Jessica’s Job Continues

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“Ugh, I don’t know if I can take another day,” said Jessica as she plopped into the chair across from her boss. “I mean, it not like I don’t appreciate this new job lead you gave me. Believe me, I do. But there are so many clueless men out there..they just don’t know how I hate to fake an orgasm..even though I’m getting better and better at convincing them.” Her eyes closed and she could feel the eyes of her boss roving over her though his hands were invisible. She could almost feel his fingers running through her hair and then on her shoulders. Wait, it felt too real. She opened her eyes and was astonished to discover he was standing right behind her.

“How did you move over here without me hearing you??”

“Believe it or not Jessi, you fell asleep. Right after talking about orgasms and how you fake them. I know and you know that there’s not supposed to be any type of relationship other than a working one between a boss and employee. But, I see you working your tail off in front in your cubical. You’re not getting enough rest, because under your dark lashes, I see circles where your mascara isn’t doing the job it should to cover up sleep lines. It is times like those I just want to take you into my office, and massage you like you’ve never been before.” His talented fingers shifted back up into her hair and she could feel the stress of the day being pulled and pushed out of her black tendrils of hair.

“Other than that, i’ve got good news and bad news,” he said with some finality and Jessica came out of her scalp massage therapy with much reluctance. “The good news is that you’re a great candidate for a $150 bonus today. The bad news is that you have to stay awake.

“Oh, I can stay awake, trust me.” Jessica was trying to be as convincing as possible. But the scalp massage had done its work. She was now fighting very hard to not fall asleep right there in her boss’s chair. It wasn’t even a very comfortable chair. Just as she was trying to think of a way to stay awake, she heard the unmistakeable sound of a zipper. With a start, she turned and saw that her boss was holding a semi-hard dick in his hand.

“Do you want another blow job?” she asked with an arousal she didn’t know she was capable after a long day.

“No, I want you to think about how your tiredness is keeping me from being erect. So, if you want to get me in you, you’ll have to stay I said before. But, also like I said before..I want to massage you like you’ve never had before. I guarantee that you will get some and that I will as well..but you must stay awake for the massages.

“Here’s the game plan. I already did a little bit of your scalp massage. You’re going to get a neck, upper back, middle back, lower back, buttocks, thighs, calves, feet, toes, shins, knees, stomach, chest, and facial massage. It’ll be with my hands mostly, but occasionally you may be tickled with my chin hairs..or I might graze your skin with my tongue and teeth. Are you ready for this?”

“You lost me after whatever you said after the neck. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you or not, but kissing and/or touching my neck in a massage makes me very aroused. I don’t know if you’ll be able to go farther down than my neck.” Jessica already had a glow of passion in her fair cheeks, and she licked her lips in anticipation.

“Damn it all, girl! Keep that tongue in your mouth or I’ll have to give you a free session.” The boss spoke with a strain and he tried to keep it out of his voice that he had lost all concentration on whatever he’d just said as well.

“And if I don’t?” asked Jessica with a coy smile. “I mean, it’s just my,” and she slowly slid her tongue out her mouth while making it wide and flat, before making it long and narrow and pulling it back into her mouth, “tongue.”

“If you insist,” said the boss in a near whisper. “Look what you made me do.” Jessica turned her head and to her aroused satisfaction, saw that his semi hard cock had gone to fully extended and was bouncing ever so slightly with each heart beat. “You are hereby advised to take the Morning Sivas Escort After pill. Now stand up and bend over my desk.”

Jessica was a bit startled at what seemed a change of plans. But, she stood, and bent down over her boss’s desk. She heard a sharp intake of breath and heard him step closer. But, she quickly realized that whether or not she got the kinds of massage he had promised, his hand on her now bare ass with fingers reaching forward and into her slit and rubbing circles into her clitoris…she knew he was about to “teach” her something new. It wasn’t as though she hadn’t had sex before.

“Now remember, you are to take the Morning After pill that I will give you when you leave my office. Otherwise, you will become my mistress and you’ll have sex with me without getting paid for it.” With that said, his fingers wet from her pussy juices, drew back and with almost painful slowness, his cock entered her pussy from behind. Suddenly, Jessica realized why he was stressing the pill. Her boss was entering her naked..with no condom.

First, the head of his cock grazed her G spot as he pushed forward. Deeper into her pussy, she was aware of the invasion as her vagina walls were pushed aside by pure manpower. Just as she thought she had gotten used to the new feeling of a man inside of her, he was pulling out. Once again, she felt the normal-ness…if there was such a thing…of her pussy coming back together. But, her boss shifted position as he was pulling out so that when he returned once again, the head of his cock didn’t just graze her G spot. With knowledge in his thrust, his cock began a nerve-rending assault on that one bundle of nerves that she’d always wondered about.

As before, she was starting to get used to the feeling of her G spot being attacked by his cock when he stopped the short thrusting and her walls were pushed aside. He entered farther and quicker before pulling out. Now instead of her G spot being pushed and prodded from the front, the boss used the ridge of his cock to find new territory on the rear side of the G spot. First the front, now the back of that spot. Jessica was losing control and wishing now that she would not have flirted with her tongue. And, try as she might, she could not stifle the new bursts of extasy. Whatever he was doing inside of her, he’d had plenty of practice.

White hot bolts of pleasure were shooting from her pussy to her brain. Jessica’s knuckles were white as she gripped the edge of the desk as if her very life depended on it. No matter how much she tried, she just could not hold back. Then her boss and sexual attacker, spoke.

“I know this is new for you. You’ve had a woman eating you. Now, you’ve got a man fucking you, but instead of a boy or guy simply ramming you because he can, I’m exploring every inch of you inside with my very controlled movements. You on the other hand, stop holding your breath. Stop clenching your knuckles. Believe it or not, by you holding your breath and holding onto the table, you’re limiting how much you can feel. Start by breathing as normally as possible and relax your muscles. Just lay on the table. Trust me: if your legs give out, I will hold you where I want you.” With that said, her boss resumed his strokes because he had paused to talk. Apparently he couldn’t talk and fuck at the same time.

Jessica tried her hardest and then realized it was much easier than she had anticipated. By breathing normally, the bolts of pleasure became rivers of pleasure. Her hands relaxed and she experienced the pleasure not just going to her brain, but also to her fingertips and to her toes and everywhere in between. Like electricity, she felt as though she could power a small city with just the bit of energy that this hot, very smooth cock was generating in her body. With her head turned to the left, her right ear became aware of the small forward and backward movements her body was making while being pushed and pulled on the desk. With her left ear, she heard the distinct sounds of his cock pushing and pulling out of her pussy. She smelled Tekirdağ Escort the musk of her mixing with his. She risked a glance backward and noted that his eyes were closed in what seemed to be concentration. Then, he opened his eyes and locked eyes with her.

“You like that?” he asked with a sexual growl. At her nod, he grinned slightly and then said, “Then try this out for size.” Reaching down, his right index finger and thumb began to circle around her clit. Without her really giving attention to this area, her clit hood had become somewhat stiff and swollen. At his touch, new bolts of pleasure shot through her and she moaned as if trying to give escape to the new level of extacsy. A chuckle came from him and then she felt yet another finger tracing a line from where his cock was inside of her to her anus. Nerves she’d never known were there were shouting at her.

He pinched her clit lightly and was rewarded with a whimper. Still thrusting in and out on a continuous basis, he took his left index finger and slowly traced in clockwise and then counter-clockwise motions around her ass hole. Slowly, so as to not shock her out of the momentum he was bulidng upon, he pushed against her anus and his finger was given admittance.

Jessica was acutely aware of his fingers. Expert finger and thumb circled, flicked, and pinched her clitoris. Another finger had just entered her ass..and his strokes had become quicker. And deeper. She did not know it, but his deepest strokes had been 3 inches in. Now, he was giving her another five inches and it felt to her as though he was giving all he had. He withdrew from her ass, and stopped playing with her clitoris.

“As I help you, I want you to try to stand up,” her boss said with some difficulty. He stopped thrusting as deep as before as his hands splayed across her bare stomach. Under her blouse, they traveled upward and soon came in contact with her bra. At first, his hands only spread out over her mounds of flesh, but it felt as though her nipples were on fire. With an expert flick, she twisted her left arm behind her back and the catch came undone.

In answer, his right hand pulled the bra away and his left fingertips brushed across rock hard nipples. Even as they came in contact his his hands, electricity seemed to jump from skin to skin. Now, his left hand covered her left breast, his right hand her right breast. He massaged them in a similar way that he had massaged her scalp with the exception that she had nipples on the center. He drew first his right hand and the left hand to his mouth and then began rubbing his wet fingers on her pert and erect nipples. Jessica cried out at the burst of pleasure that went from toes to head and everywhere in between before focusing on her groin. That one part of her that had been skewered by that one part of him.

Then, pushing his hands to her shoulders, he pulled her down onto himself and slid his full seven inches into her. At 5 inches, his cock head had touched the back wall of her pussy, Now, with 2 additional inches, his cock was jammed against her cervix bone and it hurt slightly. “Don’t you wish now you would’ve left your tongue inside your mouth?” asked Jessica’s boss.

Jessica could only moan as his lips kissed the back of her neck, his own tongue tracing a line between her hairline and the nape of her neck. Then, almost like a vampire, he pushed her head to the side and bit on her neck. Not hard, but enough for her to get the message: she was his and he was about to further that claim. She felt his tongue running over the skin that was in his mouth. His cock ground to a stop and she could feel it swelling. He pushed into her as far as he could and then released.

Suddenly, it seemed as though white hot liquid had been squirted inside of her. At the same time, Jessica’s own brain came to the conclusion that the pleasure received had reached a boiling point. In a swelling wave, her orgasm crashed down into her groin. Quivering like a harp string that had just been plucked, Jessica shook from head to foot as her orgasm Tokat Escort caused her to clench at his cock. Meanwhile, his cock was squirting into her his man juice. While she was definitely not a vrigin to being sexually assaulted in a good way by a man, for this one to have brought her to new heights and then gone still farther by emptying his cock inside of her..she felt more than a thought of power. That all of this pleasure that he had given her simply because she hadn’t kept her tongue in her mouth.

It was enough for her to want to return the pleasure. When he pulled out of her, she thought that she would collapse..and in fact she would have fallen off the desk if he hadn’t picked her up and carried her over to the small bed in the corner. Putting her on her back, she experinced a slightly new feeling. She’d already had the pleasure of his tongue inside of her. But now, with the combination of their juices oozing out of her ravaged pussy, she had the new feeling the mouth of his lips on the vee of her pussy lips. His tongue darted inside and then he began to suck and slurp on her lips.

Still on her back, Jessica was surprised when her boss placed a pillow underneath her ass. The curvature of her spine felt comfortable..until she discovered why he used the pillow in the first place. When his cock entered her pussy a second time, it hit first the G spot..and then after pushing forcefully against it, the head popped free and parted her walls once again with force only to hit her deep spot. Instead of going for shallow strokes as before, his cock was attacking both G and A spots.

“Damn girl, you’re just eating this up. I can tell. And you’re probably curious. Did you get the $150? Yeah, you’re getting it. I mean, this gorgeous tight pussy of yours is worth far more than that, but me being able to gush inside you and feel you orgasm as I am,…that’s well worth 3 Franklins.” This time, her boss was able to talk and fuck at the same time. His strokes were deep and even. It was then that she opened her eyes to discover he was completely naked and his head was inches away from a nipple.

Her twin nipples rising like twin towers, Jessica moaned. She was learning to not hold in the rush of pure power that was going through her body. But, then a totally new experience. His tongue began to swirl patterns on her stomach. Slowly, almost painfully slow, his mouth moved up her rib cage. Pert nips were suddenly engulfed in wet warmth as first the left and then the right breast was slowly eaten. Variations of being suckled on to being nibbled sent wave after wave of heat through Jessica, and STILL, the deep strokes continued. After both breasts had been slurped, sucked, nipped, and outright bitten, his hungry mouth continued upwards.

His chest hairs began tickling her chest and soon his body was completely over top of Jessica. He moved up to her ears and kissed each one. Then, he sucked the ear lobe into his mouth and probed his tongue into her ear..effectively giving her a wet willy. He licked her neck with a wide tongue and then blew on the moist skin. Chills combined with the heat from below. “Jessi, if we were weather patterns, I’d show you how lightning strikes more than once and how you’re going to thunder for quite a while.”

Then, his lips were on hers and they kissed hard. When their tongues met, it was like fire. She arched her back and the strokes stopped hitting her from an angle and he was simply thrusting straight in and out. French kissing like pros, his pounding became like a slow jackhammer. The sound of skin slapping skin filled the room. Then, he began to grunt. For the second time that day, Jessica’s pussy was filled to overflowing with his white hot cum…

(Author’s note: I always know when I’ve created a hot erotic piece because at the end of all the typing, I reach down and touch my cock. If it is moist, it was an “alright” writing. If there is nothing, I know there’s more reality in it than fantasy. Yet, when it is dripping cum or has a big gob on it like it did at the end of this particular writing, I know it’s a fantasy that could be a reality. The interesting part about when I have large amounts of precum or actual cum at the end of a story is that when I do masturbate, it sometimes takes twice as long (my average is 7 minutes) to gyrate and handjob myself to a second orgasm.)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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