every year the city did one of those “Holiday of Lights” layouts where you drove through the park for too much money to watch lights and listen to music on a certain radio station.

Steph perked right up. “That sounds great,” she said, squeezing my hand.

We made our way through the city to the park, and as I’d guessed, there was no light display. Only more snow, and apparently no one else around.

I drove the car onto a side road in the park and stopped, shutting the car off. We sat for a little bit, watching the snow fall and slowly cover my windows. I leaned over to her, and we kissed — a sweet, delicious kiss that leaves one wanting more of everything available.

“Do you want to…you know, get in the back? Considering the emergency brake’s here and all?” I smiled at her, praying this would work.

“Sure,” she said, and we both got out of the car, moving into the back seats and shutting the doors. We made a point to lock them, because this was a city park and all.

Once we got situated, it took no time to resume the kissing we’d been doing. I unzipped her coat to get at those beautiful breasts of hers, caressing them through the soft sweater. My dick was raging in my jeans; I kissed her neck and heard the sigh of a girl who did not get kissed that much on the neck.

I reached gently under her sweater to feel her smooth, cool stomach, and then worked my way up to her bra. I drew her closer to me, and unhooked the bra with one hand. Success! I decided to get a little playful, and yanked her sweater and bra upwards together while I dove for her breasts. I instantly found my lips around her left nipple and went to town — definitely what the doctor ordered. Stephanie loved it, moaning and caressing the back of my head.

I took her right hand in mine and tried to move it down to the zipper of my jeans. Wrong move. She drew back and looked at me, sweater askew and panting.

“I can’t…I’m sorry. I’m not sure I’m really ready for anything like that.”


“I understand. C’mere.” I pulled her to me, and we kissed some more, with me resuming my assault on her tits. I opted for Plan B, as it were, and lightly pressed against where I figured her clit would be beneath Yozgat Escort her jeans. My aim was phenomenal, and she groaned into my ear as I started massaging her.

We mashed our mouths together as I did this, with me knowing that I could not actually get my hands through the layers that hid this sweet treasure. Believe me, it sucked — I can only presume you guessed that.

I figured that having gone this far, I should try a different approach with her. While I moved my left hand, I used my right to silently unzip the zipper of my jeans and free my cock into the cool air of the car. I held myself without drawing attention while I pressed a bit harder, and made Stephanie come right there, draped over my shoulders in the back of the car.

Time to make my move. I took her right hand again, and placed it on my dick. Rather than jerk back this time, she instinctively wrapped her hand around it, and moved it up and down slightly. We looked into each other’s eyes.

“Is this cool?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she breathed, looking around. The snow had been steadily falling, and between the snow and our steam, we had essentially hidden ourselves; the windows were covered.

I leaned back a little as she started to stroke me up and down. She alternated glances between me and my cock, watching as she pulled her hand up over the head and then slowly pushing it back through her fist. This was wonderful.

I put my hand around the back of her neck and drew her in for a kiss, softly, and then lightly nudged her as if to say, “Hey, you should maybe go down here?”

She looked at me, and then without saying a word, took my cock in her mouth. Unbelievable. She didn’t entirely know what to do, but learned quickly — sucking on it, running her tongue over the head, running her tongue up the length of it.

Between the excitement of being in the park, the thrill of Stephanie actually going down on me, and the fact that I hadn’t gotten off in a while, it was quickly becoming obvious that I was going to blow a huge load in the mouth of this sweet girl.

“Stephanie,” I said, “I’m about to come.” She didn’t stop working on me, so without giving her warning, I came — and Steph, like a pro, gulped it all down, breathing heavily through her nose.

She came up for air, finally, still stroking me, and smiled. “Merry Christmas,” she giggled, and I kissed her — I had to. It was sweet and sexy and amazing, the sort of experience folks don’t get too often.

“I actually have something for you, if you’d, uh, be interested.” Her brow furrowed slightly, wondering if I meant what she thought I did.

“No, no, not fucking. I know how you feel about that. Something else, though. Do you trust me?”

She looked at me, not knowing what to think. “Yes…I trust you.” I smiled.

“Good,” I said. “This is going to sound a bit strange, but take off your jeans and underwear and get on your hands and knees.” She blinked, surprised, and then unsnapped her jeans, yanking both those and the panties she had on down in one pull. I helped her get her boots off as she disrobed, finally getting on all fours in the backseat.

She was a sight. Coat partially on, sweater messed up, bra somewhere in there, breasts dangling down, and her exposed ass right in front of me. It only could have been better if the Hallelujah Chorus had been playing on the radio.

I slid under her ass, bunching up my legs on the left side of the car to pull this off — hopefully — and drew that sweet pussy down to my mouth. She moaned — LOUD.

“OOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” she cried as I ran my tongue over her clit, tasting the sweet juices of this girl. I reached up and pinched her nipples as she reveled in the sensation of what I can only guess was the first time someone went down on her.

I shifted her body with my hands so she was sitting up slightly (considering my legs were uncomfortable) until eventually, she was sitting on my face. I licked and sucked, giving her the best treatment I possibly could, until she shuddered and came. I licked furiously, trying to get it all into my mouth.

We got ourselves untangled and collapsed in the back seat, hidden from the world.

“So you liked that, then?”

She got very wide-eyed all of a sudden. “That was AMAZING.” She reached over with one hand to touch my face, and kissed me.

“Thank you,” she whispered.

“Merry Christmas,” I whispered back.

We got dressed silently, and made our way out of the car to get back in the front. The tracks we’d made upon coming in were gone — everything was blanketed in white, pristine snow. I’d had to restrain myself somewhat to not push it with Steph — I knew her virginity was something she was trying to hold onto — yet I’d given her something, at least, to enjoy in the interim.

I drove her home that night, and kissed her deeply in the driveway before she got out and went inside.

I haven’t seen her for years, and I know she lives elsewhere now, married. Whoever the guy is, he’s incredibly lucky.

But for that night on Christmas, I was.

* * *

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