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Kaitlyn Drummer sighed discontentedly and tossed her pencil back onto her pile of papers. She grimaced as she caught sight of the clock, noting that her seven o’clock dinner date had come and gone. Damn. Another one bites the office dust, she thought, leaning back in her chair and smiling ruefully. She had hours of work left, and the idea of starting over again in the morning caused her headache to intensify. Not only that, she hadn’t been laid in nearly six months, this one had seemed so promising. Tall, blond, mid-twenties, and totally incapable of a real relationship, exactly what she needed. What a waste of a fine opportunity to simply fuck.

Kaitlyn pulled her raven-black hair free of its confining braid and then closed her eyes and leaned back in her chair, debating whether to just call it a day and battle it out tomorrow or simply press on. Her nipples were already hard against the thin material of her shirt, and her golden skin was warmer than usual. She thought of her collection of little toys waiting at home for her along with a long bath and bottle of wine. An exciting evening of self pleasure and indulgence, not quite the same as a hard cock and tight ass, but it would do.

If only she didn’t have so much work. Kaitlyn kicked off her shoes with a groan, sighing as she liberated her feet from the delicate strappy heels and propped them up on her desk with a sigh. Her pussy had grown moist and she squeezed her thighs together longingly, thinking of her favorite dildo. How the hell was she supposed to concentrate when she felt this horny?

“Kaitie, for God’s sake, go home.” Phil Truman reprimanded, his booming voice sending jolts of pain through Kaitlyn’s head. She managed a small smile despite this, and opened her pale almond-shaped green eyes to look on her boss with wry amusement, a startlingly attractive middle-aged man of about forty-eight who seemed to spend more that his allotted time staring at her ass each day. His redeeming quality was that he was a damn fine lawyer, and this coupled with his striking good looks made him very popular around their firm, especially with the younger secretaries with high ambitions to marry well. Kaitlyn, a junior attorney whose position made her pretty much a resident of the bottom of the office totem pole, often watched her supervisor’s antics with amusement, and kept well away from his reach, distancing herself from his inquiring eyes with her quiet reservation and gentle grace that contrasted sharply with the desperate struggles of most of the females on staff.

Phil was leaning against her office door studying her with concern, his expression gentle for once, and Kaitlyn found herself smiling at him despite herself. He really was a handsome devil when he wasn’t trying so hard to be sexy. Kaitlyn allowed herself an admiring glance, silently studying his athletic frame and strong shoulders.

“I’m okay, Phil,” she replied, shaking her head and the thought out of her mind and gesturing to the stack of papers before her, “I just have a lot of things to do tonight, and I might as well accomplish them now.”

“Is that the Harmon case?” Phil asked, almost sympathetically. He shook his head and looked at Kaitlyn, who smiled Escort Esenyurt in affirmation, “that asshole doesn’t deserve overtime, Kaitie,” he grumbled, shifting his own packed briefcase with a grimace. “Come to think of it, none of these assholes deserve our overtime.”

Kaitlyn laughed and shook her head, “Without these ‘assholes’, we’d be out of a job.” She countered, enjoying him again now that he wasn’t practicing his well-practiced grin on her. In fact, when he smiled, it was rueful. “True enough, Kaitie, but still…I’m getting too old to defend these guilty fuckers. St. Peter has his eyes on my ass already.”

“Better yours than mine,” Kaitlyn quipped, laughing at the look of surprise on his face. “Now, Phil, don’t you think you do enough looking for everyone?” She teased.

His grin was accompanied by a slight flush to his tanned cheeks. “Well, I’d hardly imagined you’d noticed, Miss Drummer, seeing as you never pay me any attention.” He countered, his piercing blue eyes at once bolder, moving appreciatively over Kaitlyn’s toned, muscular legs and taking in the stylishly short yet modest grey skirt she wore extremely well. “As I am accused and decidedly guilty, might I also add I spend plenty of time checking out those legs of yours in addition to your beautiful face.”

Kaitlyn laughed again and studied him with amusement, “Oh, Phil, don’t be telling me those pillow talk stories of yours, your lack of originality might hurt our wonderful relationship and my presently high opinion of your verbal capabilities.” She joked, rolling her eyes. She was enjoying their delicate dance, and the more she studied him, the more attractive he seemed. “Besides, I’m hardly one-night stand material. I talk too much and I demand satisfaction always—something few men can relate to.”

The last came out a bit harsher than Kaitlyn meant, and she felt herself blush as Phil’s smile became more intrigued. A gleam had come to his eye as he lowered himself without further invitation into the hot seat, the chair usually reserved for clients. “Do tell me more, Ms. Drummer.” He replied, resting his briefcase on the floor and studying her with profound interest. “You have my full attention.”

A quick look at his crotch confirmed it, and Kaitlyn squirmed uncomfortably as she felt herself growing even more moist at the sight of his hardening cock through his well pressed trousers. She crossed her legs swiftly, and his eyes followed her movements openly, and for the briefest moment, she thought of having him run his well-experienced hands through her hair and up her thighs…The feel of him between her legs, pounding into her with the fervor he showed in the courtroom…

He was her boss, and a total, unabashed philanderer. With a shaky breath, Kaitlyn shook her head, trying to clear the image from her mind. Her cheeks were enflamed now, and the moistness was steady. She was wet for him. Damn him.

Kaitlyn turned her eyes back on Phil, and gave him a pained and apologetic look. “I think we probably shouldn’t pursue this conversation considering our circumstances.” She said, smiling tightly and crossing her arms to cover her breasts.

His own smile seemed soft, Escort Avcılar and gentle, even if his voice was amused. “You’re going to tell me what a prick I am, and how you are above my type.”

A vivid image of being above him, straddling his narrow hips caused Kaitlyn to pause. Kaitlyn shook the image out of her mind. “I didn’t mean that. Just…what I said was inappropriate, I shouldn’t have said that,” she answered, somewhat regretfully. She decided to tell him the truth. “I…can’t get involved with you, Phil…I need this job, and…” She paused, taking a deep breath, “I need more than just sex.” She said, firmly.

Their eyes locked for a moment, and Kaitlyn felt her heart race as he looked straight at her, his face filled with a kindness she had never though him capable of. “Honesty is never inappropriate, and I like that you’re not trying to bullshit with me.” He smiled again, and shrugged ruefully. “You know, Kaitie, if I had met a woman like you ten years ago, I’d be a happier man today…and as much as you must think me to be the biggest bastard in the world, I want you to know that my opinion of you is high. I think you are a beautiful lady, and a damn good lawyer, and if I didn’t worry that it would make you run, I’d beg you to let me make love to you to show that I’m capable of more than just fucking…I know I could satisfy you.” He finished. He stood and looked at her regretfully, and somehow his words seemed real to Kaitlyn’s usually callous and unforgiving ears. “Perhaps someday, you’d have dinner with me, away from the office, away from the bullshit…”

Kaitlyn looked away, feeling the yearning begin deep inside her. She shook her head almost imperceptibly, but he saw it and sighed, nodded. “Have a good night, Ms. Drummer, and don’t work too late.”

He closed the door behind him and Kaitlyn swore silently, staring at the door mournfully. Her body was burning, and her anger with herself was mounting. “Damn!” She swore, loudly. In a fit of sudden anger, she swept the papers and laptop off her desk and dropped her head against her hands. Her laptop made a loud clattering sound and was emitting a steady mechanical whine that caused a piercing pain to shoot behind her eyes.

“Kaitlyn!” The door was thrust open, and Phil’s frightened face appeared again. Kaitlyn looked up, flushing with embarrassment as he hurried over to her, looking at the computer, the papers, and the sudden tears on her face. “are you all right?”

“Yes, it’s just, damn!” Kaitlyn wiped her face with her hands and knelt on the rug to pick up the computer, and immediately he was beside her, his strong arms encircling her. His cheek against her was warm and he was so solid, so genuine, that Kaitlyn felt herself sag against him as he reached up to stroke her hair.

“You smell so nice…” Kaitlyn murmured, leaning against him, almost to herself, “just once…” She conceded, turning towards him, her mouth seeking his, “just once…”

His hands moved to cradle her face and he pulled away from her, gazing into her eyes with a worried, hesitant look. “Are you sure?” He asked, hoarsely, searching her face for doubt. “Kaitlyn, are you sure you want this?”

Kaitlyn rose on her knees and opened her mouth into his, her tongue caressing his lips and then melding with his own tongue. They groaned together as the electricity surged between them, and Kaitlyn tore at her own clothes, desperate to feel him against her. Her nipples stood proudly beneath his admiring eyes and kissed them gently, suckling them. Kaitlyn moaned loudly, pleasure making her body feeling as though she were burning from within.

“Shhh…” He murmured, easing her up onto the desk above. His hands moved over hers and he kissed her gently, slowing her, promising her…Kaitlyn closed her eyes as she felt his hands move along the inside of her thighs, and then the gentle pull of her panties sliding down her legs.

He nuzzled her thighs with his face, inhaling her, kissing the creamy skin and biting her gently. Kaitlyn groaned out loud as she felt her legs move further apart, making room as he knelt between her legs and pressed his mouth against the lips of her pulsing sex.

His tongue felt long and wide, and he let it dance along her clit over and over, alternating between long and solid licks along her entire pussy and slow penetrations when he used his tongue to fuck her. The desk below her was soon soaked as he licked her and her helpless pussy seethed with desire. Kaitlyn’s hands rose and she spread her trembling legs as wide as she could with her hands, opening herself to Phil’s mouth and tongue. “Yes…” she groaned, begging, pleading. “Oh, please….”

Phil’s hands danced over her clit and then worked their way inside her, and Kaitlyn felt herself begin to shake violently. The orgasm swept over her and she gasped, forgetting to breathe as she drew her breath in sharply, her eyes going wide and glassy as he plunged his skillful tongue into her drenched pussy as she came.

The spasms had not yet subsided when she felt the tip of his enormous cock against her, and Kaitlyn groaned aloud as she pulled frantically at him. She felt him enter her, filling her completely with a single thrust, causing the most delicious agony as he impaled her with his rigid cock. Kaitlyn’s eyes widened and then closed as she dug her nails into his back, urging him on with her wordless, guttural cries.

“Kaitlyn…” Phil groaned, his face bleary with bliss, “You’re so perfect, so right…” His cock seemed to lengthen and grow even more rigid within her, and Kaitlyn screamed with pleasure as she felt the tip of his cock mushroom out inside her. Hot cum boiled up from deep within him and she felt it shoot against her insides, the stinging fluid filling her as he buried himself within her brutally, his hands on her hips pulling her and then locking her into place as he groaned.

Kaitlyn trembled beneath him, holding him tightly against her naked breasts and feeling him between her legs. Time lengthened and still he did not let her go, his mouth meeting hers and also pressing kisses against her neck and face.


Kaitlyn smiled as Phil pressed his forehead against hers.

“Yes, Boss?” She teased; locking her legs around his waist and feeling him stiffen again within her.

His smile was bright and happy as he kissed her again. “I hate to break it to you and be the asshole around here, but I think you’re going to have to plan on working late for a long time.”

Kaitlyn grinned and pulled him closer. “I guess I’ll take that as a promotion.”

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